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THE GREATEST POEM ! Life is Freedom and Freedom is War,

The Open Sword of the Warrior Spirit By, Technobo (full reprint publishing rights of this great poem is granted by author, provided no changes are made to any parts including title author name, email, website, this note, and poem, thanks, Technobo)

Fearless lions and wolves are my home-boys Swords spears books and Pens are my toys

I am whom my scripts made the blind see and my words made the deaf hear

Dead hearts, I made beat, full of life like a drum in a Saturday game Cowards, I made roar like a hungry lion, after the kill of a game Weaklings, I made fight, win and know fame Slaves, I made free, and masters of their domain Kings and Queens, I made humble and bow, in the agony of their shame

Earth told me, having asked "Oh! Old Sphinx of the age do you hate your dwellers?� "My blessings are on the fearless, ambitious, joyful dreamers, and my curses are on the fearful, anxious, slothful creepers"

Live free and beloved or die warring in honors For, if you don’t parish by swords, you will hung by ropes And, neither heaven holds dead birds, nor bees suckle dead roses

Life is freedom and freedom is war  

Life is Freedom and Freedom is War, The Open Sword of the Warrior Spirit. By Technobo

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