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This book is dedicated to the wonderful Techkids in Mrs. Boucher’s Class!

A is for Ann Story Ann Story

This picture on the left that is b lack and white is Ann with 2 of her children and it looks like that was the cabin Amos builted for the Family and I think the war was going on in that picture. The one up above is Ann with some of her kids and I think the war was happening in that picture too?

When Ann was born they did not know what birth date was some say it was 1735 others say it was 1741? Ann was born in Preston , Connecticut .Ann’s parents were named Jonathan Reynolds and Hannah Tracy Reynolds. Ann had the same name as here mom witch is Hannah. Ann had quit a few brothers and sisters there names were Jonathan, Samuel, {died when baby} , Samuel , Christopher, Hannah witch is Ann, Ebenezer , and Jerusha

name as her mother. Ann was about 15 or 20 when she married Amos and they got married in Nor Witch Connecticut. Ann and Amos had Five children there names were : Solomon, Ephraim, Samuel, Susanna and Hannah. Solomon and Amos went on a journey to Sailsbury to finish up there cabin by spring 1775 . A tree twisted and stabled Amos to the ground killing him! Solomon returned to his family and told the bad news of Amos Death! So Ann made a decision that she would take her children to their fathers cabin. After Ann be-

came the mother of the Green Mountain Boys! There was the Revolutionary war after when Amos died but the war was happening with out him! Ann had to protect her children. Begging Wentworth the Governor he did maybe 1749 – 1764 Benning granted about 3 million acres in 138 towns.

By Tyler Desjardin

Colchester School District

B is for Bennington Battle

The Benington Battle The army intended This is the Bennington to reBattle. stock in Special points of interthe town of Benest: nington,located 路 When Vermont And New York in the Grants. became a state 1791 Thinking that the 路 The year of the Grants were fight August 16,1777 loyal to the British king. The sol路 There were nearly 2,000 colonists diers were comfought against 1,000 British soling to arrive to diers the town and 路 In 1777 they set up their on Governtake the items ment they needed

without trouble. When the colonists heard that the British soldiers were coming they armed for battle. While The Benington monument

the war was going on the Grants were planning their future. Their were nearly 2,000 colonists

and 1,000 British soldiers in August 16,1777. The Grants V.S the British played on the New York soil.

Facts About the Bennington Battle The year of the Benongton Battle in 1777. The year that the Grants beat the British solders in 1777. The

year that the Yorkers and the Grants became a state in 1791. The Battle took place on the New York ground.

In 1777 the Grants set up their on government . There were 2,000 colonists about 2,000 and then there

C is for Counties

Colchester School District Names of counties Addison county

All about the







Essex county


Franklin county 5 Grand isle


Lamoille county

Orange county

Orleans county Rutland county

Washington county


Info about the counties in Vermont In Vermont there are fourteen counties. First in Vermont they had 2 counties which were: Bennington county and Cumberland county in 1779 each in the east and west!!!

Each county is in a different place in Vermont.

Vermont is a really good place to stay!! This is a picture of Vermont.

Windham county

Windsor county

Did you know? Cumberland county broke up into 3 different counties in Vermont?

Colchester School District Volume 1, Issue 1 Date:

D is for Dairy

Did you know? That milk comes from all mammals including the platypus

pigs and many

Vermont dairy

Did you know that milk comes from cows? Well most milk comes from a cow but you have to do a lot of different things like cook and freeze it. But all of these thing happen on a farm. Butter is also made Dairy products are the most consumed item in America on a farm. Many things happen on a Did farm today that we you know that all cheese is made from drink and eat tomilk from all different cows but made into day. milk comes from mammals like goats cats dogs

Caleb’s L-G fun facts

Did you know there are 59 different uses of cheese

Did you know dairy farms harvest 15 different kinds of cheese

5% of milk goes to drinking regular milk

E is for Ethan Allen Ethan Allen’s Life Ethan Allen was born in Litchfield, Connecticut. , Vermont Republic. Ethan Allen was a first born child by Joseph and Mary Baker. Ethan Allen married Mary Brownson in 1775. Ethan Allen died in the 1850’s . Ethan Allen had five children . Mary Brownson died in 1783.Ethan Allen died in Burlington , Vermont republic

*Ethan Allen worked hard in the military he became a major general

Quietly Capturing Fort Ticonderoga Allen is famous because of his work in the military. He captured fort Ticonderoga. Ethan Allen worked in the military for 8 years. Ethan Allen was a major general in the war. At night Ethan Allen and A big group of soldiers snuck up on the people in fort Ticonderoga Ethan Allen knocked on the door. People opened up the door they where in their pajamas they were unarmed so they surrendered the fort to Ethan Allen

F for Foliage By: Autumn Olsen

Learn more at: fallfact.html

How Fall Color Happens The water from the ground travels upward in the tree. The green chlorophyll catches the sunlight witch allows the water in the ground to turn into a gas called “Carbon Dioxide”.

