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Tech Mahindra Foundation School Days – Let Us Go Back!

MCP School, Dilshad Garden Tech Mahindra Foundation’s new baby

The school campus – building & grounds Your destination for next week, ours for next 5 years

Tree trunks and bases Paint them, add botanical information cards

Steps leading to the amphitheatre Color them bright

Mini amphitheatre Pep it up now; only to come back for events here

The staircases What’s your idea to use them for imparting learning?

The alphabetical pillars Paint them in your color; we can see from far away

Garden and the grills What goes best with the green?

Hop skotch Make this design (and many more) come alive on the school grounds.

And tell us your ideas when we meet? ď Š

School Days - Let Us Go Back  

TMF invites volunteers to join its programme to completely turnaround a government school in New Delhi

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