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Weber 2004 Model 5320001 Summit Silver B Natural Gas Grill

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By combining the convenient features of their Genesis series grills with the sleekness of durable stainless steel, Weber has created "the most refined gas grill ever built." The Summit Silver B stands 61 inches tall, 60 inches wide, and 30 inches deep and features an input of 44,000 Btu's per hour. A brand-new burner system was designed for the Summit series: burner controls are on the front of the grill, which allows room for four burners, so all 504 square inches of the primary cooking area heat evenly and thoroughly. The Crossover Ignition System allows you to light all burners in succession with the push of one button. The Silver B's expanded total cooking surface of 700 square inches, including grates, warm-up basket, and warming rack, makes it easier to use various cooking styles: direct grilling for steaks and hamburgers or indirect heat for keeping grilled foods warm, toasting bread, or cooking delicate foods like fish and vegetables. The Silver B also features a handy side burner with 12,000 Btu input that makes cooking side dishes as you grill simple and convenient. The Summit Silver B also boasts restaurant-grade enhancements, such as a commercial-grade front-mounted thermometer and two stainless steel cooking grates that are robot-welded for incredible strength. The hood, made of lustrous stainless steel, will never rust, peel, or fade, and its brushed stainless-steel handle stays as cool as it looks. Patented Flavorizer bars, made from heavy-gauge stainless steel, eliminate flare-ups and impart a rich flavor by turning meat juice into smoke. With the 12-foot quick-disconnect hose, connecting your natural gas supply is, literally, a snap. There are even spiderproof screens specially created to eliminate the frustrating problem of burner tubes clogged by cobwebs--Weber really did think of everything. Redesigned for the Summit, Weber's sturdy cart gives you even more strength and space with two swing-up work surfaces. When you've finished cooking a delectable dinner, you can store all your tools and gear in the enclosed storage area equipped with stainless-steel doors and side panels, then roll the grill away on its crackproof, all-weather wheels. Setting up your new grill for the first time is a snap, too: thanks to Weber's StopWatch Engineering, all it takes is 40 minutes to unpack and assemble and--presto!--your grill is ready to go. Made in the USA. --Rhonda Langdon


Weber 2004 Model 5320001 Summit Silver B Natural Gas Grill  

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