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REACHING A SECURITY ZENITH Jan Valcke, VASCO Data Security’s President and Chief Operating Officer, explains how Zenith Bank has used the latest authentication methods to provide secure online banking for its customers.

High-profile security breaches affecting globally recognised brands and their customers often cast a spotlight on the vulnerability of static passwords. In today’s increasingly online and connected world, a weak password is often the only defence between all of your online digital assets and hackers eager to access them. Needless to say the banking sector, with its rigorous regulations,


was among the first to act on the undependability of static passwords and offer its customers rigorous two-factor authentication solutions, thus providing them with one-time passwords that are nigh on impossible to hack. In Africa, Zenith Bank is one of the largest and most profitable commercial banks operating out of Lagos, Nigeria. Its goal is to become one of the leading

Nigerian technology-driven financial institutions, providing a wide range of specialised services. Over the years, the Zenith brand has become synonymous with the innovative use of Information and Communication Technology in banking. To that end, it offers customers a variety of electronic banking services, including internet banking, bill payment, as well as telephone banking services.



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Technology Banker January / February 2015  

Technology Banker January / February 2015