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from the Chill Maadi team... Hello readers, how are you all doing? Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovely people out there on behalf all members of the Chill Maadi team. Our message to those who are single, enjoy it while it lasts and for those of you who are committed, let the loving continue. It’s that time of the year; you can find people proposing, making promises, sharing happiness, expanding love in the world. It being the season of love, we’d also like to make a promise to our beloved readers that we’ll keep delivering quality content and shall endeavor to keep on evolving constantly. In this regard, we’d appreciate any sort of feedback and/or reviews from our readers. Please feel free to drop in a mail; even a small note would be deeply appreciated. We’d love to hear from you! Please mail us at: And follow us on: Until next time, Adios Amigos! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

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Cover Story

V alentine’s Day! Two words, a milliard of emotions, a lot of tears, a lot of silly smiles. We all have experienced the fluttering of heart-the sudden rush of adrenaline when she used to enter the classroom. We all have become nervous, and finally someday we end up talking to our crush-oh talking! As if this one little conversation enquiring about notes or homework was the most important achievement of our entire school life. Oh, people call it silly, how can a person be so important, so pristine, and so perfect that they become the love of our life-at least school life, we might talk to the entire school, but that one face just turned us weak in the knees, we craved good marks, extra-curricular activities just to be visible to that eyes-for nothing and no one else mattered. But was it love? What is love? Does it matter what love is? Maybe for that time it didn’t, those were the days of new emotions, feelings which we never felt before, that heart melting and fluttering, that stolen gazes and eye contacts, it seems so silly now, which seemed so right then. I guess as we grow we understand meaning

Love or Attraction of love. As we experience we realize the comfort of a presence, that someone will be there for us, that we aren’t lonely. And we realize that pretty face was just a face, that the person behind that face was the person we’d rather see than be. So what is attraction, it is important. Who said just wishing and not getting wasn’t pleasurable? It has its own pleasure, of losing, of that one thing always being elusive, not so close that we get it, yet not so far we stop craving. Love is different from attraction; unlike the clichéd view maybe love has a mind of its own. Love is realizing who we really want to be with, its little practical, little less silly, but it makes us complete, it comforts us, cause it has trust, it’s a faith-a bond, which makes infatuation look naïve and childish. You might be attracted to the prettiest lass but a simple country dame might steal your heart. Love comforts you, you needn’t think about what to say, you don’t have to plan the sequence, it ‘just happens’.


drink the elixir of life every day. Human emotions have never changed but the way of expression has. There are various kinds of people, traditionalists-who think everything has materialized, there are modernists-who balance their emotions and the fast pace of life. Nobody should have a right to judge feelings and emotions. The expression varies from heart to heart, but it might be that most expressive of lovers may be doing it for the sake of doing and out of pretension, and a person of few fords may be burning with desire. So have we grown out of attraction to companionship? Or that little kid still cries somewhere within us before we sleep every night. There is very thin line between pleasure and happiness, a lot of difference between a smile and burst of laughter. We both need both, the heart might burn for the laughter but the mind will choose a smile instead. Who said the head cannot love, who said being practical is being cold and greedy? Maybe a lifetime of felicity and salvation is better than a moment’s laugh and a lifetime of craving, because you cannot laugh for long, smile you can. The thing tickles you today might be a routine ritual by tomorrow. Love isn’t a victory march. It’s not a painting you can buy and keep in an expensive gallery for display. It’s a cup from which you drink every day, from which you


Attraction is more like a game, a sport you win it or lose it. You get the trophy or don’t –either way you go home. It’s over the very moment you win or lose. Love is a never ending journey in which you begin like nomad and finally find a home. Both attraction and love have their own pros and cons. Attraction brings a smile on your face, you can think and cherish a lifetime. Love makes you travel all your life to die with a smile. Attraction will bring doubts, premonitions, hopes and despair. Love will give you faith and strength for it doesn’t ask, it answers all doubts. Choice is yours! For it’s better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all.

Attraction is something you can live for; love is something you can die for.

V-Day Special !

10 Things I Hate about Yo.... Your Valentine’ s Day Gifts!!

V alentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m

sure lovers all over the world are preparing to show their partners just how much they care about them by buying them pretty, worthless and expensive little trinkets that are usually the first things to go into the trash can on the eve of a break. If you are serious about your relationship, spare yourself, read something else. However, if you are looking for an excuse to abandon ship or get back at your fiancé, you just might want to grab a mochachino and find a cosy tuffet, because this article will certainly be worth a glance. Over the years I have seen many a love-struck dove hyperventilating over what to gift their seraphic teddy bears on the eve of V-Day. And as luck would have it, I have also been fortunate enough to bear witness to some truly tragic Valentine’s gift unwrapping. I have decided to put forth a list I call “The Series of Wooer’s Washouts”. If what you have got for your sugary cupcake extraordinaire is on this list, I suggest you bequest it upon your roommate (provided he/she isn’t your Valentine) and go with a handcrafted paper rose instead. THE SERIES OF WOOER’S WASHOUT 10. The Rubik’s Cube A Rubik’s Cube, as you all know is no ordinary cube! Oh no, no, no! It’s a cube whose faces can be altered in order to form particular patterns on all of its respective faces. It just has one insufferable flaw, it takes a little over six and a half minutes to get bored of it and stash it away in a location which will keep it safe till Judgment Day. Oh and it’s not particularly romantic, even if you have to figure out a way to conjure hearts on all six faces.


9. The Phone Cover Here’s the thing about new phone covers, a new phone’s seldom

included in the package. No matter what the cover looks like, it will always have to house an ancient piece of metallic dung underneath. Ever heard of the saying, “What’s a new saddle on an old mare?” 8. The Deodorant Gifting your sweetheart a deodorant is a courteous way of saying,” I do not appreciate your ogre pheromones up my windpipe” or simply, “You smell like mammoth faeces.” Colognes and perfumes; now they tell other tales; but deodorants are a strict no-no. 7. The Mighty Pen A Pierre Cardin or a Parker might have been a good gift while playing the blind card as a kid while picking something up for an acquaintance’s birthday, but as a present to your beloved, it will rarely see the hint of a smile. Now if you’re talking in terms of Mont Blanc and La Dona Menagerie, that could change. 6. Barbie / G.I. Joes The perfect gift for all occasions…if you’re six! In fact even six year olds don’t play with action figures anymore courtesy the Nintendo Wii. It’s time to grow up and make mature choices…oh and keep Ken back on the shelf please.

5. PC Games If you get your girlfriend a good PC game, you’ll have to nag her for the rest of eternity to get her to finish the introduction quest. If you get your boyfriend a good PC game, you’ve just given yourself some stiff competition for the next whole month (3 months if it’s Skyrim). Do yourself a favour, stay away from PC games. 4. Roadside Romeo Shades No one is going to believe that a pair of resplendent sunglasses with the brand name “Aticho” is actually an expensive import from Austria. The fading paint off your pumpkin pie’s shades in the very first week of wear will do you no favours while convincing them that you have to place an advanced order because it was part of a limited edition series that was fast running out. If shades are simply not within your budget, do not pick up transparent plastic junk from next to the paan shop, for all you know, the love of your life might just develop power and other visual impairments.

and quite linearly academically inclined might have to reconsider. 1.The Alarm Clock Is your date always late? Is he practically, never practical? Does she not understand the value of time? Here’s an answer to all your problems: Gift an alarm clock. And watch your relationship disintegrate before your very eyes. Alarm clocks like Christmas socks give you a lot of false hope, but to downright believe that a person will be on time just because the ticker is ticking is sheer naivety. Apart from love, what most treasure is sleep, and truth be told, no alarm clock has ever been on good terms with sleep. Just like you begin to hate the song that you wake up to every day, similarly it is quite possible to start despising your truelove whenever all hell breaks loose with the cacophonic clamour of the tick-tock clock along with first beams of the morning sun. And that’s why an alarm clock isn’t the best way to say, “I love you”.

Arka Basu M.I.T.

3. Money No. Enough said.

2. Java Textbooks While receiving a hardcover by Lewis and Loftus might just help you develop an interest in the otherwise dry subject, it is certainly is no suitable token on Valentine’s Day. Those with romantic interests who are programming addicts, have CCS (Compulsive Coding Syndrome)


V-Day Special !

