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• Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company is a Direct Sales Company launched in March 2008 by Nadine What is Soul Purpose? Thompson, who has 10 years experience & has partnered with a Leading Multi-Level Marketing Company, Youngevity Life Sciences. • The Soul Purpose product line was created and developed by the company Founder and CEO; as she envisioned a beautiful line of natural and organic products that would not just be beautiful to look at with beautiful packaging, but be products that are beautiful to touch, smell, feel and experience. • Our products contain vitamins, organic aloe vera, essential oils, honey, an antioxidant blend and wild crafted shea butter in a variety of exquisite fragrances inspired by world travel. • Our products are healing for the skin & contain NO sulfates or parabens. • Our products are eco-friendly & affordable.

• Live the Life you Love! • • •

Improve Personal Relationships Improve your Lifestyle Feel & Look Better in your body Create a Customized Plan to upgrade all aspects of your life • Increase your Wealth • Implement lasting changes to your Health & Wellness

Helping the Whole YOU! • • • • • •

Health, Beauty, Wellness Financially Build Healthy Relationships A fulfilling Career/Business A new Lifestyle New connections

Your Personalized Program

4 ways to earn Free & Discounted Products • Wholesale Memberships • Small, Home-based Business – Wealth Builders

• Referral Business • Vendor Opportunities

Your Future with Soul Purpose

• • • • • •

National & International Expansion New Product releases in 2011 Earn Extra Cash Set & Accomplish Goals Improve personal relationships Coachability, Training, Positive Mind Set, Winning Attitude, Focus, Commitment, Personal & Professional Development • A Year from Now? • The Decision is Yours

Your Membership includes

• 25-30% Discount on bath, beauty, body, style, spirit & wellness products • Free Shipping on monthly Auto-ship Orders (over $50) • Group seminars & weekly conference calls • Email support from TEEam Leaders & Corporate • Opportunity to earn free products, rewards, gift certificates, bonuses & CASH! • Members-Only Promotions and additional discounts throughout the year • Advance notice of new product releases • Exclusive invitations to TEEam events and Launch Parties

Are you IN or OUT There are 3 types of People

1. Those who get in the game & play to win! 2. Those who stand on the sideline & watch the game 3. Those who ask “What Game” Which one are you? You Decide……

Right now you are thinking:  I want to try the products.  I’m ready to Join Soul Purpose?

How to Get Started? • $10 VIP Discount Membership. • Order products with your 25% Discount today. Try them, Love them & Share with friends & family. • Membership never expires

• $35 Soul Purpose Entrepreneur • (Basic Starter Kit)

• Sign Up for Auto-Ship • (Purchase a Product kit & receive monthly orders at wholesale price w/Free Shipping on $50+.)

• Follow our Quick Start program & Get paid!!!!!

How we get paid • • • • • • •

Wholesale – Retail Profit (25% right away!) Rebate on Personal Sales Level Override Commissions Quick Start Bonuses (up to 30%) Leadership Infinity Bonuses Dream Bonuses Global Profit Revenue Sharing Pool!!!

Who is Nakia Evans? My Business Plan is simple: Show, Share, Connect, Listen, Offer, Recruit, Follow Up & Repeat. My goal is to help you build relationships with customers, partners and leaders and using our proven Quick Start program to guide you towards a successful Soul Purpose business within your first 90 days. My Soul Purpose is to Motivate, Encourage and Develop a strong Team by educating, building relationships, and making connections with real people who are looking for change. I love the Soul Purpose opportunity & products we offer.....and with commitment and focus, will go all the way to the Top.....with a Team filled with Leaders. My Goal is to be an "essential" partner with your business. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if there is anything I can do to improve your experience with Soul Purpose and Direct Sales! Nakia is available for speaking engagements, team trainings, conference calls & networking event planning. For more information, please contact her by email.

• Wife, Mother, Full time Corporate Professional. • Soul Purpose Business Owner since April 2009 (2 years!) • TEEam Leader for 255+ members • Diamond Executive • Company Trainer • Business Coach • Social Media Strategist • Author & Speaker

What Business Partners are saying….

“Nakia is an exceptional leader! She commits to not only meeting expectations but exceed them. Nakia is a true professional and is eager to mentor and train her team--failure is not an option. She is truly a Diamond Executive.” Dominique Clark, Project Manager, Healthy Housing Solutions, Inc •

“Nakia is a Wonderful person and knows her products well. She is growing a Fantastic Team of women in the Maryland Area , I would like to say that if I had to sign up again I would love to work directly with Nakia” Antoinette Nelson, Independent Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Soul Purpose “Nakia is well informed about her business. She is not selfish with her knowledge and is always willing to give a helping hand. She's a very hard working and focused lady.” Lisa McMillan, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Soul Purpose •

“Nakia is an outstanding leader who is always helping new entrepreneurs to empower themselves. She is extremely knowledgeable about Soul Purpose products. Nakia supports the vision of Soul Purpose by redefining empowerment and by supporting individual purpose and vision through the marketing of natural, quality products! Nakia is very detail oriented and will not leave you behind. Customer satisfaction is always her focus! Making connections with her partners and customers sets her apart from other network marketers. I highly recommend this trailblazer.” Harriette Gibbs, Managing Associate, Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company

“Nakia Evans has become a force to reckon with and is definitely a leader worth watching. Thanks for the awesome weekend Nakia, it was fabulous!!!!!”

Nadine Thompson, Soul Purpose Lifestyle CEO & Founder (after attending Nakia’s event in Baltimore)

Business Opportunity Presentation by Nakia  
Business Opportunity Presentation by Nakia  

take a look at the Soul Purpose Business Presentation as presented by Nakia Evans