Monthly Foliage In July, leaves have the same amount of yellow pigment as they do in October. A thin layer of cells grow over the water tube and the leaves close up and prepares itself for winter.

What Trees Change Color?

Birches, Tulip Poplars, Redbud, and Hickory are always yellow in the fall, never orange or red.

Birches, Tulip Poplars, Redbud, and Hickory are always yellow in the fall, never orange or red. Evergreen trees and trees with needles don’t change colors.

Fall Colors New England evergreen trees usually shed their older leaves, and the best fall color is in the areas such as New England. They never drop all of their leaves at once. Inside of a leaf, there are lots of little packages of color such as green, orange, and yellow.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Newsletter Date

G is for Green Mountain Boys Fun facts · The green moun-

tain boys seal is the catamount.

· The green moun-

tain boys whipped Yorkers with sticks.

Green Mountain Boys Whip Yorkers

In 1781 The Green mountain boys whipped Yorkers that were bothering them about moving. But they did not use whips they used sticks. They did this because they were bribing them to move. They also hung a man in a chair from a tavern and did not let him down for sevrel

1. Several hours. They did this because the Yorkers said I want too sell this land but the green mountain boys already bot it.

Catamount on pub !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The green mountain boys put a catamount on a pub facing newYork. This shows that they are not scared to fight and kill. But even after that the Yorkers did not stop.

Then Ethan Allen said “I may not be able to fight a catamount. But we will still fight.” This shows That no mater what they will stand and fight.

H is for Heading Outdoors

SPRING In spring we help moms & dads with gardens.

SUMMER Summer has no school to go to.

Spring is when sports start with action. Summer is really hot so keep cool. Have a good summer this year and good school year next year.

Spring has a lot of fun to do.






With all these leaves your going to pick up will note be worth it but all the color leaves are cool to look at. Have a good time!!!!

Winter go sledding and have a good time.

And try snowboarding and skiing. Have fun!!!!!!

I is for Abnaki Indians


Newsletter Date

Abnaki Life Food

The abinaki tribe are one of the Vermont tribes their life style is very different then ours. Their home their catcher their close are different then ours . And what is cool about them is that it is in a whole This is a abinaki woman different time period. I didn't there life stile different then ours??

The Abinaki tribe home land called ndakinna witch they call home.

I hope you hade fun I sure did I hope you learned a lot. About the abinaki tribe.

—— dried fruit and fish ——





sugar and syrup






venison Fun fact

We have very different food then they do what is hard for them is they have to catch their food and we don't .

Did you know that for fun they did pottery or play with dolls. That is way different then what we do for fun.

J is for Ben and Jerry’s and other Vermont Goodies!

All about the ice cream More Fyi Ben& Jerry’s 1 Vermont maple syrup 2

Vermont Cabot cheese 3

By, Katarina Edelmann

Ben & Jerry’s Life In 1978 Ben & Jerry’s opened there Ice cream store in a renovated gas station at the corner of St.Paul and College streets in downtown Bulington, Vermont on May 5. In 1980 Ben & Jerry rent a space in a old spool and bobbin mill on South Champlain.

In 1981 Ben & Jerry move there Ice-Cream shop. They move to Green Mountain Drive behind a car dealership. In 1983 Ben & Jerry’s is used to build “the worlds largest ice creamsundae” In St.Albns, Vermont .The sundae weights 27,102

Cabot Cheese

Vermont Maple Syrup Vermont has a good tempeture for growing Sugar Maple Trees. It takes approximately 40 years to grow a maple tree that you can Tap. A tree ten inches in diameter is considered minimum tapable size for one tap. It takes 40 gallons to produce one gallons of syrup. The normal maple season lasts 4-6

weeks. Vermont has a strictly enforced maple grading law controlling standers of gensity flavor or color. Vermont’s law requires syrup to be free from any perspirations or other adders. Pure Vermont Maple Syrup is an excellent source of natural sugar!!!