What to do if you are single on “It is better to have loved and lost Valentines Day t h a n n e v e r t o h a v e l o v e d a t a l l .” -ALFRED TENNYSON, In Memoriam

ANTI-VALENTINE Valentine’s Day- The day when Cupid flies through the air shooting heart shaped arrows at couples to make everlasting love. The day when Aphrodite herself sends scintillating signals of love all around the world. It’s the day when couples are full to the brim with the emotions of love. Love just fills the air on this day. You see all the couples in and around Manipal thronging KC to TC and beyond. But if you’re like me, if your single ready to mingle or have been recently dumped then all these public display of affections which you will see during this Valentine period will make you either depressed or want to puke. Well my fellow single MITians this post is on “What to do when you’re single in Manipal during Valentine’s Eve” is here to help you… Yeah its college, and yes you’re single and you’re probably wondering when you see a very hot girl with a stupid looking guy holding hands in front of 12 or 1 block or any other block for that matter you think “What has that idiotic moron got to have such a girl like that, and why is my luck not as good as that bastard” well yeah even I have thought that a million times. Don’t worry if your single I will list a few things you can do during this Valentines week that will go on 1. First point dedicated to all the nerds and geeks, if you have nothing else to do and no girl willing to look at you other than asking her doubts as if you were a wiki, then goes to the Library. Yeah go and

study for the sessionals. Or take a good book to read some nice love story which has a lot of heartbreaks and spend your time in the library. But beware of the couples sitting at the corners also known as “Khopcha Couples” because their giggling noise might divert your attentions elsewhere. 2. If you have been recently dumped or if your college crush rejected your proposal then DeeTee or T spirits are good places to drown your sorrow, although don’t bring out the Devdas in you. Remember if she left you then you need to try your luck again, there are plenty of fishes in the sea. 3. You can go to End Point just to vent out your frustration and unleash a little anarchy in the love throngs of other couples. Go to EP with a good video camcorder, start recording couples and interrupting

them asking them silly questions like “Where is the toilet ?” or “Bhaiiya Do you know how to solve differential equations?”. Also you can enjoy the scenic panoramic view of End Point also. 4. If gaming and girls are your passion and if the latter isn’t there in your life then why not go for gaming. You could calm your raging hormones by competing with other players in the virtual world. From games like Counter-Strike, Call of Duty to Age of Empires. Go to Burnout take a bean bag a PS3 controller and a good game and immerse yourself in the virtual world of the protagonist of your game.


5. Eat out, if you’re a foodie go to some restaurant order a good meal and satisfy at least your taste buds. There are tons of options from China Valley to Saiba and Basil to Valley View, or if you’re having a sweet tooth then go for Crumbz. Although you might see couples there but then you’re getting good food and you don’t even have to be conscious of how much you’re eating or table manners what else do you want? If you’re lazy then order Dominos.

pervert than you might get to see some “firangs” there :P

6. Watch a movie. I recently watched “(500) Days of Summer” truly worth a watch. If romantic movies don’t appeal you then watch a comedy or action or just horror. Sit back on your room, borrow someone’s speakers and order some pizza and enjoy a good movie. Nothing beats the valentine’s blues than watching a good movie.

I hope these points help you avoid the Valentine Singles and Depressed Syndrome and you enjoy that day more than the couples going about spreading love bugs everywhere. Well if all these fail, then resort to this last worst case scenario- “Ask a girl out”. Yes you might not at all be single on V-Day, if cupid decides to pair you; you just need to take the first step and shall I say the first fall.

7. For all single girls gather up with your BFFs and plan a trip to Mangalore. And go on a shopping spree. Or go for some sight-seeing at Manipal Lake. Have a girl’s night out …enjoy...

9. There are a hordes of workshop being organized attend any of them just to keep your self-occupied. Choose something which appeals to your tastes and hobbies. Workshops ranging from Music and dance to Programming and Mechanical stuff are having their booths at KC, go check them out.

Ali Akbar M.I.T.

8. Make a trip to the beach to Goa, Malpe, Kaup etc. It’s awesome there this time of the year. The beach is the best place to cool down and chill maadi. Even if you don’t know how to swim you might get to see some calming ocean waves and you would have some time to relax introspect while gazing at the deep blue horizon. If you’re not such a pensive person rather a



Colg Lyf

doberman diaries 8 th February, 2012… One of the most beautiful gifts bestowed by God upon mankind is the ability to speak and reach out to others whenever and in whatever way they want. And when man decided to take this gift one step further by inventing mobile phones it eased “connecting people” even more. So every night everywhere in the world thousands of cell phones ring, lakhs of conversations happen and millions of emotions are exchanged and Manipal being inspired by life can never be an exception to any global phenomenon. So every night here too guys with half-hearts and full-dedications are seen [or rather heard] reaching out to the other half of their hearts living mile[s] away. Loudness of voices range from ‘mute’ to ‘aaj toh sabko bata doonga’. Facial expressions ranging from ‘tujhko jo paaya’ to ‘jaa chudail’ at times! Seen everywhere from the east side gate to staircases to empty T.V rooms the ‘asli-MIT-ka-Romeo’ believes in ‘raat baaki baat baaki’ time and again. The reaction of these Cupid victims as others pass them is also noteworthy with some people managing to faintly smile while others turning away and whispering as if speaking out to the person on the other side the super secrets of the universe. Passing by these guys I have on a number of occasions overheard numerous nicknames for the fairer sex. The common ones include-jaanu, baby, teddy while these were the winners of the nickname-your-chick contest: #3…Wushy-mooshy-juicy-boo [not kidding :P] #2…Choco Pie And the winner… #1…Rosho-gurl (Say it the Bong way! Slurrp :P)


It’s a different thing altogether, all over the

hostel people mobiles pressed between ear and shoulder, on headsets, some typing out messages simultaneously and some adjusting drafters inside their rooms to finish assignments(mechanical tragedy). Love is the battlefield, the phone is the weapon and MIghTy Romeo is the brave warrior who on more occasions than one has to endure and put up with the ‘kebab me haddis’-- his aas-pados ke guy friends who pose as girls and leave no stone unturned to render the romantic-low priced night call into a disaster for the couple. The irritation on Romeo’s face and the creativity of his friends is commendable and would put the Yashraj movie scriptwriters to shame! February to the pleasure of telecom companies sees an exponential rise in the duration and frequency of night calls due to obvious reasons and on Vday the block is completely transformed into one night @ the call-centre. Ringtones, message beeps float in the cold, slow night air among promises of forever and eternity. But like everything else this has an ugly side too… people fighting over the phone, abusing, blaming each other for something going wrong. Bonds snap, talk ceases and handsets aggressively kiss the ground at times. People forget that it is absence that makes the heart grow fonder. Holding onto sand very tightly only ensures its slipping away from you faster. **Phone Rings** **a few messages beep in the background**…there goes another warrior of the night on his quest while many others patiently wait for their calls-tonight, every night… “Shaam beet gayi hai doston…par raat abhi baaki hai’”

Joydeep Chatterjee M.I.T.

Colg Lyf

A viral Kedia and Avneer Bhadauria of Chill Maadi’s

team in a personal conversation with Ameeth Thomas of Junkyard Groove…

Ameeth Thomas Avneer: How was Manipal ? Ameeth: Manipal was our 3rd gig this week. IIT Gandhinagar, Cochin and now Manipal. The crowd was really brilliant in Gandhinagar and Cochin. Here, the crowd was very far from the stage. I like the crowd closer to us while we are up there. But, I enjoyed Manipal. It was a good trip. Everything was good except the sound. But we can’t help it, sometimes we get good sound & sometimes we get bad. You have to

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW JUNKYARD GROOVE ! just make the best of it. Aviral: Tell us about your new line up JYG 2.1! Ameeth: The new line up is really brilliant! The bass player (Sajith Satya) is a prodigy. He joined the band when he was 17 years old! Aviral: He seems to be the ladies’ man! Ameeth: Ya, he’s the ladies’ man! Every show it’s like that. And he’s the one who got the new drummer Shashank. Our previous drummer left to join my old band mates. So Shashank joined us. I’ve been watching Naveen(Lead Guitarist) grow up. He’s been playing for more than ten years now. I always used to look up to Naveen. He used to teach me a lot of things as a kid. Right now I’m doing all the production and recording and I write most of the songs, then these guys come in and do their part. Now they are starting to write and are giving me ideas, so it’s absolutely brilliant. And honestly this band is way more technical than the old band. Technically all of them are better than me. I’m moving out of the old JYG and trying to do something new. I’m trying to get into electronic, acoustic and heavier music.

