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4. Introduction for the manual 5. History/Background of organization 7. Organization Philosophy/Mission of your organization 9. Sample Programs 11. Code of Ethics for the Organization Administrative Organization 12-22. Administrative Organization •

12. Flow Chart

12. Job Descriptions

15. Resumes

19. Hiring Practices

20. Communication on the Job (how to run the meeting)

21. Program Evaluations

22. Job Performance Evaluation

24. Financial Responsibilities •

24. Budget

25. Purchase Order

26. Inventory

27. Liability •

27. Safety Handout

28. Definition of Terms

29 Advocacy and Public Relations


29. Employee Handbook

30. Marketing/ Newsletter

31. Final Summary 32. Bibliography


4 Â

Introduction Welcome to Team Fitness! From being an interested individual to a dedicated member we want to make your experience with us as pleasurable and memorable as possible! With our well-trained staff, friendly trainers, and community-based atmosphere Team Fitness is a unique facility where encouragement is the key to success as well as long lasting results and friendships! Here at Team Fitness our main priority is getting community members involved by putting our name out there, giving back to the community, and running a facility that everyone will enjoy! From intramural sports to group class, Team Fitness is committed to giving you the fitness experience of a lifetime! We want to introduce you to classes and workouts that you have never seen before so that you can try it all and focus on what you enjoy and what works for your own body! We try to accommodate every individual that walks through our door so suggestions are always welcome! We promise to do our best to make our customers happy and make sure that they see results! This is just a small preview of the exciting information that we have to offer and an introduction to what Team Fitness can do for you! The purpose of this manual is to further familiarize our clients and staff about the facility, the motivation behind its establishment, and how individual as well as over all goals will be reached through our team effort and support! All of the information is provided for you, but if you have any questions please feel free to ask one of our friendly employees! Making your fitness experience an enjoyable one is what we want the most, so come on down and see if Team Fitness is right for you!


5 Â

History/ Background Matt McQuoid and Lynne Von Glahn, the owners of the company, met at Montclair State University while pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Physical Education and Health. After completing their degrees and graduating with high honors the two found themselves attending graduate school together in order to obtain their Masters Degrees in Business Administration. The two frequently discussed their fitness pedagogy and what they wanted to do with their degrees after they completed their graduate studies and found that they aspired to do many of the same things. After a number of conversations, the two realized that they shared similar views regarding how to run a company, how to manage employees and common goals that they wanted to achieve. The most important common denominator in all of this is that both had a great passion for working out in group classes and wanted to open up a facility in which group training was the main priority. Both Lynne and Matt felt that the encouragement and energy that they associated with group classes were huge contributors to their healthy fitness lifestyles, and they were committed to sharing their experiences with the community. After throwing around ideas, organizing them into manageable and achievable goals, and discussing various approaches towards achieving the goals, the two decided that they would seriously contemplate the idea of opening a business together while they finished their Masters degrees. When the day of graduation arrived both Lynne and Matt felt confident in their ability to work together as partners and decided that they would pursue their dream of opening a group training facility together. Both had been brainstorming ideas and running numbers throughout the remainder of their education, so they had a small foundation that eventually turned into a thriving physical fitness facility that continues to grow today. With the help and support of


community members Team Fitness has become a leading competitor amongst other fitness facilities in the state and is looking to expand in future years in order to provide a unique workout experience for everyone across the country!