A few fun link’s that you may like!!!! You can go to http:// maple-facts-figures.php or if you want to know a little more about the makers and the community that the makers have then you can go to the following link…..

http:// Syrup/? 9gtype=search&9gkw=mapl e%20syrup% 20suppliers&9gad=6721878524.1& 9gag=842708624&gclid=C Oacvt_1qKkCFYLc4AodT XN7KQ

Cabot is owned by dairy farmers The population for Cabot, Vermont is 239.(is not exact average.) There is 60 calories in Cabot the total fat is 2.5 g. The cholesterol is 10.0 mg. Sodium is 220.0 mg. Protein 9.0 mg. Cabot creamery is a 1,200 farm family dairy corporative with members in New England. Some schools even do fundraisers for Cabot!!!

MORE INFO YOU MIGHT NEED! You might know that Ben and Jerry’s made there first ice-cream place in a renovated gas satiation. But do you know that you can know more then I said here!!! Just go to http:// company/history/

Here are some links that you might want to visit!!! Some are very weird……. http:// fun/halloween/?fg=1 or my favorite…… flavors/our-flavors/

K is for Madeline Kunin

Madeleine Kunin was the first lady governor. She was born in Madeleine is Pittsfield in Sepgraceful and tember 1933 and loved to people became goverand she loved nor in 1984. She school but she was a successful loved being a governor and governor most. successful in Another thing is school she got she had to go straight A in it. through 2 trials Madeleine was a before she bevery beautiful came governor. lady and she

was a very good citizen in Vermont she helped the people when they are down.

Madeleine was a suc- Madeleine is a very good cessful as a govercitizen of Vermont she nor .She was very loved to be governor. smart, she got straight A in school.

Madeleine was born in 1933 in September.

Madeleine kunin Had to go through 2 trials before she became governor in 1982.

L is for Lake Champlain Lake Champlain

Lake Champlain is the 6th largest body of fresh water in the United States. Only the Great Lakes are larger. It is only 1/14th the size of the smallest Great Lake, Ontario. Compared to the Great Lakes, it is tiny It has a rich natural and historical past. It plays a vital role in the quality of life of the people who live on or near its shores or who come to visit. Its future depends on our influence of this incredible resource. Lake Champlain has been around for many years and if we take good care of it, will remain for many years more. The lake is of much importance to our survival. We must take care of it.

Here are some facts about Lake Champlain: ·

Lake Champlain is 120 miles long and 12 miles wide at its widest point.


It has over 70 islands and 600 miles of shoreline.


16 species of birds found in the Champlain Basin are listed as endangered species.


Lake Champlain’s deepest point is 400 feet deep. The average depth is 64 feet. · Lake Champlain is home to the oldest known fossil reef in the world.

Here are some facts 2.5 Ecology about Lake Champlain and Vermont currently: 2.6 Railroad 1 Geology

3 Natural history

1.2 Coral reef

4.1.3 Ferry

2 History


81 species of fish, 318 species of birds, 56 species of mammals, 21 species of amphibians and 20 species of reptiles drink from the lake. Lake Champlain is a beautiful lake. I hope this information helps you know more about Lake Champlain. Help take care of it.

Morgan Horse are the state animal for Vermont. Was the Morgan Horse named after Justin Morgan last name? Yes, The Morgan horses was named after Justin Morgan’s last name. The Morgan horse was name in 1961 after Justin Morgan. Justin Morgan was the first person to have a Morgan horse in 1789.

By Jameson Roach

Fast Facts Morgan Horse are named after Justin Morgan Morgan Horse has a expressive face, large eyes and well arched neck The most common More information If color is bay, black Website http:// and chestnut www.showcasesta Less common the_morgan_horse color is gray, palo- .htm

mino, cremello, perlino dun buck-

Website http:// www.horsefactsan morgan.html

How The Morgan Horse became the State Animal? The Morgan horse became a state animal in 1961. The first Morgan horse that was born was in 1789 belonged to Justin Morgan. The Morgan horse is famous for it strength, and it beauty and for it hard work they do. The Morgan horses is one the popular breeds in Vermont . How Much does a Morgan horse need to eat and drink water each day? A average of a Morgan horse needs is 20 to 25 pounds of food a day. Morgan horse is a herbivore and they eat grass and other plants. If the horse is on a diet it eats hay. The treats the Morgan horse like is apples and carrots . A Morgan horse needs up to 12 gallons of water.

