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January 11, there will be a Happy Hour at Datz Deli on S. MacDill from 5:30-7:30 p.m. $10.00 at the door buys you a drink plus appetizers. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you again! –Betsy, Voices for Children of Tampa Bay / Guardian Ad Litem We are Their Voices Every year in Hillsborough County, thousands of children are trapped in hopeless homelife situations. Even after they are removed by law enforcement, the vast majority of them have no say in their futures. Many children face a judicial system that does not get the chance to hear what is in their best interests. That is why Guardian ad Litem exists. And that is why Voices For Children works tirelessly on its behalf. Say the Word And We'll Be There For Them. Guardian ad Litem and Voices for Children need your help. There are two specific ways you, your company or organization can provide this much-needed assistance. One Contribute funds that will allow Guardian ad Litem to represent every child who needs help during legal proceedings. Currently, the program can serve only about 67% (based on April, 2010 data of 1733 children represented and 2571 children reported by Hillsborough Kids, Inc. as being “in” the Dependency Court System.)

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Swimming the Frogman Jay Gallagher On December 23rd a friend of my wife and myself called the house to ask me if I'd be interested in participating in a little swim. She couldn't find anyone either A) available to do it, or B) foolish enough to do it. She figured I fit the bill perfectly. So that evening before common sense could get the better of me I had joined US Masters Swimming and signed up for the second annual Tampa Bay Frogman Swim. The Frogman is a 5K swim starting on Gandy Beach in Pinellas county across Tampa Bay to Picnic Island. The swim is a charity fundraiser for the Naval Special Warfare Foundation which raises money for families of SEALs in need. It was started last year to benefit a SEAL who had been severely injured in a land mine incident in Afghanistan. This year the event was a USMS sanctioned event. I spent a little time in the next couple days securing volunteers to man kayaks for us on the swim. The race requires that each swimmer has a dedicated kayak escort. A friend of mine and his father, a retired SEAL himself, volunteered to be our escorts. My primary concern was to have water available to me during the swim. 3.1 miles is a long swim to go without hydration. My secondary concern was the desire to have someone there to gather the pieces should I encounter a large school of hungry bull sharks. So we met our escorts at 6:00. It was not an ideal morning with rain and wind, but last year it

You got to love a group of swimmers that get behind the skull & crossbones flag and go for a three To see more pictures click

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We will now be scheduling our Free Flat Repair Class every third Tuesday of every month. The next class will be September 21st at 7:00 p.m. Hope to see you all there. SHOP RIDE IS BACK !! See Website After a hard swashbuckle bashing to the face I get my cosmetic dentistry done at...

Bulnes & Buckenheimer!

was 37 degrees out so we had it pretty good. Check in was easy and the briefings for the swimmers and the kayakers was quick and painless. They had 67 swimmers this year up from the 37 last year. They started us in three waves starting at 8:20 to 8:30 based on our estimated finish times. They "require" that swimmers be able to finish the course in 2 hours. They ask when you register what your open water swimming experience is and what your expected finish time is. They may even contact you to provide a letter of recommendation from a USMS coach to testify to your ability. Fortunately my olympic tri's last year were enough for them to give me the green light. At 8:15 we did the national anthem and then all the kayaks went into the water. 8:30 came and I was off. It was like a triathlon "in water" start but less crowded so the usual tussling of bodies wasn't an issue. My strategy was to have my kayak guide me since he could see the markers easier than I could. I just tried to keep him 5-10 feet to my right the entire time. It worked great. It was really nice to have someone else sighting for me. If I didn't want to

I could have gone the entire thing without looking forward once. The official water temperature was 55 degrees. I had a neoprene Blueseventy skull cap and Blueseventy swim socks I had purchased for this swim. I'm glad I did. The water really didn't feel that bad for the first mile, at least temperature wise. The wind and waves were a definite challenge for the first third of the swim. Some people turned back. I'm not sure how many as I was a bit preoccupied at the time. It was difficult to get a breath, but my kayak and I pushed on. Eventually the waves got better. But as the waves got better and we got out into more open water the temperature took a dive. It was then that I realized that the temperature forecast was accurate. But it was still OK. I mean, I didn't freeze to death so it wasn't that bad. After the first mile we came across a sand bar that was shallow enough that we actually walked for about 50 yards. I used the opportunity to take a drink. After the sand bar it was back to swimming and not being able to see what was

