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Sugar CRM has been around for many years and the way it has evolved is simply awesome. I have evaluated and studied many other CRM solutions and then came to the verdict, Sugar CRM is Awesome.

1.Customisable Inputs: Any new field or even module can be

created/modified by Admin, without help of Developer. Any field, any label, any dropdown can also be modified by Admin. This makes it very convenient to make Sugar CRM fit into any kind of business scenario, be it business, Association, Government, Hospital, Hospitality industry, you name it and Sugar can handle it. Capability of being able to adapt to any kind of business needs makes Sugar CRM awesome. 2.Customisable Reports: Any great report will require options to filter,

sort, group, summarise and arrange information. Its surprisingly easy in Sugar CRM to create reports from one or more modules. Now since even SQL queries option is available in new version, that makes it Super Versatile. Not to mention rich graphics reports possible. Easy Dashboard reporting gives you real picture in Realtime. Also any report can be scheduled for Email to concerned person. Such varied options of reporting makes Sugar CRM awesome. 3.Workflows and Alerts: For any business to automate, implement and

impose proper processes, This is a great help. ex: Automatic Escalation of Support cases, Automatic alert of Stale Accounts, or sending alerts and notifications to Team members or Customers, alerts on over due


opportunities. Workflows can be created based on change in any field value or time lapse both. This is my favourite feature and biggest reason to consider Sugar CRM as awesome. 4.Security: With the combinations of Roles and Teams almost anything

can be achieved. You can decide who will see What, when and how much of it. Access Control level can be defined on Module Level, Record Level & even field level. Read/write, Read or no access - you can define all kinds of access for any users. Making records visible to multiple team members based on their roles and business process is awesome capability. One more reason for awesomeness of Sugar CRM. 5.Integration Capabilities:Sugar can integrate with virtually anything

in the world. It may be telephony, SMS, website, portals, marketing automation tools, ERP solutions. With SOAP & restful APIs available for Sugar, it becomes very standard and efficient way to doing the work. Integration capabilities increases the awesomeness exponentially. 6.Mobile App: one of the most neatly designed UX and performance in

Mobile platform. You have to use it to believe it. In last couple of years it has evolved massively. Ability to get information and input details on the move, makes it even more awesomely popular amongst the Sales Team members who are on the move all the time. 7.Deployment flexibility. On Premise & On cloud: Sugar is not a

SAAS solution. Rather, its a cloud based solution, which can be used from any device. Sugar is deployed on per instance basis, All the customers are using their own copy of CRM software (which has option of upgrading on the wire). They are not using a single copy of SAAS software as in case of or Zoho CRM.This makes it ultimately flexible and customisable.

SugarCRM Development -tecHindustan  

SuagarCRM Developments by our team are easily customizable and fits in the pockets easily. tecHindustan cover a vast spectrum of technologie...

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