fast facts:

New York and New Hampshire both claimed the land in between them Each state governor stated selling parts from that land to different people

N is for New Hampshire Grants News letter

New hamphire


But they were both selling the same land At that time the king was king George the 2nd of England They did lots of wars and fought over the land They both thought that the land was theirs King George the 2nd never decided who’s land it was King George let people die and fight for the land Then the green mountain brothers came and turned that land into Vermont

New Hampshire Grants map

What is the New Hampshire Grants?

New Hampshire Claimed the land between them and New York. So they started selling that land and called it The New Hampshire grants. Then the New Yorkers started selling that same land

cause they thought that it was their land to. Then all the sudden they started fighting over it. So they went to the king to find out who's land it was . But the king never decided and let them keep fighting over it.

O is for Onion River Onion River The Onion River, 90 miles long, rises in northeast Vermont and flows southwest, then northwest, across the state, passing Montpelier and Waterbury and entering Lake Champlain near Burlington and Winooski.

Fun Facts: ·

The Onion River is also known as the “Winooski River.”


Otter Creek was known to the French as "La Rivière aux Loutres", whence the English name.

most significant, forming a major valley way from Lake Champlain through the Green Mountains towards (although not connecting in drainage) the Connecticut River valley.

County north of Montpelier, then flows southwest to Montpelier, passing through the city along the south side of downtown and the Vermont State House. From Montpelier, it flows northThe river drains an west into Chittenden area of the northern County through Although the Onion Green Mountains be- Richmond, passing tween Montpelier north of the city of River is not Verand Burlington. It Burlington. mont's longest river, rises in Washington it is one of Vermont’s

Otter Creek Otter Creek is one of the major streams located in the state of Vermont. Roughly 112 miles in length, it is the primary stream running through Rutland and Addison County. It is one of the largest streams in Vermont. Otter Creek runs northward passing through the townships of Danby, Wal-

lingford, Clarendon, Rutland, Pittsford, Brandon, in Rutland County. It passes through Middlebury, Weybridge and Vergennes. Otter Creek got its name from the many otters found there. Otter Creek is also a very important rivulet to Vermont. Should Otter Creek

disappear or dry up,

or perhaps not be taken care of, Rutland, Addison

County, Danby, Wallingford, Clarendon, Pittsford, Brandon, Middlebury, Weybridge and Vergennes would be in need. Otter Creek is very important to the state of Vermont.

The Two Presidents born vermont Chester Alan Arthur

Chester Alan Arthur was the fi rst president born in Vermont.

Calvin Coolidge

Chester Alan Arthur was the 21st (1829-1886) president. He was the first president born in Vermont. Chester Alan Arthur family life is he had a wife that died in 1880 he had a son Chester Alan Arthur Jr. became a gentleman playboy he had a daughter Ellen “Nell” Herndon Arthur 10 years old. Before Chester Alan Arthur was in the Civil War. Chester Alan Arthur and Calvin Coolidge

● President Calvin Coolidge smoked Cigars on the porch on the rocking chair ● They both had a son that was a Jr. that died ● They both had impor-

tation job’s before Calvin Coolidge was the 28th they were president’s (1872-1930) president. He was the Chester A Arthur was in the Civil War And second president born in Vermont Calvin Coolidge was a first he was a vice president then lawyer became president death of Warren G Harding. Calvin Coolidge had a wife grace his youngest son Calvin Coolidge Jr. died at the age sixteen with a infected toe witch had a blister while playing tennis his oldest son went to citizen’s camp when Coolidge became president. Calvin Coolidge was a lawyer before president.

Quietly Capturing Fort Ticonderoga FT. Ticonderoga Was held by the British and the Americans were fighting for freedom from the British. Fort Ticonderoga was across Lake Champlain from Vermont, where the Green Mountain Boys where. The Green Mountain Boys joined the revolutionary . On May 10, 1775, a hundred of the Green Mountain Boys of the command of their leader, Ethan Allen, and Benedict Arnold of Massachusetts, crossed Lake Champlain in the morning, and surprised and captured the sleeping British garrison at Fort Ticonderoga. As the first victory of the Revolutionary War, the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga served as a morale booster and provided key. And that’s how The green mountain boys won and captured ft Ticonderoga. Did You Know

That Ethan Allen Caught FT. Ticonderoga while they were still in there Pajamas.

