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Light breeze, colourful leaves, and warm tea. Autumn is here!

Who we are? "Tea is an occasion for sharing, a way to create peace and harmony, a symbol of conviviality and hospitality, a question of taste"

Pleased to meet you! I am Guylaine Gagnon TAC professional certified tea sommelier, happily married to a wonderful man for almost twenty-five years, and a mother of an amazing twenty three year old boy who is my constant source of love, pride and kindness. 2012 was the year that things took a turn for me: after working over thirty years as an accountant, I was forced to change careers. It was in middle of this transition that I discovered a passion for tea, which became my new Journey. Since then, I have followed that passion to build a business that I love, bringing some of the best teas from all over the world to local tea lovers who enjoy sharing their story over a good cup.

Our Tea Monde

"We VALUE artisan tea and tea blends made of highquality natural ingredients"

"We BELIEVE in outstanding customer service"

"We CARE about ethical, sustainable business practices"

Why choose Tea Monde™?

Life is too short to drink bad tea! Don’t waste precious moments  drinking poor quality stuff, you deserve better.

Treat yourself with great-tasting, quality teas!

A message from your tea sommelier I hope you had a wonderful summer and you fueled up of all the benefits of the amazing sunlight.  But, with winter around the corner, it's time to stock up on fruit and vegetable preserves, and finish up the seasonal maintenance on the car, the yard, and the house to prepare for the cold weather ahead. But what about our bodies?  If you're anything like me, you often forget or neglect that item.  Integrating tea into our daily routines is a great way to keep our systems clean and strong through those tough winter days, and help us stave off seasonal cold and flu. In this issue, we are featuring teas loaded with some of nature's best ingredients, like antioxidents and vitamins to bring health benefits, stress relief, and happy moments to your daily routine. The holidays are a perfect time for tea.  Surprise your loved ones with one of our tea gift sets, and impress your guests with my festive Holiday Apple Cider Spritzer recipe on page 12.   Don’t miss out on all our tips and tricks! And, if you try out any of my recipes, I would love to hear your feedback!  Send me an email, post something on our Facebook page, or Tweet us at @TeaMonde. Don't forget the photos! Finally, after the Holidays I will be posting a series of blogs about teatox and detox.  Stay tuned! There will be lots to learn and try. I wish you all the best for this last quarter of the year, and a winter  filled with joy and happiness. Cheers! Guylaine


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Fair Trade

TIPS AND TRICKS The Art of Brewing Tea, pages 25 - 26 Tea mocktail, page 13 Enhance your tea mocktail with a tea syrup page 13 Matcha smoothie pages 6 - 7

WINTER SELECTIONS White teas Pages 5 Matcha and green teas Pages 6 - 8 Black tea Pages 9 - 10 Pure tea Page 11 Holiday Seasonal Pages 12 - 13 Wellness blends and Rooibos Pages 14 - 17 Fruit teas Page 18 Teatox Page 19 Tea wares Page 20 Tea Club Page 21 CONSULTANTS CORNER





Become a Tea Consultant Page 22 - 23 Sales tools Page 24

white tea house blend

Cinnamon Spice 13.75 - 50g Get a taste of Nature's spice and sweetness.

Divine Blueberry $13.75 - 50g Taste like fresh-picked, right from the field.

TIP The Art of brewing white tea White tea offers many different subtleties in flavor and aroma, but the brewing process does require some attention. First, never pack the leaves in a small steeping basket, filter, or tea ball. Second, the ideal water temperature is between 80C and 85C. Too hot, and the water will burn the leaves and kill all those wonderful subtleties. Read more about this in “The Art of Brewing Tea” on page 23, and check out this video m/watch?v=y0K0lzPafMc

White Coconut $13.75 - 50g Add an exotic touch to a sweet treat.

Peachy Treat $13.75 - 50g Fruity and delicate. Add some bliss to your day. 5 | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

matcha No other tea brings you more antioxidants

TIP Matcha is a great tea for smoothies and baking. Add 2 tsp. of Matcha Blueberry or Raspberry to a 8 to 12 oz. smoothie to enhance its taste and health benefits. You can add Matcha Chef's Choice to your cakes and cookie dough, 1 tbsp per batch, or just enough to taste. Your whole family will be tempted!

