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Chard CHARD is a vegetable that has stems in a beautiful array of colours, from bright pink, red, orange or white. They are often grown among border plants because of their vibrancy and all-year-round crop. The stems can be steamed and eaten with butter and black pepper, and the leaves eaten just like spinach. Chard is very nutritious compared to almost all leafy vegetables. The colourful stems contain a wide range of protective carotenoids that are not readily available in most vegetables. It provides protection against cancer and is a very health-promoting vegetable. Vitamins K, C and Vitamin A are available in abundance in chard and it also contains a fair amount of Vitamin E. Also available are the minerals magnesium and iron. As with all good things, it should be eaten in small proportions because it contains a high level of oxalic acid, which can form kidney and gallstones in people who already have a precondition towards them. This delicious French recipe is taken from the book Elizabeth David on Vegetables by Elizabeth David. Chard in cream sauce Published by (Serves 4) Quadrille. ISBN: 978 Ingredients: 1 84949  750g/1lb chard 268 5  45g/1 ½ oz butter  2 tablespoons plain flour  450ml/ ¾ pint milk  Salt  Pepper  Nutmeg  90ml/ 3 fl oz double cream  Gruyere or Parmesan cheese

Method:  Melt the butter; then, off the stove, stir in the flour. When it is smooth add the warmed milk, little by little. When the mixture looks creamy, return the saucepan to a very low heat, add the rest of the milk. Season lightly with salt, freshly milled pepper and a scrap of nutmeg. Let the sauce almost imperceptibly bubble for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring frequently.  Now add the cream. The sauce should be very smooth, ivory-coloured and no thicker than cream. You can if you like now add a tablespoon or two of finely grated Gruyere or Parmesan cheese, just as a seasoning. And if your sauce has turned lumpy, press it through a sieve.  Clean the chard, discard the hard leaf stalks and central veins, cooking it in just a very little water, and salt it lightly halfway through the cooking. Drain it in a colander, press out excess moisture by putting a plate and weight on top. Chop it roughly.  Pour a little of your cream sauce into a gratin dish. Put the chard on top and cover with the rest of the sauce. Spread a few tiny knobs of butter over the surface, heat in a moderate oven, 180C/gas 4, for about 20 minutes, until the sauce is just faintly golden and bubbling.


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@Deepsi58: Given a chance to choose an actress on TV to work with, who would it be? I would never chose a co-actor, because I don’t think I have the expertise of producers, directors and casting agents. So I would leave this job to the best. Other than that, I think I’ve worked with some of the finest actresses that TV has to offer. I keep joking with my friend Drashti (Dhami) ke agla show saath karenge (we will do a show together soon). @DeepaliMangla1: Have you watched Krystle D’Souza’s new show Ek Nayi Pehchaan? Yes. It’s good to see her blossom as an actor because she’s younger than me by a few years so I naturally feel very protective of her and that is why I take an interest in her work. But it’s so nice to see her doing so well and maturing into this fine actor that she’s become today. @Gargi_GS: If you had to take me on a date, where would we go? Well, if I have the good fortune to ever take you on a date, it would definitely be on a mountain top under the sun, with some good wine and a good chat. @jeelunadkat: If given an opportunity to do theatre, will you give it a thought? Totally. In fact, I just did a short workshop in theatre after EHMMBH, and it’s brilliant the kind of effort actors put into theatre and the preparation. It would be a different experience to be on stage with a live audience with no place for mistakes. It’s a different energy. @IamJunnn: As you love to travel, which is the one destination you want to visit? I still have to see so much. There are so many exotic destinations. I wanna travel in all of Europe, see the canyons in the US, visit the exotic beaches of South America and go to Bora Bora. I can go on and on. I am so happy I am still young and God has so much to offer me to see. @IsraParwaiz: Do you enjoy the female attention you get? (Laughs) Why wouldn’t I? I was very timid when I was a kid and was not the most comfortable speaking to girls then, and I still am. There’s a big part of me that’s really shy, so when I get all this attention it’s like being in a playground. I love it. @KainatSachdev: If you ever get offered Bigg Boss, would you like to do it? Well, I have been offered Bigg Boss every year, but I shy away from it. I am not comfortable having my personal life on camera 24/7 and hats off to the contestants who take part in it each year. It’s really hard to be isolated from the world for those many days and the emotional challenge they put themselves through with all the fights and conflicts. I am not cut out for that, but have the utmost respect for the ones who do it. @kt_sgirlfrd13: What do you think about the issue of women’s safety in India? It is a sad issue in this country. It’s very shameful that a growing country like ours produces men who don’t know how to respect women and what’s even more surprising is the government is doing absolutely nothing about it. The judicial system is shameful and I can only pray and wish that things change in times to come. I really wish the government wakes up and makes a law system like the ones in Saudi Arabia where men are castrated and jailed for molesting women.