6 Â


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Philosophy/Mission of the Company Here at Team Fitness our philosophy is to create a positive environment that promotes personal improvement through team based fitness classes and activities. By providing fitness classes for various age levels and abilities, we are aiming to promote health and wellness in the schools and community. We plan to achieve these goals by offering various group and team sports, classes, and activities, offering demo classes to students, parents, and other community members as afterschool sessions, and opening up our facility to the community to host birthday parties, Special Olympics events, and the like. By doing all of this we intend to strengthen our relationships with community members and create a positive reputation so that our fitness center continues to thrive. With our advanced technology, specifically the retractable walls and floors on the first floor of our facility, many more activities can be engaged in for all age levels. Our regulationsized room accommodates sports such as swimming, basketball, football, and soccer, and allows for individuals to engage in pickup games, team practices, and personal training sessions. In addition, this space is also used to host various classes that require more room, such as cycling and more popular classes, so it is truly a remarkable area in which nearly everyone can find an activity to engage in. By opening our facility to community members we hope to create personal relationships and receive customer feedback so that we can accommodate as many popular demands as possible. Since our facility takes great interest in accommodating the community, we feel that it is important to get everyone involved by teaching free demo sessions to individuals of all age groups and abilities. This is not only done to promote our facility, but to get all age levels engaged and to constantly remind the community of the importance or regular physical fitness


8 Â

activities. Contributing to the success of a physically fit community is just one of the many ways in which we hope to reach out to a variety of individuals since community support is so important to the continuation of our organization. Finally, renting our facility out to various sports teams, festivities, and organizations is a primary focus of Team Fitness because it not only broadens our ability to run successful programs, but also introduces the community to things that they may have never encountered before. Organizations such as the Special Olympics and Play 60 are great ways for everyone to come together, get exercise, and help the community in more ways than one. Team Fitness is a proud supporter of these and many other organizations, so we are committed to developing strong relations with them so that they will come and be a part of our community. This type of exercise environment is designed to attract individuals who require motivation or enjoy working out with others while building relationships with each other, the community, and various organizations committed to promoting physical fitness for all ages. At Team Fitness we provide the tools, facility, and personnel that are required for success, but it is ultimately up to the individual to get involved and stay active through our various classes and programs!


Sample Programs At Team Fitness our top priority is getting community members physically active by providing a facility that allows them to train with other individuals with common interests and goals in mind. Out facility offers many different classes, activities, and opportunities to try new things and meet new people in hopes of creating an environment that is prone to success! Since not everyone has the same interests, our professionals have taken a great deal of time in creating a facility that accommodates a variety of activities for all ages. From intramural sports to water aerobics, Team Fitness is dedicated to creating and implementing a fitness program for everyone! Below are just two of the many different classes that we offer to promote physical fitness in your community!

Group Weight Training- Since weight training is a very important fitness component we made sure to incorporate a group class that will get you results at your own pace! The trainers allow you to select your weights at the beginning of class and take you through various exercises that concentrate on the major muscle groups of your body! Our comfortable atmosphere allows participants to go at their own speed and ability but also promotes encouragement and enthusiasm from our trainers and other members in the class. Working consistently with the weights and changing the weight amount every three weeks will maximize results!

Water Aerobics- Sometimes the pressures of running on a track or lifting a heavy weight can turn individuals away from being physical active, but not water aerobics! This type of activity is an excellent work out for all ages and abilities and will get you results without the fear of pain! Walking you through various aerobic exercises in the pool will


10 Â

leave you feeling both accomplished and rejuvenated! Splash around with friends and see results fast!

With our low rates and endless possibilities you are encouraged to give every class a shot to explore and discover what works for you! Our management is always open to suggestions and willing to do whatever it takes to incorporate programs that interest you the most! Come join us today!


Code of Ethics for Organization Here at Team Fitness we refer to each other, our members, and our community members in the highest regard because we owe our success to all of these individuals. With this being said, there is a set Code of Ethics for our organization so that everyone can feel safe and secure while thoroughly enjoying his or her sessions with us. These include but are not limited to:

No cursing at others or yourself

No insulting others or yourself

No fighting

No stealing

No vandalism

Be patient while waiting for equipment

Share and utilize the equipment

Respect the equipment (personal and facility)

Always respect yourself and others

Be aware of personal boundaries

Lend a helping hand if someone is struggling

Keep the facility clean

Come prepared!

Treat others the way you wish to be treated

No cheating yourself!