Matcha Blueberry $13.50 - 50g

Matcha Raspberry $13.50 - 50g

Matcha Chef's Choice $27.75 - 50g

Our matcha teas are made from Tencha leaves, the highest grade you can get for a healthy antioxidan-rich tea. 6

delightful! MATCHA SOOO GOOD! Prep. time: 5 min. Serving: 1 INGREDIENTS: 3/4 cup cashew milk 1 tbsp. maple syrup 1/2 orange, juice and zest 2 square (20g) 70% dark chocolate 1/2 tsp. Matcha Chef's Choice DIRECTION: Bring cashew milk to a boil. In a food processor, press the orange juice, grate the orange zest, add Matcha, maple syrup, grated chocolate and hot cashew milk. Set to blend and let run until the chocolate has melted. Serve immediately.

POWER BOOSTER GREEN JUICE Prep. time: 10 min. Serving: 1 INGREDIENTS: 1 cup filtered water 1/2 cup ice cubes 1/2 cup diced cucumber (unpeeled) 1/2 cup diced celery 1 Grannysmith green apple (unpeeled) 1 large leaf of kale or swisschard 1 wedge lime (rind removed) 1 tbsp. freshly grated ginger root 1/2 tbsp. Matcha Chef's Choice DIRECTION: Put all the ingredients in the food processor. Set to ''ice crush'' and let run until liquefied.

7 | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

green teas

Bamboo Tiki $11.50 - 50g A spicy and exotic blend of fruit and coconut.

Coco Mojo $11.50 - 50g A taste of juicy Thai Coconut.

TIP The Art of brewing green tea Respecting the water temperature recommended for each tea is crucial, especially for green tea.  The temperature of the water keeps the balance between tannins, amino acids, minerals, and aromatic compounds. Follow the instruction on your tea package regarding water temperature and steeping time. Read more about "The Art of Brewing Tea" on page 26 and check out this video

Foxy berry $11.50 - 50g A fresh, sexy berry taste!

Japanese Iris $11.50 - 50g Fragrant like a flower bouquet.

house blend

Jasmine Bliss $14.25 - 50g Captivating and delicate.

Lemon & Ginger Twist $9.85 - 50g A nice zingy and refreshing taste.

house blend

Lemon Splash $9.85 - 50g Juicy like a fresh squeeze of lemon. So real!

Momo $9.85 - 50g Roman chamomile and blissful peach.

Morning Grapefruit $9.85 - 50g The invigorating taste of grapefruit. Yummy!

Moroccan Mint $11.50 - 50g Mint and green tea at their best.


black teas

Butter Candy $9.85 - 50g A nice creamy taste of butter candy.

Caramello $9.85 - 50g Caramel without the calories!

Cinnamon Kick $9.85 - 50g A bold kick of cinnamon taste.

Crème Vanille $11.50 - 50g Outstanding creamy vanilla taste.

Dazzling Grapefruit $9.85 - 50g The dazzling taste of a fresh grapefruit.

Indulgent Chocolate $11.50 - 50g Chocolate without the calories!

Strawberry Treat $9.85 - 50g The name speaks for itself. Simply delightful!

Wild Blueberry $9.85 - 50g Tasty like it was freshly picked from the field!

TIP The Art of brewing black tea Except for hygienic reasons, you should never boil water to make tea because the boiling process causes the water to loses its oxygen content, which plays a fundamental role in transferring the aromatic compounds. Furthermore, after boiling, the minerals in the water form a film on the surface which does not react well with the tea. Read more about "The Art of Brewing Tea" on page 26 and check out this video

Lady Grey $9.85 - 50g The classy and classic version of Earl Grey.


St-Petersburg Earl Grey $11.50 - 50g The Russian version of Earl Grey. | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

black teas

Chai house blend

Chili Chocolate $11.50 - 50g An amazing blend of spice and sweetness!

Pumpkin Spice $11.50 - 50g Spiced with art. So good!

Traditional Spicy $11.50 - 50g A long-time family tradition best selling tea.

Vanilla $11.50 - 50g Lovely vanilla in an awesome blend.

Show your love with tea for Valentine's house blend Our Little Sweet Heart gift set is the ideal Valentine's gift for the sweet heart in your life. A blend of black tea, cinnamon and cinnamon hearts candy. Flavorful and tasteful! Limited Edition $32.50


pure teas limited editions


Yunnan Yin Zheng $19.50 - 25g tin WHITE TEA. Refreshing, subtle, and smooth.


Nano $19.50 - 10g tin WHITE TEA. Exclusive, exceptional, and unique.

Gyokuro $19.50 - 25g tin GREEN TEA. The highest Japanese grade.