Naveen Tho





Avneer: Who all are your inspirations? Ameeth: My favourite bands of all time are Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, John Butler Trio and right now, Ben Howard. I like Djent music too, like Periphery and Lamb of God. Among Indian bands, it’s Pentagram. The first time I saw Pentagram, the first time I saw Vishal, I thought I’m going to be better than them soon! But still, I’m not even close. I’m very good friends with Vishal and Randolph. He might do a remix on our new album. Jalebee Cartel also wants to do a remix. We are all good friends. Shashank Vij ay Avneer: Tell us about your new album. Ameeth: Our new album will be out in September. We have not decided the name yet. I’m thinking among Compass, Uncharted or just Junkyard Groove.

Aviral: What do you think about the music scene in India? Ameeth: The scene was bad when I started! But it has improved very fast in the past few years, mainly because of the internet. Our band was made on the internet. I found out about Myspace from a customer when I was working at a call center. He told me to put my music up there! I still keep in touch with that guy. Our mainstream media gives importance to whatever gets us money. But I’ve stayed out of it. That’s the only reason I’ve never gotten into movies. I have been offered movies. I want to show kids that you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to be an engineer. You can be a physicist or a chemist, but you have to be good at what you are doing.


Avneer: Do you think it would have been

a smoother run if you guys were based abroad? Ameeth: Earlier I used to think like that, but right now I’m happy because I have created my own market. I have become somebody here. Maybe I’m not rich, but that doesn’t matter to me. I’m happy! I’m very happy when I’m playing on stage. We had a good time on stage. Aviral: And we had an amazing time listening to you guys play!

Avneer: In the end what would you like to tell the budding college bands? Ameeth: A lot of bands say that the scene is bad and they give up. I didn’t have anything when I started. Don’t complain about the scene. See what you can do for the scene. At the end of it, it should be about the show and the crowd. \m/

Avneer & Aviral with Ameeth Photograph by Frenil Sanghavi

Colg Lyf


quite unheard in manipal,and perhaps it has become a part of manipal’s culture. I will not be judgmental here-its harmful for health, it isn’t ‘’cool’’, it causes cancer, infertility, it has an obnoxious odour , it harms not only the person smoking but people around as well, Enough said, people still smoke. And they will smoke! And let’s face it manipal is pretty congenial for a smoker. Well, a regular smoker has five phases, which describe the psychology of a smoker. Phase 1 Chal try karte hain yaar! This phase mostly comprises of the first years. They want to ‘try’ everything but not get ‘seriously involved’ with, on, at anything. They try their first smoke just because some ‘bhaiya’ or ‘didi’ looked so cool for a i-have-just-come-from-school-but-now-i-am-an-adult type kid. They cough their lungs off. Some quit but most just make themselves forcefully adapted to the new college life. They come to the infamous sutta point in the evenings buy two cigs for 10 bucks and act as if they are making up for the lack of nicotine in their blood all these years. Phase 2! Bas kabhi kabhi! Congratulations! You have made it to next level closer to your grave. You officially don’t smoke, because you’ve tried it and mature enough to denounce it. But as your class gets empty for 10-1030 break you cannot belittle the peer pressure around you and just smoke ‘one or two’ for the next 5 suttas. You enjoy your suttas with the famous iced lime soda, and then you are ready for the mental grilling till 1230 after you‘ve sufficiently simmered your lungs. Phase 3! Bas sutta hi toh maarta hu! And by now your blood comprises of WBCs, RBCs and nicotine. You have the classic excuse that you just smoke and do nothing else. Well, nice try buddy! You openly denounce drugs, but some got into phase 1 of the naturally available plant-weed and ruin themselves forever. You smoke every day, anyway, no matter what

time of the day. Returning from phase 3 is toughest because you have started to self-accept it as a way of life. Phase 4! Ab toh aadat si hai mujhko! You are an addict. Sutta point is the junction of your life. You buy fried rice from the adjacent stall and smoke packets as your dessert till your pockets permit. You begin your day with a packet and smoke 2-3 packets. Sutta , change and mint can be found in your pockets any time. Your lips are blackened your voice is husky and you cough as if adding punctuation marks to your speech. Phase 5! Kal chod dunga! This is the most interesting phase. You smoke so much that sutta point anna recognizes you. You just keep the hundred rupee bill on the counter and anna knows your usual. Now your subject to scorns and people around you are finally noticing. So much you are quitting every next day! Congratulations! You have changed your body forever. Well sutta point and sheela’s aren’t that evil places either. You’ll get the best iced lime soda here. You’ll get cold drinks-a rare luxury and tastiest and cheapest fried rice. Choice is yours! They are the most happening places in the campus without doubt. Reason is yours to choose.

Salmaan Husayn M.I.T.


Colg Lyf

“L ife is a long journey in search of a short perfect

rhyme that defies time”. Yeah, I didn’t intend to sermonize but ‘aadat se majboor’ me! We all wake up like robots, follow a routine and expect to steal some moments of joy somewhere unnoticed. But once in a blue moon, even we MITians get a chance to live- rare holidays coupled with some bunks motivate us to go someplace where we can ‘live’ for some extended moments. I had a chance to experience few of these moments a fortnight ago, with my awesome friends. Prelude The plan was to visit GOA as Edward Maya, KK and Mika were destined to perform at Nokia Indiafest 2012 and all of us thought watching them for free is one great chance. So we decided to embark upon our quest the very next day.

There is a difference between a journey and an unforgettable journey and we sensed this one was going to be the latter as soon as we missed the bus that was supposed to take us in time to Mangalore for our train. Thus began the craziness! We hired a taxi for 1000 bucks. What a rip-off! It took us to the wrong station but when we threatened the driver that we wouldn’t pay, he promptly took us to our station in time. The train journey was normal with us cracking jokes and portraying our shamelessness. We landed on Madgaon (no, no one there is mad) and again battled our way to different taxi drivers in search of a good bargain. One of our friends vehemently opposed taking bikes though I wish we had. So we took a taxi that would change the nature of the journey we were going to experience to 20

The Exotic Escapade Baga beach. We were stuffed inside the vehicle like chickens in a truck, sitting on each others’ laps throughout the journey. Gay jokes were made when the person shuffled from one lap to another that kind of lessened the burden. We reached Goa which was brimming with multitudes of vehicles which seemed like a carpet of redants when seen from a distance in the dark. When we finally got off the taxi we were amazed to find ourselves amongst a crowd of people from all nationalities. Without much ado, we headed for the Edward Maya concert as it had already started and also because one of my friends, being a Romanian music enthusiast and a fan of Edward Maya, Akcent, Inna, Morandi and the like, couldn’t wait any longer. Tickets weren’t required, just the college IDs. When we flashed our combo cards the organizers were perplexed if they were college IDs or ATM cards! Eventually we got in and saw a crowd of crazy music fans that constituted of mainly college students as well as unusually and unnecessarily, skimpily dressed girls with make up as if it was a movie set. Needless to say, we were enjoying all this and each one of us had stumbled at least once due to our concentrated task of bird-watching. Our eyes were transfixed! After we went in and finally saw Edward Maya, we danced for a few minutes and concluded that he wasn’t doing more than shouting ‘Yeah guys’ , ‘Come on everybody’ and ‘Put your hands up/in the air’ . Tired and disappointed, we walked out after 20 minutes, turning our necks to their breaking

and disperse over time. It was 3 a.m. and we were still roofless, tired and still roaming. We paused at a corn ramshackle for some ‘pet puja’ and all of us chomped on our corns.“50 rupees boss” – the seller demanded and I handed him a fifty rupee note thinking that 10 rupee a corn is expensive. “50 rupee, one piece boss” he said and I felt the world go square around me. Robbed of money and obviously tired, we stretched ourselves in front of an ATM. Robbing us of our selfesteem as well, we were dragged out mercilessly after 20-30 minutes. Fed up of the torturous night, we decided to head off to Kelengute beach.

