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Ways To Increase Sales With Odoo CRM Software

Odoo CRM 

A good Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software enables you to be in good relationship with your customers. Therefore, a CRM helps in enhancing relationships with existing customers and helps in finding new potential customers. CRM is an excellent application for sales and managing people also. Odoo CRM is one of the best web based CRM available in the market with unique features and Odoo CRM benefits.

Odoo CRM provides simple and user friendly interface which makes it attractive and easier to use. It is a cost effective license free application which can be used by any number of employees in the organization with a single implementation. With the Odoo CRM we will have centralized data. Web based Odoo CRM makes the work of any marketing concerned person easy. They can access the system from anywhere using a laptop, mobile or ipads.

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They can enter leads, contact person details, schedule activities and meetings with few clicks. They can be free from the fear of data loss. A nice relationship can be maintained by your business to the customers along with an odoo CRM software. It can definitely benefits your business. The odoo CRM benefits will definitely understands you why it distinguishes from any other CRM.

Odoo CRM Features ď Ź

Simple and user friendly Interface.

Lead Generation 

A lead can be a person or an organization who have an interest in what you are selling. Leads can be any business cards, Contact form filled in the website etc. Many organizations maintain different teams for doing marketing like telemarketing, digital marketing, direct sales marketing. So the number of leads generated will be high. Odoo CRM helps in maintaining leads separately from opportunities.

With Odoo CRM we can easily convert a lead to an opportunity. To enable the lead stage go to configurations of the CRM module and select settings.

Then enable the leads.

CRM → Configurations → Settings → Enable Lead

ď Ź

Once the lead is generated at any time we can convert the lead to an opportunity.

ď Ź

As a result, now the lead will listed under sales pipeline.

Proper Tracking of Leads and Opportunities ď Ź

ď Ź

Odoo CRM helps you to track how much sales they got through different marketing teams.

While creating a lead or an opportunity we can enter the source of the lead. If the opportunity is through direct sales, enter salesperson name.

ď Ź

ď Ź

ď Ź

If the organization has more than one marketing team in different countries, enter the sales team.

Moreover, if the lead is through any digital marketing media like campaigns, website, Facebook, twitter, ads etc. Thus, we can add the details under the marketing fields and can assign a sales person to follow with the lead.

ď Ź

ď Ź

If the lead is referred by any particular person add the name in the Referred By field.

All these data are important for management. Thus, it helps them to analyze the amount of sales achieved through different marketing channels.

Lead Prioritization ď Ź ď Ź

Odoo CRM allows to add priority to the lead. This feature helps the sales people to give more attention to the leads with higher priorities.

Customizable Stages 

Odoo CRM allows customization of stages of sales pipeline based on your business nature. To create stages go to stages under the configuration tab of Odoo CRM. CRM → Configuration → Stages

Improved Analytical Data And Reporting 

Odoo CRM stores data in a single place which leads to improved analyzing of data. As a result, the dashboard can be personalized to quickly locate information such as sales goals, salesman performance, Digital marketing performance etc. With better reporting data, you can make resourceful and effective decisions to reap the rewards in customer loyalty and long-run profitability.

ď Ź

The Filters and Group By in Odoo CRM helps in personalizing the dashboards.

ď Ź

If you want to filter opportunities based on activities pending, then select late activities from the list. Then the opportunities with late activities will only displayed.

ď Ź

Group By feature helps to group all opportunities based on different aspects.

ď Ź

As a result, group By based on country, will group all opportunities based on prospective customers location.

Activities Management 

‘Schedule Activity’ help us to be more organized with our work. Odoo CRM will notify what are the activities to be done today, and how many activities are late or pending and what are the scheduled activities for the coming days.

ď Ź

In the sales pipeline each opportunity chatter box will show how many activities are pending with each opportunity.

ď Ź

ď Ź

In addition, Odoo CRM support sales people to follow up with all their opportunities and to maintain a constant touch with customer which helps in increasing their sales in the future. Direct scheduling of activity from the chatterbox is also possible.

