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Chief Executive Update We’ve seen a challenging start to the year with the weather, but the good news is that all of the growth that we have been planning for Q1 of 2010 has been signed off and we are on target to finish the financial year ahead of budget. Our success depends critically on everyone at LBM understanding and delivering our strategy. This month I want to discuss the third element - Managed Accounts. Essentially, “Managed Accounts” is a label that we use in LBM to describe the way that we look after our clients and it makes us very different from our competition, most of whom offer a basic, cheap service. Managed Accounts is about doing everything the clients want and more, and includes: • An in-depth understanding of our clients, their strategies and brand values • A full service, including great MI and regular contact from all parts of LBM. We do everything possible to help our clients. • A continual stream of new ideas from LBM to help the clients improve the strategies they are running with us • Putting the client first at all times, even if it costs us • Aiming not just to make the clients happy, but to delight them doing the unexpected extras

The absolutely crucial point is that “Managed Accounts” is about each and every one of us. We can each make a real difference to our clients; make a bigger contribution to the business with more job satisfaction, as well as broadening our own experience and getting ready for promotion. The more of us who get on board with this mind-set, the more LBM shows the “power of the many” and becomes unstoppable. Thanks to all of you for your efforts to deliver this kind of service to our clients!

Mark Bates Chief Executive

It’s actually a mind-set we all share - a way of thinking about and looking after our clients that is ahead of our competition and will make us winners.

An afternoon at the Oscars! What better way to celebrate the end of the year than with an action packed afternoon at the Oscars! The Support Services event which was held at the Manchester 235 Casino was hosted by the heads of the support functions to thank all their managers for their hard work in 2009. The afternoon combined various fun-filled Oscar-themed quizzes with a whole series of Oscar awards which reflected the contributions made by the managers throughout the year. The highlight of the afternoon was when Vinny Robertson, LBM’s Business Improvement Director, gave awards to Maryanne McCloy (People Services), Craig Burgess (Quality), Christine Hodson (Compliance) and Darren Windsor (Training) for their outstanding contributions to the success of the Support Services team.

The Voice of Data Sales In what was a short month, December was further proof of continued growth across the Data Sales team, aided in no small way by some significant wins across the team’s Managed Accounts as well as a number of substantial renewals. In line with our continued efforts on the Account Development Programme, it was pleasing to see retained business with Viking, Healthshield, BDO Stoy Hayward and Staples for 12 month data licenses. We have in fact won new pieces of work from some of our

other key accounts such as Marketing Guru, Simon Jersey, Fedex and Rackspace to name but a few. This is all testament to a team approach to customer service and solution selling. The Direct team, led by Daniel Dunphy, posted over £50k despite some significant changes in the team’s structure. The Telemarketing team is also going from strength to strength and having a great impact on the overall performance of the new business sales team. Here’s to more of the same in January and beyond!

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Our Voice Getting to work is snow problem at Bredbury!

Atlantic Point races ahead with British Gas

As the UK was hit with heavy snow during December and January, many contact centre staff were left battling to get into work. Reception was “snowed under” with calls from numerous employees who were struggling to get in to work. However the site responded in true LBM fashion with many Advisors picking up those who were unable to get in. Even though Advisor numbers were lower than usual it was a testament to the dedication of the team that so many made it in despite the adverse weather.

December saw Atlantic Point get off to a flying start as we secured an additional 25 seats on the British Gas campaign. The ramp up, which will take place in January has come off the back of the success of the Dual Fuel campaign and is the product of a lot of hard work from both Operations and Client Services. This is yet another example of our growing relationship with the UK's biggest energy supplier and the work we are putting in to develop relationships with our existing clients. There was also further cause for celebration as the campaign finished No. 1 in the British Gas outsource chain in Week 51.

General Manager Kevin O'Connor: “Once again Bredbury has shown it is able to achieve in the face of adversity. Many of the managers on site have been doing numerous trips to work to ensure that their teams get in and have, quite literally, gone the extra mile to succeed.” Training trial Meanwhile, a work based training trial started in Bredbury in December with the aim of bringing the long term unemployed back to work. The scheme was launched in conjunction with a local training company and from the initial group, we achieved a 70% pass rate, saving the company £1200 in recruitment costs. Due to the initial success of this trial we plan to increase the size of the groups in January. Watch this space! Return of O2 January has also seen the welcome return of O2 B2B in Bredbury. With 15 Advisors hitting the phones in January, this campaign is a direct reflection of the fantastic work being delivered on other O2 campaigns across the business. The campaign will grow to 30 Advisors by the end of January and remain until April on a trial basis. This is a huge opportunity and is being relished by the management team who know that success will bring further growth later on in the year. This has been in the pipeline for some time and all involved have worked incredibly hard to make it happen.