R is for Revolutionary War Newsletter Date

6-4-11 to as long as you want it to last. Special points of interest: · The would wear very interesting clothes like,

Colchester School District Revolutionary War

By: Dasha Serdyuk :)

In the Revolutionary War the United States was fight for their freedom Answers to Trivia from England. We made Challenge! the declaration of independence and went to 1 Benedict Arwar. Back then Ver17781. nold 1778 mont wasn’t even a col- F The United States and France sign the French Alliance F e ony! Many Vermonters be still decided to help in . b 2.Brattelboro the war even though we . 6 weren’t colonies. We 6 3.Calvin Coowanted freedom. One lidge night Ethan Allen deTrue or False Fair or cided to capture fort TiSquare? conderoga he took them in mighty surprise!.The Think your so good at Here are just some of Revolutionary War just the Revolutionary War the places battles happened between the then fasten your seat belt started. Kingdom of Great Britain & get ready for a against the 13 British Trivia Challenge! Colonies. The war ended in 1783 and the colonies won and we be1. Who helped Ethan came the United States Allen capture Fort Ticonderoga? of America. George Washington, Benedict Arnold or Wow who new!? Snowflake Bentley. Only captains 2.What was the first would use this U.S postage stamp made fine armor to of? fight. Others Ink, Powder or Brattlewould use canboro. nons or guns, daggers. What would you choose? Which 3.What president made one do you find most frightening? Which do the first radio address you find least frightening? It was very rough from the White house? back then you may risk your life if you do Calvin Coolidge, Obama that! or Abe Lincoln?


S is for Samuel D. Champlain

SaMUAL DE CHAMPLAIN TIMELINE Samuel de Champlain was


He served in the army


He started to sail with his uncle 1598 Sails 21/2 years back with


His first voyage to France


He made a map of Boston bay


He discovered lake Champlain 1609

Did you know I am in the same family as Samuel De Champlain!

DID YOU KNOW Samuel de Champlain was 42 when he discovered lake Champlain?

About Samuel De Champlain In 1567 Samuel De Champlain was born. When he was 28 he served in the army for 3 years. In 1598 he started to sail with his uncle. When he was 32 he sailed for 2 and a half years and came back with treasure! In 1603 he had his first voyage to France. When he was 36 he went to Boston and mapped Boston bay. In 1609 he discovered a lake that nobody knew.

This picture is a map of Boston bay made by Samuel De Champlain in 1605. It was his first map he made. This is an important map because it was the first map of

Samuel De Champlain

His First Map


THE TEDDY BEAR FACTORY The teddy bear factory makes hand made teddy bears . They can teach people how to make one. If you lose one they'll give you a free one. But no to are alike.

Vermont Marble Exhibit

The Vermont marble exhibit has the most marble in the world. It has grate history. They have been collecting marble from the past.

The Ticonderoga is at the Shelburne Museum

Shelburne Museum

Rock of Ages

The Shelburne museum has 30 different buildings. It has New England toys and art. It also has an old light house that you can explore. There is also a boat and a train to.

Granite Quarry You can watch the granite being smoothed. Its one of the biggest spots you can fined granite.

U is for Underwater Shipwrecks There has been quite a few shipwrecks in Vermont. Some of the crashes have been very serious where everyone died some were more lucky and were hardly serious at all so no one or almost no one died. There are some famous shipwrecks like the Champlain 2. I hope you enjoy these little stories about shipwrecks in Vermont!

Champlain 2: On July 16 1875, the Champlain 2 headed north out of Westport soon after there was a horrible crash and it was soon evident to everyone that the enormous steamer had run aground!

O.J Walker The O.J Walkers last voyage was on May 11 in 1895! When a very severe storm caught the crew members off guard. The storm caused flooding in the boat. Soon the passengers were off in the little boats and then the boat tipped spilling all of the cargo into the water. Witch caused it to spoil!

By Emily Shimek

Coal Barge The Coal Barge was believed to have sunk on October 17 in 1884, When a number of Canal boats broke loose from the steam tug that was pulling them..

