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Introduction From us at ateljé Lyk tan.

At the end of the vast flat lands of southern Sweden, at the edge of the Baltic Sea, lies the small town of Åhus. This is the setting for ateljé Lyktan, a lighting manufacturer with a 80-year long history and an archive of lights that have defined Swedish design over the last century, but ateljé Lyktan is not resting on its laurels. It is busy creating the next generation of lighting.

In this brochure we present a selection of ateljé Lyktan’s product range, a number of signature products which exemplifies our sense of innovation and design. For details on the selected products and to study the full range, please visit

Working with a host of renowned contemporary designers, ateljé Lyktan designs, develops and manufactures luminaires for outdoor and indoor envirionments. They all take shape here in the 1200sqm factory, overlooking the farmlands of southern Sweden.

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Historical Luminaires / Design Classics



Historical Luminaires Par t 1 – 193 0 s to 195 0 s

When Swedish design took on a more modern expression toward the end of the 1930s, one iconic lamp style from the early 1900s maintained a popular presence. Wax candles and kerosene lamps are often the source of inspiration for chandeliers and bracket lamps when electric luminaires are used for occasional lighting. Architect, functionalist and ateljé Lyktan’s founder, Hans Bergström, wanted to change the way people see lighting; light’s qualities should be exploited to the full to light up the entire space. He was a lighting designer, long before the term was invented. In 1935, Hans and Verna Bergström set up business in Åhus, where they established their home and studio. Shortly thereafter they opened “Lyktan”, a store in Kristianstad that acted mainly as a shop window for the general public in the household market and as a showroom for the company. The product range was household lighting and modern handicraft.

“In 1935, Hans and Verna Bergström set up business in Åhus, where they established their home and studio.”

Historical Luminaires Par t 1 – 193 0 s to 195 0 s


Most of Hans Bergström’s luminaires were one-offs, and up until the beginning of the 1960s he was the company’s sole designer. Hundreds of Hans Bergström’s drawings on thin design paper are catalogued and filed away in ateljé Lyktan’s archives, which date back to the beginning in 1934. The early models, with a few exceptions, were given a numerical designation. It was not until the 1960s that luminaires were given names.


After 1945, ateljé Lyktan tried out different materials as an alternative to metal, which was difficult to get hold of. In the middle of the 1940s there was a marked increase in fabric lampshades on the Swedish market, and smooth, stretched-fabric, removable lampshades became the fashion. Production of fabric lampshades increased at ateljé Lyktan during the second half of the 1940s.


New materials bring completely new opportunities in the 1950s. Plastic made its début and Hans Bergström came across a method for spraying plastic. Because plastic threads were sprayed onto a rotating wire frame previously intended for textiles, lampshade production become significantly faster and more efficient than before. Hans Bergström was granted a patent for the production method.

Design Classics Par t 2 – 196 0 s to198 0 s

In 1964, Philips’ Design Manager Anders Pehrson, was offered the chance to take over the entire Åhus operation. His eye for design and business was crucial for ateljé Lyktan’s future when he decided to invest in mass production of the most bankable models. This was a decision that proved to be extremely fortuitous. Anders Pehrson’s watchwords became Form, Function, Colour and Family. During the period 1966 to 1968, two of ateljé Lyktan’s most popular luminaire programs, Supertube and Bumling, were developed and launched. Supertube’s predecessor was an older product created by Hans Bergström. Through extensive product development and the use of a new manufacturing process, it became possible to extend tube luminaires into long tracks. Straight, curved and angled connections allow lighting tracks to change direction and level in the room. Supertube became an enormous sales success.

“Through extensive product development and the use of a new manufacturing process, it became possible to extend tube luminaires into long tracks.“

Design Classics Par t 2 – 196 0 s to 198 0 s


Two years after the Olympic Games 1972, Anders Pehrson sold ateljé Lyktan to Fagerhult but stayed on as CEO, Artistic Director and Marketing Manager throughout the 1970s. Bumling, Supertube, Tube, Knubbling and others, became well renowned lamps in homes and public spaces. The models developed in different directions over the subsequent years.


