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Hitachi C10RA3 15 amp 10-inch Benchtop Table Saw with Stand

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Hitachi’s third-generation 10-inch jobsite table saw replaces their old C10RA2 model, and the changes made a great saw better. After about a half-hour of assembly, you’ll notice first that there’s now more room to rip: The telescoping table extension gives you 24-1/2 inches of ripping capacity to the right and 10 inches to the left. And we can’t figure out how they made it lighter, but they did, and without sacrificing power. It draws 15 amps and produces a whopping 5,000 rpm, enough to slice through anything you feed it. It runs beautifully with virtually no vibration; it’s direct drive, of course. Since you’re shopping for a jobsite saw, you know you’re not going to get a Biesemeyer-quality fence, but we have to say we really like the one on this machine. It’s sturdy, self-aligning, moves super smoothly along its rails and locks down easily and very securely with a beefy handle. Hitachi also gets points from us for predrilling holes for any auxiliary fence you might want to use. The blade height wheel is on the front, and the bevel handwheel is on the right-hand side. The scale and pointer, though, are up front, along with the bevel lock. Both wheels operate smoothly and without hiccups. Be aware, though, that when you tilt the blade to 45 degrees and you’re using the miter gauge, the gauge’s handle will bump into the blade guard. It doesn’t cause a problem, but users should just be forewarned. We like the self-aligning metal rip fence for its stability, the quick-lock feature and how cleanly it slides. Should you need to realign, the process is fast and simple. The miter gauge is rock-solid and runs without play in the slots, and both pieces store neatly on the saw base along with the wrench, push-stick, power cord, dado insert and blade for transport and keeps them in easy


reach for use. The stand is sturdy and we like the leveling foot on one leg to compensate for rugged ground at the jobsite or an uneven shop floor. To keep mess to a minimum, hook up your shop vacuum to the 2-1/2-inch port on the rear of the saw base. We think this is a great saw at a great price, and both the professional and the exacting do-it-yourselfer will be really pleased with it.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste Product Description Hitachi's C10RA3 10-inch Table Saw offer the complete package of power and portability. This saw features a powerful 15-amp motor with 5,000 rpm and enough power to rip through the toughest applications. The fence system is self aligning and the telescoping table extension gives 24-1/2 inches of ripping capacity. This saw also comes with a 10-inch, 36-tooth carbide blade and a dust port. The front mounted blade height and side mounted blade tilt adjustments are user friendly and the base has on board storage for the rip fence, miter gauge, wrench, power cord and blade storage. This saw comes with a sturdy folding stand for easy storage and portability. Technical Details Blade Size: 10 inches Full-Load Current: 15 amps No-Load Speed, 5,000 rpm Capacity: Table Size, 30-3/4 inches by 19-1/2 inches Rip Capacity Right, 24-1/2 inches Max Cut Depth at 90 degrees, 3 inches Max Cut Depth at 45 degrees, 2-1/2 inches Max Width of Dado, 1/2 inches Tool Weight: 58.3 pounds


Hitachi C10RA3 15 amp 10-inch Benchtop Table Saw with Stand  

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