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Justice's first season in high school football came to a strong finish, as the MMHS freshman team placed 2nd in the division! Justice played left tackle on the Marauders o-line, protecting the quarterback's blind spot and containing the d-line's rush. He even played defensive-end when needed. Go Marauders! Thank you to everyone who came out to catch a football game - we appreciate your support (Uncles: Marcus, Sherman, Mike, Neil and JP; Aunties: Rose and Jean; Mama and Papa). Bub is now on the Freshman wrestling team and placed 2nd in his weight division at the Escondido Invitational, his first tournament. We're proud of you Bub! See "What's Up With The Kids" for more.

Jeannette packed her bags and left her scrubs in San Francisco for a 3 month adventure in South America. She will be visiting several countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela and Brasil. Ask her about her adventures when she returns to the States in February 2008!

We have our own American...or should we say Filipino-American Idol in our family. Danilo Sadsarin, better known to us as Dad, Lolo, Uncle Danny, etc., won the title of First Place Champion in the Senior Category of the 15th Annual Filipina Grand Karaoke Contest just weeks ago! Wooing the crowd and the judges with a classic Filipino tune, the Champion walked away with a huge trophy, a $300 cash prize and an iPod! We are so proud of you Dad! Keep singing!

Alyannah started PeeWee Soccer this Winter at the North County Soccer Park. She is on team Patriots. We are thrilled that Aly will finally be playing a sport to burn off all that energy that lives inside of her. She is definitely a social-butterfly and during a parent/teacher conference, her teacher Mrs. Tolliver said that "Alyannah is wise beyond her years!" and boy do we know it! She still enjoys reading and is proud every time she completes a book. Aly is excited to be a Big Sister and we think she made a deal with the Tooth Fairy as she has lost at least 4 teeth this past year!

Aubreigh just turned 12 and is enjoying middle school! She is a photographer on the Yearbook Staff and has shown us some her work, which was very impressive. She has been keeping busy with school and now basketball at the Mira Mesa Rec. Again, she is only one of a few girls in her league but she has proven that she can keep up with the boys! Aubreigh continues to learn new songs - including Tagalog ones - on the karaoke and continues to keep up the high marks in all her classes! Great job Aubs!

1/10 - 5:30pm 1/17 - NO GAME SCHEDULED 1/24 - 5:30pm 1/31 (Aly's Birthday!) - 6:30pm 2/7 - 6:30pm 2/14 - NO GAME 2/21- 5:30pm


Check for the schedule...Aubreigh is in Division 2.

As soon as Justice ended his football season, he went straight into wrestling...10 pounds lighter! Football seemed to be an intense workout for Bub! He is starting in his weight division in wrestling and tries to keep a close eye on what he eats. He just turned 15 and is anxiously awaiting the day he can put his hands on the steering wheel (we still have a year to go before that happens). We are very proud of Bubba for being an outstanding athlete and student!

Joe and I took a week-long vacation to the east coast to celebrate Sherman and Effie's wedding, tour NYC and visit family in Philadelphia!

Taking the subway

Central Park

Times Square (we watched our Chargers play Kansas City at the ESPN Zone)

To our surprise, the weather was sunny and hot on most days which reminded us of home. We ventured out with a MetroCard in hand and a NY local by our side. During our trip, we managed to stumble upon a free vinyl and book street fair complete with live music in SOHO. We got our sweet tooth fixes at Rice To Riches and The Chocolate Bar - two dessert shops that are big-city alternatives to your typical ice cream parlor. We walked through the beautiful Central Park. We cheered on our Chargers at the ESPN Zone and spent hours music-shopping at the Virgin Mega Store in Times Square. We also saw the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park, had a Gray's Papaya hotdog in Greenwich Village and visited Ground Zero, where the Twin Towers once stood and the home of the future Freedom Tower.

Pizza: After receiving many recommendations from friends, including some New York natives, we decided to check out Lombardi's. Named "One of the Best Pizzerias in the United States" and featured on both the History Channel and FoodTV, we were not disappointed! The wait was long but well-worth it. We had a thin-crust pizza with italian sausage and roasted red peppers. Yum. Hot Dogs: It's true - the hot dogs sold by street vendors are one of the tastiest best valued quick meals in the big city. But Gray's Papaya hot dogs have been a favorite of celebrities and "commonfolk" alike. For only $1.95 you get 2 franks and a fruit drink - this meal is called the "Recession Special". The fruit drinks didn't impress us, but the hot dogs were tasty and worth the visit!

Check out these other places we visited: Ground Zero (behind us is where the Freedom Tower will be built)

Hope you all had a fun Halloween! See if you can identify this turtle, jailbird, rock group and Wiggles guitarist! Answers below.





