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In the United States, fewer than 1 in

10 low-income students graduate from college.

In a class of 30, that’s not even 3


It doesn’t have to be this way.

The students of TEAM Scho



ols are reversing the odds.

What is TEAM Schools? TEAM Schools is a growing network of KIPP charter schools that offers a free, college preparatory education to the students of Newark, New Jersey. TEAM Schools is dedicated to the ideal that every child in Newark can succeed in college and go on to change the world. The students and staff of TEAM Schools approach this goal each day with a simple guiding principle in mind: “Work hard. Be nice.” With an extraordinary amount of hard work, and a strong emphasis on character, TEAM Schools is reversing the odds for over 780 students in grades five through ten.

• TEAM Schools is not a magnet school or a private school. • There is no test to get in and no cost to attend. • The students of TEAM Schools, like students of all charter schools in New Jersey, are admitted by lottery.

Newark Collegiate Academy (2007) Current Enrollment: 150 Grades: 9 10 11 12

TEAM Academy (2002)

Rise Academy (2006)

Current Enrollment: 360 Grades: 5 6 7 8

Current Enrollment: 270 Grades: 5 6 7 8

SPARK Academy

Elementary School II

Opening: 2009 Grades: pre-K K 1 2 3 4

Opening: 2010 Grades: pre-K K 1 2 3 4

At full capacity, these five TEAM schools will form a full pre-K - 12 system serving more than 2,500 students, over five percent of Newark public school students.



TEAM Schools by the Numbers

3 Public charter schools students in grades five 780 Newark through ten 96% African-American 4% Latino 80% Qualify for free and reduced meals Newark’s public school student 5% Ofpopulation served by 2015


Rise Academy, Class of 2015



The teachers tell us there are no Cinderellas in the real world. Nothing will just be given to you, you have to work for it. I like that they challenge us and encourage us to earn things.



When I think about college, I know it’s going to be a tough 4 years, but most of all, I know college is really important because it will help me get the job that I want and succeed in life. I’m on the road to college right now and I’m ready to do the hard work and not give up.


Rise Academy, Class of 2015

What is the impact?

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

NJ ASK Results: TEAM Academy

English Language Arts

Eighth Grade

Seventh Grade


Sixth Grade

Fifth Grade

NJ ASK Results: Rise Academy

NJASK TEAM Academy and Rise Academy middle school students, like all New Jersey students, take the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJASK) in grades five through eight. The test assesses students on grade level subject matter in math and reading and provides a state standard against which to compare the performance of our students. The scores above represent the percentage of students who are either proficient or advanced proficient on these tests, which correlates to the percentage of students performing on grade level. Note: high school students do not take a state exam until the eleventh grade. 7




Rise Academy, Class of 2014

Newark Collegiate Academy, Class of 2012

When Zahnik first met Mr. Martin,

Chris didn’t like the rules or hard

the school leader of Rise Academy,

work when he first started at TEAM.

she thought she would never like the

He did everything he could to resist

school’s extended days and extensive

the culture of achievement. Chris’

rules. Now in her third year at Rise,

seventh grade science teacher, Ms.

Zahnik says it is not just a school, it is a

Winbush, set out to change all of that. She helped Chris after school

family to which she happily belongs.

with his homework, appointed him Last year, thanks to Zahnik’s hard work and persistence and the

unofficial ‘zoo keeper’ for her science lab full of animals, let him select

support of her teacher, Ms. Bassi, she progressed a remarkable three

animals to add to the lab, and went above and beyond to help Chris

grade levels in reading in one year. Starting on a fourth grade level,

realize his full potential.

she surpassed her own grade to a seventh grade level. Chris is now a standout student in ninth grade at NCA and on the path Zahnik believes Rise Academy is having a tremendous ripple effect in

to college. Reflecting on what school and the prospect of college meant

the community it serves. She says, “Rise affects not just the students,

before TEAM, he says, “School used to be a place where I went to see

but also their families and community overall. I believe that when

my friends and get into trouble. College was always on my mind, but

you come here, it changes your perspective on life, no matter who

it didn’t seem possible. It was like I was trying to get onto the highway

you are. More TEAM Schools will make Newark a better place in

without a vehicle. I knew I wanted to get to that destination, but I didn’t

general because TEAM students want to change themselves, improve

have, or didn’t give myself, a vehicle to get there. That’s what I’m doing

themselves, and change and improve what’s around them.”