thresholds in the process of registering the beauty all around. It indeed was a feast to behold. What we didn’t know was that we were about to experience the most unusual night of our lives. The Night That Never Ended We were endlessly walking in search of a place to eat as most items were insanely over-priced, being a foreign tourist attraction. After more than an hour of pushing our way through the crowd, we finally climbed the stairs to an old-fashioned restaurant and placed our orders. Little did we know what was in store for us. We were served water. Sorry, mineral water after half an hour. It seems they don’t give you water in Goa- your pocket is their wife. We even made a joke about us being ‘12 Hungry/ Angry Men’ as the wait for food continued. After four long hours and repeated warnings to the waiter, we were served food when we had almost stepped out of the restaurant. Finally tummies full and eyelids heavier than sacks of grain, we set out in search of accommodation which was to be a futile quest keeping in mind the crowd and the time we had wasted in meals. The search went on and we watched the bustling crowd thin down

My friend and I dug a little sand and slept on it. The beach sand was as cold as ice and we faced the blanket of stars while the rest slept on the stairs. It was a heavenly experience to lay a few metres away from waves, their constant rumble in our ears, the cold breeze and the stars seemed to look down. Dawn approached and I watched the playful hues scatter in the horizon. We got up and searched for a hotel and finally succeeded in an hour. All six of us slept in one room for about four hours and then got up again. The thirst of adventure hadn’t subsided as we decided to continue our quest in Goa. This will remain the most memorable part of my college life forever.

Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari M.I.T.


Colg Lyf

“L ife is boring when left to destiny,

Make it interesting by changing your destiny “ I guess this very thought inspired the 9 ambitious people back in 2008 to create a legacy known as TEAM MANIPAL RACING. How often is it that a bunch of 9 odd people sitting in a canteen talking about random stuff end up making a car? Rare, right? Friends, this is how we, Team Manipal Racing came into existence. 9 passionate people discussing their love for vehicles , racing ,adventure decided to make one, all by themselves. From planning to designing from manufacturing to racing we at TMR do it all. From 9 to 21 and now in the third running year we are a team of 32, all determined to take the team and our country to new heights.. Almost every one of us knows what SAE is, for those who don’t, SAE stands for Society of Automobile Engineers. It is one of the leading organizations in the automobile industry, organizing various racing events all through the year where students get a chance to prove themselves. Its annual event BAJA is one of the most looked upon events , with top universities all across the globe participating to flaunt their unique and innovative designs providing a feeding ground for the future of the automotive industry of the world. This time TMR will make their 3rd appearance at BAJA in WISCONSIN (USA). With the track designed to test every minute aspect of the car from design, to endurance to speed all at the same time, the event lasts for 4 days, with each day more daunting and challenging than the last. Learning knows no boundaries and it is evident in our cars.


We at TMR have been improving since day one and each year we manufacture a car better than its predecessor. Our first car which went to Wisconsin in 2009 did exceptionally well by standing 14th out of 115 participating teams in design. Motivated by the results we took a big leap in designing ATV’s. By 2010 we manufactured an amphibious ATV, a first of its kind in India. Keeping in line with the process of progress, this year’s car will be best we have designed so far. Having taken care of every minute detail, we are very hopeful this year. With technology, budgets rise proportionately too and since we are totally dependent on sponsorships we have to watch our pockets before investing in any advanced technology. “No pain No gain.” Yes friends, the journey to U.S.A is indeed not easy. You work day and night for an year, sleep deprived, friends deprived ...grades suffer too...but one year of intense hard work and determination bears its fruit when you are standing there on the starting line, competing against the best minds of the world ...standing there, all those sufferings and hardships look so small ..That moment, is YOUR moment, for everyone is proud of you ...Your family, your friends, your Institution, but most importantly YOU are proud of yourself. We don’t know what lies ahead We don’t know if we will win or not But one thing we know for sure “ki darr ke aage jeet hai “

Shashank Tulsayan T.M.R.

Colg Lyf


IE Mechanical, established under the Royal Chapter

of “Institution of Engineers” in the year 1935, is one of the oldest and prestigious clubs in the Manipal. The members experience a plethora of research and technical projects and opportunities, with the best faculty guiding them on. Over the years, the club has achieved success in a host of their endeavors and strives to maintain those standards if not better them. Yantrik, now a watershed event in the club’s calendar, has achieved unparalleled success in the past. Spanning three whole days, from March 9th, Yantrik 2012 looks to build upon the success and bring the best of Mechanical for the entire college to see. Here’s a little sneak peak at the events to be hosted this year: A.T.R (Amazing Tech race) The Amazing T Get your running shoes on and brains on the go. The ATR is an amalgam of the mind and the body, in a Sherlock Holmes styled manner, where the participants have to criss cross the campus, deciphering the clues and out running and out thinking their opponents. The clock is ticking! Catapult This is the modern counterpart of the ancient siege strategies, where the invention of these mechanisms opened the doors to an entire different style of warfare. Often the difference between success and failure were these catapults, and their ability to catapult deadly rocks beyond the high walls. In this event, the teams will try to replicate the expansive reach of these ancient beasts and come up with, and execute the most efficient design. H4CE The sails of the pirates make a comeback. The days when the only driving force out in the sea was the wind return. In H4CE, simplicity is the mantra. The first one to the finish

presents YANTRIK ‘12 9-11 march

line wins. It presents the challenge of using running water to run a turbine, which in turn runs a rotor fan to run your own sail boat. Life’s simple, isn’t it! Some amazing 4ce! Death Race Yeah, you heard it right and it is similar to the movie. You got to build your own monster wagon equipped with and get ready to battle it out while you race. So get your balance right and buckle up for some wicked action!

Paper Presentations A paper presentation is more than just about putting down on paper what all one knows about a particular topic. It requires the presenter to understand the topic, to use the tools that the topic requires and then use the very same tools in the most ingenious manner possible. To challenge the ones with the aptitude to think out of the box, Yantrik has the paper presentations. And then there is the informals for the fun part, where the football fans can go gaga over FIFA 12 and you can roll your arm ‘under’ in blowling. So let the games begin!



R ichard Feynman once said “It does not matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn’t matter how smart you are, if it doesn’t agree with experiment, its wrong!” Putting this into simple words, application is the key to success.

Since the inception of IEEE Student Branch Manipal in the year 1984, we have tried to sustain this as our working principle. Covering over 6 different sectors of science & technology we have established ourselves as one of the leading student bodies in Manipal. Representing this passion of ours for engineering and for the advancement of human technology, in 2009 we brought about TechWeekend, a collective effort to provide an equal platform for students to nurture their scientific prowess and inspire the urge to apply them. This year TechWeekend v12.02, was held between Feb 2nd and Feb 5th and had 17 events spread over 7 categories. It contained events from every branch of engineering, from robotics to chemistry and from artificial intelligence to a CAD competition!


Colg Lyf


T he summer session of the Youth Parliament,

conducted by Expressions, was held on February 8th and 9th. The whole aim of Youth Parliament sessions is to create a sense of current political scenario among the students and to bring out ideas for solutions in them for the arising issues.

House, the Bill wasn’t passed due to lack of majority, but some very valid points were discussed throughout the two-day sessions. President of Xpressions, Abhijeet Kale thanked all the participants for their response towards the event. The participants expressed happiness over the whole experience. At the end of the event, the names of the winners were announced. The following participants were felicitated for their excellent participation. SPECIAL MENTION Opposition- MP of Goa- Sarthak Gupta MP of Sikkim- Ankush Gupta Ruling- Environment Minister- Snigdha Shankar HRD Minister- Ankit K.S.

