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2007 MotoGP Calendar


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Lucio Cecchinello’s History


Lucio’s Message


Some time I ask to myself why the man is so eager to compete, to challenge, to fight; and why , year by year, I find myself in front of a “starting gate” always there, ready to follow new dreams and new targets; on a motorbike or, more simply, “pushing” a bike! Sport offers to all of us a lot of huge opportunities to feel the emotions coming from competing and fighting and shows us all the secrets we need to face the hardest situations. Several times the sport incites us also to stand up and to get up once again... Even only “pushing” a motorbike. It’s so for me but I feel also that a lot of people suffers an healthy and wonderful throbbing. All the people involved in our wonderful sport feels the same. With these few sentences I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the people that give their contribution in pushing me again towards this new starting gate in order to launch Carlos, Eugene and the Honda LCR Team towards new and ambitious goals. A volte mi domando perchè l’uomo sia così motivato a competere, sfidare, a battersi e perché io stesso mi ritrovi anno dopo anno davanti ad un “cancello di partenza” sempre lì ad inseguire nuovi sogni e nuovi traguardi o sopra una moto oppure anche più semplicemente... “spingendo” una moto! Lo sport offre a noi tutti enormi opportunità per provare le emozioni legate al confronto, alla competizione e al duello, ci insegna i segreti per affrontare le situazioni difficili ed in molti casi stimola la voglia di alzarsi e rialzarsi.... anche solo “spingere” una moto, oltre a me, credo che faccia venire un sano ed irrinunciabile batticuore a tanti, tanti altri coinvolti nel nostro splendido sport. Con queste poche righe vorrei esprimere il mio più sincero ringraziamento a tutti coloro i quali hanno contribuito alla preziosa “spinta verso questo nuovo cancello di partenza” per lanciare Carlos, Eugene ed il Team Honda LCR al raggiungimento di nuovi ed ambiziosi traguardi.


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Grand Prixes: Qatar Turkey France

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Carlos Checa

The Spanish rider Carlos Checa is a source from which humility and professional gestures constantly flow. Raised among bulls and mountains, he has forged the talent to mix his incredible personality with an unusual brotherly love. After his tragic motorbike accident (his spleen was eradicated and an inner hemorrhage almost costed him his life), he fought against all odds and turned into a real winner by changing his past perceptions.



Carlos Checa 14

His new philosophy consists on enjoying a hundred percent each minute of his new life. Fan of all adventure sports and animal maniac, he considers himself a very lucky man for his full dedication to what he has always loved: motor cycling competition. Carlos Checa has an experience of 14 years in speed races and more than 200 victories have been immortalized on his winning list: he started riding a small Rieju in Criterium Trophy and soon passed to be guest rider for Team Pit-Lane at the Cataluña Circuit (his first big prize). A seventh position in the race, achieved after fighting eagerly against Aspar or Gianola, makes the team decide to make Checa an offer for 94 season. Carlos takes part in the Championship, ending in position no 12 and turning into the best private rider of the race. For season 95, Sito Pons counts on him; Checa gets aboard one of his 250cc Honda’s with more than acceptable results. He wins the Open Ducados on national territory, but it’s Alberto Puig ‘s misfortunate fall that gives him the opportunity to ride a 500cc NSR until 1998, his best personal and professional year: he was fourth on the Championship. Jarama circuit and several second and third positions made it possible).

Yamaha nails his eyes on him and makes him a great offer: he rides for the japanese brand from 1999 to 2004. Nevertheless the final balance, according to the rider, was not too positive and he starts the negotiations with Ducati. In 2005, Carlos feels happy again collaborating in the development of a new motorcycle -nowadays, world champion-. Sito Pons again offers Carlos to go back on track beside Casey Stoner, a plan that finally decays for economic reasons. Checa finds himself in the middle of nowhere, but his big ally Yamaha comes to the rescue, alongside Dunlop tyre industry, eager to take a new step towards evolution. In spite of not counting with first line materials, Carlos surprises the world again. Nevertheless, he is certain: with better equipment, he could be ahead in the Championship. Checa meets Lucio Cecchinello and offers himself as rider for 2007 season under one condition: to have underneath his legs a Honda motorbike equipped with Michelin tyres. Once more, the rider-person demonstrates to be more worried about his bike than about his salary. Luck comes back into his life: the Japanese motorbikes did not fulfill the expectations, making it quite difficult for the rider and manager more than once. Even so, we have to take our hat off to this magnificent rider (and better person) who never stopped smiling under his helmet during the whole championship, making everybody’s workload easier and lighter. After his performance in Suzuka 8 Hours, Honda won’t let him go and makes him a new offering focused on the upcoming SBK.



The team


The team

INSIDE THE SOUL TEAM INTERVIEW - Your passion? - 3 things to take with you to a desert Island… - Blonde or dark? - Motorbike? - A dream - What do y hate most? - What do y need most in your life? - A frequent memory? - Your best point? - Your biggest fault?

