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People & nature


Connection city / Quarter / Campus healing

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Flexibility & Adaptability adjustable

a place to learn enjoy your campus (not just for studing)

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TOPIC: connections The healing process takes place through the stitches, they allow the approximation of one end to the other. Arena ground is traversed by this bandage. The bandage wants to heal a scar on the ground, consolidate, forge strong link & create a package. This consolidation could adapt to campus with a green line who cross differents spaces (Arena, campus, park...) and transverse for connect importante area ( Kalk, Deutz...). This connection can be established to CologneCity.

arena / ground

deutz / campus Arena Pyramide park

kalk deutz

residential area urban Garden

Cologne / city

vi s io n

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ch an ge

to u t»

TOPIC: Adaptability & fIexibility (Références : Lacaton Vassal)

WALLS CAN SLIDE, WALLS CAN MOVE ! Propose a new space that can adapt as required .. Create a variety of areas and a variation. Encourage differants uses. Monday, we have little space for expositions ( artists expositions, students projects...). Wednesday, walls adapt to the forum (theme day, students fair, open university day...) & friday ? We push the walls for big space & meeting or artistic representations (music, theatre...). DEUTZ CAMPUS MUST BE FLEXIBLE, OPEN & ATTRACTIVE. ( This is also one way to connect the campus to the city)


INSIDE STRucture (Existing)


outside structure (as an extension of the building structure)


vegetation & feeling

R+16 freedom On the top of the building & behind the big dorms et sport area, we have big green expanse... We don’t see the road, the train! It’s fabulous et I felt free !

R+8 In the middle, we have important vegetation et some reference like the Dom .

RDC:Oppression Down, I felt the vegetation like a wall ! The vegetation is an obstacle, impassable limit.

vegetation & feeling Actually, most student come to metro, the parking are empty! it’s a veritable waste for this space with potentials and with news uses possible The vegetation separates or closed spaces that could be appreciated. Here, we propose where we can cut, for more space et benefiting from space et from views

vegetation & potentials campus

free development SHRUB

Stem tree


free development

further away from the building and the vegetation becomes more wild

Close to the building, vegetation is regular ( Stem trees), it follows the BUILDING STRUCTURE

Creation of new laboratory on the site of the old fire station

A new & clear entrance. Public & attractive space, with expositions, representations, forums ... News space for students. The Laboratories first floor becomes public with bars, restaurants, places to meet and share. The topiaries in front of the windows are cut and let the light back. There are a few trees to filter the view, without blocking. The floor ‘Zero’ becomes flat for students, near the sports complex.

LANDSCAPE_ Observations Feeling & Potentials  

4 Novembre 2012

LANDSCAPE_ Observations Feeling & Potentials  

4 Novembre 2012