Belfast Booms! Belfast have welcomed some new faces to the site this month. Recruitment Executive Julie Coombs joins the Recruitment team, and Sara McDonnell and Ceri Mallon have joined the HR Department this month. Sara joins as HR Administrator and Ceri as maternity cover for the Senior Administrator role. Long standing LBM employee John McConnell has also been promoted into the role of Senior Team Manager. John started at LBM 5 years ago as a Level 1 Advisor (as it was then!) and has worked tirelessly to progress up through the ranks. Congratulations John - we wish you every success in your new role.

Future growth Meanwhile, in December the fantastic news was announced regarding the future growth of the O2 Prepay Retention campaign. This is a campaign that has been running successfully at AP for 5 years now. The growth of the campaign overall has resulted in the need to expand the numbers at AP from 85 to 110, rising from 5 teams to 7 in total. Congratulations to Verushia Norris, Kim Robinson and Simon Fergusson who recently were successful in passing their Senior Advisor Assessments and now join the campaign as part of the growth plan. CCM Dave Metcalfe commented “I am very excited about this level of growth that has come our way at AP. This is a testimony to all the staff who have worked so hard on the O2 Retention campaign to build a solid, stable and secure platform from which to build.”

Terri Cass off to the Vodafone incentive Elsewhere this month sees the launch of a fantastic incentive from Vodafone, with Advisors being given the opportunity to win fabulous prizes for volume of sales around the new '360' handsets. Our very own Terri Cassidy was awarded 1st prize and received tickets to attend this year's Brit Awards held in London in February! Prize winners also included Stacey Flemming and Connor McCrudden who were awarded Samsung Handsets. Well done to all the winners! Telecoms growth Meanwhile the trend of campaign growth continues at apace with new seats secured for both O2 and Vodafone. Vodafone’s ProRetention campaign arrived in Belfast under the guidance of Team Manager Connor Rooney. The O2 growth plan is also well underway and the Recruitment and Operations teams are working flat out to ensure a successful delivery for this client. CCM Liam Lynch says: "This year has been absolutely relentless in terms of all teams working together to ensure a successful delivery against the O2 growth plan. This growth is testament to the hard work and dedication of those involved and I would like to personally thank all the staff on O2 in Belfast for their excellent contributions."

sidy is e Brits

New Year, New Start at Middleton It’s all change at Middleton & Atlantic Point this month as Jamie Alaise and Ian Hughes prepare to switch sites! The move which starts from 1st February will present fresh new challenges for Ian and Jamie and we wish them every success - bring it on! To celebrate the end of an era Middleton will be holding a "Casino Night" for the team, giving Jamie the opportunity to win "LBM Pounds" and dress as 007 for the night! Everyone at Middleton would like to wish him the best of luck in his new venture, but we’re sure he won't need it!

The Best at LBM It’s the first Be the Best awards of 2010, and I must say I was overwhelmed with the quality of the nominations we have received this month. It makes me so very proud to be working with this calibre of people and as such I have found the selection process extremely difficult.

The Nominees Jon Hall (Jill Saunder and Vodafone) Natasha Chohan (Jill Saunder and Vodafone) Joe Moore (Khurram Akram)

Jamie said "It has been great working with all individuals at Middleton and it is a credit to them that the site has prospered to the extent that it has. I have enjoyed my time at Middleton and am looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead."

Alexandra English (Dan Church)

Ian will be saying farewell to his team over a few drinks and wishes everyone at Atlantic Point the best of luck for the future.

Colin Lumb (Nick Parums)


And the winners are…

January has also seen a number of successes at Middleton - Pete Whelan was voted Advisor of the Month on the AOL campaign due to his continued success and is currently at 400% to target. Well Done to Natalie Ralphs, Ray McCracken and Belinda James who all successfully passed their TM Assessment. Natalie has now joined the Vodafone Management team, Ray will be taking over the AOL outbound team and Belinda has the Scottish Power B2B campaign. Good luck to you all in your new roles! Finally, all Advisors dug deep to raise money for the Haiti Disaster Fund in light of the recent earthquake. Middleton managed to raise an amazing £350 for this worthy cause. A big thank you to all the Advisors that contributed.

LBM achieves PCI Compliance LBM is proud to announce that after a rigorous assessment, we have now achieved Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) compliance. So what does this mean for us I hear you ask! Basically, PCI DSS compliance requires companies to meet a stringent set of requirements that enhance the security around their clients’ payment account details. This involves passing an external security scan every quarter and meeting a required set of standards. This compliance standard gives our clients the confidence that we are able to deal with their customers’ payment card information in a secure manner and is another step forward in our quest to Be the Best.