About 65-70 students had taken part in this event, the response being overwhelming according to the organisers. The workshop for the same was conducted on 6th February, wherein a group discussion was held and the participants were divided into two groupsthe ruling party and the opposition on the basis of that. Some of them were handed over portfolios like Education ministry, Aviation ministry, Human Resource Development ministry, etc. Also, a set of 13 agendas were prepared upon which the questionnaire was based. The agenda comprised of issues like education, food security, naxalism, reservation, health facilities, defence upgradation and expenditure, age of consent, death penalty vs. human rights and many more. Taniya Gupta and Anandarup Dutta were the Speakers of the House. The supervisors for the session were Charlotte Mascreen and Veena Maben. The session started off with an oath by the leaders of both ruling and opposition parties. This was followed by a zero hour with discussions on various topics like scrapping of IIT-JEE, revamping education system. Then a bill on ‘The Control of Network Activities Act,2012’ was presented by the Information and Broadcasting Minister according to which the online content which would hurt the religious sentiments of people is objected. After various discussions on social networking websites, various amendments were made to the Bill. After a final voting by the members of the

HIGHER RECOMMENDATIONS Opposition- Minister of Haryana- Vishal Leader of opposition- Armaan Shahanshah Ruling- Telecom Minister- Aman Sinha J & K Minister- Dhruv Srivastav BEST SPEAKER RUNNER-UP Minister of Mining- Abhishek Amol BEST SPEAKER Education Minister- Harshvardhan Expressions thus conducted a very successful Youth Parliament that saw the level of debating attain new heights. It promises to get bigger and better. Next, it aims to conduct a Youth Parliament at KMC, with participants from the whole of Manipal University. Sure, there’s no stopping them from making it big!

Visakha Agarwal M.I.T.


Colg Lyf

A IESEC’s Interns with Chill maadi.

Chill maadi’s reporter Siddhanth Sinha in a conversation with Simone from Switzerland, Jane and Leo from China who are AIESECers who are on an internship with AIESEC Manipal. Siddhanth : So what are you all studying? Simone: I am studying Communications and Anthropology of cultures. Jane’s studying English, and Leo’s doing Electronic engineering. Siddhanth : For how long have you been in India? Simone : I’ve been in India for about three weeks now. I’m on an Internship here with AIESEC. We three are team mates here, we are here for Project Umang, which is for the school kids. Siddhanth: What exactly is Project Umang all about? Simone: Project Umang is about teaching school kids art, language and culture. We conduct workshops in Government schools around. We talk to kids about culture, we teach them craft work. We dance together, we all have fun. Siddhanth: How do the kids like these workshops? Simone: At first language was a barrier for all of us, but it no more is. We go, talk to kids, smile at them, this is stronger than any language. We can now connect very well to these kids. They receive us very well. They are extremely nice to us, the response we get from them keeps all of us really happy.


Siddhanth: For how long have you been associated with AIESEC? Simone: It’s been around a half year that I’ve been with AIESEC. I’m really glad that I could come to India and witness all this. Though I’ve had to face difficulties with adjusting to the place, I really like the place now. I could learn a lot of things, meet a lot of people. The whole experience was fun.

Live I went to my friend’s place a couple of months back,

whom I’ve known since Shaktimaan used to be a rave. As we talked I got to know about a guy she was taking interest in. When I asked about his whereabouts, she said he lived in the opposite part of the country which, as far as I know, she has never been to. So I asked “How did the two of you meet?” to which she replied “On facebook”. She explained how one of her ‘Friends’ knew him and he ‘liked’ her display picture, they started chatting, got to know more about each other and in the blink of an eye, Cupid had struck his arrow. Well one arrow here and God only knows how many arrows elsewhere.

Gone are the days when the pigeon used to be the carrier of affection. Nowadays, it’s more about how efficient you are with the keypads of gadgets which, by the way, is very simple. People are falling in love with somebody’s pictures, which most of the time are Photoshop-ed or somebody’s great status updates or tweets or even with the fact that they ‘like’ cool pages. One may be a nerd for the outside world but be a boss on the Internet. A guy who all girls are going gaga over on a dating site or a guy who has more ‘Friends’ on his networking site than he has hairs in his head may turn out to be someone who people don’t find very pleasant to spend time with in the real world. A girl with uncountable thumbs up on her picture may be someone who doesn’t think once before breaking someone’s heart. Ah! It’s not that it’s treachery always. Words cannot explain the adrenaline rush you get when your crush sends you a request to add him/her to your list or when he/she accepts your request or when he/she is online the same time you are. When you have a

Love Online serious liking for someone and you are too afraid to tell, these sites are the only way you can connect to him/her. Reading the exchanged messages over and over again, wishing everyday he/she would say something(which doesn’t usually happen and if it does the feeling is inexpressible, right?) on that little chat box or just stalking anonymously. There are people who are introvert and can’t express their feelings openly. To them, social networking sites provide a medium for communicating. They are also a boon for people in long distance relationships as it pretty much shortens the distance of their hearts. Social networking is not discouraged (I myself am an addict) but to trust someone with your hopes and feelings whom you haven’t met is not a very smart thing to do. People have found their soul mates this way but one has to be very lucky for that to happen. Appearances are deceptive but not more than fake online profiles. To keep an eye out won’t hurt would it? It’s the season of love and let’s face it, we all are looking for that special companion. If you have one, save electricity, forget the virtual world for some time and do something in the real world. But if you are single and have a secret crush, you very well know how to wish him/her silently on facebook. And if you fall in neither keep rocking!

Aishika Bhattacharya M.I.T.


the erotic vagrant

Live W e lost Elizabeth Taylor last year but her physical

self is the only thing that did not sustain. Her charming memories and the spirit of her love affairs will never be forgotten. Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times to seven husbands in her very eventful life. When asked why she married so often, she replied, “I don’t know, honey. It sure beats the hell out of me” but also said that, “I was taught by my parents that if you fall in love, if you want to have a love affair, you get married. I guess I’m very old-fashioned”. With her reputation of repeated marriages affairs and scandals she had earned the name “The erotic vagrant”. Her husbands wereConrad “Nicky” Hilton Married- May 6, 1950 – January 29, 1951 The first marriage was not so pretty. Hiltons gambling, drinking, and abusive behavior shocked her parents out of their wits. She also went through a miscarriage and the marriage ended just after nine months. Taylor believed that she was in love with the young hotel heir. Michael Wilding Married- February 21, 1952 – January 26, 1957 The “gentle” Wilding was 20 years older than Taylor. He comforted her after leaving Hilton. After their divorce Taylor admitted that “I gave him rather a rough time, sort of henpecked him and probably wasn’t mature enough for him, thus bringing to an end to her second marriage.


Michael Todd Married- February 2, 1957 – March 22, 1958

This marriage was the only marriage of hers which did not end in a divorce but rather his death. Although their relationship was tumultuous, she later called him one of the three loves of her life, along with Burton and jewellery, which she never failed to always talk about.

Eddie Fischer Married- May 12, 1959 – March 6, 1964 Fischer, Todd’s best friend, consoled Taylor after Todd’s death. They began an affair while Fisher was still married to Debbie Reynolds, causing a scandal. Taylor outraged columnist Hopper by telling her, “Well, Mike is dead and I’m alive...What do you expect me to do? Sleep alone?”. Reynolds eventually forgave Taylor, she voted for her when Taylor was nominated for an Oscar for Butterfield 8, and starred with her in These Old Broads. Richard Burton MarriedMarch 15, 1964 – June 26, 1974 The Vatican condemned the Burton and Taylor’s affair, which began when they both were married to others, as “erotic vagrancy”. The press closely followed their relationship before, during, and after their ten years of marriage due to the great public interest in “The most famous film star in the world and the man many believed to be the finest classical actor of his generation.” Taylor wanted to focus on her marriage rather than her career, and gained weight in an unsuccessful attempt to not receive film roles.

Richard Burton Married- October 10, 1975 – July 29, 1976) Sixteen months after divorce —Burton said, “You can’t keep clapping a couple of sticks [of dynamite] together without expecting them to blow up” .They remarried in a private ceremony in Kasane, Botswana, but soon separated and re-divorced in 1976. Burton disagreed with others about her famed beauty, acknowledging her “wonderful eyes” but saying that calling her “the most beautiful woman in the world is absolute nonsense, “She has...a double chin and an overdeveloped chest, and she’s rather short in the leg.” He stated, however, that when he first saw Taylor in 1952, “She was unquestionably gorgeous. I can think of no other word to describe a combination of plentitude, frugality, abundance, tightness. She was lavish. She was a dark unyielding largesse. She was, in short, too bloody much.” John Warner Married -December 4, 1976 – November 7, 1982

As with Burton, Taylor sought to be known as the wife of her husband, a Republican, United States Senator from Virginia. Unhappy with her life in Washington, however, Taylor became depressed and entered the Betty Ford Clinic. Thus also bringing to an end to her 7th marriage.

troubles many a times and also saved him from foreclosure .This was her last marriage. In 2007, Taylor denied rumors of a ninth marriage to her partner Jason Winters, but referred to him as “one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever known.” She has now left us but the spirit of the gypsy romance shall always remain. Her romance can be described as what love is in the eyes of Carmen,” Love is a gypsy’s child, it has never known the law, if you love me not, then I love you, if I love you, you’d best beware!