RAMON FORCADA Role: Chief Mechanic Place of birth: Moia (Spain) Date of birth: 24-05-57 HOBBIES: Wines collection and books ‘06- HONDA-LCR. CASEY STONER. CHIEF MECANIC ‘05- HONDA-PONS. ALEX BARROS. CHIEF MECANIC ‘04- HRC. ALEX BARROS. CHIEF MECANIC ‘03- HONDA-PONS. UKAWA. CHIEF MECANIC

- My daughter; - Books, a woman, my daughter; - Blonde; - HONDA; - The world title;


- Hypocrisy; - Good company; - My daughter’s birth; - Tenacious; - Nervous.


- Motorbikes; - My dog, a woman, a motorbike; - Blonde; - HONDA; - Peace;

- Falsity; - Health; - My own house purchase; - Honest; - Shy.


- My wife, my sons, condoms; - Dark; - HONDA; - A good life for my sons; - Being away from my family;

- Free time; - My first marathon; - Good worker; - My dialect.


The team


- Motorbikes; - A woman, one motorbike, fuel; - Both; - HONDA; - Winning the lottery;

- Falsity; - More time for the women; - My recovery after a bad accident; - Honest; - To kind.

UGO GELMI Role: Tyre Responsible Date of birth: 22-07-63 Place of birth: Folgaria (Italy) HOBBIES: skying ‘06- HONDA-LCR CASEY STONER .Tyre Resp. ‘04- Aprilia-LCR RANDY DE PUNIET. TYre Resp. ‘03- Aprilia-LCR ROBERTO LOCATELLI. Tyre Resp. ‘02- Aprilia-LCR ALEX DE ANGELIS. Tyre Resp. ‘01- HONDA-LCR LUCIO CECHINELLO. Mechanic ‘00- HONDA-LCR NOBORU UEDA, Mechanic

- Flying; - A woman message, beer, cros swords; - Dark; - HONDA; - Health; 20

- Bootlickers; - Health; - No idea; - Sincere; - Stubborn.


- Engines; - A woman, one catamaran, Italian wine; - Dark; - HONDA; - A big country house;

- Traitors; - Health and happiness. - Scooter accident; - Simple; - To generous.

ATSUSHI SHIMIZU Role: Honda Engineer Date of birth:26-03-75. Place of birth: HIROSHIMA (Japan) HOBBIES: fishing ‘06- MOTO GP TESTING Mechanic ‘05- MOTO GP TESTING Mechanic ‘04- MOTO GP TESTING Mechanic ‘03- MOTO GP TESTING Mechanic ‘02- MOTO GP TESTING Mechanic ‘01- MOTOCROSS Mechanic ‘00- WORK-SHOP

- Fishing rod, Girlfriend, MP3-Music player; - Dark; - HONDA; - To live by the sea;

- Dishonesty; - Ease; - 2002 First victory in MotoGP; - Ambitious; - Slow.


The team

HIROKI OZAWA Company: SHOWA suspension Date of birth:31-07-1972 Place of birth: SHIZUOKA (Japan) HOBBIES: music, sleeping ‘06- MOTO GP. DEVELOPMENT GROUP ‘05- MOTO GP. MAX BIAGGI ‘04- JAPAN CHAMPIONSHIP ‘03- SHOWA-JAPAN ‘02- WORK-SHOP ‘01- WORK-SHOP ‘00- WORK-SHOP

- Pet, my wife, a baby; - Dark; - HONDA; - Endless vacation; - Trust;

- Falsity; - Better job; - Optmisti; - Short Tempered.

DAVID VILASECA Role: Rider Personal Assistant Date of birth:13-01-71 Place of birth: MANRESA (Spain) HOBBIES: Trial, playing the guitar ‘06- CARLOS CHECA Personal Assistant ‘05- CARLOS CHECA Personal Assistant ‘04- CARLOS CHECA Personal Assistant ‘03- ADAM RAGA’S Minder ‘02- ADAM RAGA’S Minder ‘01- ADAM RAGA’S Minder ‘00- MARC FREIXA’S Minder

- Motorbikes; - Good company, return ticket; Tourist guide; - Dark; - HONDA


- Becoming old; - Falsity; - Riding with my dad; - Honest.

ELISA PAVAN Role: Press Officer & Logistic Resp. Date of birth:27-04-76. Place of birth: Padova (Italy) HOBBIES: Swimming, Books, science-fiction movies ‘06- HONDA-LCR. Press Officer & Logistic Resp ‘05- HONDA-LCR. Press Officer & Logistic Resp 04- HONDA-LCR. Press Officer & Logistic Resp 03- HONDA-LCR. Press Officer & Logistic Resp 02- HONDA-LCR. Press Officer 01- TEAM-ITALJET Press Officer 00- HONDA-LCR Press Officer

- Books and food; - My mum, sun cream,my dog; - Dark; - HONDA; - A happy family;

- Lies; - Health; - My grandad; - Dynamic; - Stubborn.

