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JULY 2013


July 2013


Above: TBR13 at the UK Formula Student event at Silverstone where they placed in the top 20

TBR13 took on the world (though mostly Germany) at the annual Silverstone Formula student event last weekend. It was the usual spectacular affair, with some truly expensive looking machinery being showcased to a public audience of over 500. One stand out jaw dropping number is the rumoured 1.25m euros spent by AMG on a formula student specific engine. Despite a far more sensible budget, Bath’s car faired well amongst this competition and made it into the prestigious design final, the only UK team to do so. A placement of 8th out of 88 competitors is fair acknowledgement of the ingenuity, finish and good design that the car represented. The result also served as some consolation for the unfortunate overheating and retirement from the endurance event. TBR were far from the only team to suffer cooling problems. As temperatures soared into the high 20s, an unprecedented attrition rate saw 38 of the 58 entries drop out. Despite this, TBR are confident they have identified the problem that led to early retirement and are expectant of a better result in Germany on 4th August. Expectations are high too, before the mechanical troubles; TBR13 was comfortably the quickest car, on a

track that included last year’s top team, Chalmers, as well as top entrants TU Graz, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Karlstad. The build up to the event is always an anxious period, as time pressed students attempted to finalise the car and put in some running before the competition. The reward came late on Wednesday night when it turned a wheel for the first time. Immediately it showed promise, with drivers praising it for its fine balance, grip and pointability. By Thursday morning the car was at Silverstone for signing on. Tight timetables are not something that just affects TBR either, with TU Munich revealing they had only managed to accumulate 9km of testing before arrival in the UK. As a technical exhibition, the Formula Student events are always hugely interesting. With other formulas of motorsport over constrained by regulation, there is often little to distinguish cars, even in F1. The big differences between the FS teams come down to size and weight. There are those who pursue lightness, and those who pursue downforce and power; TBR13 is interesting in that it manages a careful balance of both. The Bath car

featured aggressive front and rear wings yet weighed only 178kg making it the second lightest British car, only 2kg heavier than Oxford Brookes, a team who run without wings and operate a single cylinder engine. This was, to a degree, achieved by the transition from steel space frame to carbon fibre monocoque. In no small part was this a brave decision; the expertise for the design and manufacturing of the carbon chassis had to be learned in house and in a short period of time. Once complete, it then had to pass vigorouss structural equivalency tests before being allowed to compete. Eventually, this hurdle was cleared and the car was made eligible for competition. As a testimony to the time and effort put into this process, the car sailed through scrutineering. The dynamic events started on Saturday in blistering heat. The acceleration event saw a new record for an Aprilia engined TBR car, with a 4.1s time placing the team 17th. This is traditionally Bath’s weakest event, as with less power than the 4 cylinder and electric competitors, the Aprilia’s greatest advantage comes from its light weight. The steady state handling event brought the team firmly into the top 10, finishing 7th. In the afternoon Sprint, several on track incidents prevented TBR getting in a final run, yet 8th place showed Bath as the fastest UK team. Once electric cars have been discounted, TBR’s finishing placement in the sprint is an even more respectable 3rd. The heartbreaking outcome of the endurance prevented an exceptional final ranking, though with the mechanical issues grappled, hopes are now very high indeed looking forward to the German event at Hockenheim. Watch this space.

Past & Future TBR13 CAR LAUNCHED

There was a “hugely positive” reaction from the 450-strong audience when University of Bath students officially unveiled their new Formula Student racing car. The TBR13 is the product of two years’ hard work and technical innovation by engineering students and looked resplendent in its new BP livery. Team project manager Jamie Merret said: “We came fourth in Formula Student Austria last year but are always trying to build on that foundation.


“This year we have moved from steel space frame to carbon fibre monocoque, which will save 5kg.” TBR13 has now been put through its paces in a series of dynamic events at the world-famous Silverstone circuit, and will also be visiting Hockenheimring for Formula Student Germany at the end of July.

TBR14 visited BP in Pangbourne for a career insights day on 31st May. They were given a tour of the lubricant testing facilities, engine dyno test cells as well as the climatic controlled rolling road. This trip doubled up as an opportunity for the team to pitch to BP for additional funding for an infrastructure improvement. Students presented three concepts and BP chose that they would like to support expansion of the data logging capacity of the team. BP have given funding for a thermocouple sensing expansion box to allow additional research into the car’s cooling system.


Team Bath Racing were invited by the IMechE to form the main stand in the discovery zone at the Cheltenham Science Festival from 4th to 9th June– the aim being to encourage students from ages 8-16 to pursue careers in science and engineering. TBR were

joined on the stand by a GreenPower Eco car and the Bloodhound SSC 1000mph land speed record team. Team Bath had an interactive simulator and 2011 display car on show, complemented by professional pit display boards from ShowTrax International. There was exposure to 8,000 people across the weeklong event which was a roaring success. Many prospective students were inspired by the exciting stand to develop their Science and Maths skills though practical projects over the summer. As well as showcasing our project sponsors at national events, such as

TBR14 SET AGGRESSIVE TARGETS FOR THE YEAR AHEAD After the Formula Student Germany event, TBR14 will inherit the build room where manufacturing of their 2014 challenger will begin. This team have set aggressive targets to build the car by May 2014 to allow 6 weeks of testing before the competition, to focus on proving reliability and improving lap times. To this end, the team will begin manufacturing the carbon composite chassis this summer and have already secured support for supply of key materials. The team are seeking financial support to enter 2 additional competitions in Europe in 2014 to demonstrate Bath’s car on a truly

international stage, please get in touch with project manager Dave Turton, if you would like to contribute to this. Since forming in Feb 2013, TBR14 have secured support from 3D Connexion (CAD Modelling 2nd Mice), Crosby Composites (5 Axis Milling for Monocoque Patterns) , Corex HoneyComb (Aluminium Core for chassis laminate), Minitec Ltd (Aluminium Extrusions for Driver Environment Rig & Actuator for Tyre Test Rig) , Richer Sounds (TV for foyer display) and Pa r t b o o k (financial

the Cheltenham Science Festival, TBR have featured in the Bath Chronicle newspaper, plus have been referenced in trade journals and been included in case studies on sponsor websites and blogs. The teams online presence has dramatically increased with regular videos on youtube and photo content on our facebook page. Since the start of this year the team’s facebook page has doubled in interest and now has over 1000 followers. Please visit:

support for evaluation of engineering communication software). Thank you to all our new and existing sponsors. This is looking like an exciting year ahead!

TBR workshop Prospective Students given a tour of the facilities, 20th June 2013

Carbon fibre composite chassis was mad e in house entirely by Team Bath Rac ing Students

450 guests attended the TBR13 car Launch, 29th May 2013

ShowTrax boards from New display displayed ve TBR the best ga l na io at rn te In 2013 rstone, 4-7th July garage at Silve

TBR13 set a new acceleration record for an Aprillia-engined TBR car with a time of 4.1 seconds

Members of TBR14 visited BP for a career insights day, 31st May 2013

TBR13 was the fastest UK entrant in the sprint, and 3rd fastest combustion car, 6th July 2013

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