The factory grew too small for the production Fagerhult had planned for Åhus, and in 1977 a new factory with associated office space and showrooms was completed. The company’s new premises were inaugurated by the recently crowned King Carl XVI Gustav. That same year, the Kosta Lampan came under the Fagerhult umbrella, and the deal included designers Per Sundstedt (Hinken) and Anna Ehrner (Anna-lamp).


Anders Pehrson was once selected for Olympic cycle training for the Berlin Olympics in 1936. He did not make the Olympic squad, but was later to make a great comeback. In 1972, ateljé Lyktan arrives at the Munich Olympics with 16,300 lamps. Numerically, it is the biggest order in the company’s history.

The Studio



The Studio Unique solutions.

For almost eighty years, unique light fixtures have been created alongside series-manufactured products at ateljé Lyktan factory in Åhus. In the forties and fifties, bespoke single luminaires were commonplace, but time changed and demand grew for standard products instead. When we entered the twenty-first century, however, we noticed a resurgence in the demand for special fixtures and bespoke solutions. The company´s extensive experience and expertise came in handy, and ateljé Lyktan was relatively well-prepared to deal with the growing onrush. The “Special” department, which had been working on unique solutions for decades, was reviewed and handed more resources - while the queue outside the door grew longer and longer. When we opened the doors to our modernised special department in 2009, we also chose to give our new look a rejuvenated name. We call it The Studio.

“The company´s extensive experience and expertise came in handy, and ateljé Lyktan was relatively well-prepared to deal with the growing onrush.”

Parliament Building Stoc k holm

The first and second chambers of the Swedish Parliament Building have new pulpit lighting. Decisions have been made in these two magnificent meeting rooms since the late ninetenth century; decisions that affected Sweden´s neutrality during the Second World War, women´s suffrage, and much more besides. Sven-Åke Larsson at Grontmij in Stockholm was commissioned to develop a new lighting solution once the old one had had its day. Alongside colleague and lighting designer Sylvia Castello. “What the client wanted was a luminaire similar to the existing one in terms of design and materials, but with an energy-saving, longlife bulb”, Sylvia explains. This type of pulpit lighting didn´t exist so the only way to meet the customer´s wishes was to create a new fixture. The outcome was new pulpit lighting in a classic style made of polished brass and equipped with new technology.

Kaptensbron Malmรถ

When Kaptensbron had to be reconstructed, the natural choice was to give Johan Moritz of the Malmรถ City Highways Department the task of illuminating the creation. It was difficult to find a suitable fixture. Quite simply, the architect Lokal XXX Arkitekter and Malmรถ City had to develop one theirselves. The group settled on a fascinating elliptical design, a shape that Lokal XXX Arkitekter further developed to the final shape. As well as having a harmonising effect with the bridge design, the human aspect was also central. Today, the ellipses hover over the benches of the bridge to create both a sense of space and a fascinating lighting effect.

Treehotel Nor r bot ten

Treehotel in Norrbotten has put the small Norrlandic village of Harads on the world map. Since opening in 2010, countless travellers from near - but mostly far - have visited this curious hotel, which located its architectdesigned rooms high up in the swaying crowns of century-old pines. The seven tree-houses have accomodated all sorts of celebrities, while reviews from both the media and through the grapevine have been unanimous - Treehotel is world-class. Right from the start, ateljÊ Lyktan has manufactured all of the site´s light fixtures based on the design of each architect´s creation.




Buzz Design - Olle A nder son Page 26 -31

Buzz is available in ceiling, pendant, table and floor models and comes in five different colours. The lampshades are surface treated with an ultra high-gloss finish and high-reflective white foil on the inside. The table and floor stands are made of chromed steel. “The material and finish were selected based on the design traditions of ateljé Lyktan,” says Olle Anderson. “Designs that last”. Models Celing, Pendant, Table, Floor Material Metal body, white matte finish. Shade in painted aluminium with white reflecting material on the inside Standrad finish White, Grey, Black, Orange, Green Light source LED

