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How to Cancel/Remove App updates in Android and iPhone 5:57 AM

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After yo u have updated to the latest versio n, o ne o f yo ur favo rite app fo r iPho ne o r Andro id has sto pped wo rking pro perly? Unfo rtunately it can happen ... but all is no t lo st. With small tricks, yo u can return to the previo us versio n o f the applicatio n preventing this update again. By do ing so , yo u'll keep the last wo rking versio n o f app o n yo ur smartpho ne and wait calmly to released a new update to put right the situatio n. Fo r all the details, here's ho w t o undo an updat e app o n iPho ne and Andro id. Let's start seeing ho w t o cance l an updat e app o n t he iPho ne . Yo u sho uld kno w that unfo rtunately the "melafo nino " fro m Apple do es no t pro vide functio ns that allo w yo u to do wngrade an applicatio n directly, but yo u can use in yo ur favo r the iTunes backup to get the desired result anyway. If yo u've updated the app directly fro m yo ur iPho ne and have perfo rmed the last backup o f the pho ne o n the PC when the latter had no t yet been updated, yo u can reinstall the versio n o f the applicatio n saved in iTunes witho ut go ing thro ugh the App Sto re. In that way? It is very easy.

The first step yo u need to do is uninst all the app fro m yo ur pho ne by pressing and ho lding fo r a few seco nds yo ur finger o n the ico n and pressing the x that appears in the upper right co rner. Then yo u have to co nnect the Terminal to the co mputer, select the App fro m the menu lo cated at the to p left in the main iTune s windo w and drag with the mo use the ico n o f the app that yo u want to resto re to yo ur iPho ne (which auto matically appears in the sidebar o n the right while dragging). Synchro nizatio n will happen instantly. At this po int, yo u'll find yo urself with the o ld versio n o f the app o n yo ur pho ne and the o nly thing yo u will have, will be to no t update it via the App Sto re until they release a versio n able to fix all the pro blems yo u enco untered. It was no t hard, is it?

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ALSO READ: Ho w t o Incre ase t he pe rf o rm ance o f a Andro id sm art pho ne Andro id, as kno wn, leaves mo re freedo m o f actio n to the user co mpared to iPho ne but no t even Go o gle's



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system pro vides a direct o ptio n to cance l an updat e app. What yo u can do is turn o ff auto matic updating o f applicatio ns o n yo ur terminal, so as to avo id unwanted upgrade, and resto re o lder versio ns o f the app

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using a backup so ftware that runs directly o n yo ur smartpho ne. Fo llo w @ Ab inav531


To disable the auto matic update o f the app o n yo ur pho ne, o pen the Go o gle Play St o re , press the Me nu key o f yo ur Andro id device and select Se t t ings fro m the menu that appears at the bo tto m o f the screen. Next, go into the menu aut o m at ic updat e and put the check mark next to the entry do e s no t aut o m at ically updat e t he applicat io ns. Enter Yo ur Email here..


If yo u want to resto re the previo us versio n o f an app yo u've already updated, yo u can use T it anium Backup functio ns. This is a free applicatio n to back up that allo ws yo u to save o n a Micro SD o r memo ry o f

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the smartpho ne apps and data auto matically. Yo u can set it so that it perfo rms an auto matic backup every

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few applicatio ns. days in o rder to reco ver o ld versio ns o f applicatio ns in case o f updates just lucky. Is easy to use but requires devices that have been o btained the ro o t permissio ns.


Alternatively, yo u co uld also try the installatio n package (.apk ) o f o lder versio ns o f the app o n external sites to Sto re, but it is a practice that yo u advise against. Yo u may in fact enco unter o n unreliable sites that distribute so ftware co ntaminated with malware dressed up by legitimate applicatio ns. Better to avo id such o peratio ns and be pro active, making a backup o f the app befo re yo u update o r disabling auto matic updates Play Sto re to manually select the applicatio ns yo u want to update. Recommend this on Google


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How to Cancel/Remove App updates in Android and iPhone  

After you have updated to the latest version, one of your favorite app for iPhone or Android has stopped working properly? Unfortunately it...

How to Cancel/Remove App updates in Android and iPhone  

After you have updated to the latest version, one of your favorite app for iPhone or Android has stopped working properly? Unfortunately it...