OSCAR HARO Role: VIP Guest Manager Date of birth: 03-08-72 Place of birth: Madrid (Spain) HOBBIES: PR ‘06- HONDA-LCR. PR ‘05- HONDA-LCR. PR ‘04- YAMAHA-GAOULISES. PR ‘03- SEEDORF-APRILIA. Team Manager ‘02- HONDA-LCR. Mechanic ‘01- HONDA-LCR. Mechanic ‘00- TEAM-FONTANA. Mechanic

- My life; - Good company. Good music, return ticket; - Dark; - HONDA; - No more wars and poverty;

- Evil; - Love; - My brother; - Optimist; - Many.



Motorbike 800 cc

Technical specifications Overall length : 2050mm Overall width : 645mm Overall height : 1125mm Wheelbase : 1440mm Road clearance : 125mm Weight (kg) : over 148kg Engine type: liquid-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4 valve V-4 Displacement : 800cc Maximum power : NA Frame type : twin-tube Front Wheel (inch) : 16.5 Rear Wheel (inch) : 16.5 Front Suspension : Telescopic fork Rear Suspension : New Unit Pro-link Fuel tank capacity : 21 liter



Eugene Laverty Eugene Laverty 26

YOUNG SPIRIT FOR A STRONG CHALLENGE One of the most exciting projects for Team LCR has always been the one related to young promises (upand-coming talents). This project has positioned future champions as Casey Stoner, Mattia Pasini, Alex de Angelis, Randy de Puniet or Roberto Locatelli directly in the starting grid. These and many other names became popular worldwide thanks to the motor-racing team’s wit and hard work. In 2007 season, the chosen one was the Irish rider Eugene Laverty. This boy has just concluded a magnificent season in the England National Championship riding a 600cc CBR and ending the trophy in third position. Passing to two-stroke motorbikes has been the result of a long period of learning, while he revealed the secrets and clues of this Championship. This circumstances, added to his lack of experience and support (he had no official motorbike), have made Laverty go through a very hard time. Even so, Lucio Cecchinello trusted him and Laverty responded well: a very satisfying year has been the result of Cecchinello’s bet. Other teams became interested in the rider, and nowadays he has several offers for the upcoming campaign. The Staff team put at Eugene’s disposal for his training, was the same one gathered by Lucio for Dani Pedrosa, awarding him as best 125cc rider in the World Championship back in 2004. The technical staff, leaded by Paolo Cordioli, has wide experience on this issue; this has given the Irish rider the opportunity to give a huge step forward in the GP field. After nine months

of hard work, supported at all times by two technical teams (engine and suspension, respectively), the young rider finds himself in perfect shape to face his second season in 250cc World Championship, this time riding an Aprilia. Lots of luck for his next performances; we are sure we will see him again, very soon...


Team 250 class 28



TeamTeam 250 class 250 class 30

Eugene: “Well there were always bikes around the house when I was a kid so it was only natural for me to give it a go.. not so natural though was the fact that at the age of three I rode a motorcycle before I rode a bicycle without stabilisers! If it wasn’t for my father and mother there is no way I would be where I am now. I am very fortunate that I have such supportive parents and also two older brothers racing before me. Before I began road racing I was fit to learn a lot from the sidelines and so it gave me a headstart.My debut British Supersport victory at Thruxton is a great memory for me because of the circumstances.. I had a comfortable 2second lead when I came into major tyre woes and was pushed back to 3rd within a couple of laps. That should have been my race over but I capitalised on a mistake from the leader to get back in front and rode the last few laps of my life to hang on for the win! My worst moment in racing and also in my life so far was losing my teammate Chris Jones after he was fatally injured in a startline crash. He was only 14 years old and we were quite close. It was very hard to come back from that but now I always have motivation to succeed for Chris.Actually my first season in road racing I ran with the number 91.. My brother Michael was using 19 so it meant I just nick his numbers rather than buy my own! Number 50 came about the following season and again it was the convenience factor! I had been signed up by TSR to race in Britain whereas my teammate Andrea Ballerini would be in GPs running the number 50 so I thought I might as well too!I enjoy a fairly easy going life living

Carlos: “I don’t know if it was a premonition or a coincidence but on the day of my birth my father had a motorcycle accident on the way to see me at the hospital for the first time. Ten years later, he turned up at school with a Mecatecno he had bought me and I was able to ride for the first time with him because my father would not allow me if he was not there.When I was thirteen he bought me an 80cc motocross bike and I began racing. With my friends and very few resources

I contested my first race on asphalt at a local circuitOn the pictures the chief tecnician Paolo Cordioli and his technical staff Angelo Bacigalupo, Paolo Vignolo and Franceso Galluccio.called

Can Padró. I had a Honda NSR 80cc and then I moved on to a Rieju, winning the Catalunyan Championship and taking the first steps towards GP racing with fourth place in the Spanish Championship and eighth in the European. I rode with a Honda and did some races on a home made bike, which never grew beyond that stage because of a lack of funds. My first World Championship race was the European Grand Prix at Ca



Motorbike 250 cc

Technical specifications Main specifi cations Overall length (mm) 1,960 Overall width (mm) 640 Overall height (mm) 1,090 Wheelbase (mm) 1,350 Road clearance (mm) 110 Weight (kg) over 100 Engine type: liquid-cooled two-stroke crankcase reed valve V-2 Displacement (cc): 250 Maximum power (PS): over 90 Frame type: twin-tube in aluminium Wheels: Front (inch):17 Rear (inch):17 Suspension: Front : Telescopic fork Rear: Pro-link Fuel tank capacity (litres) 21



Interview Interview


CHAMPION A character, a legend and a great rider, we know Angel Nieto: Q: How long have you been in this field? A: 45 years.

