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Edu 570

 Attendance  Assessment (2)  Comic and Word Cloud  Oral of PowerPoint Presentation  Critique of an article

 Quiz


 Group Project:  Develop a technology enhanced interactive learning object for teaching and learning  Group Project:  Design a one week unit plan integrating interactive digital technologies

 If a student does not want to learn, she will not;  Regardless of the quality of the instruction offered her.  If a student wants to learn, she will find a way;  Regardless of the quality of the instruction offered her.

Collaborative Project

Learning Object

Learning Object Material digital or non-digital which can be used, re-used or referenced during technology supported learning.

Learning objects are assemblies of  Audio (Podcast or Vodcast)  Graphic (Infographic ,Diagram, Concept Map,     

Graphic Organizer) Animation (clay, Lego, drawing) Documents (Scalfolding tutorials Modules) Simulations (Microsoft Kodu) Pictures Videos

Flower Diagram

Graphic Organizer

Animation –Clay



Podcast-La Princesa y el conejo

Kodu-Saving the Forest

Purpose of Learning Objects  The primary purpose behind the

development and use of learning objects is:  to increase access to quality content  avoid wasteful replications of effort by making that content usable in a variety of contexts.

Web 2.0 ď‚—Web 2.0 is the term used to describe a variety of web sites and

applications that allow anyone to create and share online information or material they have created.



WEB 2.0 Technology



Podcast  Audacity

 Podomatic  Evoca 

Microsoft Flashcards and other tools -Free!   **

Symbaloo ď‚—

http://www.symbaloo. com/mix/mayrasple

Issuu ď‚—

WorldWide Telescope

Netvibes-Basic ď‚—

Voicethread ď‚—


Google Earth

Blog ď‚—



Photosynth  Install Photosynth  Microsoft Image Compositer Editor  Create an account in hotmail

 Press Create  Upload your photos  see an example in

Wordle or Tagxedo Activities using Word Cloud  “All about me”  To compare/contrast themes in literature  Vocabulary of the story  Name the artist with their art work  Consequences of Ciberbullying  Name the characters of the story  Name the parts of the animal cell  Name actions verbs, etc.

Assessment          

Graphic Organizer Comics Concrete Poems Surveys Pictorial Dictionary Brochures Musical Compositions Diorama Videos Collages, etc.

Pictorial Dictionary-Vocabulary

Learning Objects

Learning objects Connecting learning objects to instructional design theory: A definition, a metaphor, and a taxonomy Author: David Willey Designing Learning Objects to Personalize Learning Margaret Martinez, Ph. D. Reference site:

 Web 2.0

Learning Objects Web 2.0  
Learning Objects Web 2.0  

What is a Learning Object? What is Web 2.0, examples of tools. Assessment