Ankit K.S. M.I.T.

Larry Fortensky Married- October 6, 1991 – October 31, 1996 Taylor and Fortensky met during another stay at the Betty Ford Clinic and were married at the Neverland Ranch. The reason for their divorce was that he got fed up of being the wife of Elizabeth Taylor, post divorce they did stay in touch .When she died she left him $800,000 in her will. She also got him out of financial




H ey fellas!!! Hope the article ‘Hack Attack’ in the

end-semester issue of the mag got you all thinking about hacking and cracking. I now present to you the series – ‘Hack shake’ which will take you into the ever expanding world of hacking in a simple and practical fashion. In this edition I am going to get you started on some basics. So here we begin…

4. You will see the following screen:

The first question which comes to your mind after you’ve decided to do something related to cyber security is What equipment does one need to get on with hacking? The answer is - a personal computer, an internet connection and the curiosity and initiative to explore. Let’s start with some basic hacking techniques Windows password cracking: The Windows passwords are stored in the PC in a folder named SAM files but we cannot just open it and see the password! First of all you cannot access that folder. Even in the system it is encrypted in hashes (NTLM hashes). We can obtain a password of a Windows PC by using several techniques but I’ll be telling you the most convenient way. If there is a PC the Windows password of which is a mystery to you, you can crack the password by using an operating system known as Ophcrack. It is Linux based operating system available on the internet for free. 1. Go to the Ophcrack website and choose the correct operating system LiveCD to download. 2. With the downloaded .ISO, create a LiveCD or just copy it on an empty flashdrive. 3. Put the CD in your CD-Drive and restart to boot from the CD. Change the order of preference of boot from BIOS settings to CD-drive. If you mount it on a flashdrive then change the preference suitably to external storage device.


5. Hit <ENTER> or wait six seconds to boot into the Ophcrack Graphic mode. If something goes wrong and the screen won’t show the Graphics, restart and go into the Ophcrack Graphic VESA mode. If this also fails, go into Ophcrack Text mode. 6. Once it Ophcrack loads completely, it will automatically get your Windows password hashes and begin the cracking process. Or it will open a pop-up window. Click on the ‘+’ sign on the tool bar which will show all the usernames on the Windows OS. Right click on the username and click on ‘decrypt using NTLM hash challenge’ in the column of brute force attack. Wait for some time and voila you’ll have the password. Then shutdown Ophcrack, remove the cd and restart the PC in Windows OS again ad enter the password you’ve got. Now if the PC is already unlocked and you want the password of the PC you can do it manually by using certain commands in CMD. 1. Click on start and type cmd in search. Right click on cmd and click on ‘Run as administrator.’

2. Then type “net user’’. It will show an output like

3. Then type “net user acer *’’. It will show the output

4. Type and confirm the password. The password won’t be visible so be careful while typing and confirming the password. Now for the countermeasures, you can set up a BIOS password for your system. The BIOS password cannot be hacked, it can be erased though by a process involving disconnecting and reconnecting a certain element in the CPU. You can try out the procedures on your own computer without harming your own system by using a virtual system like • •

They are available on the internet. It will help you to practice all hacking techniques on a system without damaging any system. Even if the operating system on the virtual system you can just uninstall and reinstall the virtual machine. So this is it for this edition of hack attack this D€\/iL07 signing off.

VMware Virtual box etc.



T oday’s world is actively involved in making itself

lazy. The sole aim of working hard is to not work hard later. Years back to make or receive a call meant getting up from your current position go where the big telephone is kept and put your index finger in the holes with the appropriate number and turn it till the silver end is reached and keep repeating the process till the phone number ends. Then buttons replaced the holes. Then we thought why get up? Then came the little fella, cell phone. But then technology sped up and the something which was unimaginable a few years back happened and we can now communicate with our devices using our touch. But now the day is not far when we will not even have to touch the device. Pranav Mistry has bridged the gap between digital and physical world with his innovation “the Sixth Sense”. In his words-”’SixthSense’ is a wearable gestural interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information.” Well, this must all seem like magic to people who will be using it. But if you are an engineer in the digital field this may seem complicated. The project was very rudimentary when it had started and is a result of sheer intelligence of human mind using two mouse


Sixth Sense Technology balls, hand devices and a motion sensor and then it evolved over time. Pranav Mistry says- “The SixthSense prototype is comprised of a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera. The hardware components are coupled

in a pendant like mobile wearable device. Both the projector and the camera are connected to the mobile computing device in the user’s pocket. The projector projects visual information enabling surfaces, walls and physical objects around us to be used as interfaces; while the camera recognizes and tracks user’s hand gestures and physical objects using computer-vision based techniques. The software program processes the video stream data captured by the camera and tracks the locations of the colored markers (visual tracking fiducials) at the tip of the user’s fingers using simple computer-vision techniques. The movements and arrangements of these fiducials are interpreted into gestures that act as interaction instructions for the projected application interfaces. The maximum number of tracked fingers is only constrained by the number of unique fiducials, thus SixthSense also supports multi-touch and multiuser interaction.” The current prototype system costs approximate $350 to build.

Whatever is done in the physical world is replicated in the digital world. No more carrying around big tacky devices. You can see the numbers you want to dial on your palm and dial it, punch the digital wrestler using your fist, scribble something in your own handwriting and it will be stored no need to jog

your fingers randomly over the keyboard. You can see your sticky notes or your to-do list anywhere in the world. You can see the Google maps with the physical world. A boarding pass will tell you your exit gate and all the attractions your destination has to offer. You don’t need to carry your camera everywhere with you. Your fingers can form the frame and capture the pictures and later on you can use any wall to browse the pictures and modify them. You can watch live news on the newspaper itself and watch movies and games anywhere on a paper. Isn’t that incredible! (This should remind everyone of Harry Potter movies now) The potential of this technology is beyond words. We will now paint our physical world with digital information and we will augment the world around us using gestures. We don’t need to learn new languages for interacting with the pixels. The people with speaking and hearing disability will longer depend on sign languages to interact with the outside world. And as Mistry says “this technology will help us be more human and we would no longer be machines sitting in front of other machines.”

Aishika Bhattacharya M.I.T.


Art Attack


Devshree Thaker


D eli v er ance...De liv ere d !

T he very idea of a festival like Summer Storm is

simple, bring to the masses exactly who they want to see. Overture has done that twice and take my word, they have done it well. The second edition was in essentials similar to the first but the experience was entirely different. Why you ask? Enter Opeth…

The Swedish progressive metal outfit have been strutting their stuff for over 2 decades now and a lot of people (Including me) just can’t get enough of them. Their latest offering ‘Heritage’ released in September last year showed why they are considered one of the heavyweights in this particular genre. The album is new, fresh and exciting but is still a very Opeth record (you certainly do ‘Feel the Dark’). The band is currently on their ‘Heritage’ tour, one different from any of those they’ve done before essentially because of the lack of growling vocals. The festival kicked off with Theorized, a thrash metal band from Bangalore who tore down the place with their aggressive riffing and unexpected odd time patterns. Next up was Eccentric Pendulum from Bangalore as well. This band to me is what Indian metal is all about with songs like ‘Mathematicians of Ambient Waters’ and ‘De-engineer the Prevalent’, the stage was set pretty high for the next band. The next two acts were international acts. The first was Nothnegal from the Maldives. They were good, but lacked a certain something for me. Next up was German based Suidakra. This Celtic metal opened with bagpipes hence bringing a very different feel to the venue. Fast passed riffs with insanely fast drumming drove most of the crowd into a Mosh pit or two and in the processing breaking a barricade (causing a certain someone to lose his position in the front row :@).