Eagle Design - Tham & V idegård A rc hitec t s Page 32-37

Eagle takes the form of an unfolded cube that abstractly resembles a bird with its wings stretched. According to the designers: “Eagle is quite big, but still gives a very light and hovering feeling. It’s perfect above a dining table as well as in the office where a number of Eagles can form a flock of birds. When we created Eagle we challenged ourselves to create something entirely new from the shape of a cube. The result is bird with an origami feeling to it.” Model Ceiling, Pendant, Wall Materials Luminaire housing in die cast aluminium. Light opening in opal acrylic. White textile cable Standard finish Luminaire housing lacquered in white. Other colours available on request Light source LED

Hi-Hat Design - Henrik Sc hulz Page 3 8 - 43

“This is a family of lights that is meant to be seen and to communicate its gentle impact on the environment in both senses”, says designer Henrik Schulz about Hi-Hat, a series of LED luminaires that he designed for ateljé Lyktan. The sharp, sleek outline of the Hi-Hat is inspired by the cymbal of a drum kit. From the injection moulded shade in opaque acrylic to the white lacquered aluminium stand or pendulum, the Hi-Hat is a uniform monolith. It blends in to any interior, without losing its distinctive identity. Model Ceiling, Pendant, Wall, Table, Floor Material Body in metal. Injection moulded shade in opaque acrylic Standard finish White Light source LED

Kit Add On Design - Tor bjรถr n Elias son Page 4 4 - 47

In 2012 Torbjรถrn Eliasson designed Kit, a series of luminaires based on a classic ceiling lamp design, but with an innovative concave shape underneath. The Kit Add on series is a further development of Kit and a natural progression from previous designs. The soft lighting created by the shade makes the lamp suitable for many different areas and rooms. The simple structural design combined with the vibrant colours from the shade creates a playful effect. Kit Add on is available in three different sizes, equipped with LED and can be fitted with a DALI dimmer which has graduated levels of light adjustment. Model Ceiling, Pendant Material Body in white lacquered steel. Shield in glass. Frame in spun aluminium Standard finish White. Any color is available on accessories / shells Light source LED

Megalo Design - Olle Lund berg Page 4 8 -53

When Olle Lundberg created his extensive Megalo family a few years ago, it enjoyed a great reception in public spaces and private homes alike. At that time, LED technology was still in its cradle and was not considered for this luminaire. But it is today. Megalo has undergone a quality shift in terms of materials choices and technology while expressing the same classic artistic idiom as its predecessor. Model Ceiling, Pendant, Floor Materials Shade in lacquered metal. Diffuser in opal acrylic glass. Details in chromed metal Standard finish White, black, red Light source LED

Ogle Mini Design - For m Us W ith Love Page 5 4 -59

The original Ogle designed by Form Us With Love was released in 2009 and the combination of a mixed functionality – both pendant and spotlight – has been a success in all kinds of environments. Now, the family expands with a smaller sibling to the Ogle – Ogle Mini. The small pendant measures 90 mm and is moulded in aluminium which makes it even more flexible than before. When we first created the Ogle we wanted to find a fixture that worked both on its own and in a group. Given that Ogle has the functionality of a spotlight, we wanted the visual shape to be a complement to furniture as well as other lighting in an environment. We also wanted it to work really well in a group of many pendants, without it becoming to expressive, says John Löfgren from Form Us With Love. Models Ceiling, Pendant, Wall, Floor Material Body in die casted aluminum, two parts. Wall attachments in aluminum. Standard finish Soft lacquer in black or white Light source LED

Time Design - Beng t Källgren Pag e 6 0 - 65

The pendant luminaire Time is a simple, stylish lamp designed by designer Bengt Källgren. It is especially suited for office environments and is now being upgraded from T5 fluorescent tubes to LED technology. Time has a luminaire case in aluminium and is suspended by an adjustable wire. “Time LED is equipped with a LED system which, combined with its deflection technology, meets the European norms for office lighting,” says Källgren. “The LED equipment complements the Time series for use in venues and buildings where energy efficiency, a long lifespan, and an advanced energy profile is demanded,” explains Källgren. Model Ceiling, Pendant Materials Frame in extruded aluminium, end caps in cast aluminium Standard finish White textured Light source LED

Pendants / Ceiling



Bumling Design - A nder s Pehr son Page 6 8 -73

‘Bumling’ means boulder in Swedish, and is used colloquially to describe things colossal or otherwise unwieldy. It is what a friend of the designer Anders Pehrson allegedly called Pehrson’s new pendular lamp when it was first exhibited at the 1968 lighting fair in Gothenburg. The lamp in question was bulbous, bright green and over half a metre wide. This was the birth of Bumling, a Swedish design classic. Model Pendant Material Shade in powder-coated or brushed aluminium Standard finish White, red or brushed aluminium Other colours available on request Light source LED.

