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Nfc Reader Writer: Android Embraces Near Field Communication Technology Nfc Reader Android To-do's At present, you can now identify or track a person, animal, or object using a wireless noncontact system. The state of the art system is known as radio frequency identification or RFID. The system relies on the radio frequency electromagnetic fields to transfer data needed for identification or tracking. A pet with RFID tag can be located with ease using the RFID scanner. You can also view the information stored in the tag through the RFID reader. Uses of RFID Right now, RFID technology has been applied to numerous industries since tracking and identification are important actions in controlling inventories and assets of the businesses. For example, RFID tags are used in mobile phone production. Workers can easily follow the progress of the devices by simply scanning the items. Meanwhile farmers can now easily identify their farm animals individually because each tag can be written or stored with specific information. To give a concrete example, farmers insert RFID tags to their farm animals. Using the technology, they can easily locate the animals ready for breeding since the tag contains information of the animal. RFID technology is now also adapted in touch free payment systems. It is now possible to turn ordinary mobile phones into devices capable of transferring payment and also as RFID reader. The chip inside these devices contains your bank account information so you can use your phone to pay for items in the same manner as you would use your credit card. Since RFID can store valuable information, security features are now added to make the technology secure. RFID Technology Today Nowadays, you can use the technology even to track or identify minimum number of items or in a small scale at a fraction of the cost. The technology is very affordable these days that you can purchase a set for a couple of dollars. Of course sophisticated RFID systems which can contain more data and can be read using advanced technology are more expensive. You can now use RFID to tag your pets so you can easily locate them if in case they got out of your house. This works perfectly for pets with history of running away. A person can return your pet if he has a RFID reader at home. Rfid Usb Reader Smart phones today are no longer simple devices for communication; these state of the art phones are now used for commerce too. Talking to our friends, family members, and coworkers is now the most basic function of smart phones. Some phone brands today allow owners to manage their bills, acquire and share information, and even meet people using their devices. This trend is possible through the technology known as NFC or Near Field Communication. This technology turns phones into an information reader and sharer.

What is NFC and how it Works NFC or Near Field Communication is system that allows your device to communicate or exchange data with other NFC enabled electronics. Communication is possible through electromagnetic radio fields. The system is similar to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi since it allows transfer or exchange of data wirelessly. It is also similar to RFID but with the exception that NFC devices has to be within close proximity to each other to work. Sharing or acquiring of data in NFC is possible in two ways. Exchange can either be passive or active. Passive devices are similar to posts on the wall. The post only contains information for you to read. For instance, magazines with tags containing additional readings which are only accessible to smart phone users with NFC scanners. The other type is active which are electronic devices which can extract information from a passive NFC. In the example given earlier, the active NFC system is available in the smart phone. The phone is equipped with a system that can acquire data from the passive barcode in the magazine. You can use your phone to read information on passive tags and you can even share or alter the information if such action is allowed. NFC Technology on Android Devices Some android phones are capable of using the technology for commerce and security. Certain brands are fitted with NFC technology so users can use their phones for commerce and security purposes. Select phones from known brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, and Sony are fitted with NFC technology so users can utilize their phones to pay for their bills or to send information to other devices with NFC system.

Nfc Reader Writer: Android Embraces Near Field Communication Technology  

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