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Old School Producer Endorses DUBturbo Dateline San Francisco, August 22, 2010 Music recording studio owner and producer Roger Tschann of Grizzly Studios in Northern California gives new sequencer software DUBturbo his thumbs up from behind the glass of his recording booth. DUBturbo is a musical software program that allows artists to compose music by layering different instrument sounds and beat segments together. This class of software is commonly referred to as sequencers or DAW (digital audio workstation) applications. Most products in DUBturbo’s price range are known as “beat-makers” and are limited to drum beat composition. DUBturbo is much more than the typical beat making software, what makes it unique is its full composition feature set and massive library of samples. Although Roger has been recording music for two decades, he’s no stranger to new advancements in studio and music technology, which helped propel his own career in the early nineties. As an early adopter of cutting edge digital recording technology, he was able to compete with bigger studios using older and much more expensive analog equipment. Roger’s sound quality was better and cheaper to produce thanks to developments in digital equipment. According to Roger, “Technology has tremendous influence in the music industry; in my case it was digital recording, but look at how the Internet and the iPod have redefined basically everything about the business. I probably would not be producing music all these years if the technology wasn’t available to me when I started out. I guess the timing worked out just right for me.” DUBturbo may not revolutionize the music industry, but it may shine the spotlight on those with hidden talent who, like Roger, would not get a shot at their musical dreams without access to the right tools. “What’s amazing to me is the price of this thing, nothing this powerful comes close at that price.” says Roger. When asked if the low price point was good or bad for the music industry, would we see a flood of poorly produced music enter the market, he responded, “It’s not a bad thing at all. Listeners will vote with their ears for what’s good or bad. Poor quality stuff will fade away quickly, while the music people want to hear will go viral. That’s how it is on the net these days.” DUBturbo looks to put the ability to compose music into more hands. The hands of those with creative potential that may not have access to high priced equipment, or lack the time needed to master current professional tools. It is available for purchase by download only; you’ll find a link on Roger’s full review page on his MIDI sequencer website, under Sequencer Software.

Old School Producer Endorses DUBturbo  

Press release for new beat and music making software program "DUBturbo".

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