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Centralized Events Calendar in the Works The SGA Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Assistance is very excited to continue our work managing the financial processes of the undergraduates. We look forward to meeting with club treasurers and individuals who would like to learn more information about the SGA Financial Process. As a committee we will be continuing to work on multiple initiatives that will positively benefit the campus. CFRA this term will be working to create a calendar which will hold all clubs’ events in one centralized location, and we will be producing an educational PowerPoint for all club Presidents and Treasurers to learn how to better read their financial information on the BannerWeb System. Despite the many outreach and educational projects CFRA works on, much of our time as a committee is spent keeping

SGA’s financial records accurate. We will continue to be strong contributing members of the SGA Financial Board, continue to keep all financial requests organized and analyzed, and will continue to work on projects which benefit the overall organizational structure of SGA Fiscal Policy. As always, if you have any questions regarding SGA financial matters or policies please feel free to email either myself or the committee at either or

-Nancy Bezies

Improving Academic Communications

Currently, CAI is working on several initiatives to improve communication. The Academic Review and Assistance initiative looks to improve student-faculty-Andrew Beliveau professional society relations within departments. We are also working with professors to increase the use of lecture capturing and with academic advising to ensure every major has a course tracking sheet to help students plan their With WPI's environmental goals in mind, coursework. SGA has decided that it is best to transition Additionally, as projects are an important into the use of electronic documents instead part of the WPI education, we are working of the paper documents that it currently with the IGSD to improve the ability of uses. Therefore, the Appropriations students to showcase their work externally. Committee is This will allow WPI to better market the working on the project system. Finally, CAI is working with development of a the Financial Aid Office to determine the MQP where feasibility of adjusting upperclassmen's students will create non-need based scholarships. If you have a program allowing any questions or ideas regarding current or SGA to conduct its future CAI initiatives, feel free to contact me business without at using an unnecessary amount -Matt Runkle of paper.

Transition to Electronic Documents

Another task that the Appropriations Committee is currently working on is setting up an account that alumni can use to donate money to a specific club or organization. We are hoping that more alumni will make the choice to donate if they are able to indicate which organizations will receive funds from those 2

donations. Finally, the Appropriations Committee is pleased to say that the budgeting process for next year is done. We have allocated a total of over $600,000 for the budgets of clubs and club sports.

P.R. Update SGA's Public Relations Committee is going to be very busy this spring! The Spring BBQ, our annual kickoff to Relay for Life, will be held on April 17th, and the Spring Meltdown, a snow cone event at the fountain, will be April 23rd.  As usual, we offer limited free poster printing for clubs, and we have our weekly Academic and Events Digests, the SGA corner in the Towers, and our slide in SocComm movies. -Adam Talbot

The Tech Telegram

You’re Almost There In just 35 days, D-Term at WPI will be over and students will begin heading home. For some, this will be just another summer. For others, it will mark the start of a new chapter in their life.

send out our annual Student Life Survey to acquire new project ideas for the 2011 year.

Campus Hearing Board Nominations Now Open The Committee for Policies, Procedures, and Elections is currently accepting nomination packets for the Campus Hearing Board. If you are interested, please pick up your packet in the SGA office (3rd floor of the Campus Center). The Campus Hearing Board hears alleged violations of WPI policies by WPI community members, utilizes testimony and available evidence to determine if the accused is to be held responsible for the charges, and determines the sanction that is to be fulfilled. If this interests you please feel free to grab a packet! Nomination packets are due on Friday, April 2nd.