Automatic Next Activities Planning 

With Odoo CRM we can schedule a chain of activities which followed after completing an activity. Thus, Odoo CRM recommends the next activities based on previous activity automatically. We can set the next activity to be done when we are creating an activity. To create an activity go to Activity types under the Configuration of CRM.

CRM → Configuration → Activity Types

Odoo CRM allow us to select some activities to be recommended once we done the current activity. Now, we can plan our next activity based on the recommendation.

ď Ź

With auto scheduling next activity, Odoo CRM itself schedule the next activity once the current activity done.

For example, I created an activity ‘Email’. Auto scheduling next activity is enabled and the next activity is a ‘Call’.

ď Ź

For one of my opportunities, I am scheduling an activity Email.

Activity is scheduled. Once this activity is done ‘Call’ will be scheduled automatically.

Once we click the ‘Done and Launch Next’ , the Call will be scheduled automatically.

Easy Scheduling of Meetings ď Ź

With Odoo ERP we can easily schedule meetings with customers. Therefore, it can be synchronized with phone and google calendar.

ď Ź

Another feature of Odoo Meeting scheduler is setting privacy for the meeting. The meeting owner can set privacy for the meeting. Thus, owner can decide if he want to display the meeting visible in the calendar for everyone or make it visible for attendees only.

Detailed Logs 

Odoo CRM makes it possible for any employee to provide the same high level of service, by having access to the same customer data. If your customers have a single, main point of contact, there’s a good chance that at some point that contact may not be available, and the client may forced to have to work with someone new. Odoo CRM maintains a detailed log of all opportunities from its starting stage.

ď Ź

ď Ź

So a new person coming to the team can easily understand the full history of the lead. It can easily track who creates the lead, what are the stage changes happened, how many meetings and follow up calls have done, the follow ups, what are the upcoming events scheduled, the communication occurred related to the opportunity between team members.

Management of Multiple Contacts per Customer 

Odoo CRM helps to manage more than one contacts from a customer company. Earlier the marketing or sales concerned people used to keep a lot of business cards. A Loss of business card might lead to the loss of an opportunity. With Odoo CRM they can access and add contact details to the system at any time even if they are outside the office.

Quotation generation directly from Odoo CRM ďƒ˜

Odoo CRM allows to generate quotation directly from the CRM.


If the quotation generated or the sale confirmed, Odoo CRM allows to see the update real time.

Easy Sales Analysis 

Odoo CRM provides different methods to analyse sales. ‘Filters’ and ‘Group by’ features gives the management a good idea about the progress of sales. Therefore, they can simply analyze the data. Further, the dashboard visualize the sales team KPI’s in a glance. Different type visual analysis of data are possible. Pie charts, Bar charts and Line charts are there.

CRM → reporting → Pipeline


That is to say, with the pivot view numerical analysis of sales are possible.

Report Generation ďƒ˜

Data with the Odoo CRM can easily exported to an excel sheet. As a result, the report generation is very easy.

Odoo CRM Benefits

Cost effective implementation.  License free.  Simple User Interface.  Easily Understandable.  Reduced Data Entry.  Organize contact data. 

Leads priority.

Good Customer Satisfaction.

Supports mass mailing.

Integration google calendar, VoIP calls.

Able to access system even if you are outside the office. Odoo CRM is compatible for using in mobile phones. Multi contacts management.

Good sales forecast.

Sales report generation.

Personalized customer interaction.

Meeting scheduling.

Notification about scheduled tasks and activities.

No Data Loss.

Possible to integrate with other modules like invoicing, accounting, website, e commerce etc. Time saving by the automated tasks management.


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Ways To Increase Sales With Odoo CRM Software  

Odoo CRM is one of the best web based CRM available in the market with unique features and Odoo CRM benefits. CRM is an excellent applicatio...

Ways To Increase Sales With Odoo CRM Software  

Odoo CRM is one of the best web based CRM available in the market with unique features and Odoo CRM benefits. CRM is an excellent applicatio...