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ANNUAL REPORT 2016 The Home of Emerging & Enabling Technologies in Scotland









Contents Statement from the CEO

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Technology Scotland Introduction

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Emerging & Enabling Technologies

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Scotland’s Emerging & Enabling Sector

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Technology Scotland in 2016

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Scotland’s Emerging & Enabling Community

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Events & Special Interest Groups

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Technology Scotland in 2017

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Statement From the CEO

2016, Technology Scotland’s first full year of operation, saw some seismic shifts in the political landscape, most notably Brexit and the surprise election of Donald Trump in the US. The uncertainties associated with these events will pose a number of challenges to our sector throughout 2017 and beyond. Together, our community must respond to these challenges, and it is vitally important that Scotland’s industry maintains focus and leverages all available assets, including public sector assets and industry associations such as Technology Scotland. During 2016, Technology Scotland made important interventions to build and drive this community, bringing events and workshops to Scotland and making important connections with international partners to highlight our Emerging & Enabling (E&E) sectors. Some of this work included: •

Partnering with Innovate UK and the KTN to bring two Funding Competitions to Scotland (Compound Semiconductor Applications and Emerging & Enabling Technologies) ensuring our members and the Scottish community had the opportunity to engage first hand with key stakeholders in investment and innovation funding streams.

Representing the Scottish E&E community on the international stage by attending the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) AGM, establishing links with other photonics clusters in places such as Germany, Switzerland, Spain, The USA, Taiwan, Japan and China, as well as negotiating a discount on EPIC membership for our members.

Hosting a large delegation from The Department for International Trade, while we in turn were hosted by companies such as NXP, Helia Photonics, Coherent, CST, Cisco, and Cirrus Logic, support for which we are very grateful.

Engaging with all the major players in the Scottish and UK innovation landscape, supporting or holding joint events with organisations such as SUPA, SU2P, ScotlandIS, CENSIS, and Innovate UK, as well as working with Scottish Enterprise on one of the first workstreams in the Manufacturing Action Plan - Supply Chain Capability - where our member’s experience can hugely influence discussions.

We are now working on an exciting program of events for 2017, as detailed in this report, as well as planning a number of Scottish capability maps, directories and other collateral to help the Scottish E&E community. In addition to a number of workshops centred around our Special Interest Groups and general capability, Technology Scotland is also forging further collaborations with bodies such as Innovate UK, Glasgow City of Science, the AFRC and Fraunhofer CAP. In May, Fraunhofer and Technology Scotland will host a Holyrood reception to improve Government understanding of the Scottish Photonics Industry, with the aim to encourage inward investment and promote the doubling in size of the Scottish Photonics Sector. It is important to note, that innovative, new, disruptive technology frequently originates in SMEs, who dominate the Scottish E&E landscape, at least in quantity. However these SMEs are often not known, or are not active in the end market sectors familiar to many. Further, the integration of these new disruptive technologies developed by the SMEs is often not obvious in the end product, leading to the term ‘invisible’ technologies. By actively engaging in a technology cluster, large companies can get early access to these innovative new developments, and small companies can find


new customers, so that all members benefit from being active in the ecosystem. So why should you consider joining Technology Scotland as a premium member? Technology Scotland is the focal point for Scottish technology companies involved in E&E Technologies. We have made great strides in our first year to partly address some of the challenges faced by our community, but we don’t know all the answers, or indeed all the questions. However, we firmly believe that by working collaboratively, as part of a vibrant technology community, we can improve the future landscape for all our members. With the myriad of global challenges facing Scotland’s technology companies, we urge you to join us to make it better!

