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Spring / Summer 2013 Issue

Movin’ On Up

Congrats to Our Grads

We’ve seen Ella grow and change in the past several months! She had her first modeling gig at Shaye’s company photo shoot, and she did great for being her first time! After hours of smiling in front of the camera, she told us she was tired and took a nice long nap - now she knows what a hard day’s work is like! :) Ella celebrated her 5th birthday with her friends and classmates at Pump It Up last May and just graduated in June from Childtime after two years of being at the preschool. We were so proud of her as she lead the final song with her classmates singing along. And if that wasn’t enough excitement for one little girl, she finally got to go to a Justin Bieber concert - she has been a fan since she was only 2 years old and she was thrilled that she finally got to see a live show! Now she is a ‘big kid’ attending Hage Elementary and has just started ice skating, which so far, she seems to be enjoying.

We are just amazed at how much Aly has sparkled in the limelight! We knew she could sing, but it looks like we have a natural born performer in our family. After an awesome softball season, Aly was busy with Marshall Middle School’s choir and musical theater commitments including the school’s production of Grease where she played Teen Angel and sang a solo of “Beauty School Dropout” (which blew us away); a competitive show in Anaheim; followed by an impressive Spring Concert! In addition to the formal school performances at her, Aly has performed on stage with Pali Roots singing Common Kings’ “Wade in Your Water” and recently performed with her brother and little sister a medley of “Hurricane/Titanium” for her big sister’s graduation luau. She is questionably the tallest girl in our family too - even taller than Mom!!!

Aubreigh graduated from Mira Mesa High School and is our second kid to graduate as a Marauder. She was part of the Lady Marauders basketball team all four years at MMHS and received an Academic/Athletic Achievement Award. She finally has her driver’s permit and is working as a sandwich artist at Subway (could this be a rite of passage for all of our kids? hmmm...) She is attending Miramar College to take care of her general education classes and is in an Advanced Level Statistics class, where part of the requirements is to tutor all levels of math at the college. We celebrated Aubreigh’s graduation with family and friends luau-style! Congratulations, Nini - we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you.

Justice just completed his second year at community college and has an interest in Audio Sound Engineering - hmmm, wonder who he gets that ear for sound from :) He left Subway for a new position at Genji Sushi inside the La Jolla Whole Foods, which he enjoys a lot! He has learned to cook both Chinese and Japanese food, and even made the family a sushi dinner at home where he made approximately 10 restaurant-quality sushi rolls by request! YUM! Now that the summer is over, he is back to coaching the Maranatha football team. Justice accompanied his younger sisters with the ukelele at a special performance for Aubreigh’s graduation. We are happy to see Justice making time for his younger sisters and cousins - he recently took them to SkyHigh!

Look who just turned ONE!!! The baby of our family has had quite an exciting year - she took her first plane ride to meet her Sadsarin side of the family in Florida, she took a couple of road trips to LA and to Las Vegas, and she is cruising around and getting into everything, as a 1 year old should be. Can we just say that this kid LOVES to sing and dance?! We are convinced that her favorite song at the moment is Bruno Mars’ “Treasure” :) Phoebe is such a happy baby, always smiling and giving kisses. We are so excited to see what is in store for our little far, we can see more teeth coming in, more steps being taken, and more words being said.

Our dear friend Michelle Pamintuan is the owner of Essential Rituals in our very own Mira Mesa. Her spa offers numerous services including Massages, Microdermabrasions, Spray Tanning, Teeth Whitening and Shaye’s favorite, the Infrared Body Wrap.

Visit for a complete listing of services.

Michelle and her staff are very experienced, warm and welcoming, and make it easy to keep coming back for more! Every time Shaye sets up ‘me-time’ for herself, she makes it a point to book an appointment with Essential Rituals - and by the high Yelp reviews they’ve received, she shares this feeling of satisfaction and relaxation with many! Take advantage of this special JS Newsletter discount and pamper yourself!

Wives, girlfriends and moms aren’t the only ones who need ‘me-time’ - we all need to charge up our man-card from time to time. :) The D.T.O.C. invites you to join us for a future event where we hang out, catch up, have drinks, grab a bite, BBQ, gather for a game, and even enjoy a nice cigar. Membership is by invite only and we’re always looking to welcome new members. The DTOC plans to take it to the next level if enough members are in the San Diego Chapter. We would like to host cigar events, sports events (possible golfing & flag football), help out local charities, as well as get involved with community events.

If you’re interested in receiving emails about our upcoming events, email or

Easy & Inexpensive Ways to Enjoy Fall Make a Soup or Stew

Something about having a good soup or stew makes it feel like Fall. Try making your favorite chili recipe to enjoy during a football game or make soup for dinner one night.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch or Go Apple Picking Then bake a pie or a cobbler!

Bake, Bake, Bake

For some reason, our family bakes the most during this time of year. Check out Pinterest for new recipes to try!

Fill Your House with the Scent of Fall Light a candle that has a fall-inspired scent. Look out for sales at Bath & Body Works and stock up - 2 candles for $22 (reg. price is $20 each). One of our favorite scents is Pumpkin Caramel Latte.

Enjoy a Warm Drink See below.

