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Why ApAche cAssAndrA is so populAr?

With the rise of NoSQL databases, many organizations switching to NoSQL from traditional databases

Though there are many NoSQL databases are out there, Cassandra is very popular today

Let’s look at some of the Cassandra advantages that forces major companies to switch to Cassandra

As Cassandra is open-source project, it is available for FREE

Unlike traditional databases, Cassandra follows Peer-toPeer architecture.

So, there is no single point of failure

Cassandra is elastic scalability

Cassandra is Schema free database in its column family

Cassandra gives brilliant performance even under large sets of data.

Cassandra is highly available and fault-tolerant

Above are some of the key features that makes Cassandra a ideal solution for big data

So join Cassandra training today and grab a better job in this growing industry

What makes Apache Cassandra Popular  

In this presentation we have highlighted some of the key advantages of Apache Cassandra that makes it popular among companies around the wor...

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