Kamairicha $19.50 - 25g tin GREEN TEA. A rare and exceptional Japanese tea.

TIP The Art of brewing pure tea There are two tea making traditions worldwide: The Chinese and the Anglo-Saxon. The basic rules of these two schools are summarized as follows: Chinese (Eastern method): many tea leaves in a small vessel, a very short infusion time, and multiple infusions. Anglo-Saxon (Western method): few tea leaves in a large vessel, a long infusion time, and a single infusion. Read more about "The Art of Brewing Tea" on page 26 and check out this video

Anaiza $19.50 - 25g tin OOLONG TEA. An excep- tional high mountain tea.


Alishan Yongu Hong Cha $11.50 - 25g tin OOLONG TEA. An exceptional high mountain tea.

Sencha $19.50 - 25g tin GREEN TEA. The most famous Japanese tea.

Du Yun Mao Jian $19.50 - 25g tin GREEN TEA. An outstanding Chinese tea

Assam Golden Tippy $19.50 - 25g tin BLACK TEA. Brisk, wellbalanced, and generous.

Darjeeling 1st. flush $19.50 - 25g tin BLACK TEA. A rare gem, aromatic and complex. | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

holiday seasonal house blend Holiday Spirit is a festive blend of tea and spices to put you in the mood for the holidays! $17.50 - 50g paper tin wrapped Disclamer: wrapping may be slightly different.

house blend Fire Side Party is a blend of black tea, fruits and spices that will warm your soul and your heart. $10.50 - 50g

Holiday Joy Gift Set Fire Side Party 50g Dragonfly cast iron tea pot 2 cast iron cup $113.95

Holiday Gift Set Holiday Spirit 25g Fire Side Party 25g In a gift box $36.95

Holiday Collection Gift Set Holiday Spirit 75g Fire Side Party 75g Cinnamon Tea 75g Holy Chai 50g In a gift box $54.75 12


Holiday Apple Cider Spritzer Trick



Ingredients: 3 ounces Holiday Spirit tea blend (6g leaves / 4 ounces 95ยบC filtered water, steeped 5 min.), chill. 2 tsp. Holiday Spirit tea syrup 300 ml Sea Cider Pippins apple Cider

Ingredients: 1 Cup sugar 1 Cup filtered water 20g Holiday Spirit black & oolong tea blend 2 Orange rind 1 Madagascar vanilla pod 1 Cinnamon stick

Directions: In a highball glass, pour tea and tea syrup. Add Apple Cider and serve. MOCKTAIL: Substitute Cider with ginger ale.

Directions: In a pan, pour sugar and water. Boil for 2 minutes, then remove from burner. Add all other ingredients. Put the lid on and let steep for 20 minutes. Strain into 500 ml mason jar.

CHEERS! Hario Filter-in bottle set One bottle with two double wall glass and 50g Holiday Spirit house blend $80.50 - set limited stock

13 | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

wellness blends & rooibos

Autumn means pumpkin!

house blend Our Limited Edition of Berries and Spiced Pumpkin Seeds is the perfect comforting tea for the Autumn months. All natural and flavorful, this caffeine free blend of berries, spices, and pumpkin seeds will please the whole family. $13.50 - 50g


wellness blends

house blend


Asana $12.25 - 50g

An energizing blend of spices and herbs.


Budda's Secret $12.25 - 50g


A blend that will take you to your nirvana.

Energy Bost $9.85 - 50g An invigorating spicy blend.

TIP The Art of brewing wellness tea Like beverages made from true teas (Camellia Sinensis), wellness teas can be served hot or cold. Wellness and herbal teas have been used for nearly as long as written history extends. Documents have been recovered dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient China that discuss the enjoyment and uses of wellness tea blends and herbal teas. Read more about "The Art of Brewing Tea" on page 26 and check out this video



Sahara $12.25 - 50g

Mint and zingy ginger in a refreshing and tasty blend. | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

wellness blends

For Her $12.25 - 50g A blend that promotes hormonal balance.


house blend


Holy Chai $9.85 - 50g A great caffeine free alternative.

For Him $12.25 - 50g A stimulating tea that acts as a stress-reliever.


house blend

house blend

Kiss me $10.50 - 50g A great berth freshener.


house blend

Moonlight $12.25 - 50g All you need for a good night sleep. C.F.

Ginger Tea $12.25 - 50g A detoxing and immunebulding blend.


Quietly $12.25 - 50g Digest and rest with this tasty blend.



