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MANIFESTO “Drawing is thinking” We think with our pencils on paper. Quite often our thoughts stay locked up in our sketch books and never see the light of day. This is a collective sketchbook for us to think together and open a dialogue. We tear pages out of our sketchbooks and paste them here. “We travel with novels in our pockets.” Our design interest stems from Architecture but we are influenced by much more. We are especially inspired by other creative minds. No sketchbook is ever complete, so we leave the last few pages blank for your contribution.









What creates the desire to travel, what brings on “itchy feet?” Is it something instilled from childhood, family holidays abroad, or wanting to discover another world not just from the tv or movie screens. Perhaps it is the dream of the ideal, that the grass is always greener on the other side… Maybe it is not one reason alone but a combinations of factors. The need to explore, experience and discover what images can only attempt to bring to life. A venture fill with new languages, food, culture and traditions. It could be that the want to travel is an essence of escapism. Leaving behind the mundane in search of excitement. Looking for the “unknown” and never truly knowing whether its found or not? Is travel a noun or verb. Is it the journey or the destination or both? Whatever it is and for whatever the reason we learn something new from each place, each language and each culture and often of ourselves.


sandwich shop, florence

fernsehturm, berlin

death valley, nevada

Our contributors are cool and have travelled all over the place. You can find links to their pretty websites on our tumblr page.

This issues contributions come from:

Sonja Bajic Eimear Henry Georgi Mc Kinlay Mark Johnston David Byrne

Tear off zine issue #1