Our favorite season Fall is here and that means pumpkin-flavored everything, including lattes! We compared the pumpkin lattes that are available to us in our neighborhood - here’s how they measured up (in our opinion):

Starbucks Non-Fat Pumpkin Latte:

Great flavor and if you need the caffeine, you at least have the option to add extra shots of espresso. But of all the options, this was the priciest option - hello, it’s Starbucks!

7-Eleven Pumpkin Latte:

If you can get past the fact that this dispenses from a machine pre-mixed and don’t mind the lack of caffeine, you’ll be able to appreciate this delicious Fall drink. Even better, it’s less than $3 for a large!

McDonald’s Non-Fat Pumpkin Latte

To us, this was the ‘spiciest’ of them all. But at least you can ask for a non-fat option, which is impressive considering this is McDonald’s. Price is good, and it’s a great option if you don’t want to get out of your car.

DIY Pumpkin Latte:

Brew the coffee of your choice at home and use Coffee-Mate’s Pumpkin Creamer - delicious and inexpensive, and you can make up to 10 (or more) lattes from one large bottle of creamer. Best part is you can have a pumpkin latte anytime in the comfort of your own home. :)

Catering Truck: SnoCal Shaved Ice JS says: “Professional, responsive, and excellent service!” Date Night: Bo Beau JS says: “Must try their brussel sprouts and their short rib flatbread.” Chris’ Onolicious Grinds JS says: “Must try their haupia for dessert!” Bud’s Louisiana Cafe JS says: “Awesome service and food! Don’t share your bread pudding...get your own!” Breakfast Buffet Hometown Buffet (Mira Mesa) JS says: “Only things missing are the mimosas! Crispy bacon, made-to-order omelettes, and delicious chicken fried steak...we couldn’t believe how good everything was!” Salad Dressing: House dressing from Opera Cafe JS says: “Make Opera-tasting salads at home.”

CONGRATS Jean & Yak Gertmenian who are expecting a Baby Boy & Baby Girl

CONGRATS TO OUR KINDER KIDS Cassius Makoa Addison Sadsarin Ella Gaano

Sadsarin-Gaano Family Vacation - Las Vegas

Join us at the Fall Festival in Mira Mesa

Rock wall Bungee jump Velcro wall Speed pitch Bungee run Giant slide

Cupcake walk Haunted house Picture booth Face painting Food trucks Silent auction

Those of you who remember Punky Brewster, you all know she gave brussel sprouts a bad rap! This vegetable has been a family favorite and something we’ve made often, inspired by one of our favorite local restaurants Bo Beau, known for their brussel sprouts! - Preheat your oven to 400 - Line a sheet pan in aluminum foil (for easy clean-up) - Cut your washed brussel sprouts in half and place on pan - Drizzle generously with extra virgin olive oil - Cut pancetta or regular bacon in small pieces and sprinkle on top of brussel sprouts - Sprinkle with salt and pepper - Roast brussel sprouts for 30-45 minutes OR until they look BURNT! - Once they’re done roasting, sprinkle parmesan cheese on top and if you want, drizzle balsamic vinegar - ENJOY! Our family finds this recipe is best immediately after roasting so you can enjoying the crispy leaves of the brussel sprouts - YUM! :)

We didn’t think we’d be able to pull it off, but we managed to do it! All we have to say is “WHAT A YEAR!” and it’s not even over yet. As you can see, our kids are growing up and surprising us every day – our two eldest kids are both working, tutoring (Aubreigh) / coaching (Justice), and going to college full-time. And although they have their own schedules to tend to, one thing that has made us proud is seeing them make time for our family, whether it’s spending time with their younger siblings, coming home for a family dinner, or sending a quick text message to us to see how we’re doing. While we are constantly on the move with our kids and busy with our own jobs, we have been so lucky to have made great memories with our family, friends and with each other. We were able to watch two of our favorite island reggae bands play at the Belly Up Tavern – Katchafire and Maoli. We visited Shaye’s extended family in Florida. We even took our first Sadsarin family trip to Las Vegas. We’ve gone on several coffee and dinner dates around our beautiful city, and we sit in our patio to unwind, relax and reconnect which has become a nightly ritual for us. This year, Shaye is part of the PTA at Ella’s school, Hage Elementary, which is a first for her. So far, she is enjoying it and has met many wonderful friends. Joe is planning to get his handyman work going with other Hage Dads as part of the Dad’s Club, not to be mixed up with DTOC (Daddy’s Time-Out Club). And one thing that we’ve added into our lives is having time for ourselves and making it a priority – imagine that with five kids! But we’ve found how much ‘doing our own thing’ recharges us - we’ve suggested a couple of ideas for you all too in this issue (Essential Rituals and DTOC). It just keeps getting busier but the most rewarding part of it all is spending time with each other and with all of you. Thank you for your continued love and support, and for being a special part of our lives and our kids’ lives. We value your friendship, the time you set aside to celebrate with us, and just the love we feel from you all. We look forward to the upcoming holidays and celebrating 10 years of being a family. Who knows how long it will be until our next issue but til next time, have a wonderful Fall season. We’d love to hear what you’ve been up to, so feel free to send us an email at Love, J&S

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