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ยก e y B d o o G 22 de octubre del 2013

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Anggie Paola Garcia CarreĂąo Designer and Reporter (Harvard University) Neila Julieth Pedraza Cadena Photographer and Reporter (Harvard University) Manuela Gonzalez Picon Editor and Printer (Harvard University)

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Good Bye ยก

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Interclasses T

he day of them intermarry that I realize the managerial institute gabriela mistral I carry out in the general court of the nursery where not only they were present you were choreographing them of the degrees onces, where I visualize topics as: extraterrestrial beings, beach, mental hospital, brake dances, 4 elements and pirates; also there appeared delivery of symbols and Olympian flame. After the above mentioned activities I carry out a recreative activity

The y are the students to grade eleven, in your dance of pirates

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Caldas Recipe PLATAIN 1. Peel Plantain, and cut it width wise into 3 or 4 pieces. 2. I have found that the easiest way to peel the plantain is to cut roughly 1/4" off of each end of the plantain (the very tips), and then carefully, without cutting into the plantain itself, slicing the skin down one side. 3. once you have slit the skin on one side, you can gently pry the peel off with your fingers. 4. Heat 1" of vegetable oil on medium heat until hot. 5. Fry plantain pieces on both sides for about 3 minutes, or until the pieces are golden. 6. When they are golden, remove from pan and place onto a plate covered with a paper towel. 7.-Flatten the fried plantain. 8. I do this by placing the pieces one at a time between 2 pieces of waxed paper, and flattening with my hands. 9. Be careful not to put too much pressure, or the plantain will stick to the waxed paper. 10. Just gently flatten them till they are about 1/4" thick. 11. Place in the hot oil again and fry until both sides are golden brown. 12. Drain on paper towel covered plate (be sure to change paper towels in between the 2 fryings) and sprinkle with salt. 13.-Serve immediately. 14. For an extra special treat, eat the patacones with a thin slice of queso blanco (salty white cheese) on top.

This photographs is the tipic plate of caldas _ colombia

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Interview T

he interview is on activity of the students who wore diferent celebrated, and realized diferent questions, too see videos of his biography. The celebrated are vry impotant in all history. All learned much of biography pf the all celebrity. Some celebrated are: 

Mary Kay Ash

Anamaria Sanchez

Steven Jobs

Marie cury, and others

They are Michelle Obama and a retorter

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Language Day The day of language students from sixth to eleventh participated in an activity of theaters in each classroom where most inlvoved students presentation as the matchmaker, Romeo and Julieth , Dante in hell, purgatory Dante and Dante in the Paradise. These activities had the presence of the principal and teachers. We made a flag hoisting which brought a storyteller and several presentations were kept us busy.

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Family Day The family day was done in the respective calssrooms of every degree where the students and family parents had a fun meeting and enjoy different games.

The accompaniment of the teachers of the college served to strengthen the relation with the family parents

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Travel to Curiti we tlaveled to Curiti, Barichara and San gil. It was a pretty experience and we had new knowledge, doing diferent activities of apprehension and recreational, we shared with all the companion of eleventh grade, and with some teachers too. We Knew many places and people.

To the studentes buy all tipe of arts and crafts.

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Managerial fair The managerial fair day, eleven students degree carried out the practical part of the project “ M y world a company�. Which motivated us in the sale of products and services and the demonstration of the done work during the year.

In the photographies we can see the work about the stans decoration.

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Talent Show If was a beautiful day the weather was rainy. But. We could see the presentations, dances and a variety of costumes of villans and superheroes

In this day the students doing very activities of enghish

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Alphabet soup

Recuerdos de los estudiantes del grado 11.