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Italy Shira , Aamora , and Jylnn

Where is Italy? • Italy is on the continent of Europe. • Italy is shaped like a boot that juts out from the southern coast of Europe. • Italy is a small country .

What is are country holiday ? • Are country holiday name is Natale.Natale means birthday orignally come from italian language.

What is the Weather like during the holiday? • The low temperature in Italy around December is 36 F and the high is 54 F .

Is there a gift bearer ? • Yes his name is Babbo Natale means father christmas. • Many people leaves cookies and milk but italians leaves candies and fruit with nothing to drink

Fasting and Christmas meals • The Italians make a Christmas dinner called cenone made with spaghetti ,anchovies , fresh broccoli , fish, fruits , sweets and tossed salads . other may includes lasagna , cannelloni or a timbale of pasta .

Italy A Christmas Tradition  

Christmas tradition in Italy