Flow Chart


Facilities Manager


Personnel Manager

Payroll Scheduling


Public Relations

Trainers * Front Desk * Maintenance

Job Descriptions •

Owners- The owners of the facility oversee the entire company, makes sure managers and staff know how to perform their duties and what is expected of them, talks to clients to see how their experience has been with Team Fitness thus far, talk to staff to make sure that they are being treated fairly, and work closely with the managers of the facility and other organizations to plan events.

Managers- Each of the three managers at Team Fitness are responsible for their area, keeping the owners updated on what is going on under them, working closely with the employees and acting as a bridge between them and the owners, as well as performing their specific duties.


-Facility Manager- Make sure that all of the equipment is functioning and running smoothly, are responsible for equipment orders and replacements, as well as making sure the equipment rooms are safe and organized. In addition, the facilities manager oversees the maintenance crew and makes sure the facility is clean and welcoming at all times. Also reports to owners to keep them updated and to discuss any improvements that can be made in this area. -Personnel Manager- Works closely with the trainers and other employees to create the class schedules, work schedules, additional intramural and rented time schedules, and creates the payroll for each individual accordingly. Also works with the Public Relations representative to promote our organization, as well as contact other organizations in order to get our name out there. This manager also reviews resumes and interviews potential new staff members and refers them to the owners for a final interview. •

Employees- Each of the employees at Team Fitness will work closely with the manager of their department but will still work with the owners. These individuals are expected to be committed to the facility, hard working, reliable, and possess communication, organization, and people skills since they will be working closely with the members of the facility. Each employee will also be responsible for completing the specific duties under each department. -Trainers- These individuals are expected to be on time and have a workout prepared for their class that increases the member’s heart rate and puts them in their target heart rate zone. New, fun, and interesting workouts will be expected of these individuals based on the class they are scheduled to teach, and accommodations will b


14 Â

provided so that everyone can enjoy the workout. Trainers are also expected to perform CPR in case of an emergency or provide other emergency care, so they must stay calm and collected when dealing with a serious issue. -Front Desk - These employees answer phones, swipe in customers, sign cliental up for memberships, keep the current events calendar updated, keep the front area of the facility clean, and take messages -Maintenance- These individuals are responsible for keeping the equipment, facilities, and rest rooms clean, repairing broken equipment, and being knowledgeable in home repairs such as plumbing and lighting so as to avoid extra expenses.


Resumes Lynne Von Glahn 112 7th Street Hackettstown, NJ, 07840 Phone Number: 555-555-5555 Email:

Work Experience: Hollie Studios 700 Grand Avenue Hackettstown, NJ 07840 06/12/10-Present Employee Read and organize order forms, prepare the printing material, create trophies, make silk-screen and printed t-shirts, put orders together, check the mailbox, and more.

Westmount Country Club 728 Rifle Camp Road Woodland Park, NJ 07424 01/03/12-Present Waitress/Server Cook and serve food during cocktail hour, run the bar, serve food, keep the tables clean, and keep the guests happy.

15 Â

Education: Montclair State University -Dean’s since Spring 2010 semester -Member of Sigma Alpha Lambda Fraternity -Member of National Society of Collegiate Scholars -Physical Education & Health Education Major -Currently Enrolled

Hackettstown High School, Diploma -Honor Roll

Skills: CPR/ First Aid Certified 6+ years weight training experience

Matthew McQuoid 540 Jerusalem Road Scotch Plains, NJ, 07076 Phone Number: 123-456-7890 Email:



17 Â

Work Experience: Scotch Plains Parks and Recreation Department Scotch Plains, NJ 07/05/09-08/16/09 Assistant Counselor Supervise campers, daily setup and takedown of camp equipment, provide first aid/ CPR for injuries

Scotch Plains Parks and Recreation Department Scotch Plains, NJ 07/05/10-08/16/10 07/05/11-08/16/11 Head Counselor Supervise campers, supervise assistant counselors, daily setup and takedown of camp equipment, provide first aid/ CPR for injuries