Fovea Design - Tommy GovĂŠn Page 74 -79

Fovea was presented for the first time at the lighting exhibition in Hannover in 1996. The first luminaire in the world designed for the new, narrow T5 fluorescent tube was born. And now it’s time for the next generation, Fovea fitted with LEDs. Fovea remains a complete lighting system with infinite variation. The customer can choose the level of technology from low price versions with on-off switches to the very latest solutions with integrated dimmer functions. Its minimalist design means it adds without taking over. All of the variants meet dazzle requirements for computer workstations, and the combination with the wide applied scattering, makes Fovea LED one of the most usable, efficient luminaires on the market. Model Pendant Material Luminaire housing and end panels in extruded aluminium. Lamella louvres in cold rolled steel sheet Standard finish White textured. Other colours available on request Light source LED

Hood Design - For m Us W ith Love Page 8 0 - 85

“We came up with the idea for Hood when we moved to our new studio,” says Petrus Palmér from Form Us With Love. “We needed a flexible light source and sound absorbent above our conference table as the studio is open-plan and with a very high ceiling.” Hood is an ideal solution for these open plan environments, functioning both as a light source and a sound barrier, helping to create a more intimate space in the contemporary office landscape. Its modular structure means that Hood can grow according to need. “It should be possible to expand Hood in all directions really,” says Palmér. Model Pendant Material Shades of moulded polyester felt. Frame in lacquered structure aluminum. Diffuser in opal acrylic Standard finish Black, dark grey, light grey, sand or red. A further 12 colours are available on request. Note: no bracket customization Light source LED

Mamba Design - Olle Lund berg Page 8 6 -91

Olle Lundberg’s Mamba is an easily varied pendant lamp incorporating the latest technology. The fitting carries an LED array with DALI-based technology that allows individual up and down control. Mamba is available in twelve different colour combinations and three lengths. The frame material is aluminium, with replaceable sides in coloured high-gloss acrylic and louvre in microprismatic acrylic glass. Model Pendant Material Body in painted aluminium. Sides in coloured high-gloss acrylic. Driver box in galvanized steel Standard finish Body in black, white, grey or red Light source LED

Riff Design - Olle Lund berg Page 92-97

When Olle Lundberg designed the pendant luminaire Riff, he wanted to create a flexible and versatile luminaire, which could easily be adapted to different environments. He thought about how a car is built, where the bottom plate is the common component of various car models, and what differs them is the expression of design. The common component of Riff is the so-called light engine, made of die cast metal for good thermal management, and with a LED module and protector included, reflecting high quality material in meticulate detail. Diffusers are also included for an even spread of light. The luminaire is added with one of three shades – two are in glass and another consists of a decorative mould with an extra diffusing plate. Model Pendant Material Light engine in die cast metal Standard finish White or black Light source LED

Exploring ateljé Lyktans new pendant light engine At the core of the new pendant Riff, designed by Olle Lundberg, is a light engine that easily can be used to create a myriad of different designs. The inspiration for the light engine came from the car industry and how different models and designs share the same platform. For Milan, ateljé Lyktan invited eight architects, designers, craftsmen and –women, as well as ateljé Lyktans own Atelier (The Studio), to explore the Riff light engine and create their own unique pendant. The project, named Riff Relay, resulted in nine spectacular pendants ranging from a glass pineapple to a leather hat. Each pendant from the Riff Relay will be manufactured in a limited edition of ten each. For more information about the project, please visit