Richard Humber (David Walters) Karen Leather (Lee Taylor) Hannah Radford (Richard Humber and Jenny Blake)

1st Prize - Joe Moore (Facilities) Joe is one of the unsung heroes of LBM and this award is long overdue. Joe works tirelessly to look after our sites and keep them looking their best. The recent weather conditions were a big test of him, but as usual Joe rose to the challenge and ensured all our sites stayed fully open. Joe’s determination and willingness to go the extra mile marks him out as someone who wants to Be the Best and doesn’t accept failure. Well done, Joe!

2nd Prize - Alexandra English (Marketing) This year, Alexandra has undertaken the major task of rebranding LBM and launching the new website. As well as developing an innovative and creative brand and website that’s professional and in line with our strategy, Alexandra has created our brand imagery (the building blocks) and has successfully rolled this out across the business.

3rd Prize - Richard Humber (Data Services Team) Richard and his team have worked extremely hard over the last 3 years to create a Data Warehouse of all contact centre activity and the savings and efficiency gains from this have been enormous. The huge respect that Richard and his team have from Operations and Client Services shows that quality people are visible to everyone by their efforts. Please keep the nominations coming! Reading them is one of the most enjoyable parts of my role.

LBM's Head of Data Centre Operations & IT Infrastructure, Will Brook commented, "There have been a number of high profile cases where outsource companies have lost or abused customer bank card details - the PCI data security standards significantly reduces these risks for our clients."

The Rules The Best at LBM award is about special people at LBM and their managers - people who execute LBM’s strategy of Intelligent Contact, Being the Best and Managed Accounts. Nominations must be submitted by LBM managers only. Prizes on offer are £500 for the winner, £300 for second place and £100 for third. The money goes into the next monthly salary.

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LBM People

‘Ask Mark’ is a new feature for 2010 and is aimed at giving all LBM employees the opportunity to ask Mark a question which we will attempt to answer in each issue of Voice!

Congratulations to the following people who all successfully completed their first year of service with LBM in December.

Have your Say! Please email any questions you may have for Mark to Q. What did you do before you worked at LBM? A. “I worked in another venture capital owned business - I have done this sort of work for the last 20 years, which explains why all my hair is now grey! I’ve worked in a very wide range of sectors”. Q. Would you ever consider opening another contact centre, and if so, where? A. “Yes - and as we all together continue to look after our clients and grow, we get closer to being full. The options of what to do next are therefore being thought about now by the executive team; we are very excited by the many different possibilities for LBM - watch this space!” Q. What does LBM stand for? A. “I wish some-one would tell me; I have heard Last Bl**dy Minute (but I know we are more professional than that nowadays), Let’s Be Mad, Love Betrayal Marriage (for the inbound tarot line we experimented with), London Belfast Manchester and a number of others that I can’t mention in this sort of newsletter. I would like to think that you all know now that LBM stands for Intelligent Contact, Be the Best, Managed Accounts and we aim to deliver this to our clients”.

Your messages… Congratulations to Kathryn Hanson from the Credit Control team on her engagement to long term partner Dave Hatton. Wishing you both all the very best for the future.

Nichola Quinn Samanjit Bagri Lianne Fennelly Waqar Hague Daniel Makin Matthew Moorhouse Terence Pimm Sayfur Sarder Neil Storton Craig Winch Robert Wood Daniel Anderson Richard Dillon George Fisher James Lawrence Darren Mackin Daniel Manning Lisa McArthur Thomas McAuley Seamus Roberts Michael Sloan Christopher Toner Paul Wilson Julian Morris

LBM just keeps on running! LBM are proud to be entering a team into the 2010 Bupa Great Manchester 10k Run. The event, which is being held on Sunday 16th May, is a great way to raise funds for our local charity partner, The Christie. Thank you to the 24 people from LBM House alone who have already registered online - it’s gearing up to be a great day and we’ll collectively toast our success in a local bar afterwards. An LBM JustGiving account will be set up shortly which people can use to donate their cash. Further details of this and our planned “training” events will be announced in the coming weeks - watch this space! If you would like to get involved, it’s not too late, please email Claire Farrell:

Middleton would like to wish Happy Birthday to Carol Nortley who is 21 (again!) and congratulations to Steve Yates on reaching the big 40! Happy Birthday to both of them! Congratulations to Nicola Morley from the Finance department for passing her CIMA Business Strategy exam. Nicola now moves on to the final top CIMA exam which is the last exam stage and we wish her the best of luck!

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Do you strive to ‘Be the Best’? We are currently looking for top performing Advisors to join our Sales & Marketing team at Head Office. If you are interested in hearing further details please contact Helen Logan, Recruitment Advisor. Email her at

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