@KaranTackerArmy: If you are offered a role in a film and get loads of money for it are but uncomfortable with the character, will you take it? No. Money has never been a driving force for me. When I started my career I was in a spot of bother with my business and finance, but even then I was very selective. I was supposed to do Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, but did not want to play a character that old. I had a talk with Rajan Shahi, who was very kind to let me go and find a role I wanted. @LovingFizz: Who is your favourite Bollywood actress at the moment? I really like Parineeti Chopra. She’s so natural with what she does, it’s a pleasure to watch her. I think Deepika (Padukone) is great too. You can’t take your eyes off her when she’s on screen.

I loved the way that scene was grafted and had a ball with it. @priyankaaDP: How would you describe your dream girl? I don’t have a dream girl as such. I think with a little experience and when you are older, you realise it’s dreamy to have a dream girl and you sort of get practical. Otherwise, there’s nothing like having the wives we work with on screen. Those characters are so flawless that it’s a man’s dream to have a wife like Jeevika, for example. @pruthvi0111: One thing that you want to change about the media? I think the media are pretty much doing their job. It’s their job to spice things up, but what I would like them to realise is that they need to draw a line between reporting and intruding.

‘Acting is a dream come true’

@lve_mom: What is the best compliment that you ever got? That I am hardworking. I think the physical aspect is a blessing of God and our parents, so we pretty much inherit that, but hard work is one’s own effort and there’s nothing like getting a pat on the back from your seniors for it.

@Mahapatroayesha: Tell me something that you would like to improve as an actor? Well, it’s been a very short while since I started my career so I’m pretty much rough as an actor still. My first ‘want’ as an actor is to train. I’m also not the best dancer, so I would like to brush that up as well. One can’t change a particular thing because there’s so much that goes into being an actor. We are pretty much learning all the time. As an actor you start off as an entertainer and end up as an artist. This journey can take 20-30 years, so you always can add value to your craft. @MFRanjini: Will you be shocked if a time machine takes you to 2020, and you see yourself as a married businessman with two kids? It wouldn’t be shocking as I’m a business graduate and the two kids would be scary because I want three, but yes, I would be slightly disappointed and wonder why I had to leave acting. @nutsfortacker: If a girl proposes to you, what would be your answer because I want to propose to you? (Laughs) You got me pink in the cheeks with that question, and that’s usually what happens to me when I hear that from a fan. I just don’t know what to reply, but yes, if I got to know someone better then sure why not? @poongs_j: What is the most difficult scene you ever acted in your entire career? That keeps changing. I wouldn’t say difficult but yes, I’ve had lots of challenging scenes and pretty much in every show. In Love Ne Mila Di Jodi when my character Sameer’s father dies (that was a hard emotion). In Rang Badalti Odhani, when I have a chat with my father about leaving the house and starting a career on my own was very hard as it took me back to when I had this talk with my real life father. In EHMMBH, there were loads, but the most challenging was the confrontation scene with Manvi, when I stop her from giving blood to Jeevika.

@RB_Rashi: Are you single? Yes, very much. I am single until I get married (I stole that line by the way, but it sounds very apt.)

@Romantic_Girly: What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? I am so young in my career that I would like to just focus on acting as of now. @sadia1103: Your inspiration and motivation when the chips are down? I think my own work. I’ve been very particular about the body of work I’ve done and by the grace of God, it’s worked out till now. So I sort of have confidence in myself now, but yes, my family. Thank God for them. I really wish everyone gets a supportive family like mine. They keep me so emotionally tight when I am low. My dad, sister and mom all sit down and discuss my career moves, so if I’m confused or lost, they totally guide me. @seemaab_: First of all a big hi, and what is your best moment with Krystle? Big hi to you Seema! It’s hard to pick one moment because genuinely there have been plenty, but I think all the late night shifts we’ve worked. I’ve always been glad she is around because even

late at night she’s chirpy and keeps me going. @Shenyulala: How special or important is Krystle D’Souza in your life? Krystle and I have a special bond and it’s very heartfelt. Her importance is of the highest level. @SLuvstacker: How did you feel when you first came onscreen? Honestly I cried. I really had a long struggle to see myself on screen, and the first

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