Lemon-Lemon $10.50 - 50g An efficient liver cleanser.

house blend


Winter Joy $9.85 - 50g

Efficient cold and flu beater.





Bourbon Street $10.50 - 50g The delicious taste of bourbon vanilla.


Caramel $10.50 - 50g The name speaks for itself. A lovely treat!


Choco-Mint $10.50 - 50g So delicious! Fresh and sweet!

Cherry Chéri $10.50 - 50g A lovely blend of cherry and vanilla.

TIP The Art of brewing rooibos Rooibos is a tisane ("herbal tea"​ ) made from a small, evergreen shrub that grows outside Capetown, South Africa. It is also known as "red bush"​ or "red tea"​ and is known for its woodysweet, lightly tannic flavour. Due to the naturally sweet flavour of rooibos, it is often used in socalled "dessert teas,"​ teas that are blended with ingredients like chocolate, vanilla, caramel and fruits for a sweet flavour. Read more about "The Art of Brewing Tea" on page 27 and check out this video


Gingerbread $10.50 - 50g Spicy and sweet like a piece dessert.

house blend


Green Rooibos $10.50 - 50g Rooibos at its natural, nonoxidized.



Peppermint $10.50 - 50g Healthy and refreshing.


Red Rooibos $10.50 - 50g Pure original rooibos, also called ''red bush''. C.F.

Tiramisu $10.50 - 50g A decadent, healthy, calorie-free treat. | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

fruit teas

Berries Cocktail $13.95 - 50g An award-wining blend of rich Canadian berries.



Berry Wonderland $11.95 - 50g A refreshing and invigorating blend.


Feeziwing's Fruit Tea $10.50 - 50g A festive and delightful blend.


Hawaiian Punch $9.85 - 50g A joyful blend of exotic fruits.

TIP The Art of brewing fruit tea Like tisane or rooibos, fuit tea brews in hot water (almost boiling) and can steep as long as you want. It makes excellent iced tea and is good for kids. The quantity of fruit required for brewing one cup is larger than for tea, 3g to 4g (1 tbsp) is best . Read more about "The Art of Brewing Tea" on page 23 and check out this video

Southern Peach $9.85 - 50g Fantastic peachy and creamy taste. C.F.


Tropical Delight $9.85 - 50g A blend that feels like beach vacation.


Smashing Berry $11.95 - 50g An explosion of flavours.

Tutti Frutti $9.85 - 50g A nice thirst-quenching sweet and sour tea.



Zingy Berry $10.50 - 50g Fresh and invigorating like a soft breeze.





TEATOX FOR DETOX ‘’Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.’’ –Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Herbal teas can do much more than just quench your thirst. They are natural way to increase energy and fight disease, and are great solution for people who want protective health benefits in their daily diet without having to take handfuls of supplements and pills for minor ailments.

INCLUDED: Lemon-Lemon house signature organic herbal blend 25g Peppermint Rooibos house signature organic blend 75g Matcha Chef's Choice 25g Hong Jing Tuan 2006 Pu’erh 10 x tuocha Quietly house signature organic herbal blend 25g White Ginseng Detox organic and fair trade 75g 25 drawstring tea filters Program booklet. These teas have powerful health benefits that will widely increase the results of a detox cure. Together, they make up a cleansing regimen to get rid of toxins, as well as to rejuvenate and re-energize the body.

Keep in mind that you should always consult a physician or other qualified health professional regarding treatment of any health problem. It is recommended that you also consult your pharmacist to ensure that drinking tea and herbal blends will not interact with any medications you may be taking.

19 | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

tea wares

Red Dragon - 1500 ml $93.25

Dragonfly - 800 ml $77.50

Blue Pebbles - 600 ml $77.50

Tube - 800 ml $77.50

Warmer $42.00 Trivet $12.95

Cup - black or red $12.95 each

Our cast iron teapots are collected and admired for their beauty, fine designs, and ability to brew the perfect cup of tea. 20

tea clubs No need to be a tea snob to be in the club!




PERSONALITEA CLUB Express your mood with a cup of tea!

Active, green Adventurer, green Dazzling, green Intense, green/black Passionate, black Pretty, green Romantic, green Serious, black Stylish, black Sparkling, black Thoughtful, black Wild, green



TASTEA CLUB The freedom to create your custom selection!