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under there. That's the eeriest thing about the swim. Visibility isn't great and you just know there are things there that you would rather not think about. Toothy things. The bad news is that I knew we were swimming through some of the best bull shark fishing areas in this part of the state. The good news is that it's winter and not exactly shark prime time. No matter how much you rationalize open water swimming to yourself, the simple fact remains that you are not at the top of the food chain when you enter the bay. I had all the confidence in the world that nobody would get eaten and I was right. At least nobody got eaten that I'm aware of. After an hour and a half I was so close to the finish I could taste it. But it's the same as any race, that last little bit can take an eternity. I finally

turned the last marker and headed for shore. There was another swimmer right there with me and we both swam until we stood, looked at each other and gave each other a high five! Unlike other races where we might be fighting for that last couple seconds until the bitter end, we both walked to the finish together happier than pigs in poop with our accomplishment. We were met by the race director, given our medals, sweatshirts and a big congratulations. The crowd on the beach was cheering and clapping. It was really great. Our final time was 1:45 and change. Well under the 2 hour limit. I'm happy to have finished... and not get eaten... or freeze to death. Our friend who originally told me about

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Bob Sierra YMCA 6:30 PM


New Tampa YMCA 6:00 PM

Train Hard, Race Fast, Party Hard, Give Back CHRISTY Monday

Bob Sierra YMCA

5:15 AM

Wednesday Bob Sierra YMCA

6:00 PM

Train Hard, Race Fast, Party Hard, Give Back

TEAM PSYCH Weekend Open Water Swim Let’s wait til Feb 2011 At least monthly Bob Sierra YMCA 6:30 M, W YFC Sat 10:30

New Tampa YMCA Contact Dave Naffziger 813-727-9693

Open Water Swim 6:30 Wednesdays Pass a Grille Beach Not until spring 2011

Team Psych Weekend Bike Ride See Weekly E Mails See Page 20 Suncoast Bicycle 8:00 am Sundays 40-60 miles Check their web page to see if they have one this weekend

Carrollwood Bicycle 7:30 am Saturdays 27 mile loop

Track Workouts 6:30 pm Thursdays Ben Hill Middle School Returns with Daylight Savings Time in Spring

Bob Sierra YMCA 6:30 pm Tuesdays

University Bicycle 10:00 Wednesdays 8:00 Sunday San An

Temple Terrace Run 7:00 am Sundays 5,8,10 mile loop

the swim had some navigational problems but did finish the event last in 2:38. A major accomplishment. Many did not finish. The race personnel do not pull you out of the water unless you want to be pulled out of the water. And everyone waits for the last swimmer to come in. Nobody gets left behind. It was a great race for a great cause and I can't wait to do it again next year! Needless to say, I highly recommend this event for anyone who likes the swim. Check it out: http:// JAY GALLAGHER 100% of proceeds are donated to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation which supports

the men and their families of Naval Special Warfare. As for Team Psych we congratulate Jay on his accomplishment in the Frogman.

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This is a fun, slightly rolling ride. It doesn't matter if you are an A or B rider, as there are riders at various speeds, including yours. Ride distance is 20-37 miles. Its up and back, cant get lost. Come meet other members. Learn skills. You have all the time to ride by yourself, but it isn't ever going to make you go faster or longer than you already are! Directions: Take Suncoast north to County Line Road exit , make a left going west 1/4 mile, turn right on Anderson proceed north approximately one mile and park in the ballfields parking lot.

Jan 16th Dirty Duo

19 San Juan Ironman 70.3

February 13 Chilly Willy Du Ft DeSoto 26 & 27 Gasparilla Distance Classic March 5 USAT Draft Legal Tri Clermont 13 Miami International Olympic Ironman

Sun, Feb 13 Sun, March 20 Sat, April 16 Sun, May 1 Sun, May 22 Sat, May 28 Sun, June 19 Sun, June 26 Sat, July 2 July 30 Sat, Sept 3 Oct 16 Sat, Oct 22 Sun, Oct 23

20 Gator Sprint & Olympic Sarasota, discount to the Team Psych for the Gator half or Olympic distance triathlon on March 20th in Sarasota, go to GATOROLYMPICTRIATHLON/Register discount code is "psych" 26 Great Clermont Tri Olympic

Chilly Willy Duathlon Fort Desoto Gator Half & Olympic Tri & Duathlon Escape from Fort Desoto Sprint St Anthony’s Tri Mad Beach Tri Madiera Beach Crystal River Sprint 1 Heartland Triathlon Sebring Morton Plant Mease Tri Sand Key Crystal River Sprint 2 Top Gun Tri Ft Desoto Sprint Crystal River Sprint 3 Longleaf Suncoast Fort Desoto Longboat Key – Sprint -Olympic Tri

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Roy Taylor 813-289-7867

Roy Taylor from Body Construction (on West Kennedy, near Westshore Mall) is selling a couple of Lemond Bike Trainers for $250 each.

I am selling a Broyhill Attic Heirlooms nightstand and dresser. The night stand alone cost $579. I have attached a picture of the nightstand, but mine is in white. Please let me know if anyone is interested. I think the dresser sells for $1,900. I will sell both for $700.00. Please forward to anyone you think might be interested, I really need to start emptying the house! My loss, your gain!

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