Supertube Light Design - Tommy GovĂŠn Page 98 -103

Supertube was the first luminaire in the history of ateljĂŠ Lyktan manufactured from extruded aluminium. The fixture is a single luminaire that also can be built in infinite system variants with straight sections and sections that are bent in different directions, for all possible environments. Supertube can also be rotated 350 degrees on its axis and the light from the lamp may be directed both up, down and sideways. The concept was enormously popular during the 1970s, when it spread its light both in the public arena and in the homes. Model Pendant Material Luminaire housing and end panels in extruded aluminium. Steel micro-louvres, white finish or prismatic acrylic glass. Diffuser is included Standard finish Matte white NCS S0502-Y G25. Other colours available on request Light source LED



Design - Olle Lund berg

Design - ThorĂŠn and Bylund

Model Pendant Material Pendant suspension in aluminium. Textile cable Standard finish Pendant suspension in black Light source Including CCFL in one of two models (Standard or Globe). Compatible with a variety of dimmers

Model Pendant Material Body in extruded aluminium. Dust protection LED module in clear acrylic glass. Reflector in metallised aluminium MIRO Standard finish White matte. Other colours are available upon request Light source LED



Design - Olle Lund berg

Design - Tommy GovĂŠn

Model Pendant Material Shade in spin-formed aluminium. Pendant suspension in aluminium. Textile cable Standard finish Pendant suspension in black. Shades and decorative rings are available in the following colours: Black, champagne, white, dark blue, pink or green Light source Including CCFL in one of two models (Standard or Globe)

Models Ceiling, Wall Material Body in extruded aluminium, end panels in cast aluminium Standard finish White. This product cannot be supplied in any colour other than white Light source LED

Desk / Floor



Faggio Design - Dar fon Page 10 8 -113

Trees and their beauty are the inspiration behind the design of Faggio table and floor lamps. Bringing nature’s forms and features indoors at work or at home creates an intriguing balance between outside and in, between the organic and the geometric. The shade is frosted. The floor lamp and the larger table model are based on a modular design concept that allows every part of the luminaires to be installed, extended, shortened, rotated and adjusted according to the angular spread, form and function desired by the user. “Every user can create their own, unique luminaire.” says Product Manager Malin Gadd. Models Table, Floor Material Aluminium frame the galvanized zinc coating or paint finish. Polycarbonate shade Standard finish Silver, white or black piano lacquer Light source LED

Tipi Design - Mår ten and Gus tav Cy rén Page 114 -119

”The simplicity is important. It shouldn’t feel too high-tech”, says designer Mårten Cyrén as he reflects on the shape of Tipi, a light that he designed with his brother, the architect Gustav Cyrén, for ateljé Lyktan. Tipi is a floorlight for both outdoor and indoor use, made from slats of heat-treated ash. The arrangement of the wooden slats around a stainless steel circular structure is reminiscent of the Native American teepee as well as the Swedish Samis “kåta”. Hence the name. Model Floor Material Handle and top part in die-cast aluminium. Tube and circular structure in stainless steel. Wooden slats in heat-treated ash wood Standard finish Natural ash wood with details in aluminium textured and stainless steel or ash wood and details lacquered in white Light source LED


Plug Lamp

Design - Olle Lund berg

Design - For m Us W ith Love

Models Table, Floor Material Lamp housing in die-cast aluminium. Arm in aluminium profile. Footplate in steel. Glare shield/reflector in metallised PC. The accessories table clamp and grommet in chromed metal Standard finish White or graphite-black Light source LED

Model Table Material Body and base in die-cast aluminium. Opal glass shade Standard finish Black, white, grey, red, green and raw Light source LED



Design - K ris tian A ndrĂŠason/K ris tin Leibel

Design - A nder s Pehr son

Model Table Material Lamp housing in aluminium Standard finish White rubber lacquer or black rubber lacquer Light source LED

Model Table, Floor Material Lamp housing in aluminium. Stand in chromed steel. Foot plate in leather covered steel. Glare shield in injection molded acrylic (PC). Red textile cable Standard finish White with natural coloured foot in leather or black with black coloured foot in leather Light source LED




