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Front Cover Art by Tarjanea 7th Grade

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Errol Prince


Bianca Shaquira



HOPE AND WHAT IT MEANS TO ME by ANONYMOUS Throughout my life, hope has played a huge role in my life. When I was 8, my sisters and I were sent to Florida with our grandmother so our mom could get two jobs (for extra money). At the time, hope wasn’t something that I really thought of as a necessity; it was just a feeling or word that I used occasionally. We were only supposed to stay there for the summer. August came around, and I hoped everyday that my grandma would wake me up extra early to go catch a 6 o’clock flight. We still had no flight or travel plans to come back to Boston; we weren’t going back, and that wasn’t even the worst part. I was told my mom got hit by a car, and probably wouldn’t survive. Being less than a decade old, I didn’t feel anything at the time. After being told this news, I promptly asked when we’d be going back. However, after the severity of the situation was explained to me, I cried. All my hope drained out of me, tear by tear. I was enrolled in the 3rd grade, at the Oneco Elementary in Bradenton, Florida. This is where I regained my hope, thanks to my

homeroom teacher, Ms. Tackett. She convinced me that my mom would be fine, and she was. She didn’t have to have her leg amputated and recovered, and eventually regained the ability to walk. After this experience, hope is what takes the form of any person, place or thing, and lifts you up when you’re down. It isn’t always visible, and you maybe lose hope in the idea of hope, but it’s always there, holding your hand when no one else will.

Another time where hope affected me was when I was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. This was a time when hope was non-existent. I was in 6th grade, and was called to the nurse. The school noticed I had no medical records on file, and was going to do a physical. Everything went well; until she checked my blood pressure. She had me hold the dial while she pumped air into the cuff. We both noticed immediately that my hand was shaking. She asked if I was nervous, and I said no; there was no reason to be; I was fine. However, after seeing the grim look on her face, I knew I wasn’t fine. She told me my blood pressure was 150/90, which is way too high for a human; I was at risk for a heart attack, at 11 years old. I was sent home, but by then my health was deteriorating. I was vomiting bright yellow bile, and had to be taken to a hospital by ambulance. They tested on me for hours, and found nothing until they pricked my finger and checked my blood. This was when they told me that both of my kidneys were scarred beyond repair; it was happening for more than 3 months now, and no one noticed because kidneys show no symptoms when they’re failing until it’s too late. At this point there was no such thing as hope. It disappeared once I was told my blood pressure was as high as a horse’s.

Following my diagnosis, I went into surgery to get a catheter put in my stomach. This catheter would connect to a peritoneal dialysis machine, and act as an artificial kidney by cleaning all waste or harmful materials out of my system. Although there were several flaws in the plan (such as the twelve hours a day it takes to finish), it was an alternative to death. This caused me to regain some of my hope, because I would live, but not all of it because my life had to completely flip in order to do so.


poems by Dean

9th grade

A Sum mer Breeze

Hope is many things to me, my ears with a melodious ses kis t tha y on rm ha est eet sw It sounds like the tune. nces on the tongue listening to the da t tha y ne ho st she fre the e lik It tastes song of your taste buds. my heart in times of need. ms cal t tha ch tou rs the mo t tes It feels like the sof its scent into the sky and ses tos t tha e ros d ine sta n mo na It smells like a cin permeates the air. t decorates the sky with a joyous tha m sso blo e’s tre y err ch a e lik It looks color. er breeze. However hope isn’t always a summ t of the sky; it sees me lying ou me lls pu t tha or ch an y av he t It can also be tha there and leaves me to die. u that kills you slowly each time yo at; me d nte tai l fou old t tha be o It can als go to sleep. t haunts me till I let it go. It can also be that old rusty car tha taste buds each time it spills. my ns rui t tha lk mi ten rot old t It can also be tha ears with dimming sobs. my s rce pie t tha g son sad ry ve t It can also be tha


I love you but I really hate you You are a burden to my soul You take me up just to drop me in a of pit despair Every time I get away from you You cry out temptation just to bring back into your lonely prison With death as the guard You play with me as if I’m a game You try to win by sucking me dry of righteousness When you get bored you throw me down so that you can play your newest game One day you will not have me inside your pile of entertainment At that time I will leave you and you can no longer torch my weak soul

When I was a


When I was a child I use to ask questions like What is a sky? and Why do people die? I use act like I didn’t know English When I only wanted to be distinguished


I use to think yes meant And no meant yes times two When really I needed to clue

I walk through the meadow of life All roses stand still just to gaze upon me They know where I go it is dark My lonely heart wanders into this desert Where I’ve lost my way The moon turns to blood as it frowns upon me I know I let them down I didn’t try to find my way or come back home Now I am shunned from my own quarters The truth even stops trust this titan of towering sorrows But then the sun smiles upon me and says everything can be forgiven The clouds start to go away and the darkness begins to fade That’s when I know nothing is unforgivable

When I was a child I use to think Play doe was donut doe for the cops When I was a child I was as light as a feather My mom would hold me tight in any weather I’m not a man yet But I still will be My childhood is slowly slipping away from me Cherish your childhood as I do mine For life doesn’t wait and neither does time

Art and photos by Kerry 11th Grade

Poem by


9th grade

Fly I have a dream so absurd To one day be free like a bird When I look at the sky All I want to do is fly. I want to open my wings And fly away Go on a Monday Come back on a Sunday. I just want to see What the world holds for me I just want to try To one day just fly.                            

