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Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press with Digital Readout

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Combining the power of a large model with the compact design of a portable, space-saving tool, the Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press with Digital Readout is the ideal choice for use in your home shop or on-the-go. The JDP-12 features a robust 1/3 HP induction motor, spindle travel at over 3-1/8 inch for maximum depth cutting, and an innovative X-shaped XACTA laser to ensure drilling accuracy..caption {font-family: Verdana, Helvetica neue, Arial, serif;font-size: 10px;font-weight: bold;font-style: italic;}ul.indent {list-style: inside disc;text-indent: 20px;}table.callout {font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, serif;margin: 10px;width: 250;}td.callout3-c26 {height: 100 percent;background: url('') repeat-y;border-left: 0px solid #999999;border-right: 1px solid #999999;padding: 10px;width: 250px;}ul.callout {list-style: inside disc;text-indent: -12px;font-size: 12px;line-height: 1.5em;}h5.callout {text-align: center;}img.withlink {border:1px black solid;}a.nodecoration {text-decoration: none}The JET JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press offers:The XACTA laser system for precise drillingA heavy-duty 1/3 HP induction motor for dependabilityDigital readout and LED worklight for convenience Oversized, ergonomic knobs for improved control The LEDworklight is positioned so that it does not glare in the operator's eyes. The JDP-12 is a compact yet powerful drill press. View larger. The XACTA laser system acts as a guide while you drill. A digital display helps you maintain quality.Compact Benchtop Design for Easy Portability


If you crave the power of a big floor model but have little storage space, the JDP-12 is for you. This drill press features a compact benchtop design that won't clutter up your shop and can be easily transported to different locations.The 11.5 x 16.5-inch cast iron base also fits neatly on work benches with limited space, giving you more flexibility while on a job site. At the same time, the stable base design allows for easy re-positioning on the work bench.1/3 HP Motor and Variable Speed Drive System for Versatility Powered by a heavy-duty 1/3 HP induction motor, the JDP-12 can tackle various drilling applications. It also boasts a mechanical variable speed drive system for fast and easy speed changes and an industrial 5/8-inch drill chuck for flexibility and versatility.XACTA Laser System and Linear Scale for Accuracy The JDP-12 comes equipped with the innovative XACTA laser system, which works by using an easy-to-see X-shaped laser to guide you as you drill, thereby ensuring accurate results. For improved consistency, there's also a clear linear scale with depth stop.Oversized Ergonomic Knobs For safe, secure operation, the JDP-12 gives you easy access to the controls you need while working. In fact, the oversized, ergonomic knobs are extremely user friendly, helping you avoid errors caused by a slippery grip and preventing you from wasting time hunting for hard-to-see buttons or switches. Instead, these easy-to-see, stable knobs provide you with maximum control at every stage in your job.Digital Readout and LED Work Light for Precision With the help of several advanced features, the JDP-12 simplifies the drilling process for better quality results. First, a digital readout displays the spindle speed for various drilling applications. There's also a built-in LED work light to increase visibility--especially important for intricate applications or while working in dim conditions.Retractable Roller Extension and Paddle Switch for Stability and Safety The retractable roller extension provides support and quick work piece adjustment to help ensure your workspace is always stable and secure. At the same time, a large paddle switch provides easy shut off and lockout protection to help prevent accidents or errors.The JDP-12 is backed by a three-year warranty.About JET: A History of Sharing New, Feature-Rich Products Opened in 1958 after the founder of the company, Leslie P. Sussman, took the first Boeing Jet Airplane trip from Seattle, Washington to Japan, JET began as a small dealer that sold air hoists and trolleys out of a single hardware store in Seattle. Over the years, JET has carried everything from snowmobiles, transmitter radios, and forklifts to nylon stockings, but by the early 1970s, metalworking had become the base of their business line. And by the 1980s, JET had expanded into the realm of woodworking. Today, you'll find that JET offers a wide range of popular woodworking tools that are backed with best-in-class features and excellent service.What's in the Box JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press


Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press with Digital Readout  

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