In A-Term next year, CSLI will run our annual Freshmen Floor Visits event to obtain suggestions and feedback from WPI’s newest students. In-B Term, we will

In addition to all of this, CSLI is working very diligently to get a new and improved version of SafeRide up and running. It is our hope to be able to provide SafeRide for WPI students in A-Term for the 2010-2011 school year. CSLI is always taking student suggestions and concerns about Student Life at WPI. Please send suggestions to or leave one online on the SGA Website at -Melissa Castle

-Kayla Rayworth

CSLI Planning Events, SafeRide Comeback Join CSLI in D-Term for our Red Sox Party on Sunday April 4th in the Campus Center Odeum. The Red Sox will be playing the Yankees in the home opener at Fenway Park. Stadium themed food will be served! Also look for Midterm Massages on Tuesday April 6th in the Campus Center Class of ’46 Lounge (the Octo-Wedge).

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April 2010 Mon








The month of change Sun



*Film titles listed are subject to change






1 April Foolʼs Day

2 3 & 5p Softball v. Coast Guard, Class of 1893 Field

11a-1p Can You Deal With Double Sided Cards?, FL Lower Perreault Hall

3 8p Nine*, FL Upper Perreault Hall

9p Live Music-Mick Carr, Fiddlersʼ Green Pub

3:30p Baseball v. MIT, Class of 1893 Field

4 Easter Sunday



4p Crimson and Gray Awards, CC Odeum

7 Noon Leadership Lunch with Dr. Judith Kenary, Higgins House

3:30p Opening Day Red Sox Party, CC Odeum

8p Beauty, Color, and Life8 Photography Reception, GeorgeSequential C. Gordon Library 11a-1p Narrative and the Powers of Suggestion, FL Lower Perreault Hall

8p Nine*, FL Upper Perreault Hall

9 6:30p JDRF Benefit Showcase, Alden Memorial

10 Noon Greek Olympics, Quad (Rain Location: Harrington) 5-7p Jazz Workshop & Combo, Clark University Razzo Hall

5:30-8:30p Wormtown Rocks! Reception, Worcester Art Museum

8p Youth in Revolt*, FL Upper Perreault Hall

11 8a Menʼs and Womenʼs Crew, Lake Quinsigamond



7:30-9p Concerto Concert, Alden Memorial

2-5p Champagne and Chocolate Art Show Opening, Goddard House and Art Gallery

14 Traditions Day

8-10p Guster, Hanover Theatre

11a-1p Next-Gen Content Creation for Next-Gen AI, FL Lower Perreault Hall

8:30p Dancing with the Greeks, CC Odeum

18 8p Invictus*, FL Upper Perreault Hall 9p-1a Black Light District Dance Party, Riley Commons



Patriots Day-No School

Thursday Schedule

8p Justin Lapliy: Evolution of Dance, Olin 107

7p Medwin String Quartet Rock & Pop Classics Recital, Alden Memorial

16 6p EWB Fundraising Night, Higgins House TBA New Voices 28, LIttle Theatre

7p Jeff Pitchell & Texas Flood, Mechanics Hall 8p Drive-In Movie: Avatar*, Quad (Rain Location: Harrington)




8p Invictus*, FL Upper Perreault Hall TBA New Voices 28, LIttle Theatre

TBA New Voices 28, LIttle Theatre




Project Presentation DayNo School

10a-4p Earth Day Festival, EcoTarium

4p RHC Musical Chairs, Quad

Noon SGA Spring Meltdown, The Fountain


29 5p RHC Play Therapy, Morgan Commons

24 2-3:30p Chorus and Orchestra Concert, Alden Memorial

8p Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, Mechanics Hall


17 6p Relay for Life Begins (Continues to 10am 4/18), Quad

8p Greeks Got Talent, CC Odeum

TBA New Voices 28, LIttle Theatre

8p Youth in Revolt*, FL Upper Perreault Hall


Class Day

8p WPI Spring Concert: Lupe Fiasco, Harrington Auditorium

30 8p-10p Technicords Present Temptations from the Jungle, Riley Commons

The Tech Telegram

Tech Telegram, April 2010  

The second issue of the Tech Telegram, the official magazine of the WPI Student Government Association

Tech Telegram, April 2010  

The second issue of the Tech Telegram, the official magazine of the WPI Student Government Association