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Deforestation is a problem all around the world; it has consequences that affect us all humans and animals. Deforestation is the loss of nature and tropical rainforest. This problem is blamed on all of us, because the hand of human has destroyed everything to do more buildings and use them for humans need.

Deforestation is mostly because of the human’s ignorance, is people cutting down

whole forests of trees, and making it even less likely for humans to survive. This is the permanent destruction of woodlands and forests. When they are burned its land becomes less fertile.

Trees are the most useful resources we have and we can’t waste them anymore. People need to start getting conscious about what is happening and need to be alert so we can reverse the effect and make a better place for everyone.


he causes of deforestation are many: deforestation is a problem

we have all around the world. One cause is urban construction, people cut down trees for making houses and creating materials like wood, paper, etc. other causes are: agriculture this means that people cut trees for crating spaces for harvesting crops or for making farms, grazing land is one of the biggest causes of deforestation because in the United States they use many space to grow cows or other animals. Other are used for creating fuels and natural choarcal, another is illegal logging produced in all the world, the is the biggest cause of deforestation

The effects of deforestation are erosion of the soil that is when trees are cutter down and the

soil is directly exposed to

the sun it produces

erosion. Disruption of the

water cycle this

means that the trees can't

get the water that

they need to produce less

pure air, also loss of

biodiversity because the

trees are 3/4 of the

planet's biodiversity. The

trees are Al's good at retaining a huge amount of water so if there were no trees there would be more flooding’s. These tell you why we need to protect the trees and don't cut them

The solution for the deforestation is that we can recycle, and we can do a lot of things that we prevent the fire on the forest. The thing that can help us doing a campaign, a TV shows and a lot of things more too. But the thing is that we have to recycle because that is the thing that can destroy the entire environment and our world.

But if we don´t do something about the deforestation the trees are going to disappear are we cannot have oxygen and we can die. That way we have to prevent all the things that the people are doing like throwing trash and a lot of things, we see that the people are doing to the forest we have to mandarles a jail because is our environment. People doesn´t care about the things that they do, and the people are very bad with the environment because all the people do that. But the thing is that we have to do a campaign and lot of things of preventing the forest!!!!!!

The forest is very important for all the people, but not the people that burn the fire to the forest. And they are bad to with all the things that are around them. That is the problem of the deforestation, that the people do the things that they supposed do not burn the forest. And another problem is that all the animals can die when they are on fire and all that stuff. Animals are important for us because is part of the world too, but if we want that happen we have to do something about it!!!!! Do not stand there and do nothing about deforestation.

Deforestation is a very difficult problem to solve because every day we are cutting more trees and forest for making paper and satisfying our necessaries. Over half of the once great rainforests of the world are now patches of dry dusty soil, large farmlands, or cattle grazing lands. Everyone is complaining about global warming and a whole in the ozone layer but no one seems to notice, or want to notice for that matter, that the only cause of deforestation is humans cutting trees and forest. The people cutting down the forest seem a little bit more preoccupied with the status of their wallets then care for the world and the people in it. Areas of land about the size of Panama are ripped or burned down every year, with the rate were going at right now within 50 years there will be no rainforests, no atmosphere, and no life on the planet Earth. Deforestation has not only resulted in irreversible damage to the natural habitat of many wildlife species, but has also resulted in loss of biodiversity and increase in aridity. Deforestation affects the water cycle. Trees absorb groundwater and release the same into the atmosphere during transpiration. With the loss of medium for this release, the climate automatically changes to a drier one and reduction in not only the atmospheric moisture, but also the water table. The absence of trees leads to increase salinity in the soil cover and thus, affects the agricultural activity that is carried on in such regions. Tree roots not only bind fertile soil, but also the underlying bedrock. Deforestation results in an increased risk of landslides, that not only claims the alluvial soil, but also threatens the lives of people inhabiting the cleared region. Forests support biodiversity and foster conservation of medicinal products like honey, resin and herbs. Deforestation destroys genetic variations and results in a permanent loss of various rare plant, animal and insect species. Is the process whereby natural forests are cleared through logging or burning, either to use the timber or to replace the area for alternative uses. 12-15 million hectares of forest are lost each year. In my opinion I think that we must take care of our enviroment and recycle paper so our world will be a better place to live. 50 football fields of trees and bushlands are being lost every our so the only ones that are hurt is us becuase we are the only one that are going to loose oxygen and many species of animals. In conclusion deforestation it is a big problem but if we work all together we can make a change.

Stop Deforestation  
Stop Deforestation  

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