2007 was hands-down the most exciting year for our family. and we are so lucky to have shared it with you all! In January, the pre-wedding events gave us an opportunity to spend lots of time and make lasting memories with our family and friends - our wedding shower, bridal tea party, rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch...thanks to everyone who celebrated with us. On February 17, 2007 we made it "official" on our wedding day! After months of tireless effort in planning our dream wedding, we finally celebrated with perfect San Diego weather and the company of our closest family and friends. We spent over a week in Oahu for our honeymoon where we hiked, parasailed, jetskied, and met two of our favorite island artists, Fiji and Ke'ahi Wai. In April, Shaye turned the big 30! And at the end of the month, our family gathered together for the March of Dimes WalkAmerica in Balboa Park to raise funds for the healthy births of babies. In May, we took the kids to their first concert. In July, the two of us ventured out to Las Vegas for a weekend, where we relaxed, dined and were entertained by the Blue Man Group. In August we took a family trip to Hollywood and visited the Universal Studios theme park with the kids - their first visit! We also enjoyed our summer tradition of going to a Padres game and visited Knotts Berry Farm for Joe's company event! In September, the kids started school and learned about how to budget their money as we officially started giving the two older kids "allowance". In October, we found out that we were pregnant! The two of us flew to New York for Sherman and Effie's beautiful wedding and squeezed in some sightseeing. When we returned, Southern California was hit with wildfires which greatly affected the San Diego community . Our family members Eileen and Mama Ester volunteered at Mira Mesa High School, during this tragic time, while our family donated supplies and food to the evacuees. Although our family was safe from the fires, our hearts go out to those who were deeply affected. In December, we celebrated the two older kids' birthdays and found out that we are having a Baby Girl! What great news to lead into the holiday season. As always we were blessed to be surrounded by our family and friends through holiday greetings and get-togethers. Shaye is 5 months pregnant and feeling great! The kids were excited to find out that they will soon have a baby sister. We are in the "nesting stage" and are constantly cleaning and organizing our home to prepare for the arrival of our daughter. Thank you all for your prayers, wishes and advice. We are so happy to be able to share this special joy with everyone close and dear to us.

My New Year's Resolution is to get all A's and B's on the rest of the report cards. Also to get better in wrestling and not eat too much junk food. And also to be an even better older brother. -Justice My New Year's Resolution is to get all A's from here on and to be a good older sister. I also plan to stay in basketball or join volleyball. This New Years I hope to achieve my goals! - Aubreigh My New Year's resolution is to be a better goalie in soccer and not negotiate with the coach. -Alyannah



CDs: Kanye West's Graduation, Chrisette Michelle's I AM, and Alicia Keys' As I Am TV Shows: Jon & Kate Plus 8 (TLC) and Andrew Zimmern's Bizzare Foods (Discovery)

Newly Engaged Nina Dixon & Bernard Mauricia Nhu Tran & Neil Smaczniak Will Womack & Lisa Tsuida

First Place, Karaoke Danilo Sadsarin

Friend/Family Rec: The Jamba Juice Secret Menu - ask if your local Jamba Juice can make secret mixes like the White Gummy Bear or the PB&J. Thanks Rose!

Parents-To-Be Daisy & Arnel Alanguilan Nadia & James Ibanez

Geek Device: Wireless TV Cable Dessert: Chocolate or strawberry milk after dinner

SHAYE'SPREGOCRAVINGS Call it strange, call it's a list of Shaye's cravings since the start of her pregnancy. - enjoy!

WELCOME TO THE WORLD Jonathan Elisha Enriquez Macasadia Noah Kalaheo Danga

- Top Ramen (chicken flavor) - Chocolate milk - Orange or apple juice - Veggie lumpias - Macaroni & Cheese (the powdered cheese kind)

NOTEFROMTHEEDITORS 2007 was a big year for our family! We made it official and got married! We traveled to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Hollywood and New York. We juggled three kids with three different schools and three different sports. And now we're excited as we await the arrival of our Baby Girl! WE ARE SO EXCITED! Another addition to our family means we're that much closer to our very own basketball team! :) “New Experiences” was the theme for our family in 2007 - whether it’s going parasailing, attending high school, learning a new song, playing a new sport or being pregnant–for the first time–we all experienced something new with the support of each other and all of you. We feel very blessed to have had such a wonderful holiday season. Although it was a busy one, we enjoyed every minute of visiting with family and friends from near and far. We drove through Christmas Card Lane, baked cookies and built graham-cracker homes. And for the first time, the five of us had our own Secret Santa gift exchange which was lots of fun! The best gift was on X'mas Eve when we felt the baby move for the first time. Best wishes for 2008 from the Gaano family . Thank you for your love, support and friendship–it means so much to us!

Fall & Winter 2007  

We're having a BABY!