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Nakia’s Website Planning & Development Plan When you decide to have a website for your business or personal interest there are a number of things you have to consider before you start actually building your website. Website planning has various steps. Purpose and Goals of Your New WebSite Before actually building a web site you need to look at the purpose of building the site and goals you wish to achieve. What type of audience does your business web site need to attract, keep and service? Web Site Content - What Do I Put On My Site? That would depend on the goals of your business. There are three main things that you can do with your website:   

Provide free information, products, or services Sell information, products, or services A combination of both of the above

The best thing to do is determine exactly what you would like to do with your website before attempting to determine what to put on your website. It is best to include as much information about your business and products or services so that your website will achieve the best results.

Who owns the website once the website design is completed? The completed website belongs to your company. This is the case for all of our work (logos, websites, advertisement design etc.) except for specified products (ie. EZ-Merchant and EZ-CMS) which are retained by Creative Designs as specified in the associated contracts or agreements. Our marketing strategies help you achieve your business objectives. Want to get your name out there? Creative Designs can create a clear and captivating marketing strategy for your business. Once implemented, our unique and proven marketing strategies will:    

Drive customers to your business - deliver a memorable message that will turn potential customers into loyal, returning customers. Increase your target market - expand your target audience by marketing to new and different types of customers in wider territories. Expand your reach - tap into local, national, and global markets. Send the right messages - send highly effective and stimulating messages that will catch the attention of potential customers every time.

We offer complete marketing solutions and strategies that target potential customers from every possible angle, channel, and avenue. Our highly trained marketing professionals are continuously training and testing various marketing methods and techniques to ensure that we can offer the most effective promotional strategies for your business. We also offer several e-books that can help you with your marketing plan and managing your business. Click here to visit our online shop.

Nakia’s Checklist – Please take a look at what I will need to complete the set up of your website. Company Logo If you have a company logo you can send us your digital copy of it with your website documentation. Your logo should be in JPEG format. As for the size of the logo, the larger the better as we will reduce the size and get your logo web-ready. Larger images allow us to keep your logo on file in the event that your organization takes advantage of our promotional printing services. (business cards, postcards & other marketing materials) Business Contact Information We need some contact information so that your customers can contact your business. We suggest putting your phone number, email address, business address, social networking sites/names etc. You may put as much or as little information in your contact page as you would like and we will even integrate Google Maps so that your local customers can easily locate your business on the internet doing a local search. Bio & About Me Page Information Having a Bio or About Me web page is a great way to build customer confidence and increase your sales and conversion rates. We suggest putting any awards or certifications that your company has received as well as the date you opened your doors, the number of employees you have and anything else that can tell potential customers more about your business. Any news articles, tv appearances, CD’s/Mixtapes should be listed here also. Services or Products Page Information Your services and/or products section lets your customers know exactly how you can help them and should also tell them why they should choose your company over your competitors. We suggest putting as much information in this section as possible. In addition to listing the services and/or products you offer, we recommend listing supplier information (if applicable), any certifications or qualifications, and guarantees. If you sell products, it is important to compile your entire catalogue ready to be put on the website in one shot. Of course, our e-commerce platforms allow you to build your inventory as you go but it always helps with customer confidence and search engines to have as much inventory online a.s.a.p. in order to present as much content as possible.

Photographs and/or Gallery Page A picture is worth a thousand words, literally. It is quite common to find multiple images within even the most information based websites as a way of making the web page pleasing to the eye and to keep your visitors attention. Whether you need a Gallery or would like scrolling images etc. please ensure that you have the photographs and images you would like to appear on your web page. If you don't have access to any images you can take advantage of our image inventory with over 15 million images, however you will still have to send us detailed information about what types of images and or samples of what you would like on your site. Our creative designers will make suggestions and insert appropriate images where needed and applicable but it is always more efficient if you send us as much information as possible regarding your photograph and image needs. Form Fields for Contact Page and Other Forms In order to for you to give accurate and fast quotes or reply to your customers you probably need specific information. Let us know what information you need to collect from your web page forms and we will include the requested fields in your forms. Our standard forms that are included in your website already collect the customer's name, phone number, email address, and a detailed message box. This is a good starting point but if you require specific fields and information collected please let us know for each form required. Also, if your website does not require any forms or information collected from your visitors then you can let us know this as well. We can maintain your email lists for $9.99 per month and using iContact. Search Engine Phrases for Marketing If you choose to have Search Engine Optimization as part of your website design package, we will market your website online using the information you provide. We will assess your site content and structure your website content to achieve the best possible search engine position. If you would like to specify particular phrases that you would like to rank high for in search engines then we will need those phrases and keywords as well. Desired Emails, Domain Name, & Other Information Lastly, to take advantage of your new professional email address and domain name we will need to know your top three choices for domain names (i.e. and the email addresses you would like setup as well. Also if you have any other information, details, or features you would like in your website please send them in with your other documentation and website content.

Your all-in-one online marketing solution for only $599.99 $300.00 Now you can get everything you need to own and operate a website & gain a Social Media presence in one inexpensive and convenient package. The Website & Facebook Fan Page Package is designed to make it easier for businesses to get a professional website and keep it fresh and current with information, products, and services and keep your facebook audience engaged. Everything you need for your website is included and provided from one company rather than from multiple companies. Additionally, you can get a website up and running in 5-15 days that will increase your sales and create a professional image for your customers & fan base. Our Website & Facebook Fan Page Package includes search engine optimization powered by Google’s blogger.

The Website & Facebook Fan Page Package includes:   

 

Domain name - your unique domain name (ie. is included for the first year. Secure business hosting - your secure, professional and fast hosting is included for the first year. Website Design - your website design and development is included as well, designed how you want it. (up to 10 pages, the Professional version includes as many pages as required.) Built-in content management system - you can also publish and modify your website on your own without any programming or web design knowledge required using our user-friendly and easy to learn interface. Facebook Fan Page created – we will set up your page and help you share with your current friends list. Additional add-ons: Add more functionality, features, and tools for a low cost.  Business Cards & Electronic Contact Scan/Icon - we will create your Identity scan image & purchase 250 business cards with new contact info for $50. 100 Postcards - $40. (Design is included in price)  Logo or Ad design or Video - we will design your logo or ad and/or create a Video (slideshow with music, commentary and/or photos) for you for only $100 each.  Additional Web design w/10 pages $175  Domain name registration $25  Monthly maintenance – See below for options & call us for more details.

Low Monthly Plan – Monthly Maintenance   

$50 per month (plus applicable taxes) You receive three (3) hours of website maintenance per month (a savings of $25). Additional changes billed hourly

Hourly Maintenance Package   

$25 per hour (plus applicable taxes) Any type of website maintenance or modifications You receive a quotation before changes are made

What qualifies as a maintenance change? A maintenance change is a modification to a webpage. Essentially, you are allotted three hours per month. Each additional hour is billed at our hourly rate. An example maintenance change: Adding an image to a page, removing a paragraph, adding several paragraphs and new website keywords/meta tags.

-- or -Adding a new webpage with text/images, menu item, and keywords/meta tags.

A list of current clients and references are available upon request. Other websites that have been designed by Nakia will be reviewed at a one on one client meeting. Take a look at Nakia’s website at and

Please direct all inquiries or set up a meeting with Nakia Evans, 443-987-6857 or email

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Who owns the website once the website design is completed?  Provide free information, products, or services  Sell information, products, o...