Each new member will receive a FREE tea measuring spoon and 50 drawstring filters with the first month's delivery. Personalitea Club members receive one 100g Tea with Personality every month. Tastea Club members can choose three teas from our selection and receive 25g of each. Talk to your Consultant to learn more. | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

gratifying & flexible


Make your business anything you want it to be! Get started for $159

Start building your dream today! Tea Monde™ independent consultants are likely to earn nearly 40 percent commissions and bonuses for sharing their love for tea. Ask your consultant or visit 22


DREAM VACATION Just a step away!

Consultants earn $2,000 in CAA travel credit upon reaching $25K annual personal retail sales volume 23 | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

consultants corner Included in the starter kit 8 x 50g best sellers loose leaf tea 50 1 cup drawstring steeping filters 50 1 teapot steeping filters Stainless Steel fine mesh infuser 1 tea measuring spoon 24 special business cards 10 personalized brochures 1 printed catalog Educational & training material Set up of a personilized Facebook page One hour training with professional tea sommelier All taxes and shipping


Sales tools Drawstring steeping filter - pack of 50 $8 Personalized brochure – pack of 10 $10 Printed catalog – each $10 Sample/Business cards – pack of 24 $12.50 1 teapot steeping filter – pack of 50 $6 Stainless steel strainer – each $8.75 Tea measuring spoon – each $4.50 Tea sample 15g – each $2.50

Sponsors and consultants do not earn commission on starter kit and sales tools


The Art of Brewing Tea "Tea is a work of art and needs a master hand to bring out its noblest qualities." Okakura Kakuzo, The Book of Tea, 1906

The importance of water The quality of the water is just as important as the quality of the tea leaves used for the infusion. Once in the cup, the color and aroma of the brew will depend on the type of water used during preparation. It is clear that good water enhances the quality of the tea. We recommend mildly acidic filtered water with a pH less than 7. Water temperature Except for hygienic reasons, you should never boil water to make tea because the boiling process causes the water to loses its oxygen content, which plays a fundamental role in transferring the aromatic compounds. Furthermore, after boiling, the minerals in the water form a film on the surface which does not react well with the tea. Respecting the water temperature recommended for each tea is crucial. The temperature of the water keeps balance between tannins, amino acids, minerals, and aromatic compounds. An excessively high temperature will burn the leaves and destroy the aromas and flavours of the infusion. Plus, by accelerating the extraction of polyphenols, the tea will become bitter and sour. On the other hand, an excessively low temperature, at the opposite, prevents the leaves from “blossoming” (to expend or unfurl), and this results in an unbalanced and tasteless brews. To learn how to temper the water without a temperature controlled water boiler, check the video on the page of each tea on our website. Infusion times Although it mainly depends on one’s personal taste, it is recommended that you follow the instructions listed for each tea. However, it is important to be aware that over-steeping will cause tannins to develop too far, wich will make the tea bitter and astringent.

25 | Fall & Winter 2016 catalog

The Art of Brewing tea Choice of steeping vessel There is no right or wrong teapot, and one method of preparation isn't necessarily better than another. However, certain teas prepared in certain vessels will yield optimal results, and highlight the quality of the tea. Some types of tea can only express their full potential when the proper steeping method is used. It is important that the leaves should have enough room to unfurl inside the steeping vessel. The more room there is, the better. Because of this, the use of a tea ball, basket strainer, or paper filter is never a good choice, especially when brewing Premium and Grand Crus teas. While brewing tea in a French Press teapot, let the piston up while the leaves are steeping. When the steeping time is done, gently push the piston down up to a minimum of one inch over the leaves. Never push the piston all the way down and press the leaves or you will end up with undesirable bitterness and astringency. Quantity of leaves There are two tea making traditions worldwide: The Chinese, and the Anglo-Saxon. The basic rules of these two schools are summarized as follows: Chinese (Eastern method): many tea leaves in a small vessel, a very short infusion time, and multiple infusions. Anglo-Saxon (Western method): few tea leaves in a large vessel, a long infusion time, and a single infusion. It is not a question of one method being better than the other, but rather that different teas have different characteristics that are brought out more effectively by longer or shorter infusion times. There is no absolute rule about leaf quantity, either. Ensuring the optimal quantity of leaves has more to do with which steeping method is being used and the ratio of leaves to water. When using the Western method, the general rule is to use 2.5g of leaves per 250ml of water. You should follow the directions given on your tea package. Optimal storage Be sure to keep your teas in a tightly closed bag or tin. Store them in a cool environment that is well ventilated and far from spices, coffee, cheese, or any foods with strong odors.


Good tea, all day, every day!

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