Halo Design - Stefan Bor selius Page 124 -12 9

Stefan Borselius was asked to design an outdoor luminaire for the street environment to add to ateljé Lyktan’s outdoor product range. It had to fit in with many different surroundings – everything from old city districts to more modern architecture. The result was Halo. “I started out with a basic shape, the circle, a sphere. I wanted to create something that would blend in with the surroundings. A shining globe, like a little moon,” Stefan says. Models Suspended, Wall, Post Material Luminaire housing and connection to lamp post in cast aluminium. Shade in impact-resistant opal acrylic Standard finish Pearl darkgrey or white aluminium. Other colours available on request Light source LED

Skipper Design - Olle Lund berg Page 13 0 -135

Skipper is the winning luminaire in a unique product development project that involved all of ateljÊ Lyktan’s employees and selected designers. The project was launched for the purpose of enhancing product knowledge and an understanding of the design process. Together with his team, Olle Lundberg created a luminaire series with a wide selection of optimized light patterns able to illuminate every conceivable type of surface with high quality, energy efficient light in an appealing, visually ergonomic way. Models Wall, Post Material Luminaire housing in cast aluminium. Connection to pole in aluminium. Shade in opal acrylic Standard finish Pearl darkgrey textured, white aluminium textured or black textured Light source LED

Tall Lite Design - Designat Ljus, Jan and Hans For smar k Page 13 6 -141

When Jan and Hans Forsmark created the Corten steel bollard Tall for the globally acclaimed Tree hotel architectural project in Norrbotten, it would not be long before requests and demands were made for a development of the luminaire. The brothers went back to the drawing board and created a small family that now included façade and wall luminaires, and avariant of the existing Corten steel bollard. Aluminium was selected as the material, which allows us to customize colour choices easily. The outcome was Tall’s characteristic artistic idiom, extremely well shaded and with the same good light qualities, but now also available in cast aluminium. Model Wall, Bollard Material Luminaire housing in cast aluminium. Luminaire cover in 5 mm aluminium sheet. Shade in frosted PMMA. Standard finish Aluminium grey textured, Anthracite grey textured, Ruby red textured. Other colours available on request Light source LED



Design - Tommy GovĂŠn

Design - Olle Lund berg

Models Ceiling, Wall, Post Material Luminaire housing in die-cast aluminium Standard finish Pearl darkgrey or white aluminium. Other colours available on request Light source LED

Models Post Material Luminaire housing and connection to pole in cast aluminium. Shade clear UV-resistant polycarbonate. Internal, white painted reflector in aluminium Standard finish Pearl darkgrey, white aluminium or anthracite grey. Other colours available on request Light source LED



Design - Olle A nder son

Design - Olle A nder son

Models Suspension, Post Material Body cast in one piece and shade in aluminium. Bottom shade in injection moulded acrylic. Toughened plate glass. Top of luminaire in cast aluminium Standard finish Top shade pearl darkgrey. Bottom shade white aluminium. Top shade available in any colour on request Light source LED

Models Suspension, Wall, Post Material Body and shades in aluminium. Plane hardened protective glass Standard finish Top part black, bottom part white aluminium. Other colours are available upon request Light source LED

Head Office Fyrvaktaregatan 7, SE–296 81 Åhus, Sweden Tel: +46 (0)44 28 98 00 Fax: +46 (0)44 28 98 38 Email:

Offices Stockholm: Hesselmans Torg 9, SE–131 54 Nacka Gothenburg: Fabriksgatan 7, SE-412 50 Gothenburg Malmö: Slussgatan 10, SE–211 30 Malmö Luleå: Västra Varvsgatan 3, SE–972 36 Luleå England: 33-34 Dolben Street, GB-SE1 0UQ London Norway: Strandveien 30, Pb 471, N-1327 Lysaker Finland: Mannerheimintie 113, FI-00280 Helsinki Russia: Leninskaya Sloboda str. 26, bld. C, office 418, RU-115280 Moscow The Netherlands: G. van Nijenrodestraat 151, NL-3621 GJ Breukelen South East Asia: 25 Tagore Lane #03-10, Singapore G Building, Singapore 787602

Atelje Lyktan Collection 2016-2017  

Ateljé Lyktan is a long-established lighting company which develops, manufactures and markets luminaires for both outdoor and indoor use, de...

Atelje Lyktan Collection 2016-2017  

Ateljé Lyktan is a long-established lighting company which develops, manufactures and markets luminaires for both outdoor and indoor use, de...