Montclair State University -Dean’s List every semester -Physical Education & Health Education Major -Currently Enrolled

Scotch Plains Fanwood High School, Diploma -High Honor Roll -National Society of High School Scholars

Skills: CPR/ First Aid Certified for the last four years 6+ years weight training experience



19 Â

Hiring Practices In order to become a member of our staff at Team Fitness, the interested individual must call the facility and make an appointment to meet with the Personnel Manager. At this meeting the potential staff member will fill out an application which will be reviewed in private and will then receive a callback as to whether or not they will receive an interview with the manager. If it is determined that the individual is well qualified they will come in for an interview and, depending on how they perform, will be asked back for a final interview with one of the owners of the company. Depending on what position they are looking to maintain will depend on the next steps of their process, but if they continue to impress the manager and owner then they will be asked to become a member of the staff and will be put on the schedule immediately. -Trainer- In order to become a trainer the interested individual must have four years of experience, a college bachelors degree, communication, organization, and people skills, and be able to complete each of the classes we offer as a student. If the owner of the company approves of the individual they will be instructed to shadow a current trainer over the span of a week to learn the ins and outs of teaching group classes. During this time they will act as an assistant and, once the week is up, will be put on the schedule to start teaching various classes. -Front Desk- In order to become a front desk assistant the individual must be attending or already graduated from a college or technology school, must be technologically advanced in order to work the computer and sign in software, must be personable when dealing with cliental and answering the phone, and must be organized when scheduling meetings, taking messages, and updating the weekly events calendar. -Maintenance- In order to become a member of the maintenance staff the individual must have a college degree, be knowledgeable in regards to what cleaning supplies can be used on


20 Â

various surfaces and equipment, and know how to do household repairs. In addition, this person must be reliable and trustworthy since they will often work after hours in order to clean the facility.

Communication on the Job The friendly, open, and understanding staff at Team Fitness speaks to each of their colleagues, clients, and community members with the upmost respect. Aside from communicating with one another on a daily basis at work, many of our staff members form friendships outside of the work place as well. This chemistry between colleagues makes our weekly staff meeting every Sunday evening at 4:00pm run comfortably, professionally, and smoothly when discussing a variety of topics.


21 Â

Program Evaluations Since the work environment at Team Fitness is one based on respect and understanding, the trainers undergo frequent anonymous program evaluations from the owners, the managers, and each other to ensure that they are giving quality exercise classes, activities, and programs. Additional comments can also be made at weekly meetings so that everyone can brainstorm ways to improve the area and so that no one’s feelings get hurt. In addition, randomly selected members can participate in these surveys so that their feedback can be taken into consideration.


Strongly Agree

Agree Uses verbal cues throughout the class Provides accommodations for each exercise Provides positive, specific feedback to class members Demonstrates knowledge/skill in each exercise Additional Comments:


Disagree Disagree


22 Â

Job Performance Evaluation Similar to the program evaluations, job performance evaluations will be given out frequently so that the other employees can be reviewed and kept track of. Every position plays an important role in the functioning of the facility so it is crucial that every department works as a cohesive unit in order to thrive as a whole. Job performance will be critiqued based on the following categories:


Strongly Agree

Agree Fulfills Position Responsibilities Works well with managers and other colleagues Is friendly and personable to clients and staff Demonstrates knowledge/skill in department area


Disagree Disagree


Additional Comments:


Financial Responsibilities Budget: Monthly Description    Trainers   Cleaning  Crew   Front  Desk   Owners  

Amount   X   $7,000     $7,000     $10,800     $9,600    

  Water   Electric  


Repair   Replacement   Cleaning  Supplies  

$100   $100     $100    

Testing/   Chemicals     Cleaning   Equipment  








$200   $300    


      Description   Amount   Gym  Memberships   $20,000     Vending  Machines   $2,000     Clothing   $6,000     Space  Rental   $2,000     School  Functions   $1,000     Special  Functions   $6,000       Total   Income  