Q: What would you say to a young rider? A: I would tell him this is a job full of dedication, respect and passion.

Q: Have you maintained the same passion along these years? A: I am no able to do anything without passion.

Q: What is the first thing you would change, if you could? A: Nothing (laughing).

Q: Which is the most radical change you have experienced in this circus? A: The amazing technology applied to MotoGP and the tremendous amounts of money invested in it. Q: A dream... A: Pablo as winner of the World Championship. Q: A rival... A: Barry Sheene. Q: A circuit... A: Assen.


Q: A country... A: Spain and Italy.

Q:Radio/television show host or rider? A: No doubt: rider. Q: A model rider... A: Valentino Rossi; he has done very much for this sport. Q: A non exemplary rider... A: None. I respect very much everyone riding a motorbike. Q: A manager... A: The passionate ones, those who love this sport. They are many, thank God.



LCR Vip’s friends LCR Vips Friend



HONDA-LCR WEB SIDE Currently, almost every big International company has transferred a great amount of their capital to publicity purposes, from expensive television advertising to the increasingly requested inversions on the Internet. According to these, most people spend tons of time in their offices and houses connected to the Network, while commercial spaces on the television do not reach one hour exposure. Virtual platforms as Youtube or Google take only seconds to launch news around the world; this is unthinkable for publicity exhibited on the high-priced television, nowadays. Direct marketing has been gradually more and more related to our favourite sport for several reasons: live broadcasting worldwide, direct product representation “on site� –circuits to visitors, numerous websites developed by teams and brands, magazines, Internet forums and even the organization of events referred to these Championship. LCR Team takes a step forward concerning to other racing teams by having

one of the most complete websites in the market. This site has been translated to three different languages and has several links to sponsors and to Dorna-MotoGP web site, the Championship organizers. By means of these pages, we can always be informed on any sport or sponsoring strategies daily analyzed by the graphic designer department of the racing-team, as well as for sponsor news. Including linking actions, visits to www.hondalcr. com are above 0000000???? per week and eventually rising due to the importance of this racing team in the MotoGP Championship. Carlos Checa is a very popular rider not only in his country but in the rest of the world as well, counting with many fans with direct access to his website www.carloscheca. com or by linking on our racing team website. His good results in the past season riding his Honda and his great charismatic personality are responsible of positioning him ahead in the MotGP Championship ranking.





LCR Highlights TV





GP of Qatar


The Qatar Grand Prix ended in disappointment for Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa who crashed out of the race after making an impressive surge into eighth position in the early laps. When Checa fell on lap nine he was ahead of factory Honda rider and world champion Nicky Hayden. Checa started 12th on the grid and remained calm for five laps, before passing Chris Vermeulen, Randy de Puniet and Hayden to claim eighth position. The early exit was an unfortunate end to the opening race of the season which saw Checa post some fast and consistent49practice laps which had made him quietly confident.The next race is Checa’s home event, the Spanish Grand Prix. CHECA : “It is a great shame to crash in the first race after all the hard work by the team and my potential after six laps, when I moved forward into the top ten, I was racing strongly. I had just passed Nicky Hayden and was settling into a good rhythm-

but I had too much brake and lean angle, and lost the front-end. I felt like I had the pace for some good points today but now it’s done, I must look forward to next race at Jerez and fix this mistake.”British rider Eugene Laverty made an impressive start to his 250cc career by finishing 18th in the Qatar Grand Prix. Laverty rode a stirring race despite giving away more the 12 kph in top speed to factory rivals on the straight at the Losail Circuit.



GP of Jerez


Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa rode a brave and forceful race to finish sixth in today’s Spanish Grand Prix at a sunny, but cool, Jerez before 132,000 spectators. Checa started strongly from third on the front row, but dropped back to sixth on the opening lap and that proved decisive, as Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa raced away to early lead, with Rossi the race winner.Today’s lower than anticipated temperatures (19 degrees) for the race, were not ideal for Checa’s rear tyre choice and he lacked grip and stability over the final stages. Checa engaged

Casey Stoner andToni Elias in an intense mid-race battle but could not close the gap on rivals over the final laps. Sixth - Championship: 12th/10 points CHECA: “The lower track temperatures today did not give me the same feeling with the rear tyre as I had in practice, but even so it feels good to finish my

home race and score some points. I made a good start but I was not decisive enough on the first lap and lost some positions, that cost me valuable time. I enjoyed the fight with Casey and Toni, this was the best part of the race, but when they pushed with five laps to go I did have the tyre grip to respond.”Despite suffering arm pump because of tight-fitting new leathers, Irish rookie Eugene Laverty scored his first world championship points with a brilliant 14th place in the 250cc grand prix. Laverty passed ten riders on lap one with a superb first lap.



