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DAY 1: DECLUTTER Ideally, declutter the whole house. However depending on your clutter & time, you may need to just focus on the main areas which include:     

Entrance way (think first impressions) Kitchen Dining room These rooms are mandatory. Living room Master bedroom

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What to do with the extra stuff? You have 3 options. Trash, Donate or Store. And we don’t mean in your basement. Buyers need to see all the space you have. Rent a storage unit and get that clutter out of the house.

DAY 2: CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN We hope you got a good night sleep because today won’t be easy. All you need is some cleaning supplies, a little elbow grease and maybe a friend. Kitchen:  Declutter cupboards / clean inside & out  Declutter countertops / clean  Clean fridge (inside & out – remove magnets and photos)  No dirty dishes (remember buyers will look in dishwashers too)  Clean microwaves and stove  Shine the stainless steel appliances Living Room:  Vacuum/clean under couches and furniture  Dust/wipe all surfaces  Give couch vacuum and deep cleaning  Tidy up any wires and hide if possible Bathroom:  Organize & clean vanity  Scrub shower / tub / toilet (keep toilet seat down)  Wash shower curtain or replace it

Bedrooms:  Vacuum  Dust  Clean bedding and pillow cases  Clean & Organize Closets Extras Throughout:  Clean windows, ledges, screens & doors  Wash walls (or at least check for cobwebs)  Clean all light fixtures  Vacuum and wash floors

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DAY 3: FIX You have probably noted any needed minor (or major) repairs by now including:   

Broken cupboard doors Leaky faucet Picture holes in the wall, etc.

Channel your inner handyman and fix them now. ...Or call someone to do it for you.

If there are signs of possible issues, such as water stains from a possible leak, be sure to address the problem. If it was resolved years ago then replace the ceiling tile or paint over it. You don’t want to scare potential buyers away.

DAY 4: DE-PERSONALIZE We hope you left those school pictures off your fridge when you cleaned it. A buyer needs to picture themselves in your house. For that reason,    


Replace family pictures with decorative art Neutralize your space (avoid taste-specific items) Store your collection of knick knacks for safe keeping Store everyday items in cute baskets, hat boxes, etc.

Not sure where to start or don’t have any extra art or décor lying around?


DAY 5: EXTERIOR Go outside and take a look at your home from the street (or sidewalk). Look at it from a couple different angles and try to see it for the first time as a buyer would. Spring/Summer     


Cut the grass  Rake/Shovel Trim any trees or hedges  Keep things tidy Clean up patio furniture  Make sure there is good sufficient Address anything that outdoor lighting. (buyers will be looks unkempt likely looking in the dark) Give the front door a fresh coat of paint, Yard Tip: maybe a pop of color to Hire the grandkids or neighbor stand out. kids to mow the lawn, rake leaves or shovel snow.

DAY 6: ENTRANCE WAY Entrance way + Buyers =    

Keep one jacket each and a pair of shoes Keep the floors clean/wash down the door (inside and out) Clean the mats (or get new ones) Ensure the entry is well lit and the air smells good

Speaking of smells… let’s talk pets. More specifically, the pet smell. You likely don’t smell them anymore. Buyers will. Keep that litter box discreet and be sure to empty it daily. Clean any surface the pets sleep or lay regularly.

DAY 7: THE FINAL REVIEW We are so proud of all you have accomplished. Just three more little things (we promise): First. Take a walk through your home and make sure you have checked everything off the list. Also, double check that you have removed all your personal items from plain sight like photographs. Second. Do one final clean & tidy. Take care of those paper stacks that tend to accumulate and find them a permanent tidy spot. Third. Buy some flowers or a new plant for the dining room table. Finally, this all may feel intimidating but we promise it will be worth it! We want to equip you with the tools and knowledge so your home will Sell Quickly and for Top Dollar.

Remember, we are here to help guide you throughout this whole process.

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7 Day Guide to Prepare Your Home  

Get your home in top notch shape so you can Sell Quickly and for Top Dollar.

7 Day Guide to Prepare Your Home  

Get your home in top notch shape so you can Sell Quickly and for Top Dollar.