Photography by Gabe 11th Grade

Portrait by Justina

7th Grade

Sculpture by Shanice

8th Grade

poems by


9th grade

The Scars

Concupiscent Comments

My Heart

Like a brittle eggshell

The emotional train wreck that manages

Or burst

To keep me breathing But how? How can something so powerful Be destroyed so easily? Just a handful of words Can make it crack

Boston Masquerade

Like an overinflated balloon Somehow it manages to forgive

Flood your mind They make you blind To true beauty.

And repair the many cracks.

So I hide

But no amount of sympathy,

Behind flamboyant disguises

Love, Or forgiveness, Can erase the scars.

To make you notice me. You point out my flaws As if you have none. Say I have problems To you, seeing tears is fun.

Shocked I sat alone Listening to the deafening sound That we call silence Appalled at the unfortunate series of events That just occurred Watching my sad-eyed reflection Stare back at me Allowing my senses to be engulfed By waves of pain Letting my vision drown In a blur of tears

Well no more of this No more Boston Masquerade No longer am I Afraid of you Don’t call me Ice, Baby or Boo. Because now, I really am a ghost to you.

At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone. That the only next step to do is to stop. Leave them alone. Walk away. It’s not that you are giving up. It’s not like you shouldn’t try, but there will be a time where you have to draw a line of determination. What is considered Yours, will always be Yours, and what is not Yours will never be yours no matter how hard you try.

Jeffrey 11th grade

I’m not the same guy, but I am cut from the same cloth. My morals and my standards are still the same. My actions and my locations might be a tad bit different, but my mindset and my heart are still the same. :) Self Portait by Jeffrey

Sculpture by Lekei

Sculpture by Kyla

8th Grade

Sculpture by Nayley

6th Grade

6th Grade

s t o ry ex c e r p t by


1 1 th grad e

Story 1 “What’s wrong with you daddy?” She asked, with tears falling from her eyes. ‘Baby, sit down there’s something I need to tell you.” He said patting the seat next to him. “What is it daddy?” she asked. “So baby, I went to the hospital . . . and they told me.” He said. “What is it?” She asked, getting mad. “They said I have cancer, baby,” He said starting to cry, “They said it’s pretty bad.” “Why does this keep happening to me?” She said, as she broke down. “That’s why everything has been so crazy lately. I didn’t want to tell you ‘cause I know you’re still hurting over you sister.” He said crying. “Daddy, I’m so sorry I treated you like this.” She said. “It’s not you fault baby, it’s me.” He said trying to comfort her. Lamar wasn’t about to tell his daughter he only had one year to live.

Digital Collage by Ashley


Portait by Ubriel

11th grade

I am Prince, a kid gifted with talent and wisdom My culture comes from hard work, and determination My biggest fear is not trying, and saying ‘’I Cant� I love when my family comes together and celebrate I am united as one, and for all I remember leaving mom dukes My dad was everything I had He became my brother, friend, cousin , and my guide I remember when I was just a little baby All I did was cry, playing wrestling was my favorite game I remember having that self confidence that never faded Now that im older its fading, Like one of my old jeans from 1st grade I let go of people who unbalanced my lifestyle Your judge by the company you keep I want people to remember my company as a positive influence I let go of old sneakers that are worned out My swag is turned up, sneaker game is on another level I have to plan my future ahead of time Must set a goal to look forward to life is to I let go of people who cannot hold on to me, for who I am

Photography by Gabe 11th grade


11th grade

I wonder how it could be utter joyous leaves All alone without a companion it grew there joyous leaves of dark green I broke off a twig, placing it in sight of my room Leaving the past behind, venturing as we go, The unknown ways, feeling beyond the seas, When I first saw you I closed my eyes, and the flashbacks start faintly glimmering, My wayward path declines soon but the future is shining steadily, I am rapt with love for you,

It seems like years since it’s been here, All the rest on us depend,

Transcendentalism and Poetry Works The following poems were part of a class assignment combining the works of Emerson, Throeau, and Whitman, with modern writing and song lyrics. Shairy Cardona, Traevon Green, Daphney Souffrant, and Robertha Jacques.