Rise affects not just the students, but also their families and community overall. I believe that when you come here, it changes your perspective on life, no matter who you are.

ZAHNIK Rise Academy, Class of 2014

Jamel TEAM Academy, Class of 2013 Jamel entered his name in TEAM Academy’s lottery after he heard about the school from a family friend. He realized he was neither being challenged at his current school nor receiving the support he needed in difficult subject areas. Even though he was about to start the seventh grade (two years after TEAM’s usual fifth grade entry point), he recognized the significant impact TEAM could have on his future. Jamel believed so much in that impact that when he found out he had to repeat the sixth grade because he was not on grade level, he recalled, “I was really surprised, but it inspired me to do more. I knew if I repeated the sixth grade, I’d have a better future having done all the work I needed to, instead of heading into seventh grade unprepared.” Now in eighth grade, Jamel says, “It’s hand in hand. I’m doing the work,



TEAM Academy is a great school. They teach ethics and values, not just science, math, and English.

Anonymous - Parent Survey


The children are truly learning and loving it which will carry them a long way in years to come, due to the fact that when something is loved, more of it shall be sought. Anonymous - Parent Survey


staying with my class, and I am on the road to college.”


There is no formula. Every day we reflect and we think about what we can do better because we can always do better. Just like we know the students can always do better.



What is the magic formula?


TEAM Academy, Seventh grade science teacher


This is a great school. The teachers not only teach, they are like parents, they care for my child as I would. Every child counts all the time. Anonymous - Parent Survey



Kid Focus


I look in Newark, New Jersey, right now and we have some of the highest performing inner city schools in the entire nation… one of them is TEAM Academy. They have taken a very basic premise that we have been wedded to, and flipped it on its head. [They] said ‘let’s make achievement the constant and time the variable. CORY BOOKER

Mayor of Newark




Even though we’re in school for a longer day, it doesn’t feel like it’s longer because the teachers make the lessons fun. When I see kids playing outside as I’m walking home, I don’t mind. If you get out at 3pm, that just cuts down on time you can learn. I have more hours to help me learn every day. ZARREAH




Rise Academy, Class of 2015

The freedom to choose allows both students and teachers to think outside the box. Our freedom allows us to challenge ourselves to be better everyday. Better teachers. Better students. Better people.



TEAM Academy, Fifth grade reading teacher



Teamwork is our ethos. There is a deep commitment that students, staff, parents, and guardians all share. This cultivates a team like no other. We have the attention to detail you’d expect from group of attorneys, the unique chemistry of a championship sports team, the absolute support for one another of a military unit, the compassion of a family, and the knack for fun of a rock’n’roll band. JOHN KACZOREK


TEAMwork TEAMwork

Rise Academy, Fifth grade math teacher

How can we ensure every child has this opportunity?


I definitely think that we need more TEAM Schools in Newark. I know of a lot of parents who would send their kids to TEAM and there is not enough room to accommodate all of them. Also, I would love to see them starting from kindergarten... because if they were here from the beginning, it would be wonderful. TEAM Schools



TEAM Schools is ideally positioned for growth. Demand: There are more than 1,000 students on the waitlist for TEAM Schools’ seats and SPARK Academy received over 100 applications in the first few weeks.


Newark has a favorable political climate for charter schools and TEAM Schools has a dedicated base of active supporters.