Representing industry interests to government Promoting Scottish technology capabilities within the UK and internationally Influencing policy at both Scottish and UK government level Supporting the community through a network of events and workshops Interfacing to key national and international stakeholders

Stephen Taylor CEO

Alastair McInroy Senior Programme Manager

Emma Dixon Programme Manager



Scotland has a long history of Industry Associations being founded by businesses to support their industry sectors and lobby government on member’s behalf. These associations are developed with a clear focus and target sub-sectors in mind, such as Manufacturing & Engineering Services (Scottish Engineering) and the Digital Technologies Community (Scotland IS). Following extensive industry consultations, the need for a professional management organisation for the Key Enabling Technologies (KET) sector in Scotland was identified. This sector was defined primarily from EU definitions used to underpin the Horizon 2020 program and specified the following technology areas; Photonics, Micro and Nano Electronics, Industrial Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. Technology Scotland was formed in August 2015 to represent this community, expanded to the Emerging and Enabling (E&E) Technologies community, with initial focus on serving those areas of most relevance within the Scottish economy. Since its launch in August 2015, Technology Scotland has evolved significantly as an organisation, both in focus and approach. In 2016,Technology Scotland welcomed its CEO, Stephen Taylor, followed by a Programme Manager and Senior Programme Manager. Over the last 12 months, the team has sought to work and collaborate with other Trade Associations in Scotland to produce maximum value for stakeholders. As an

early example, Technology Scotland has teamed up with ScotlandIS to address some of the key challenges raised by disruptive markets and phenomena such as the Internet of Things (IoT), and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), capturing, analysing, and acting on real-world data.

“Since its launch in August 2015, Technology Scotland has evolved significantly as an organisation, both in focus and approach� The Technology Scotland team has also undertaken countless company visits to engage with the Scottish E&E Community, recruit new members, and build up the community. A number of events have been held throughout Scotland, from Inverness and Dunfermline to Glasgow and Edinburgh, attracting a range of attendees and often leading to a series of events in certain areas. This report will touch upon some of the work Technology Scotland has undertaken in 2016; its successes, events, membership, and plans to improve and grow in 2017.



Emerging and Enabling technologies are characterised as knowledge intensive, with high R&D intensity, rapid innovation cycles, high capital expenditure and a highly skilled employment base. Unlike companies in ‘Vertical’ sectors, such as automotive or aerospace, companies within the Enabling technology sector can serve multiple end markets. Often the integration of these technologies is not obvious in the end product leading to the name ‘invisible’ technologies. Despite this nickname, enabling technologies are a vital component in a number of day to day products and serve high profile markets such as telecommunications, electronics, automotive, oil & gas, and healthcare. The Emerging and Enabling Technology Sector is among the most innovative and internationalised in Scotland, with arguably only Life Sciences being comparable. An excellent example of this can be found in Scotland’s internationally valued capabilities in sensor systems, especially in challenging

applications such as subsea and defence. Whilst there are some significant key players, it is also widely recognised that the community is fragmented, consisting of over 400 mainly small companies in a set of niche markets where economies of scale are less important than know-how.



Emerging & Enabling Sector The Emerging & Enabling Sector makes a significant contribution to Scotland, supplying 10% of Scottish exports, with some 15,000 employees in high skill R&D roles. The sector has a world class 5% of Business Expenditure on Research and Development (BERD)



EMPLOYMENT • 400 enterprises • 15,000 employees • £36,000 average salary • Salary 67% above average


• £4.0Bn turnover • £2.5Bn total exports • 10% of Scottish exports • £1.5Bn GVA • 1% of Scotland’s GDP

• £200Mn BERD • Represents 5.0% turnover • World class figure • Sector contributes 17% of all Scottish R&D

SCOTLAND’S EMERGING & ENABLING SECTOR “A precious jewel in Scotland’s economic crown”




MEMBERS Technology Scotland hosted 22 events, workshops and meetings in 2016, attracting some 350 organisations, and over 500 attendees. We have built a community numbering nearly 500, of which over 140 have joined Technology Scotland as either premium or community members. We have revitalised the Scottish Optoelectronics Association (SOA) – the 3rd oldest national optoelectronics association in the world and were honoured to have Scotland’s Chief Scientific Adviser Professor Sheila Rowan speak at the association’s AGM in October. We have galvanised an emergent cluster around Compound Semiconductors, with industry players now collaborating on creating a cluster map and technology roadmap for the Scottish cluster. In addition, Technology Scotland was instrumental in setting up a new cluster management approach to Mobility as a Service in a joint venture with ScotlandIS. Technology Scotland seeks to be the home for Scotland’s technology community, championing industry interests while promoting Scottish capabilities nationally and internationally.We also help members to identify new supply chain partners, develop new skills, and attract inward investment. Our ultimate goal is to help your business or organisation grow.