After a frustratingly large number of chants of “OPETH OPETH” and other random nonsense, they were finally there. It was ethereal. The piano intro of “Heritage” leading into the progressive masterpiece that “The Devil’s Orchard” is, ensured that this night was one to remember. This was followed up by a couple of the bands lighter songs like “Credence”, “To rid the Disease” and the lighter set was rounded up with “Folklore”. And then came the twist, the moment a lot of us were anticipating, the extremely dark, frightening, and well deathly intro of “Heir Apparent”, which meant that Mikael Akerfeldt (Vocals) would be venturing deep into his throat to bring out his deathly growls! We were in store for a lot more. ‘The Baying of the Hounds’, ‘The Drappery Falls’ and finally the epic ‘Deliverence’ left us in a state of delusion and non-belief as to whether we actually witnessed what we did. Akerfeldt’s stage antics kept the crowd entertained all along. An epic end to an epic concert, because that was what it was, an epic.

Karthik Jana M.I.T.

The Drape

ry Falls 37


The Reel Sq u e e z e A ct i on Movies & CCTV Came r a s

I t’s been a season of Action Movies everywhere. It is

raining guns, bombs, bullets and bikes everywhere. But have you noticed something common? Yes, it’s the fascination of the action movies with 1.Hackers 2.CCTV Cameras 3.Lighting and Electricity Systems Seems weird, but it’s a powerful analogy that’s been evident for decades now. An action movie has a building always, to be looted or destroyed. And CCTV cameras form the only way the director gets directly into his subject audiences’ hearts! The scene is as common as predicting Britney Spears’ constant balding and greenery. The Hero needs a Geek, a Hacker who is instrumental to his plot. The Hacker cracks some pathetic Jokes, and tries to flirt with all the actresses therein, as if he’s a Casanova from Russia, having options aplenty! (Russia – 116 females per 100 males. Amazing isn’t it?! PACK YOUR BAGS!) Then come some action scenes where the hero takes over, takes the heroines, and then finds himself in a spot of bother. That is when his Masterplan-B sets in, the hacker deactivates the Electric system and then hacks into the CCTV cameras to replace the current video by the one recorded 2 days earlier!

It’s enthralling to observe how Action Movies Love to have Hackers, and how they Love to have CCTV cameras to save them always. 38

The CCTVs have also formed an effective escape route for script writers. It’s like, getting stuck in a Fire haven, and then suddenly dropping a huge layer of ice all throughout – Theoretically correct, but ineffective! Whether it’s been heroes saving heroines by kicking Grenades away or the Villains doing an 007 by acing an action scene, it all boils down to that one plot which steals the stand out nature of a movie. For example, the same plot involving hackers and CCTVs was executed in the 2001 movie Ocean’s Eleven. George Clooney and Brad Pitt along with Matt Damon, Don Cheadle and a host of others made it look unbelievably smart, sexy, quick and cunning. Now imagine what a Farhan Akhtar movie Don2 pulls out of its bag – the same 10 year old trick! Seriously, SRK looked so stupid when he confused the audience and himself in the pretext of Mixing the movie Inception, Matrix, Ocean’s Eleven and what not. There was just one word that defined it – The Matrix aka Fake Reality! CCTVs have nowadays begun to film that too! A Carl Zeiss, Nikon or even a DSLR Cam CCTV doesn’t matter, all that matters is the never-ending Love between the CCTV Camera and the movie plot! CCTVs – Saving action movies since 1896. Abh tak toh Pyar ho hi gayaa hoga dono me!

Saurav Bhattacharjee M.I.T.

The Drape

ry Falls



M ost of you in a relationship must have planned to

spend the day with that someone special in a special way. Movies, I guess will be featuring in your list. So here am I, your helpful buddy with a list of few lesser known un-forgettable Romantic movies that may set up the perfect mood for this day. (Classics like Cascablanca, Gone With The Wind, etc are not mentioned).

than many Bollywood run-of-the-mill flicks. It follows the love story between a writer and an actress in German Democratic Republic and the involvement of a man in their lives. 4. 500 Days of Summer: Directed my Mark Webb and having Joseph Gordon Lewitt

1. Before Sunrise: Directed by Richard Linklater and starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy this is an acting tour de force bound in a script and direction that leaves you wanting more. The movie portrays the randomness of love and asks the question- “Can the greatest romance of your life last only one night?” in the premise of one romantic evening in beautiful Vienna. 2. Before Sunset: Rarely do sequels fill up the shoes of their predecessor but this one not only succeeds in it but maybe moves a step forward. It’s the story of Jessie and Celine (Hawke and Delpy) after nine years of that one memorable night. They talk while they

and Zooey Deschanel delivering great performances, this movie wins you over by the style of presentation of an ordinary story, the time variations and split screen in between. This movie explains the complexities of love rather than love itself. A must watch for brilliant performances. 5. The English Patient: Nine Academy Awards and nominated for another three. Do I need to say anything else? Set in a backdrop of WW2, it shows a

stroll through Paris and discover even more. The screenplay is taut and leaves you marveling at the chemistry between the two leads. Short movie it is, as good things come in small packages. 3. Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others): This one is an absolute masterpiece. Not hard-core romantic but one of the most gripping movies I’ve ever seen. I was so engrossed in its beauty that I watched the whole movie in German and still it struck me more


beautiful love story in a flashback way that blows you off your mind. Ralph Fiennes is brilliant and Kristen Scott Thomas with Juliette Binoche delivers a performance that stays with you for long. 6. When Harry Met Sally: This is one unconventional romantic movie. It follows the peculiar story of Harry and Sally portrayed by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan respectively through the passage of time. It throws light on the dilemmas and fears in love. Must watch for the memorable chemistry between the lead pair. 7. My Sassy Girl (South Korean one): This one is got more to attract interest than just being a romantic movie. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the story of a random guy and a random girl with random incidents leading you to fall randomly in love with the beauty of the script! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s based on a best-selling book and has been remade in Hollywood (by the same name) and Bollywood (Ugly Aur Pagli) both.

Vibhooti Mangal Tiwari M.I.T.



T his sentence starts where you finished reading the book.

Love like many other words on this planet is very difficult to understand. In words of the great philosopher Rumi, love simply means ‘gratitude’; to thank someone and share a part of you selflessly. Today we have love all around us-at home, at work, in schools, colleges, even our cinema and literature now is heavily based on and around love. But apart from all these we forget to look for love in the place it most naturally exists in…inside all of us. And that is exactly where Gopal found it! When Gopal decided against everything that he would walk into Raghav’s office, confidently carrying the image of a very successful man and tell him on his face that Aarti no longer wanted to be with him—it was love inside him more than platonic love that stopped him from doing so.

Revolution 2020... a deeper look Not many people would be able to do that today, something that you had forever wanted is now yours but just then you realise you do not deserve it. Not many people today would accept and give it up and therein lays the greatness of the brilliant protagonist Bhagat has carved out. Revolution 2020 might not be the author’s most successful book till date but it most certainly is the one that forces you to think the most and reassure the very grounds we stand on today. Revolution 2020 leaves us with a question…”Would you be a part of the revolution if it meant changing yourself forever?”


“Sometime life isn’t about what you want to do, but what you ought to do.” The line above quoted by Chetan Bhagat is the underlying philosophy of this novel. In Raghav’s office that day, when Gopal met the poor farmer and his son Keshav, something from within stopped him from doing what he had come to do. In Keshav, he saw the innocent boy he once was. In Keshav, he saw the pain of poverty he once was amidst. In Keshav, he saw the part of himself he had killed. Every person every now and then does something wrong, sometimes he realises his mistake immediately and sometimes, the false air of ingenuity has to be pierced by conscience. This is exactly what happened with Gopal. Through Keshav, he realised that whatever he had today lay on the false foundation of lies, greed and corruption. Gopal went on to sacrifice his love, fully aware that neither Raghav nor Aarti would ever come face to face with the truth!


KC Vistas 12 th July 2010 NLH is so comfortable. No no no, IC looks incredibly cool! Oh have you seen the cool building they are making? I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s called AB5, it looks huuuuge! But as I wandered into the

campus I noticed manipal was much more alive than these buildings. This place had a life about it, or the cliched term for it, the 'campus life'. I as a freshman then wanted to explore experience, absorb this strange yet attractive term 'campus life'.

And as I penetrated through this campus, on the road towards KC, the road testified the clamor it had heard for decades, which was rather silent at this incongruous morning hour. The road paintings caught my attention. This road has been testifying the joys and the

solitudes of many over these decades. MIT is a very old place established in 1957 they say, and it all felt as if the road was introducing me to all those people, incidents that

happened, like a Hogwarts corridor where these road paintings like the speaking paintings there, reflecting the years of the past lives.