Impact: In 2015, TEAM Schools will serve more than 2,500 students - over five percent of Newark public school students. This scale of impact would be impossible in a larger city.

Growth facilitates stronger operations and better results. Economies of Scale:

TEAM Schools will provide teachers with better services, more resources, and a growing knowledge base.

Focus and Specialization:

Increasing specialization and expertise will better meet the needs of schools and students.

Quality Control: New schools will benefit from the guidance and thoughtful oversight of the region’s experienced leadership team.

Growth will only proceed if TEAM Schools has… Excellent School Leaders: TEAM Schools is developing leadership internally and working with KIPP to identify new school leaders.

World-Class Teachers: TEAM Schools actively recruits the highest quality teachers through multiple channels, including partnerships with Teach for America and local teaching colleges.

High Quality Facilities: TEAM Schools works closely with a team of experienced real estate experts to find great school sites.

Five years from now, TEAM Schools will serve more than 2,500 students over five percent of Newark public school students.

Projected Student Enrollment

KIPP Regions

KIPP: Knowledge is Power Program TEAM Schools is a member of the KIPP network. KIPP is a national network of free, open-enrollment, college preparatory public schools with a track record of preparing students in underserved communities for success in college and life.






We have now established

islands of excellence.



The question is:




expand the islands of excellence into continents of hope? Will we do what is necessary to

CORY BOOKER Mayor of Newark




Newark is a key growth region for KIPP. TEAM Schools has a track record of success, achieving excellent results in the classroom and maintaining that excellence as it expands to serve more students with a high quality education.


KIPP is committed to the students of Newark and

the continued growth of TEAM Schools as it redefines what is possible in

public education, both in the city of Newark and for cities nationwide. RICHARD BARTH CEO, KIPP Foundation LYNN, MA








There are 66 KIPP schools nationwide serving 16,000+ students Cities with KIPP Schools







Established Regions

2008 Schools

Business Plan




New Orleans


In Progress

New York City






Washington, DC



Emerging Regions

2008 Schools

Business Plan










Bay Area*









Los Angeles









San Antonio



St. Louis



*Cities represented: Fresno, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, San Lorenzo **Business plan to be developed

SPARK Academy TEAM Schools’ middle schools are making strides to …but we can serve our students Elementary School

Middle School

High School

In August 2009, SPARK Academy, TEAM Schools’ first elementary school, will open with 100 students.

Students at TEAM and Rise currently

From their first day of pre-K through their college acceptance, students will learn and grow in a supportive and rigorous environment characterized by exceptional teaching and high expectations.

With the addition of elementary schools, TEAM Schools will ensure that every student is on the right track from day one, preparing them to enter middle school on grade level or above.

NCA opened in August 2007 and currently serves 150 ninth and tenth grade students. It will ultimately serve over 600 students in grades nine through twelve.

make tremendous progress between fifth and eighth grades.


student enters


TEAM Schools in the

Proficiency Level

Currently, the average

NCA provides students with a college preparatory education in a setting that allows for a uniquely tailored level of support for each student. NCA sets students up for success in college and the world beyond.

National Achievement Gap On Grade Level Average Achievement Gap (National) African American and Latino Students


fifth grade several years


below grade level.
















With the addition of elementary schools, TEAM Schools will ensure that every student is on the right track from day one.





Newark Collegiate Academy close the achievement gap... even better with elementary and high schools. One-on-One College Advisory Advisors meet bi-weekly with students beginning freshman year.

Individual Growth Plan Each student develops a plan, much like those used in the corporate world, to track academic, character, and social goals.

Performance Reviews Each quarter, students present their own review to their parents outlining what they have learned, areas for improvement, and their progress.

Experience-Based Learning

Real-World Business Skills

Seminar Courses

Saturday trips, summer opportunities, and seminars help students gain cultural and social capital.

Students upload homework to the NCA website and regularly use Outlook to schedule meetings with teachers.