>500 >350 >200 >140

TS Event Attendees a result of engaging with Scotland’s E&E Community

Over 350 Organisations 2016, as a direct result of events and workshops

Over 200 SMES TS events throughout 2016

Over 140 New Members a direct result of events and workshops


MEMBER PROFILE 17% 22% 7% 13%

Over 140 TS Members 16%









SCOTLAND’S E&E COMMUNITY Geographical Spread

The Scottish E&E Community is truly national, represented across the regions, from Thurso to the Tweed Valley and Aberdeen to Ayr. Throughout 2016, Technology Scotland engaged with companies and organisations the length and breadth of the country to better understand their challenges, ambitions and concerns. From start-ups to large multi-nationals, Technology Scotland works to represent the needs of everyone in the E&E Community.










Special Interest Groups Over the course of 2016, Technology Scotland held a number of events, from capability-based conferences to workshops, brokerage events and collaborative meetings with a focus on our Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Scottish Optoelectronics Association (SOA) In 2016, Technology Scotland officially took over day to day management of the SOA. The 2016 AGM & Annual Dinner was a great success and we were honoured to welcome Professor Sheila Rowan, Chief Scientific Adviser to the Scottish Government, as the Key Note Speaker, along with some of the leading figures in the Scottish and UK Photonics sectors. We are looking forward to holding further SOA events in 2017.

Scottish MaaS Alliance (SMA) Towards the end of 2016, the SMA (Scottish Maas Alliance) was set up under the joint management of Technology Scotland and ScotlandIS. The short term aim of the SMA is to develop the MaaS knowledge and capabilities inherent in Scotland through a series of events that aim to build networks, identify projects, and also connect the supply chain.

Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Following the announcement of a CSA Catapult and a CS Funding Competition by Innovate UK, we held 3 events on CSA to represent and galvanise Scottish interest in the subject. Our initial CSA workshop attracted over 50 attendees and sparked several lively, engaging and enthusiastic discussions – so much so that in response we created a CSA SIG to act as an independent voice for the cluster and ensure its work and research is represented on the national and international stage. Overall, we hosted 74 organisations over 3 events: a workshop, a funding call, and a brokerage event. We have more CSA events planned in 2017.


Technology Scotland Capability Events One of Technology Scotland’s first events was a very positively received workshop on Product Line Management (PLM). Attracting a range of SMEs interested in driving innovation and growth in their businesses, the event included speakers such as Coherent, Cisco and A2E Technologies. In November, Technology Scotland held a highly successful Design event, where speakers from Wideblue and Nano-Lit Technologies gave an insight into how innovative product ideas are taken successfully to market. Attendees ranged from start-ups and SMEs to large multinationals and entrepreneurs looking to invest, and we were delighted to welcome over 45 companies.


100% Of attendees surveyed said they found event presentations ‘extremely or very engaging’

97% Of attendees surveyed said they would want to come to another Technology Scotland event

100% Of attendees at our CSA workshop said they wanted to follow up by forming a CSA Special Interest Group

16 “It was a pleasure to be asked to speak at the 22nd AGM of the Scottish Optoelectronics Association, and it’s fantastic to see Technology Scotland taking leadership, and driving new initiatives in the photonics and compound semiconductor clusters in Scotland” Prof. Sheila Rowan, Chief Scientific Advisor to the Scottish Government

“Well was a very enjoyable evening...the speaker was more relevant and engaging than I was expecting” Trevor Whittley SOA Council

“The to grow into full membership at some time in the not-toodistant future....I enjoyed the recent event at the ‘Whisky Experience’ immensely” Ian Young Bay Solutions

17 “This was a fantastic event to meet with a range of interesting people, the networking was great and I’ve been able to make useful connections with a number of people. The speakers gave excellent insight into understanding design particularly as a startup, lots of stories to learn from!”

