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Is Sage ACT! Software Best Option For Me? The best Business Strategies was so much excited about the release of Sage ACT, and they've shared information about the important and some of the main new feature additions with you. In efforts to provide ACT users what they want, Sage ACT has made four main additions to their latest version of Sage ACT such as Scratchpad, Universal Search, Integration with Google, and Sage ACT Connect.

Sage ACT Scratchpad - It is a virtual notepad which is much like a task list where you can capture your impromptu notes, reminders, and phone numbers. So now you can send your items to Sage ACT and assign them to the contacts as activities, recorded history, or notes. This feature comes in handy when you get a call from a client while you are working in another lie t’s re ord, the you a ope your s rat hpad ithout ha i g to go a ay fro hat you are doing to make your notes, and send it to your ACT.

Eliminate all of the sticky notes that cluttered your desk and be time efficient taking notes onthe-fly.

The Google with ACT - The seamless integration has Best Business Strategies as we use Gmail as our primary and main source of email. Now our emails sync with Sage ACT and they get re orded i our o ta t’s history ta . This is a great addition for the massive users of the Google Apps such as Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Contact. During the integration process you can choose if you want your activities to flow from Google to ACT or go from ACT to Google.

The Universal Search Feature - It is a great tool because it offers you a faster search than before. It comes with the ability to search groups, contacts, companies, notes, history, opportunities, and attachments to find the information you are looking for.

If you are looking for a particular keyword and all of your contacts and documents associated with that keyword, so they will appear in the results of the Universal Search. You are also able to narrow your results by filtering them according to date, or type of what you are looking for. This really helps in the matter of not missing out any information related to your task at hand.

Sage ACT Connect - This feature allows you to take your business work with you wherever you go. This is a subscription based addition, but at a nominal price. You are now able to access your contacts and calendar in ACT through a web browser from your Smartphone, iPad, or tablet. With Sage ACT hosting solution, you can also do the same as you don't have to stuck with your PC, you can carry your work with you so that you can increase your productivity. For the businesses with sales people out in the industry, this is a great feature for them as they can easily and quickly review the client notes and information before the meeting to assure a smooth gathering. So, now you can easily decide whether Sage ACT is best option for you or not with these amazing features. In Addition to that, with Sage ACT cloud hosting you can enhance its functionality that will be very much profitable for your business.

Is Sage ACT! Software Best Option For Me?  

You are now able to access your contacts and calendar in ACT through a web browser from your Smartphone, iPad, or tablet. With Sage ACT host...

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