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Communication Strategy Creative IACT

Hakim Albasrawy Ideas Man

Those that cannot follow are doomed to lead.

Ideas. Opportunity. Risk.

Website Database Illustrator UTP Aziezie Sidek The how guy

You have to wait 2-3days to collect your binding We think we can do much better

There are binding shops and there are printing shops A comprehensive solution must be had

Malaysian IHL’s 150k-250k intake /year Growth rate of 16.9% Annually


Graduates between 2010-2012

According to 9MP

Where we come in Providing : - Print - Photocopy - Bind - Hassle free transaction

Web Interface User Customization (Flash)

Content Upload Platform Order Management System

+ Database (MySQL) + Customer, Vendor, Logistics + Tracking Widgets

Strength in numbers

Worth very little alone

Many hands make work light : hakimalbasrawy