Then this wall caught my eye, which was painted AAINA PRESENTS CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. Oh now this brisk morning started looking brighter, and I looked around, this was the famous Kamath Circle all those people were talking about. This was and is the

heart of MIT. If there is any place where everybody is watching you, it is Kamath circle. I needed breakfast now, a really tasty breakfast! I looked at this old junction, which had

a huge tree behind it (although I didn't notice the tree until I was sitting alone one day near

basket ball court) Anyway I entered in this old 'KC Cafeteria' ordered Bombay toast and half fried eggs and started gazing the spectacular food court building.

Manipal is a strange place, a pseudo international ghetto between a picturesque natural environment. As soon as you go down this plateau you experience rustic authentic

Karnataka. But as soon as you climb this plateau, you are suddenly in a world of wi-fi clad smart phone carrying chaud wala crowd.

Well, an MITianâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s life begins and culminates at kc. 43

I saw her here at first I talked to her here. She looked so soft

She seemed so warm

And cuddled her here

And every day I remember the day I said for the first time “Hi, my name is Salmaan". There are a lot of stories that happened here, a lot have ended here. But there is

something about these 700 square feet. That everyone's story passes from here, here at Kamath circle.

12 th July 2011 But so many times have walked through this KC now. It’s like a place I miss every day.

It’s where everything happens.

There was this one time Queen’s baton came to Manipal during common wealth games. I was here when India won the world cup. Oh! They climbed the Kamath canteen. I was here when there was a candle light march. We stood up on the wall and the small circle where water used to clog, both of which have now been razed.

I have bought delegate cards and registered myself for the memorable events here. It

has been a year and a half of memories. That I want to share, that I can share, and some

I can’t share. Come here and stand for a few minutes you’ll hear that voices from 1980 or 1999 or the 1974 batch, still echo here at KC. A place where everyone gets annealed to the fabric of MIT, in the color of this kamath circle..

A first year asked me last evening. "Bhaiya, what is this KC? Where is it?"

I pointed straight with finger. There lies the kamath circle, go forge your memories... February 2011 I haven’t seen that girl since then, I think she got annealed in this

fabric, I think she liked

kc. That’s our little love


Salmaan Husayn M.I.T.


Scope Drenched in colour, euphoric and bright,

Look beneath her to find torments of fright… Forlornness, her anguish shall kill…

When it can’t get any atrocious, it will. The rise of a boundless realm,

Where all seems forsaken and calm,

After a procession of happenings she succumbed herself… The Wheel of fortune took her in and overwhelmed itself. As she evoked to creep into absolute darkness… Called for a conclusion to her distress.

A ray of radiance enlightened her hope…

Preceding opaque was transparency, it unveiled scope. She perceived the veracious depth of life,

It pierced through her resembling a serrated knife… A resolution that she would eternally amend…

Pronounced an untrodden beginning and not the end.

Sirimuvva Chirala M.I.T.


Valentine Vibes Did Merlin tell all of his subjects to wind the magic of love on a particular date and then finish up???!

He didn’t, but we still do! 14th of Feb is not a normal day, it’s the day when the true Roadside Romeos comes to life, after a depressing festival of Rakshabandhan wherein they lose battles, without fighting them, without Armoury. A Thread is enough to make them surrender!

This is a day when Cupid becomes Stupid enough to come down on the Earth once and fire Arrows dipped in the honey of love all around. One question- why is Cupid always dressed in an undergarment with Pinkish vibes??? Seems gay :P

But, here’s something interesting - Just how many of us find ourselves single EACH time Valentine’s Day arrives??! I do, each and every time!

Somehow or the other, the Valentine’s theory is contradicted every single year, only to be back again.

And then there are people who talk about ‘Soul Mates’ and ‘Eternal Lovers’. Is it

necessary that a person with a 1/365 probability meets his/her soul mate on this day?? The Odds are as low as getting Justin Bieber to sing in a male voice, seriously!

Love floats above the dense foliation of Photochemical City Smog, and people think That is Romantic. Ironic we don’t realise that this smog kills, and love does too!

The 14th of Feb is a day Jawaharlal Nehru was always skeptical about o.O No wonder his parents kept it a mystery! But we’re human, we still fall in love and fall out every time and go back again. It still stands that the expression of Love, whether it’s between Sweethearts or the pure

love for family is the strongest bond of human nature, for no other contract, no other agreement is bigger or better.


It is just us, who don’t realize that Love is easier to spread than hot butter on our morning

bread.365 days a year and we don’t realize that Love is something we can share it every day. There are so many people who need your love. Not just your sweetheart.

So this Valentine’s lets visit an Orphanage and an Old-Age home to spread the love to the ones who are unfortunately deprived of it.

Let’s put aside some clothes and food for the needy, and proudly say that I am just human, I see the Valentine’s Day go by every year, but this is the first time I have loved someone so special, that absolutely nothing can overcome this feeling :)

Make those 365 days the most enjoyable of your life, Love like you’ve never loved before, coz there aren’t any boundaries that can limit the wings of Love. Saurav Bhattacharjee M.I.T.


Bhaiyyaji Ismaail

'Bhaiyyaji, ismaail' a photographer asks a villager to smile for the voter identity card’s

photograph. This reminds me of the Indian government which wants the people to smile, if

not, at least in the photograph that proves the fact that you are a citizen of the republic

of India and are enjoying your fundamental rights which, apparently, don’t include the right to smile.

If you ask me, the ‘understood’ right to smile is enjoyed in its true spirit only by kids

under the age of five. After that,the smile becomes a practice performed in a purposefully designed biotic and abiotic ecosystem. Without talking much about the definition of ‘smile’ (which FYI is the curving of lips and rising of the corners of our mouth); let’s put it this

way- laughing without a sound is smile. The definition also mentions that a smile indicates happiness. This is somewhat disagreeable; it actually tends to indicate happiness.

Technically speaking, smile is a vector quantity which has magnitudes in terms of length of the lips after curving and the number of teeth visible and it has a direction which is often unknown.

My research on smile began with an encounter with a beautiful receptionist. Everything in the reception area seemed to be smiling- the calendar, the quotes, the artificial flowers, the receptionist and everyone talking to her. Even a sign-board prohibiting the use of

cell-phones had a smiling face drawn on it in the colour yellow. There was something about the receptionist’s smile that made me curious. I asked her, “How do you manage to smile

so constantly, so identically and so impartially?” she replied with the familiar smile, “Sir,

I can’t reveal the mechanism of my smile as it would be a violation of the company’s terms and conditions for the staff.”

I wonder if my right to information was sufficient to force her to reveal the secrets of

her ever-young ever-watery smile. I guess it’s the manager’s job to manage the smiles of receptionists working for his company. He would fix the upper and lower limits for

every receptionist’s smile as best suited to the clients and the circumstances- 7 cm for a satisfied client, 9 cm for an angry client and the like. There are several other

professionals with the same faux sourire practice. Politicians announcing their manifestos, celebrities in a press-conference, a businessman talking to his rival, a student

congratulating his friend on being the topper, a doctor examining a sick child, a husband buying jewellery for his wife- all of them have one thing in common- the fake smile. I


wanted to mention Navjot Siddhu too but I never saw him smiling; he only knows faking

laughter. Since the arrival of facebook, another genre of fake smiles came to existencethe one that we give for a profile picture.

Wait, did I miss out on something? The smile faked by that girl on the front seat of the

class, that girl in the neighbourhood, that girl at the airport, in the train, at the mall, the bus-stand, auto-stand, restaurant, that girl who didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a pen, who wanted to get

the tickets without standing in the queue, who wanted to cheat from your answer sheet...

the list is endless. The irony is that their fake smiles are the most dangerous. They make you fall for it and before you know it, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve bruised your knee. Poets and artists spent

life after life depicting this range of fake smiles but we never had a winner. And I dare

not join their league. So, I would wind up here. All I want to say to the readers is-'Bhaiyyaji ismaail'.

Arpit Shandilya M.I.T.


Valentineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bouquet

saahil dhingra

Chill Maadi V-Day Special  

Valentine's Day Special Edition !