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An electric car to redefine urban mobilty.


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The electric car revolution is here and a bright clean future awaits. Yet, as we shift to this fundamentally different technology platform, it becomes clear that existing vehicle designs deserve a complete rethink. We start with the usage patterns of modern commuters; noting that they most often only carry a single human occupant for short distances at low speeds. Numerous studies also show that, despite the undeniable benefits of emissions free mobility, modern electric cars are only fractionally more sustainable than their fossil fuel counterparts – when their entire life cycle impacts are considered.

This disparity in sustainability performance is mainly due to the incredibly complex manufacturing process that cars today demand; with their large steel bodies that were designed for the engineering challenges of the internal combustion engine. We have also seen a huge shift in consumer electronics and computing power enabling a new era of intuitive personal computing in high-tech devices. These factors combined beg the question ...


Is there a better way? 5

IT‘S TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW We are developing a range of light-weight electric city cars made from composite materials that can be optimised for sustainability whilst exceeding the safety and mechanical performance of heavy, steel framed vehicles. We intend to manufacture these vehicles in our own fully automated lean facilities – utilising state-of-the-art automation of high-pressure resin transfer moulds and subsystem assembly.

Uniti is an agile electric vehicle optimised for energy and resource efficiency, safety, and manufacturing scalability. We focus on a premium design and build quality whilst delivering a modernised user experience, and we aim to deliver these affordable electric vehicles to the mass market, ushering a new era for personal urban transport.

The vehicle platform has been redesigned for modern usage patterns and the era of autonomous electric mobility. Our composite based vehicles boast a new approach to safety, sustainability and scalability of manufacture, enabled by our foundation partnership with Siemens and others. 6

Uniti is designed for high performance and agility in urban settings. Our vehicles will include all the necessary equipment for reliable vehicle autonomy, and we will progressively enable these features over time, when we can ensure they are stable and reliable. These features are all targeted at solving the problems of underutilisation, limited parking, and overpopulation of cars.

Our vehicle abandons the mechanical properties defined in the combustion engine era and, instead, utilises fully electronic, modernised interfaces, including an electronic steer-by-wire system and a full screen smart heads-up display. These innovations enable a range of compelling safety, performance and entertainment features and are fully integrated into the ideal platform for the era of

Uniti is designed to be a mainstream product.

autonomous driving.

With a high-performance powertrain, developed in partnership with the world leading UK based Williams Advanced Engineering, the light- weight vehicle is designed to achieve impressive performance and range, with only a small battery. With Uniti, the smartphone era is happening now in the global automotive sector.


WE MEAN, REALLY NEW We are not just reinventing the car, we are reinventing the company. We want to build a brand not made with actors in TV commercials but from real, authentic, passionate people. Depicted in our brand is the ‘cosmic perspective’; the view of earth from space that helps us appreciate the unity of our planet and the collective inspiration to make it better. This ideology and inspiration is shared by our team, which consists of talented and ambitious millenials, alongside industry leaders that are hungry for change.


Our people, our culture and our brand are what makes us special and unique.



Induction or


plug-in charge

smart heads-up display

... a high performance electric vehicle designed for safety and agility in urban environments with a focus on sustainability and a modernised user experience. Uniti is an L7e vehicle with two or four seat options. The target price for the flagship model is â‚Ź20 000 and lower cost models will be available.

The design took several years of research, and involved a wide group of stakeholders, including leading Nordic product designers, and UK based Williams Advanced Engineering.

Removable auxiliary


battery system enabling

15kW rated hub motors

flexible charging

(75kW peak)



steering system

driving features

Carbon fiber and bio composite based

450kg dry weight

Reliable 300km range 0-80kmph <3.5seconds

in all weather conditions 11


Impact Environmental sustainability and societal wellbeing is fundamental to everything we do. We aim to be a leader in this field, exploring new ways to be better throughout the entire value chain.

Experience Uniti replaces ‘press and pull’ with ‘touch and swipe’. The fully immersive cockpit environment is alive with vehicle haptic feedback and a full-screen smart heads-up display.

Safety By augmenting the driver’s senses and decision making, Uniti can help prevent crashes. The vehicle also includes standard active and passive safety features and we are targeting a 5 star NCAP rating.




Interactive 3D AR Heads-up Display We have designed the space in front of the driver to accommodate the optics needed to achieve the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most advanced HUD, which uses head and hand tracking to make the interface 3D and allow the driver to directly interact with it.