GP of Turkey


Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa finished 12th in today’s Turkish Grand Prix after a difficult day of racing at Istanbul park. Checa started from 16th position, but could not find the same positive feeling from his Honda RC212V and tyres that he had in earlier practice sessions.Checa settled in 11th on lap one, avoiding a four rider pile-up, but late in the race could not hold hold-off Chris Vermeulen and was twelfth at the finish. Checa said his bike was down on engine speed, tyre grip and chassis balance in a race from which he had hoped to achieve a much better result. The race was won by Australian Casey Stoner before 40,000 spectators.

Twelfth - Championship: 13th/14 points CHECA: “That was a very difficult race, much worse than I anticipated. I did not have a good feeling from the engine or front-end stability, especially in the fast, fifth gear corner. I almost crashed a couple of times, it was quite scary. From then I just decided to finish the race with no risks, I was suffering with tyre grip, engine speed and chassis balance which was much better in practice. We need to analyse these problems and move forward to the China race.”



GP of China


Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa scored his second top ten finish of the season with 10th place in today’s Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. Checa lost valuable time in turn one after the start, when he was forced to run wide to avoid hitting Alex Hofmann following a crash involving Toni Elias and Alex Barros.Checa was 13th at the end of lap one but recovered strongly to pass Yamaha rival Colin Edwards on lap 16 to secure tenth place, running the same pace late in the race as Loris Capirossi and Randy de Puniet. The race was won by Australian rider Casey Stoner.

Tenth - Championship: 12th/20 points CHECA: “I’m satisfied with this result because I knew this would be a tough race as we had a top speed disadvantage on the straight and it is difficult to fight in this condition. I rode as fast as possible and after I passed Edwards I was able to match the pace of Capirossi and De Puniet ahead of me. In the first corner I had to stop and run wide to avoid hitting Hofmann, it was better to do that than crash and then I just tried to make up time. Now I’m looking ahead to the Le Mans race.



GP of France


After a superb qualifying performance Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa failed to finish a wet French Grand Prix in dismal conditions at Le Mans today. After a flying start from the front row which put him third on lap one, Checa crashed on lap seven when he was squeezed for room on a slippery track.Light rain began to fall almost from the start, but Checa was comfortable with his set-up in the difficult conditions. As further rain fell, Checa dropped to seventh and was then forced to avoid a collision with Valentino Rossi and Alex Barros and lost the front end. The race was won by Chris Vermeulen.

CHECA: “It was a difficult day, and not easy in these conditions. I was comfortable early in the race and going into the chicane with a group of riders and I saw Valentino on the outside and then Barros cut the gas early. I tried to avoid them by going inside but I arrived a little bit fast, and I was not able to stop the bike and turn and lost the front. It is a shame, we had a very competitive package today.”a little bit fast, and I was not able to stop the bike and turn and lost the front. It is a shame, we had a very competitive package today.”



GP of Italy


Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa did not finish the Italian Grand Prix, crashing out of the race before the halfway mark on lap ten. The early exit was a huge disappointment for Checa, at the home race of the LCR Team. Although the race was run in warm and sunny conditions, Checa suffered from a lack dry track set-up time after a weekend of unpredictable rain showers.Checa started 14th and was in that position, in a close race with Shinya Nakano and Colin Edwards, when he crashed entering the turn four chicane on lap ten. The race was watched by

85,480 spectators and won by Valentino Rossi. DNF - Championship: 13th/20 points CHECA: “This is a big disappointment. I was trying to recover some positions and I had Colin and Shinya ahead, but it was quite difficult, I didn’t have comfortable feeling overall. I was pushing too much, trying for a better result, and I crashed. My intention was not to crash, but when the feeling is not right you should listen to the feeling, and try to understand. But now we must look to a positive weekend in Barcelona for the next race.”but when the feeling is not right you should listen to the feeling, and try to understand. But now we must look to a positive weekend in Barcelona for the next race.”



GP of Catalunya


Barcelona, 10 June: Under sunny skies the Catalunya Grand Prix was run at a very hot pace today with Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa finishing 17th after a long and difficult race. Despite a series of detailed debrief meetings over the weekend Checa never found a comfortable race set-up with his RC212V and was very disappointed not to perform up to his own high expectations. Checa qualified fifteenth for his home race and despite many changes to try and improve the balance and handling of his bike,

confident during the 25 lap race, won by Casey Stoner. 17th - Championship: 14th/20 points CHECA: “This is a difficult moment for me, I cannot remember when I had a worse feeling in a race and this is not the result I wanted. Everyone in the LCR team has worked very hard over the weekend but we could just not find the balance or feeling that gave me any confidence to push. It is not fun to race like this but now we must look forward and hope the situation can improve.�



GP of England


Donington, 24 June: Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa did not finish the British Grand Prix at Donington Park today, crashing out of the race on lap five in wet and slippery conditions. Checa started from seventh on the grid after an impressive performance in yesterday’s qualifying on a dry track, but constant rain showers hit Donington on race day.In wet conditions Checa did not have a positive feeling but was gaining confidence when he moved ahead of Marco Melandri on lap four. But on lap five Checa lost the front-end at Coppice Corner (Turn 8) while in 11th position.

