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OUHKS Proposed  Cabinet  2011-­‐2012  



DINE   W I T H    


PADDYFIELDS     Paddyfields   has   always   been   glad   to   give   discounts  to  Hong  Kong  people.  They've  very   kindly   extended   their   hospitality   by   offering   us  a  15%  discount  everyday!     You   can   also   look   forward   to   Super   Thursdays   -­‐  where  you'll  have  all  the  more  reason  to  dine  there  with  a  20%  discount  all  throughout   the  year.          

LAN KWAI  FONG     Members   can   enjoy   a   10%   discount   off   meal   bills   here.   LKF   has  also  generously  allowed  a  50%  off  karaoke  room  hire  on   weekdays  from  noon  to  8  PM.  In  addition  to  the  free  hour  of   karaoke   given   to   a   group   of   10   or   more,   you   can   enjoy   an   extra   hour   of   karaoke   anytime   of   the   day   whenever   a   group   spends   more   than   65   pounds   on   food!   What   are   you   waiting   for?  Head  over  to  Cowley!          

SICHUAN KITCHEN,  i.e.  Chengdu       Quickly   becoming   one   of   my   personal   favourites,   Sichuan   Kitchen   (Gloucester   Green)   is   very   happy   to   cooperate   with   Horizon  by  giving  members  a  15%  discount  all   throughout   the   year!   That's   not   to   mention   the  extra  deals  you  can  get  if  you  host  a  mid-­‐ to-­‐large  scale  event  there.                    

KOI     A   lovely   little   shop   on   George   Street,   Koi   has   kindly  offered  us  a  15%  discount  all  year  round!   The   best   thing   about   Koi   is   that   they   close   slightly   later   than   some   other   Chinese   restaurants   so   you   stay   there   'blowing   water'   until  midnight.            

MAKAN LA  +  NOSEBAG         Head  over  to  St.  Michael’s  Street  just  off  Cornmarket  for  a  15%  discount  at  Makan  La.   Again,  it's  all  year  round  so  you  can  all  indulge  in  the  lovely  Malaysian  food  served  there   any   time   of   the   week.   The   discount  extends   to   Nosebag,   the   quaint   little   coffee   shop   upstairs,  so  members  can  enjoy  either  a  filling  Nasi  Goreng  or  simply  a  nice  cup  of  tea.                    

    WOK  N  ROLL       We're  delighted  to  say  that  Wok  N  Roll    (St.  Giles)  has   agreed  to  give  us  special  deals  whenever  we  purchase   in  bulk  for  occasions  such  as  VShow  practice  and  the   like.   Such   deals   include   several   free   appetizers   of   your  choice  upon  a  mass  takeaway!                

JING JING  SUPERMARKET       Members   are   given   a   10%   discount   upon  any  purchase  in  this  supermarket   at   Cowley.   There's   a   lot   of   cooking   materials  and  Chinese  snacks  available   there.   Take   it   from   me   -­‐   it's   worth   checking  out!                    

DONG DONG  NOODLE  BAR       Those  of  you  living  out  in  Headington  can   enjoy   a   15%   discount   throughout   the   year   at  this  small  but  authentic  restaurant.  We   have   also   managed   to   obtain   a   25%   discount   for   its   two   affiliated   bars   in   Jericho.              


  No   doubt   some   of   you   will   have   noticed   the   small   blue   stall   outside  St.  John's.  It  is  famous  for   having   the   best   hummus   in   Oxford   so   for   those   of   you   who   have   yet   to   try   it   -­‐   go!   You   can   enjoy   a   10%   discount   while   indulging   in   a   lovely   chicken   hummus  salad  wrap.          

LIAISON +  LUNG  WAH  CHONG  +  ORIENTAL  CONDOR       The   staff   at   the   head   office   have   expressed   great   interest   in   offering   OUHKS   members   discounts   at   all   of   its   shops   and   restaurants.   Negotiations   are   to   take   place   over   the   summer  and  a  flat  rate  to  be  officially  decided  by  the  start  of  MT2011,  so  look  forward   to  it!             Feel  free  to  approach  us  if  you've  got  any  questions  or  perhaps  more  suggestions.  We're   more  than  glad  to  make  Oxford  a  place  where  you  can  happily  sit  down  with  a  group  of   friends  and  enjoy  a  lovely,  filling  meal.  Anytime,  anywhere.         Yours  sincerely,     Horizon  

Horizon Discounts  
Horizon Discounts  

Dine with Horizon by eating at one of the many places we have approached to bring you exclusive discounts and offers!