Note: we currently demonstrate working prototypes for these innovations

Steer-By-Wire Our unique steering system could potentially unlock a new era of intuitive driving. The reliable computer-assisted vehicle control enables enhanced safety features, vehicle response and is much simpler to operate while making Uniti a lot more fun to drive. * Standard steering will be available

Vehicle Autonomy Our vehicle is designed for practical use autonomy, and we have partnered with leading hardware and software suppliers to bring this to market sooner. We develop mapping, path planning and automated navigation, and use deep learning to optimize visual object recognition, sensor fusion and information integration.

Human-Machine Interaction Traditional interaction points have been reinvented, replacing plastic buttons and levers with swipe surfaces, gesture controls, haptic feedback, and other means of interaction more akin to modern flagship smartphones.






Uniti is designed as an ideal second family car or a daily commuter vehicle for medium to high-income urban millennials. Sweden, Germany, the UK and France alone have more than 30 million people in this segment - yet this number can be greatly expanded to include tech savvy individuals of any age. The segment can be characterized as progressive in many aspects of social and secular life.

Additionally, this target group shows little interest in traditional cars. They are part of the trend of conscious consumption and are media-hungry technophiles. Uniti is designed to be perfect for young professionals or young families wanting a lower cost vehicle, a low environmental impact, and with an enhanced user experience. Shortly after the first deliveries are made in Europe, we will start producing vehicles in Australia with a focus on the local market and exports to Asia.


The ideal

A daily commuter

second family car


For medium to high-income urban millenials



The electric car market is experiencing unprecedented growth but Uniti is not designed to compete with a Tesla, a BMW i3 or a Nissan Leaf. These vehicles are already a leap in the right direction. Uniti is a car for millennials, and is also designed to replace the second family car of most families, although our research shows that Uniti is the only car they will ever need. Our key differentiators are in our revolutionary user experience and holistic sustainability. The most relevant competitors on the market today are the Renault Twizy and Zoe, which is the highest selling electric car in Europe. Our analytics show that the growth of the EV market, inspired by Tesla, is only limited by the narrow range of vehicles on offer. The physical comparison to these competing vehicles is somewhat limited as Uniti could represent the beginning of very a different technology platform for personal urban mobility. Our steer-by-wire system, user experience features such as immersive in-car gaming, and the focus on shifting user patterns and business models, are significantly different to anything else on offer in the market today.


City / micro car segment + Experience





Production of Uniti is significantly simpler than common steel framed cars of today and this is our key advantage. Designed for fully automated production, our planned facilities will be capable of producing up to 50,000 units per year by 2020. These will include a series of fully automated high pressure resin transfer moulds customised for manufacturing composite materials and a fully automated 10 station sub-assembly line. This production line is under development in a virtual environment in Siemens PLM software system.

We have had advanced discussions with several external providers enabling the sale of service packages at a lower cost than current industry standards. This is because Uniti is a vehicle that is simple in engineering and designed to be robust. In the event that service is needed, agents will be ready to assist usually within 60 minutes of a service call, Europ-wide.


Fully automated 10 station sub-assembly line.



Supply chain is both our greatest challenge and greatest opportunity. We have been vigilant in partnering early with leading global tier one suppliers capable of delivering fully assembled subsystems, such as our powertrain, body electronics and dashboard with integrated HUD optics system. We have conducted extensive research into an ideal long-term enterprise resource planning system and we are careful to eliminate supplier dependencies whilst having contingency supplier plans in place.

Our key partners have joined us early and we have signed long-term agreements to ensure we reduce risk in critical areas well ahead of time.


Supply chain is both our greatest challenge and greatest opportunity.



Uniti is not destined for a car yard, but instead is designed for direct sales online or in a consumer electronics setting. For the latter option we have mass scale distribution agreements under discussion and through both sales strategies we can reach customer numbers that meet and exceed current industry norms due to our unique product positioning and market approach. Uniti can be delivered to a customersâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; door easily â&#x20AC;&#x201C; as it is designed to fit in the back of a standard commercial delivery van. Its lightweight and minimal form factor also make logistics simpler.

Our vehiclesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; innovative user interfaces, such as the heads-up display and interior driver tablet, are also ideal tools for sales demonstrations in flagship consumer electronics stores or in dedicated, branded retail stores and shopping malls. Like Tesla, many people will order Uniti based on online content even before they have had a test drive.