The race, watched by 84,000 spectators, was won by Casey Stoner. DNF - Championship: 15th/20 points CHECA: “After four laps I had a better feeling and was able to pass Melandri and was hoping to improve my lap times and gain some confidence. But I lost the front

at turn eight just as I was starting to push and I’m not sure why, maybe a little too much front brake. It’s a pity, in the dry I was competitive, but today it rained and I want to forget this race.”The treacherous conditions also meant an early exit for Eugene Laverty in the 250cc Grand Prix, the Irish rider crashing out of 14th position at the Old Hairpin on lap four, a disappointing end after his impressive qualifying performance.



GP of Nederlands


Assen, 30 June: Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa finished 11th in a hard fought Dutch TT at Assen today. Checa showed his trademark fighting spirit in a close, late race battle that saw him finish just 0.2s outside ninth place after he had started from position 16 on the grid.In sunny but cool conditions, Checa fought tenaciously in a four man group with Alex Hofmann, Anthony West and Marco Melandri but lacked full confidence on the brakes to find a way past. The race was a an impressive return to form for Checa wet qualifying session

to maximise his dry track set-up. The race was won by Valentino Rossi. Eleventh - Championship: 14th/25 points CHECA: “It was great to be fighting for a place in the top ten and I had a great battle with

Hofmann, West and Melandri. In the beginning it took some time for my rear tyre to come up to temperature but then I was able to race with the others. I had some fun with Marco passing him once, but I just lacked full confidence on the brakes to push any harder, it was difficult to find a gap on the brakes. But I’m happy for the team that we were able to score some points today.”The 250cc race was a huge disappointment for Irish rookie Eugene Laverty who lost any chance of a competitive race with an incorrect rear tyre choice and he finished in 21st position.


GP of Germany 62


Sachsenring, 15 June: Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa salvaged valuable world championship points with a determined ride into fourteenth place in today’s German Grand Prix. The race was run in heat wave conditions at a sun-soaked Sachsenring, before a sellout attendance of 101,000 spectators. Track temperatures soared to 50 degrees.Checa finished in the points after a strong comeback performance from last position following a crash on lap three, an incident that took the Spanish rider by surprise. At that moment he was in 13th place, from 15th on the gird, and aiming for a top ten finish. Checa rode an updated Honda RC212V chassis in today’s race, after a weekend of intense work to find the optimum set-up. The race was won by factory Honda rider Dani Pedrosa. Fourteenth - Championship: 14th/27 points CHECA: “I don’t know what happened, the crash was a surprise. I arrived at turn 12, a little on the inside, and just lost the front-end. Apart from the crash the bike feeling today was not as fluid as in practice but was OK. With this new chassis we have been making a lot of changes, even for the warm-up this morning. It is difficult to understand this situation but now we must stay positive and look ahead to the USGP next weekend.”Meanwhile Irish rider Eugene Laverty failed to finish the 250cc GP, crashing out of the race on lap 19 after hitting the notorious bumps on the entry to turn twelve.


GP of USA 64


Fourteenth - Championship: 15th/29 points CHECA: “It was a difficult race and after the opening laps I couldn’t stay with the second group and fight for a place in the top ten which was my target today. I pushed until the end but nothing I tried made a difference, so we need to try and better understand our package of new chassis and tyres. I did not have the feeling with the rear of

be faster and this is something to look at for the coming races. Hopefully a return to Europe and the race at Brno will be a boost for me and the LCR team.”



GP of Ceske Rep.


Brno, 19 August: Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa delivered on his prerace promise with a top ten finish in today’s Czech Grand Prix. Starting from 12th on the grid, Checa scored his best result since the Chinese GP in May where he also finished in tenth position. In sunny conditions Checa battled fiercely with Sylvain Guintoli and Toni Elias over the second half of the race and finished ahead of both of his main rivals.Checa raced for the first time today with new exhaust and engine specification on his Honda RC212V and was pleased with the improved engine performance after a busy weekend of set-up work by the LCR team. The race was won by Casey Stoner before a massive crowd of 141,000 spectators.

Tenth - Championship: 14th/35 points CHECA: “It seems a little strange to say it but I’m satisfied with tenth, the team have done a lot of hard work this weekend. I think we achieved the best result that was possible and now we have a two day test at Brno which will very beneficial. I was fighting a lot with Sylvain Guintoli and Toni Elias and this is much more fun than riding alone, there was a lot of overtaking. On the engine side we are now in a good situation but we still need to optimise the chassis and tyre performance.”



