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Communicate Flawlessly through Satellite Communication System What is satellite communication? Satellite communication is when the globe tracking system is competent to receive signals and transmitting it back to the earth. Communications satellites have been an important division of a home and global communication from 70s. The satellite communication, signal transferring, linking the sender and recipient etc. are done with the help of satellite. In this procedure, the signal, which is mostly a beam of adjusted microwaves, is transmitter present on the surface of the earth. Then the satellite increases the signal and sends the same to the recipient’s antenna present on the earth. So all these transferring signals are happening in space; hence, the type of communication/contacting is called as satellite communication.

Benefits of satellite communications are numerous that are available for several purposes which are listed below. 1) Satellite communication is very helpful for the citizens staying in remote areas. Satellite communication service covers long distance broadcasting and being very powerful in transferring and getting the signals. This system helps people to stay in touch with other people. 2) For the department of military and defense as where every time they are on field and it is difficult for them to find out a wired service area for residing in the other part of the earth. Satellite communication system is very helpful communication. Also, military and defense people have to keep their secrets and missions in private due to public/state security reasons. 3) Communication made through satellite communication system cannot be tracked by any other common services. So, it is beneficial for military and defense people. As the main motto of these people is to keep their plans and missions secretly. 4) Disaster communication system is very much useful during the natural disaster. As the wired system has a high chances of failing but satellite communication system is totally wireless which works through signals received only from satellite so it will never fail. Lot of innocent

lives can be saved by using disaster communication system which helps in knowing the position of the locations in which there is more damage. 5) Satellite communication also provides the status of the weather. If any changes in the weather or occurring any natural calamities predicted by satellite communication system then precautions can be taken already to save lives and public or private properties. Considering all the benefits of satellite communications, we can say satellite communication is the best way to communicate with people instead of using wired communication system as the failure chances of wired communication system are more. IP based PA (Public Address) system can also be the best option to communicate. A PA system is an electronic sound enlargement and distribution system with an amplifier, microphone and several loudspeakers. IP based PA system helps to reach to the public with the help of microphone and loudspeakers so that, you can make announcement at large at public and noisy place like airports, rail terminals etc.

Broadband internet on trains helps people get connected through internet when they are travelling in train. Broadband internet on trains has a high internet broadband speed which never gets high or low frequency, it helps in maintaining the speed constant though the train is moving. Satellite communication services in India are provided by Hughes India, Gilat Satellite networks, Asianet satellite communication Ltd. etc. Many companies provide satellite communication services in India. India has also opened a satellite communication sector for private companies. So satellite communication services in India are rising day by day.

Communicate Flawlessly through Satellite Communication System  

Satellite communication system, disaster communication system or IP based PA system helps us to communicate with each other through satellit...

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