All alone stood, the moss hung down from the branches, It’s not needed to remind me of the love we lost, Today we are here, Tomorrow we will shine, All of the uttering joyous leaves, Is life without a friend or lover in sight.

designed by Alexandra 11 th Grade


Traevon 11th Grade

Robertha 11th Grade


11th Grade


1th Grade

The full-orbed moon with under changed ray Mounts up the eastern sky No doomed to these short night for aye But she shines not the less Leaving my eyes, which nature can’t repair In the woods too, a man casts off his years At the period of life Standing on the bare ground Under a clouded sky What have we done to the world? What about all the peace? What about flowering fields? What about the rain? What about all the dreams? What about the sunrise? What about the clouded sky? What about the animals? What about us? What about the future of each one of us?

poems by Dasia

9th grade

Letter to My Teacher This is a letter to my teacher. A strange, unusual, beautiful creature. So wise and majestic like the lioness you are. I remember those awkward moments You make me laugh so hard I almost pee. You taught me a little something, something about the birds and bees. When I go to college you will be a professor. I will not try to love you any lesser. You brought out the best in me. You helped me become the woman I wanted to be.


I’m a little princess

I know of a land of untold riches.

Awaiting my crown.

Where little boys and girls reside.

There is no such thing as a frown when you’re around. You’re a queen so fierce and vibrant. You’re so confident there is no need to hide it.

They live where all the dreams go, that have nearly died.

Thanks for being there when no one else was.

When I asked why they look so sad.

Thanks for showing me unconditional love.

They all said I don’t know. “For this is the land where all forgotten dreams go.” Photography by Gabe 11th grade

Photography by Jordan

11th grade

Portrait by Kervens

7th Grade

Collage by Destiny

7th Grade

Digital Art by Gabe

9th Grade

Digital Art by Isis

9th Grade

Scultpture by Dia

6th Grade

Abstract Painting by Cassie

6th Grade

poem by

Poem 1


12th grade

Athletic, Dedication, and crazy 54 The color of a turf field A memory of my grandmother that was always happy and joyful. Of my brother who is a pain in the neck with a spoiled ungrateful attitude but will still support him Mother Responsibility and Respect Having me pay for what I want to the dealt of what I need. My Grandmother To be Strong and have fun Her dancing at family parties having fun with our family to be memories for me Sports, Laughing and being myself Reggaeton Lasagna, Pastelitos, Pizza Rolls, Carna, yucca, fried platanos, and rice. Graduate College, be fearless, good career for my future kids and I. Jose Amaro Staying committed for what you want to do in life even when it’s challenging. Never stop chasing your dreams and goals.


Photo collage by Sandy

This poem reflects me as a teenager in Boston and the challenges I faced. Boston is not the perfect place but no city is. Living in the city doesn’t mean you have to follow the bad influences of an inner city kid that is judged by stereotypes. I can be whatever I want to be and need to work hard at it. People think that iving in Boston can be a disadvantage to my goals then other places, but that just pushes me to work even harder.

No fear of the Set

I don’t carry such fear of any kind In no mind do I hide terror that never declines I see a human as no nightmare but a weak being Never found a reason for trepidation of any person in my seeing

No fear of the Set Never felt timid or agitation, never will the chances be yet I don’t even fear a God, no Egyptian of the name Set Storms don’t intimidate, thunder holds escapade I laugh at fearing sounds that would make the weak escape No fear of the Set In storms I walk with no sight of abhorrence Thunder may strike but I laugh with ignorance What was thought up to scare a man in this form? I fear no man, and not even the God of thunder storms No fear of the Set photo collage by Hakim 11th grade

written by


11th grade

photo collage by Pete 11th grade

No words can express the way we feel. The lives and faiths that went through the ordeal Lives were lost and dreams were shattered. Crossing the finish line didn’t seem to matter. The world stood still when those bombs exploded. Cities and communities soon became devoted. When the smoke clears and spirits are dry. The love and respect we have for Boston will never die. So lets keep our hearts open and our heads held high. For all the angels we lost to the heaven sky.

photo collage by Rachel 10th grade

Sculpture by Kamaree

8th Grade

Sculpture by Sachi

6th Grade

11th Grade Drawings by

Photocollage by Dasia 9th grade

Photography by Cheyenne

11th grade

poems by


11th grade

Poem 1 I am your shadow. You move to your left,

Poem 2 I can read every inch on your face. Every line on your hand. Your expressions tell me stories. So I see the truth. Exactly why I read people, instead of books,

You move to your right

is because I’m good at it.

And you cannot find me because

Body language, face expressions, impressions

I am your shadow.

of another person is what I pay attention to, an obvious detail that shows itself but something

You tell people about me Yet you cannot find me

that isn’t noticeable all of the time. The perspective I have on a lot of things in the world is different from yours, from theirs, from everybody’s!

You know me You see me, You find me

But, because I was always a hard thinker. Meaning I don’t think like other people do, sometimes I take my time and other times

You fear me,

I think fast and act on it even.

Yet you cannot find me.

I have lots to say but can’t it all at once

Not because I’m invisible but because

but so much thought come to the heart.

I am your shadow.

And mind.

Photography by Gabe

11th grade

Back Cover Art by Tony 7th Grade

9 Peacevale Road Dorchester, MA 02124

(617) 635-1615

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