Students choose from several college-type courses to experience the difficulty and format of seminars and lecture halls.

College Tours Freshmen visit Harvard, MIT, Smith, Brandeis, Boston College, RISD, Tufts, and other colleges. Sophomores/juniors visit more campuses in regions where they plan to attend.

College Entrance Exams In their junior year, students begin preparation for their PSAT and SAT along with AP courses.

The students of TEAM Schools will graduate ready for college, the workforce, and the world beyond.


How do I get involved?

1 2 3

Enroll TEAM Schools is accepting applications for the enrollment lottery. All students who are residents of Newark are eligible to apply. To enroll, please stop by one of TEAM Schools’ three campuses, visit us online at, or call Pedro Lebre at 973.705.TEAM ext. 1032.

Teach Impact, Improvement, Freedom, Fun, TEAMwork, Kid Focus. TEAM Schools is always looking for talented teachers, leaders, and builders to help us close the achievement gap. If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in pursuing job opportunities at TEAM Schools, please apply online at

Donate A gift to TEAM Schools is an investment in Newark’s children and the future of the city. TEAM Schools is transforming lives, achieving more with less resources, yielding exceptional social return on investment, and building a model for the future of public education. For more information on investing in TEAM Schools, visit our website at or contact Ben Cope at


Volunteer TEAM Schools offers an array of high-impact, hands-on volunteer opportunities.

you can make a difference in the lives of the students of TEAM Schools with your commitment. To learn more about volunteering, visit our website at or contact Natasha DiMare at




tutoring students to hosting a book club, chaperoning schools trips to joining a committee,

Invest in TEAM Schools $100,000

Classroom and other capital naming opportunities


Sponsor the salary of a new teacher.


Sponsor a laptop computer lab (30 laptops) to serve an entire grade of students.


Sponsor a new bookshelf of college preparatory reading material for our library.


Sponsor a new SmartBoard electronic white board to enhance teaching and learning.


Fully equip a kindergarten classroom for hands-on science activities.


Sponsor the field trip of a lifetime to Washington D.C., the Grand Canyon, California, Puerto Rico or the Newark Collegiate Academy College Tour.


Sponsor music and arts supplies from new guitars and drums to costumes for the performing arts and graphic design software.


Sponsor a student’s school supplies for one year (paper, pencils, books, notebooks, agendas, etc.).

Financials TEAM Schools does more with less achieving academic excellence while maintaining fiscal responsibility on approximately 75% of the funding provided to traditional Newark public schools (90% of per pupil operating funds and no funding for facilities). Projected Revenues (FY 09) $13,095,958

Projected Expenses (FY 09) $13,023,922

This funding represents an improvement over past years. Last school year, there was a change in New Jersey’s school funding formula. As a result, most New Jersey charter schools, including TEAM Schools, now receive more per pupil funding for operations, bringing TEAM Schools closer to parity with the district schools’ financing.

This increase in funding has allowed TEAM Schools to: •

Pilot a teaching fellowship program

Increase individualized student services

Hire additional teaching and enrichment staff

Build a stronger pipeline for teacher recruitment

Better staff our central office for expansion

Provide the resources and personnel required to

Increase per pupil facilities allocation

Although the new funding formula has reduced the financial disparities many New Jersey charter schools face, charter schools still do not receive any support for facility acquisition. Identifying financing and raising philanthropic support for facilities is critical if TEAM Schools is to successfully grow to five schools.


These investments will:


serve over five percent of Newark public school students

Facilities Needs with Expansion

Be the change.

Student Willie Ston. Class of 2015 Rise Academy.