GP of San Marino


Misano, 2 September: With a fast and smooth performance Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa finished a superb sixth in the San Marino e Riviera di Rimini Grand Prix today. Under sunny skies and before a sell-out crowd , Checa added 10 points to his championship total, equalling his previous best result of the season, sixth place in Jerez. Checa was the first rider on Michelin tyres to finish the 28 lap race which was won by Casey Stoner. After losing ground in heavy traffic in the opening laps, Checa moved to sixth on lap five by passing Colin Edwards and Anthony West. He then settled behind Loris Capirossi who finished in fifth place.

Sixth - Championship: 14th/45 points CHECA: “In the circumstances I’m very satisfied with this result thanks to the support of Honda with the engine update, and the work we have done with the chassis and tyres. After passing Edwards and West I could stay with Loris, right on his rear wheel, but gradually he pulled away as the front end of my bike started to push a little in the curves. I played with the engine map setting but in the end decided to make sure of sixth place and be the first Michelin rider”.



GP of Portugal


Estoril, 16 September : Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa rode superbly in today’s Por tuguese Grand Prix, finishing a brilliant seventh in hot and humid conditions at Estoril. Checa’s race pace showed that without some problems in qualifying and a better star ting position, he could have challenged for fifth position.Checa made a fast star t and charged through the traffic to pass Toni Elias, Colin Edwards and Anthony West to be eighth on lap four and in pursuit of Makoto Tamada’s Yamaha. Two laps later Checa was seventh by which time the leading group had opened a gap and maintained a strong pace to the finish. The race was won by Valentino Rossi. Seventh - Championship: 14th/54 points CHECA: “I’m ver y satisfied with this result after some

problems in qualifying meant I star ted on the four th row. It was a good race, I enjoyed it, especially from the star t and passing many riders including Elias, West and Edwards and finally Tamada for seventh. My feeling was that if I had star ted closer to the front I

could raced with Melandri and Hopkins for fifth but anyway, this is a positive step forward with the new tyres from Michelin and our set-up from Honda.”



GP of Japan


Motegi, 23 September: Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa finished eighteenth in a rain hit Japanese Grand Prix at Motegi today. Checa was delayed by an early pitstop to change bikes in this flag-to-flag race which started under wet conditions. Checa was anticipating that his spare bike would be fitted with slick tyres as a dry line gradually formed, all riders having started with wet weather tyres. However with the conditions constantly changing, as Checa entered the pits the team were still working hard to switch from intermediate settings to full dry settings, and the best compromise was forced upon the team. Eighteenth Championship: 14th/54 points CHECA: “At the start I had some doubts about using wet tyres or slicks, but it was too risky not to start on wet weather tyres. When the rear began to slide too much so I stopped on lap five to change bikes. But we lost some seconds as the Team was still working on a different setting because of the rapid change in track conditions. We had planned a front treaded tyre on the grid for the spare bike, and there hadn’t been time to change it. Unfortunately it was impossible to go any faster than this on a drying track in the second part of the race.�


GP of Australia 74


Phillip Island, 14 October: In hard fought race Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa finished eleventh in today’s Australian Grand Prix at a sunny Phillip Island circuit. Checa was involved in a tense battle for the top ten, finishing just three seconds out of ninth position just behind Colin Edwards and Marco Melandri.Checa set his fastest lap time of the weekend, 1.31.751, on lap seven of the 27 race. This was 0.5s faster than qualifying. In a close and fast group Checa moved into tenth on lap eight and ten laps later he was briefly ninth ahead of the Australian pair Ant West and Chris Vermeulen and American Colin Edwards. The race was won by home hero Casey Stoner.

Eleventh Championship: 14th/59 points CHECA: “The start and opening laps were the best for me and I did my fastest lap of the weekend on lap seven. I was still suffering from a lack of turning, especially in the very fast

turn three, plus it was difficult to stay ahead on the front straight. I had a lot of fun in the fight with West, Vermeulen and Edwards, it is more enjoyable than riding alone. The team worked hard to improve the bike but this was the best result possible today.”



GP of Malaysia


Kuala Lumpur, 21 October: In an exhausting race in tropical conditions, Honda LCR rider Carlos Checa finished fourteenth in today’s Malaysian Grand Prix at the Sepang Circuit. Checa engaged Shinya Nakano and Nobu Aoki in a close battle early in the race and he was 13th until lap 16, eventually finishing just 0.3s behind Aoki and ahead of Nakano and Anthony West in the 21 lap race.Checa had started 16th after struggling to find the optimum set-up and front end grip on the newly resurfaced Sepang Circuit. He put in a maximum effort to score championship points in difficult conditions. The race was won by Casey Stoner before 37,400 spectators.

Fourteenth - Championship: 14th/61 points CHECA: “I knew this was going to be a difficult race but it was better than I expected and I did the maximum. During practice and qualifying I never found a good feeling with bike and set-up for this track but it was little better in the race and I was able to constant lap times. The best was 2’04.1 and our target was to get into high 2’03s so that was a little disappointing. Now I’m just looking ahead to the final race of the season in Valencia in Spain.”