V for Vermont

Vermont History The battle of Bennington was one of the biggest battle in Vermont. The first election that women could vote was in 1880.Vermont has 14 counties and became a state in 1771.Vermont was claimed by the French in the early period. Other colonies try to claim Vermont as there but the green mountain boys and the other militia fought them off.

Vermont wildlife Venomous snake in Vermont The eastern timber rattle snake is the only. Vermonters have a strong tradition of enjoying and caring for wildlife. Vermont state bird is the Hermit

Fun Fact Did you know that the length and width of Vermont confined is 9,250 miles.

Colchester School District

W is for Wars

· Cool Fact: The French & Indian War is the common U.S. name for the war between Great Britain and France. · Cool Fact: The Revolutionary War is also called American War of Independence. · Cool Fact: A Civil War is a war between organized groups within the same republic.

Vermont’s Early Wars

French & Indian War

Revolutionary War

The British colonized the so-called New World. Just south of Vermont were the English colonies of Massachusetts, New York and New Hampshire. The English claims didn’t stop there, however. Eager for more land, they joined the Iroquois and set their sites on Vermont.

The Revolutionary War started in 1775 and ended in 1783. In May, 1775, Vermont captured Fort Ticonderoga from the British. Vermont was not a state during the Revolutionary War, but only a thought. Ethan Allen started the Green Mountain Boys to protect the The New

Vermont during the Civil War

The Civil War started in 1861, and ended 1865. The last shot that was fired was on June 22, 1865. About

35,000 soldiers from Vermont fought in the Civil War. After the war , people moved out of the

state to look for cheap labor.

J is for Ben and Jerry’s and other Vermont Goodies!

Important businesses:

Schooling in Colchester

The Mazza Family

The Mazza family is a famous Colchester Middle school family of Colchester. The is the only middle school Mazza`s own a Dick Mazza`s, Paul Mazza`s and Sam in Colchester. This Green mountain school teaches grades 6- Mazza`s, all general stores! power. There are many activities to 8. FCC phone tower and Colchester High School participate in: The strawberry festival, the corn maze, spooky other phone towers in teaches grades 9-12. forest, pumpkin patch and lots Colchester. And is a great school! of other things too! All doctors and nurses Malletts `Bay school is are very important to the second school kids The map below shows places Colchester`s commu- go to in Colchester. They that have been mentioned in this article. teach grades 3-5.


Peoples United bank in the Shaw's super market is also important to the financial reasons in Colchester. The pharmacy in Shaw`s is where many people get their medications.

The Colchester Lighthouse The Colchester Lighthouse was important to Colchester in earlier day`s. It was built in 1871. This Lighthouse as many others was built to warn sailors. Lumber Trade was common and this seemed to affect the amount of ship traffic. This Lighthouse was surprisingly large and had4 bedrooms, one living room, a kitchen and a toilet. One lady had a baby born on a island. Sideways shows what the lighthouse used to look like and what it looks like now at Shelburne museaum.

Places To visit: Bayside Park Colchester pond Airport park Lake Champlain Friendly`s All Mazza stores Fun Fact: Colchester has over 17,000 residents. This is a lot for Chittenden County!

Y is for Yorkers

The Yorkers The Yorkers were people from New, York who were selling from the land that New, Hampshire had already bought. When the king said that the Yorkers had to leave New, Hampshire alone they, got mad and declared war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the war The Yorkers started putting rent on people who lived there while the war was going on . Later the Grants called Ethan Allen and the Green mountain boys to protect them from the Yorkers.(The green mountain boys are Ethan Allen, his brother Ira Allen, and about 200 other people. They were called the Green mountain boys. In the end neither the grants or the Yorkers got the land but it became its own state.

The picture above shows Samuel Adams who had to hang from a chair because he was insulting the grants

By kendall and miranda June 9, 2011

Z is for Zerah Colburn Zerah Colburns Life Zerah Colburn was specializing in Locomotive Design. Then became a technical journalist. And a publish. Without going to school, Zerah was a teenage prodigy. Zerah Colburn was born September 1, 1804. Five brothers and 3 sisters. He makes riddles into math.

People thought he was retarded until he turned 7. Then he grew up and wrote a book called Memoirs of Zerah Colburn, in 1853 he was recruited to join the American Railroad Journal. Then a girl named Alexander Holley. And In 1860, Zerah and Alex travelled to America together.

Vermont ABC Book  

We shared our new learning about Vermont in a picture book. We hope you like it.

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