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Yellow Dal Fry by

Masterchef Sanjeev Kapoor

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Description Simple and great tasting is all that can be said about this excellent dish. Cooking Time: 20-30 minutes Servings: 4 Preparation Time: 20-30 minutes Category: Veg

Ingredients Split pigeon pea (toor dal/ arhar dal) Ghee Onion ,finely chopped Garlic, finely chopped Turmeric powder Salt Dry mango powder (amchur) Cumin seeds Red chilli powder

1 cup 4 tbsps 1 medium 3 cloves 他 tspn to taste 1 tspn 1 tspn 1/2 tspn

Method Heat half of the ghee in a pan. Add half of the chopped onion and garlic and sautĂŠ till golden. Add turmeric powder, dal, two cups of water and salt to taste. Stir and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer for twenty minutes. Add mango powder and simmer for another fifteen minutes. Heat the remaining ghee in another pan. Add cumin seeds. When they begin to change colour add the remaining onion and garlic and sautĂŠ till pink. Add red chilli powder and sautĂŠ for two to three minutes. Add this seasoning to the dal, simmer for two minutes and remove from heat. Serve hot.

Tips by Chef Use unpolished dal, it is good for health.

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Yellow-Dal- Fry Recipe by Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor  

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