GP of C.Valenciana


Valencia, 4 November: Spanish hero Carlos Checa made an emotional farewell to his grand prix career and the Honda LCR team with a brave performance in the Valencia Grand Prix. Checa rode through the pain barrier of a stomach infection to finish in 12th position, finishing ahead of factory Yamaha rider Colin Edwards after a long battle.Checa forced back tears as he received a champagne welcome from the LCR team, family and friends after an exhausting race. Checa spent Friday night in hospital and missed both the Saturday free practice and pre-race warmup sessions because of his painful stomach problems. The race was won by Dani Pedrosa before capacity of 132,500 spectators. Twelfth - Championship: 14th/65 points CHECA: “I’m a little emotional because I still have a great feeling for this fantastic sport, although I have been very sick this weekend. My aim was just to finish the race as way of saying good-bye to my fans and

Pefriends and seven laps from the finish I started to have a lot pain in my stomach. But I enjoyed the battle with group of Tamada, Edwards and briefly Rossi. In the end I was ahead of them but unable to catch Guintoli. I was not aggressive from ninth position at the start, but as the feeling came to me I started to push hard to the finish. Grand prix racing has been a great part of my life but now I start a new adventure in Superbikes.”


The Hospitality 80


In the last years, the paddock of the MotoGP Championship has experienced stunning modifications according to image and space. This change responds to the increasing participation of big trucks named “Hospitality� in the event: these enormous and luxurious trailers are more than 12 meters long and are assembled together by an aluminium and crystal structure. With a total extension of 132 m2, a catering service may be provided to guests (sometimes, above 200 people: approximately, 8000 lunches are served each season). Besides, the spacious trucks include relax & chill out area, meeting room, coffee area and an exclusive VIP corner with music playing and plasma screen tvs



The Hospitality

installed in order to watch track actions at all times without moving from this comfortable spot. The little ones can also have fun and enjoy themselves by colouring a small book in an area specially reserved to them. These mobile lounges have been designed in order to fulfil the desire to promote personal relationships. The sponsors see Public Relationship Services (offered to commercial crew and friends) as more important than real results coming from the racing team. A GP race generates marketing actions one week before the real competition; therefore, inertias among



The The Hospitality Hospitality

different sponsors belonging to the same racing team are created. At the same time, these marketing strategies generate solutions as contests in gigantic shopping malls, trendy discotheques or raffles for buying products associated to the sponsored brands: all winners will be invited to the Hospitality trailer in order to have an unforgettable experience during the weekend. 15 employees, depending on the

GP, will welcome, photograph or provide snacks/lunches to the chosen ones: one guided tour to the pit garage is included in order to carefully explain the complete functioning of the technical staff working hand in hand with the rider. Ladies and gentleman, be welcome!


Backstage 86




R-Course_track suit




Backstage Backstage



Backstage Backstage



Backstage Backstage



Team LCR Story



Team20LCR story th Anniversary

At the age of 7 years Lucio dismantled an engine of an old motorbike of his fathers and‌ it never functioned again! Lucio began to cultivate his passion for racing motorcycles, after being a motorcycle mechanic for teams in national and international racing. He started to race motorcycles in 1989, when he was a rider in the Italian Sport Production Championship, riding an HONDA 125 NSR. In the third race, in Monza, he obtained his first victory!! Other victories and pole positions gave him selfconfidence, and, in 1990, he finished VICE ITALIAN CHAMPION, just behind Max Biaggi!

In 1991 Lucio made his debut in the European Championship riding for the Team Italia (where he was a mechanic 3 years before!) and he obtained the 10th final position. Riding for the Team Italia again in 1992, Lucio was VICE EUROPEAN CHAMPION. In 1993 he joined the 125 World Championship, riding for the Gazzaniga Team. In 1994 the team GIVI offered him the oppor-

tunity of riding a private HONDA RS 125 and gaining his first important points in the world ranking. In 1995 the famous Team Pileri gave him the opportunity of riding an HONDA RS 125 Kit in the European Championship, during which he won 8 of the 11 races and became the EUROPEAN CHAMPION. The year 1996 was the first turning point: Lucio organized his own small team for the World Championship in the 125 class, obtaining several important results on the top ten. It was the same in 1997 and in 1998, after 4 Grand Prixs, Lucio obtained his first VICTORY



20th Anniversary 102

in the World Championship at Jarama racing track (Spain). Still in 1998 he got others podiums and 1999 he obtained an historical double podium with Nobby, his fabulous team mate, at the 1999 Czech Republic GP. Obtaining many important positions still riding a HONDA in 2000. In 2001 the team changed to the APRILIA maker and gained more

victories and podiums during this year finishing the year in fourth positions in the championship which he repeated in 2003. The icing on the cake was in 2003 (his last year in competition), when he realized his dream: winning the Italian Grand Prix on the same track where he had ridden a racing motorcycle for the first time. First a mechanic, then a rider with more than 45 podiums, today he is a team manager of a respectable MotoGP team and for two years now he has been a member of the IRTA Commission team which is at the disposal of the World Motorcycle Organizations so that his knowledge and vast experience maybe be used in order to develop this wonderful motorsport.





LCR Team Manager





Team Lcr Story




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