Uniti can be delivered to a customer's door easily.



Tesla achieved US$10bil worth of orders for their model 3 within days of its launch â&#x20AC;&#x201C; all without spending any money on advertising. This shows the market power of a compelling and provocative story. In only our first year, with no finished prototype, we gained massive media attention including more than a thousand online/offline articles and global TV and radio coverage. This demonstrates the universal appeal of our product and our story, which has already gained a global potential media reach of 2.6 billion people (Meltwater PR Monitor statistic). Growing our reach is a key part of our strategy as well as engaging mainstream audiences on an emotional level as they follow our journey from prototype to mass production and first deliveries.


“Does Uniti hold the key to unlock the millennial’s interests and drive trust back into the market?”

“These young people are about the same age as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Steve Wozniak were when they first started out to change the world. Perhaps Uniti will be to our grandkids what Ford and Chevy are to people today.”



We began as a government funded research project and transitioned to a startup in January 2016. We wanted a strong grassroots movement, so we launched an equity crowdfunding campaign later that year for our pre-seed round, which quickly closed as one of Europeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest. A total of 367 investors from 29 different countries exceeded our campaign target within hours at a valuation of 9,8 million EUR. This accelerated our growth and within months our valuation grew rapidly as we received hundreds of large-scale investment offers from around the world. During this time, we secured companywide control and reporting mechanisms for procurement and accounting to ensure our financial backbone is strong, reliable and scalable. We are also exploring innovative financial instruments such as green project bonds and cryptocurrency innovations to finance different parts of our operations.

We are already a public company, and we are considering launching an initial public offering at an international stock exchange within 2 years, once we can robustly prove demand and production, and provided it is deemed a robust financial strategy by our stakeholders.


We are open to new investors.

Email us at:


COMPANY TIMELINE • Move into new offices and prototype production facilities • Team expands to 25 people • Uniti Sweden AB becomes

• Team expands

public company

to 15 people • First patent application filed

Funding • Crowd-



• Crowdfunding

Uniti Sweden AB


on FundedByMe

registers as a

• Angel investors

Swedish corporation

• Partnership with Siemens • Team expands to 40 people


• Average of two

• Angel investors

patents / month

• Almi Government Grant

Funding • 2nd round for private investors




2016 32




2017 Above list shows target values and design is not final.


• Launch of prototype • Move to mass-scale manufacturing facilities


• Manufacturing of

• A-round funding

first production car

preparing for production






2018 33


Evaluation prototype

Prototype unveiling

Vehicle homologation

Factory virtual design and optimization

Factory planning and implementation

Supply chain design and optimization

Install robots, presses and assembly line

Marketing push to secure refundable deposit down pre-orders â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Target 50,000 globally




2017 34




2018 Above list shows target values and design is not final.


First deliveries Europe



First deliveries Asia




2019 35


As a company pursuing radical innovation on all fronts, we are keenly interested in unlocking the advantages of blockchain technologies in our community and ecosystem. We believe that the emerging blockchain platforms and the associated decentralized applications (Dapps) will change both the way companies offer products and services to their customers as well as the way companies raise capital to take their innovations successfully to market. An example of our actions on this front, is work we are conducting in partnership with Price Waterhouse Coopers, to potentially launch a cryptocurrency crowd sale of Uniti Smart Tokens. These tokens would not be deemed as a security, and would be held in a separate, wholly owned subsidiary based in Switzerland, with a â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Know Your Customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; (KYC) clause. The effort could raise substantial funding for company operations and would initiate a market for the tokens, which could be redeemed for things like charging or car sharing, environmental benefits such as carbon credits, or access to data platforms.



Charging infrastructure continues to be a barrier for the mass uptake of electric vehicles, especially in key markets such as India and other parts of Asia. Although charging infrastructure continues to be implemented at unprecedented rates, we still design our products with this challenge in mind.

The vast majority of vehicle trips are less than 30km. That’s why Uniti includes an auxiliary battery system. A 2kWh battery, designed to be easily removed and charged in under 1hour at a standard home, office, or café power outlet. This battery can be placed in the vehicle seamlessly, charging the main battery in under 10minutes with 30km of range. This system opens up a wide variety of charging options, including ‘charge on demand’ and community charging, and also lengthens the life of the main vehicle battery. We include a home induction charger option, as well as foldout solar charging options for both the auxiliary battery and the vehicle itself. These innovations should provide all the peace of mind and convenience needed, for apartment dwellers, the range anxious, or anyone else considering buying an EV that is concerned about ease of charging.



