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1.5 in.



The result? Intensive detoxification and fat reduction Studies prove raising the body's core temperature stimulates HGH release, an anti-aging growth hormone that improves muscle tone and stimulates fat burning (for several hours after workouts). The cardio strength training burns up to 4 x as many calories as traditional spinning (~ 2,400 calories in a 40 minute session). This increases heart and lung capacity to improve overall health and wellness.

Circulation Improvement


Emitting 2,800 watts of infrared light, PhysioREDis dramatically stronger than most medical-grade saunas. It uses heat and light –so it’s more effective at a lower, more clement temperature. Long- lasting, (1,000 hour) front, back and rear lights have variable intensities (1-9). Adjustable cooling for intensive workouts.

Prevent lateral hip shifting and reduce the chance of low back stress. The biomechanically correct motion is easy on hips, knees, joints and the back. Designed for relaxed breathing, workouts are easier – and much more effective.

Slides back and forth, up and down, adapting to height requirements of subjects.

HEART RATE MONITOR: Sensors that provide interactive feedback of heart rate.

220-240 V, 20 Amps or 110-120 V, 30 Amps + Transformer 60 Hz

100 W 1,500 Hours

550 Lbs.

Standard 240 V, 20 Amps or 120 V, 30 Amps



Be the first to offer the PhysioRED®, an amazing new, FDA-listed device that combines infrared light with reclined, back-friendly spinning....

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