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Learning Android Development


 Do you want to learn android development? But you don’t know how to get started?

ď‚– We help you start your journey into Android and development.

ď‚– Scroll to learn about how to learn Android development.

Learn Java

 You can’t learn android without knowing. Learning android without knowing java is like driving a car without petrol.  You can get started with java tutorials here  Android Tutorial Java-Java Review Intro(Part-1)

 Android Online Class 1 - Create Basic java and Android application, Hello w

 Android development tutorials  Once you are done with Java basics, you can get going with android development tutorials.  Here’s a link where you can find some useful android tutorials for beginners  Android Tutorials for Beginners Activity Component

 Video Tutorials  Next thing you can do is search for good video tutorials so that you can have some clear picture and hands-on learning.  You can go through the following links:  Edureka’s Free class on Android Development  Learn Android Development online

ď‚– Start Building Application ď‚™ Once you are strong in theoretical knowledge, you should get some practical knowledge. For that all you have to do is start building an application.

 Even though the above said points can help you to learn android development, you can’t get hold of it until you get Android Development Training from reputed training centers. So it is advisable for anyone to make the most of it through android development training.

ď‚– So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself trained and pick up the best jobs.

Ways to learn android development  

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