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John-Matthew Connor “Pumpkin Eater” Com 254, Sam Davis Julie is a stay at home mom with two children. Her husband, Steve, works for a large law firm in downtown New York City. Their house is located on the outskirts of town and with traffic it takes Steve approximately an hour to make it home every day. This is why most days he just decides to stay in his office for the night instead of coming home. Scene opens up with Julie and Steve running around the interior of the house trying to get their morning started. Steve: Yo gurl whats good with them eggs you said you was gonna cook for breakfast!? Julie: Steven, I told you I would make them if I had time while getting the kids ready for school.. If I get the chance ill take care of it. Steve: Man im so sick of yo lies, all you ever do is just sit at home while I work my ass off to keep us afloat.

Julie rushes in to begin cooking the eggs. Steve walks in and tries one before they were finished completely resulting in a slimy tongue.

Steve: What the fudge woman! This shit is nasty! Im heading to work and ill pick up my own damn breakfast from Mcdonalds, at least they know how to cook an egg. Julie: Im sorry I couldn’t make you happy once again babe, I hope your day is good and ill talk to you later.

Steve leaves while slamming the door in rage

Julie: Fuck Head! (muffled) Julie: Come on kids! It’s time for school the bus is out front! Dani: Okay mom! Steffanie: I hate school!!

Julie: I know baby but before you know it you’ll be back at home playing with your friends so hang in there. Come on, come on, the bus has a lot more stops!

Julie walks back in the house after waiving to the bus driver.

Julie: Oh boy, it’s only 7:30 in the morning and I am out of energy. Julie: I know, I’ll call my mom.

Julie dials her mom’s house number and begins to converse.

Julie: Hey mom what are you up to? Rose: Well good morning Julie! Its so nice to hear from you, it really makes my day! Julie: I love talking to you it makes me forget about Steve and his recently rude attitude. Rose: Oh my, is he still being mean all the time? Julie: Ever since he got this new job a couple of months ago, I pretty much never see him anymore and when I do he’s always mean. Rose: Do you still think he might be banging that new secretary of his? Julie: I don’t know for sure but most likely. I mean he stays at the office most nights of the week and doesn’t even call to tell me good night or check on the kids. Not to mention every time I call his secretary seems to be in the background. Also he’s very short with me during the phone calls. Rose: Honey he is a scumbag and if I’ve ever called anyone a cheater it would be him. Julie: I know mother but up until now I haven’t had a reason to check up on him. Rose: Like I told you before, you have control of the phone bills and you can check to see who he’s been talking to. Julie: I didn’t want to do that to him, but now I can see something is not right. Ill get online today and see what I can find on our records.

Rose: Okay darling, well I wish you the best and I hope it’s not what we think. I love you and I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Julie: Thanks for the advice mom, I love you too!

Julie hangs up the phone and gets her coffee as she preps the computer for some deep snooping. Just as Julie sits down the phone rings. Julie: Well I know that’s not my husband calling (chuckling to herself) Julie: Hello? Wilcox Elementary School: Is this Julie? Julie: Yes Ma’am It is. Wilcox Elementary School: We have Steffanie here in the office saying she’s not feeling well; would you be able to come and get her at your earliest convenience? Julie: Ughh Steff. Yeah she probably just doesn’t want to be at school but ill come and get her right away. Wilcox Elementary School: Oh okay ha-ha, Thank you Julie: No, Thank you!

Julie hangs up the phone and powers down the computer.

Julie: I guess we will have to put this off for tomorrow.

Julie heads to the car and goes to pick up Steffanie. When Julie returns to the house she completes some housework and finds herself with nothing to do when finished.

Julie: Ill hop on this computer real fast and see what I can find.

Julie begins to snoop through her phone records and finds that Steve has been texting and calling the same number hundreds of times a day for about two months. She calls her mother in a panic.

Julie: mother you’ll never believe it! You were right! Rose: Honey, I was right but I don’t feel good about it. Unfortunately, you know what you need to do now. Julie: This is it mom, if I call this number and that Lindsay bitch answers, I’m going to go off the deep end. Rose: I’ve got your back babe.

Julie hangs up the phone and dials the number she has seen hundreds of times in the records. Lindsay: Hello this is Lindsay. Julie: What the Fuck! Your ass is grass baby! Lindsay: Huh? Hello?

Julie hangs up the phone furiously and immediately hits the bong to calm her nerves.

Julie: Alright Steve, I’ve got something for your ghetto ass!

To Julies surprise Steve comes home that night. She doesn’t mention anything about it. The next morning Steve is being an ass again and Julie finally snaps.

Steve: So you think you might be able to make me some eggs today? Or is your fat ass still tellin lies? Julie: (walks in the other room) I cant stand this fool.

Julie: Ill cook you some eggs baby I just love you so much it literally will hurt. I mean hurts! Steve: Just start cooking woman I don’t have time to converse with your stupid ass. Julie: The eggs are done babe! Come and get it! Steve: You know these eggs aren’t too bad! Probably the best you’ve ever made! What did you do different, not suck at it? Julie: Well let’s not be mean. But I am glad you liked them. I added a special ingredient.. Steve: A special ingredient? Something from our spice rack? Julie: Oh no, It’s really special. You can only have it this one time though ill never be able to use it again with you. Steve: You’re not making any sense idiot, why would you never use it again? Julie: Well Steve, I can’t ever use it again for you because it was rat poison and you’ll be so fucked up in about 10 minutes that ill have time to bury you alive in our back yard so you can die a suffocating miserable death. That’s why you’ll never eat these types of eggs again. ha-ha Steve: Yeah right, you don’t have the balls. Julie: I usually wouldn’t have the balls but my mom killed her second husband the same way and I’ve been talking to her about you cheating on me for a while now. I talk to her on her prison phone on a daily basis punk ass. Steve: I’m not cheating bitch you need to get over yourself.

Steve begins to tighten up as his body becomes stiff with paralysis. Julie continues making preparations ignoring Steves pleas for an ambulance. The Movie cuts out as Julie is throwing the fresh dirt on top of Steve in the rain during a night time thunderstorm. She looks down at his face just before tossing enough dirt to cover it up.

Julie: Best eggs I ever made huh?! END

Pumpkin Eater  

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