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QA tools for digital plate files BitMap Viewer

DotSpy and


The most expensive plate is the one you have to remake

These easy to use software tools let you quality check the digital files before making plates, and have total confidence before going to print.

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Quality assurance for digital plates and film Check screening: dots, ruling, angle, density… Check dimensions, marks and trapping Work with multiple separations in color, multiple file versions High performance viewing at full platesetter resolution Available for Mac (DotSpy) and Windows (BitmapViewer)

Spying on dots Open the ripped output files (TIFF and Len formats) directly. These viewing tools show you the actual data, in full accuracy.

Despite working with high resolution data, the viewers are very fast. You can quickly navigate to any area of the plate, and zoom in to any level to check screens, marks or any other items. The built in screen analysis tools automatically measure angle, ruling and dot percentage for one or more separations. This way you can verify that the correct screening and curves have been applied to the job before making a plate.

Full confidence Because you are viewing the actual ripped data, details such as register marks, dimensions and traps can be checked with full confidence. View single or multiple separations of the job in color in order to check that knockouts and overprints are correct. Open multiple versions of the same job in parallel to check changes or language variations have been carried out correctly. Use the seamless mode to view seamless sleeves with an infinite join.

Need more? DotSpy and BitmapViewer are ideal tools to use with the RIP in a standalone QA context, but:

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• Would you like a viewer completely integrated with your workflow system? A tool that allows you to view and compare all prepress files (PDF, ArtPro…) and RIPped files? If so, take a look at the BackStageViewer. • Do you need an online viewer? A solution that lets you and your customers review prepress and ripped files over the internet? If so, take a look at WebCenter.

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