Purchase Order



Inventory: Code   Fitness   Equipment   601   602   602   604   605   606   607   608   609     Pool   Equipment   701   702   703   704   705     Snacks  



Yoga   Mats   Exercise  Steps   8lb  weights   6lb  weights   4lb  weights   2lb  weights   Stationary  Cycles   10lb  weights   Jump  Ropes  

50   50   98   100   100   100   100   90   100  

  Cleaning   Chemicals   Noodles   Lane  Dividers   Entry  Ladders   Cleaning  Machine  



  801   Waters   802   Power  Bars  

Service   Items   901   902   903   904   905   906     Sports   Equipment   1001   1002   1003   1004  

30 25   6   2   1  

Amount  to  be   Added   0   0   2   0   0   0   10   10   0  

10 3   0   0   0  


300     300  

50 25  

  Vending   Machine   Water  Fountains   Benches   Wahing  Machine   Dryer   Towels  


2     3   4   2   2   200  

0 0   0   0   0   0  

  Basketballs   Footballs   Soccer  Balls   Cones  


10     10   10   25  

0 0   0   0  


27 Â

Liability Safety and Liability Handout

Rules: 1. Please obey orders of personnel at all times 2. Never overcrowd a room 3. No open toe shoes 4. Wear exercise appropriate clothing 5. If you do not understand how an exercise or piece of equipment works, ask for assistance 6. Never act in a way to put yourself or others in danger 7. No running in the facility, especially in the pool area

Team Fitness has gone to the greatest degree possible to ensure your safety. Unfortunately, there is always the possibility of an accident occurring. By signing below, you acknowledge that Team Fitness will not be held responsible in the event that an injury or death occurs and you waive your right to sue. This includes equipment failures, acts of God, and negligence on the part of your fellow gym members or yourself.



28 Â

*Definition of Terms* Accident- an occurrence where a person receives bodily harm or dies Equipment Failure- When a piece of inspected and approved equipment ceases to function in its designed capacity, causing an accident Act of God- These include earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and any other event outside the control of the facility or personnel, which could cause an accident. E.G. and earthquake occurs while you are exercising and a weight falls on your foot Negligence- When a person takes part in an act which clearly puts themselves or others at unnecessary risk for injury.


29 Â

Advocacy/ Public Relations Employee Handbook Congratulations on becoming a member of Team Fitness. With the title of Team Leader which has been bestowed on you come certain privileges but also many responsibilities. To help you achieve the greatest level of success, Team Fitness has put together a list of guidelines and rules that you are expected to follow. 1. Always be on time 2. Sign in and out at the front desk upon start and ending your shift 3. Dress in a professional manner 4. Treat clients with respect 5. Never do anything to put yourself or others in danger 6. Do not lead any activity you are not certified in 7. Never have clients perform an activity beyond their fitness or skill level 8. Help maintain the cleanliness of the facilities 9. You are responsible for any room or equipment you use, leave it nicer than you found it 10. Make sure all supplies (e.g. snacks, towels, water) are in stock 11. Report any incidents or concerns to a superior immediately 12. In the event of an emergency, contact the necessary services immediately 13. Remind clients about special programs/ classes

Marketing Webpage



31 Â

Final Summary Team Fitness is committed to bringing the community together and increasing physical activity for everyone. By offering a variety of group classes, intramurals, and activities, this facility is a unique experience that will leave you feeling energized and confident! Our knowledgeable trainers and friendly staff create a welcoming environment that will keep you coming back. This organization is the bridge between hard work and results, and we will make sure to work closely with you so that you can reach your personal goals.



Jensen, Clayne R. and Steven J. Overman. Administration and Management of Physical Education and Athletic Programs, 4th Edition. Long Grove, IL. Waveland Press, Inc. 2003. Print.

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