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TechSelect Member Profile In this issue of Tech Times we learn how TechSelect membership is helping ISA, of Toronto, Ontario grow their business.

Tell us a little about your organization: Founded in 1992, ISA is a Toronto based company with offices covering Eastern Canada. We deliver support services to our customers from coast to coast through two remote support offices. We deliver enterprise-strength technology to small, medium, and large organizations ensuring that our customers’ networks are secure, that they perform optimally, and that their total cost of ownership is minimized. At ISA, we focus exclusively on internet security. Our solution portfolio consists of world-class products developed by the industry’s top vendors. Our solutions help customers protect their critical assets by bringing together highly skilled people who focus on solving security challenges which are increasingly complex. We are committed to help our customers reduce their total cost of ownership in technology through innovation, education, and consulting services. Our Professional Services team ensures that our customers are provided with advice, education, guidance, and mentoring in the design, development, implementation, support and ongoing management of their technology environments. What are your thoughts on the industry in general? The volume and complexity of threats is ever increasing and the rapid rate of change requires customers to obtain quality education and advice to ensure that their security goals are being addressed on an ongoing basis. In addition, customers are looking for new and innovative approaches that allow them to maximize protection while minimizing capital and operational expenditures. What challenges are you facing and how do you overcome them? Because the industry is changing so

From left to right; Rick Uhrich, President, Val Serebryanny, Vice President, Technology Solutions, Kevin Dawson, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Bryan Pollitt, Vice President, Professional Services

quickly it is critical that our staff be highly trained on an ongoing basis to ensure that our customers continue to receive the levels of advice and service that they have been accustomed to. This means that we cannot be experts in every technology on the planet. We must select our partners and engage in the skills development that allow us to meet our goals and most importantly the goals of our customers. What would you like to see from vendor partners? Far too often that loyalty is a one way street and that is when the vendor/ reseller relationship begins to break down. Both resellers and vendors need to continuously measure how each is doing in an effort to help the other. We operate with many of our vendors on the notion of each party to bring 1/3 of the opportunities to the table and we find 1/3 together. Vendors also need to continue to come out with ways to reward their reseller partners for hard work on their behalf, whether that is finding deals or helping to close deals, since a lot of work can go into either step. What are your organization’s goals for the next five years? • It is important that we continue to grow our services team to allow

us to provide quality services in an ever changing world. In the end, it’s the people that make the difference. •

Increasingly our customers are asking us to manage portions of their security environment. We have experienced growth in this area and it will continue to be our focus.

Geographical expansion is important to ISA as we are currently serving a large number of clients remotely.

How has the TechSelect program helped you? Or helped you meet your organization’s goals? In addition to the knowledge gained from vendor education and other business education sessions, the sharing of business experiences and practices with other TechSelect members is what we find to be very rewarding. Many of the ideas that arise lead to improvements in the operations of ISA. What is your outlook for 2014? 2013 started slow for us but finished very strong. Our opportunity funnel is strong going into 2014 so we are optimistic that the momentum from late 2013 will continue.

January/February 2014


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