Alison Gray, Skillfluence

“For me it was a useful introduction into how the Government, University & Innovation sector functions. I had no idea so much was going on” Stephen Murphy SMCI

“An excellent event. I thoroughly enjoyed it” Dr. Susan Keston HGF Ltd

“Really good event and enjoyed it. Great to see the SOA being practiced again” Iain Ross, Technology Analyst



Technology Scotland will build on the platform created throughout 2016, continuing its support of the Emerging and Enabling community in Scotland while providing a relevant, respected and influential voice. Importantly, Technology Scotland will continue to liaise with its membership to ensure that it is addressing key challenges and providing value where it is needed most. As throughout 2016, events will drive Technology Scotland progress and our aim is to develop a compelling event schedule, with topical themes and motivational speakers that will provide immediate value to the membership. These will include more networking events, conferences, educational workshops, funding opportunities and evening receptions, all driven by at least one of Technology Scotland’s three key elements; Technologies, Markets and Capabilities. The calendar below shows just some of the events and workshops we’re planning to hold in 2017, and with plenty more to be added over the course of the year - watch this space!

21st Feb Collaboration with Innovate Quantum UK consisting of Technologies Funding a Funding Call Call and Challenge Workshops

MaaS Launch Event PLM 26th Jan - A look at

how successful Product Line Management (PLM) practices & tools can drive profitability and sales

January - February

Venturefest: The Art of Possible (Quantum) 17th March Industry event featuring successful case studies of Quantum Tech, followed by a Quantic film screening.

March - April

April 2017 - An exciting launch event to celebrate Technology Scotland’s newest SIG, the Scottish MaaS Alliance

Photonics for Product Authenticity May 2017 - This SOA event will explore how to address the global challenge of counterfeit goods through photonics.

May - June


2017: AIMS, OBJECTIVES & EVENTS • Support the E&E community through a network of events that will promote collaboration, skill sharing and diversification – Technology Scotland will generate a more extensive calendar of events in 2017 and aims to build Community Membership to over 600 individuals by the end of the year • Represent the needs of our members to key stakeholders both at home and abroad – Technology Scotland will listen to the needs of our members, from micro to large companies, through company visits and unique, targeted events. • Provide a relevant voice for the community, delivering key collateral outputs to inform the community, communicate its wider view and promote Scottish capabilities. Technology Scotland is also committed to creating relevant and interesting industry reports, such as a Scottish Capability Directory. • Drive activity in Technology Scotland’s three SIGs – SOA, CSA, SMA – delivering value to participants through events, workshops, funding calls and project identification.

The Future of Design

Holyrood HEADLINE Photonics Reception May 2017 Reception with Fraunhofer to improve Government understanding of the Scottish Photonics Industry

July - August

SOA AGM & Annual Dinner

June 2017- Exploring how E&E technologies can help Designers to create new products and reimagine existing ones

Supply Chain Workshop Aug 2017 - This event seeks to explore the length of the medical device supply chain & how Scottish companies can expland their business

Photonics for Healthcare Sept 2017 Photonics already plays a role in healthcare - what is required to drive the next generation?

September - October

Oct 2017: The SOA AGM is a fantastic opportunity for Scotland’s Photonics community to get together over dinner and discussion

Opportunities for Space in Scotland Nov 2017 - This event will explore the opportunities for commercial exploitation & how to get your company involved.

November - December @tech_scot

Published February 2017

Technology Scotland Annual Report 2016  
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