Thank You


TEAM Academy Board

Parent Tutors



Amy Rosen, President Daniel Adan Judy Bedol Sheila Boyd Heather Calverase Derek Capanna Chris Cerf Christine Choi Wellington Davenport Janet Dendy Tom Dunn Bernel Hall Rahman Karriem Alex Mehfar Steven Pollard Pat Ross Paymon Rouhanifard Linda Sterling Paula Tuffin

The Montclair Kimberley Academy Thomas Nammack, Headmaster Lisa Amato Susan Dunn Debrah Hunter Melissa Mintz Lauren Meyer Catherine Murray Maria Olsen Trish Perlmutter Laura Phillips Michelle Reiter Valerie Roseboro Nancy Sheehy Kate Sonnenberg Amy South Nicole Spain Linda Sterling Cindy Stravinsky Louise Trabka

The Achelis and Bodman Foundations The Albert Payson Terhune Foundation The Charter School Growth Fund Community Congregational Church The Community Foundation of New Jersey Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation GEM Foundation The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Gutenstein Foundation Inc. The Charles Hayden Foundation The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey The Hyde and Watson Foundation Independence Community Foundation Junior League of Montclair-Newark, Inc. The MCJ Amelior Foundation The New Jersey Department of Education Provident Bank Foundation Charles Emil Thenen Foundation Turrell Fund Victoria Foundation The Walton Family Foundation

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Friends of TEAM Board Daniel Hernandez, President Gideon Alpert Mo Butler Tim Carden Carmen Maldonado Connie Max Shawn Panson Andrew Richards Rick Zack

Be the Change 2008 Committee Judy Bedol, Co-Chair Kate Sonnenberg, Co-Chair Luce Battsek Rose Cali Bill Carden Susan Dunn Anne Essner Myra Gibson Lisa Kennedy Carolyn Murray Kathleen Nugent Marion O’Neill Valerie Roseboro Amy Rosen Amy Sadeghi Linda Sterling Carol  Waksal Special thanks to Evergreen Partners Mindy Cohen Jenn Shetsen

* Reflects 2007-2008 school year Photography: Nick Cope Design: Thomas de Simon Special thanks to Print-Tech for printing services 21


Newark Academy Donald Austin, Head of School Jan Ainsley Pat Budziak Melissa Curwin Michele Damodaran Maureen Diehl Felicia Garnes Myra Gibson Lisa Kennedy Kris Klein Cheryl Kott Pam Lange Carolyn Murray Jane Redmond Darlene Reid-Dodick Amy Sadeghi Carrie Somberg Roby Weinreich Suzanne Willian Rosemary Wright

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In-Kind Legal Services

TEAM Schools Staff (2007-2008)

Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld: Roberta F. Colton Leah S. Frank Holly Fuller Sylvie Goursaud Sharmaine Heng Jordan J. Metzger Andrew Porter Steven H. Schulman James Wallick Dickson, Ashenfelter, Slous, Tanner & Trevenen: Larry Slous Calvin O. Trevenen Lowenstein Sandler: Stuart Yusem Kenneth H. Zimmerman McCarter & English: Paul Dritsas Benjamin Hendrick R. Andrew Richards

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QUICK FACTS • TEAM Schools is a KIPP region of public charter schools in Newark, New Jersey. • TEAM Academy and Rise Academy middle schools, and Newark Collegiate Academy high school, are the three schools of TEAM Schools. • SPARK Academy, TEAM Schools’ first elementary school, will open in Summer 2009. • TEAM Schools serves over 780 students in grades five through ten. • By 2011, TEAM Schools will operate five schools serving over five percent of all Newark public school students. • TEAM Schools’ students are chosen through a lottery and TEAM Schools does not select or deny admission based on any factor. As a result, our student body closely mirrors the demographics and academic preparedness of neighboring public schools. • You can make a difference in the lives of TEAM Schools’ students. Find out more by visiting our website

Be the change. Support TEAM Schools. Work at TEAM Schools. Spread the word about TEAM Schools.

TEAM Schools Annual Report 2008  

TEAM Schools Annual Report 2008. TEAM is a region of KIPP public charter schools in Newark, NJ dedicated to the ideal that every child can a...

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