Supply Chain As we plan to conduct our own manufacturing of the structure and assembly of the vehicle, supply chain timing and partnerships is one of our most critical challenges. We need to procure the right amount of everything for delivery at the right time and from the right suppliers. We are currently very careful to build internal competences for this challenge as well as taking advice from industry leaders. We are also careful to design the vehicle so that supplier dependencies are minimized, and all is managed through well researched enterprise resource planning software. We also maintain strong contingency plans, such as utilising contract manufacturers, to minimise risk in supply chain and manufacturing.

Regulatory Frameworks We need to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation to establish our position as the leader in the light EV space. Whilst our regulatory category encourages this, and has far less restrictions, there are several parts of the vehicle that have not been seen before in automotive.


To mitigate the risk of regulatory delays, we have partnered with homologation firm Applus Idiada early in the process, and we are careful to design contingencies should any compromise to our timeline arise. One example is our steering system that can be easily replaced with a standard steering wheel, and easily converted later as an optional extra.

Capital Management Automotive manufacturing is a capital intensive business, despite our approach being exponentially less costly than traditional platforms. This means a constant flow of new capital is needed to reach each milestone. At present we have a large number of investors wanting to join the team and we are positioned well for various financial instruments and government funding. We make sure to plan well ahead with our funding and keep operations extremely lean with strict control measures and contingency plans in place, as well as diverse revenue streams to ensure insufficient capital doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t halt our growth.



Your phone buzzes, Uniti is on its way. You have set the daily collect time to coordinate with your commute to work, and it arrives to the park that you pinned on a map. Uniti is familiar with its surroundings. The automatic door opens itself, and you hear your customized morning greeting. You step inside and your digital life is already waiting, as your last Spotify track starts to play. You enjoy the drive to work in the rain and pull up right outside the front entrance. You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t worry about parking, or refueling, or theft or insurance, because you do not own this car. It simply returns itself to its owners parking space to top up its battery on its induction charger until the next trip. The owner returns from a business trip tomorrow and Uniti will collect her at the airport. While she was gone Uniti made enough money to cover its car payments for that month.

In the above case, there is no passenger in the vehicle while it is in autonomous mode. The vehicle is in a lower regulatory class, and with sensor activated remote human decision making capabilities via onboard cameras, the implementation barriers are significantly lower.


An electric car to redefine urban mobilty. We have already received our first government grant in a project partnership with Volvo (among others) to develop autonomous driving technology. Our first test robots already routinely carry out many of the needed functions and we are advancing rapidly. We have conducted our first tests on public roads, and we have our first B2B customer for this concept already. This vision is therefore not so long-term after all.



1691 online/off-line articles

>150 collaborators globally

>15 University research projects

367 investors from 29 different countries

3 government grants

727 non-binding pre-orders valued at €14.5mio (without sales promotion)

Winner: EBN Scale 11

Winner: Cleantech Scandinavia

Winner: Startup Sweden

Selected: Pioneers 500

PR Advertising value equivalency (AVE) 23.775.698 SEK

Total potential media reach of over 2.6 billion people worldwide (Meltwater PR monitor statistic)

122.000 unique website visitors

Multiple fully autonomous Robotic test platforms constructed and daily research is being carried out

40 salaried staff including 27 engineers, plus another 40 team members such as thesis engineers and interns


Intensive research and development in composite manufacturing underway

Cockpit and passenger packaging complete

Steer-by-wire test prototypes operational

Virtual Reality test-drive including fully immersive VR cockpit prototype

Strong brand development & story foundation

558.707 views on Uniti videos

Multiple exterior models currently under customer analysis deep study testing

Progress in artificial intelligence an computer vision (object recognition)

Heads up display prototype constructed with 3d augmented reality, head tracking and hand tracking

Relationships in place with global leading companies such as Siemens, Kuka Robotics, Williams Advanced engineering, Envida, Cisco, Oracle to ensure a smooth transition to mass production

Frequent keynote speeches at major conferences

Several successful exhibitions at major expos





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Uniti Sweden - This is what we do 2017  
Uniti Sweden - This is what we do 2017