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The Alumni Newsletter

19TH APRIL, 2011


From the desk of HOD Dear Alumnus, It








Inside this issue:

“Admissions Special “edition of SJMSOM Alumni Newsletter– “Alumni Connect”!!

Admission 2011


We recently completed the second phase of the admis-

Alum Speak


sion process for the coming batch of 2013 and we are



ticipation from a great number of Alumnus who came

Campus News


down to the campus to evaluate and screen the prospective candidates. The

HR Continuum


exercise was very well executed and I would like to thank you all to have spared

Consulting Continuum


time to ensure that the right talent comes to campus.

International Relations


We look forward to more participation from the Alumni in all our activities and

Cultural events


in the events held at the School. We also look forward to better interaction

Placement Report


SOMA Council


Prof. Karuna Jain

extremely glad to have had such an enthusiastic par-

with the alumni through online mentorship forums at the Connect portal. Further, we plan to institute awards to felicitate our distinguished Alumni for their achievements. All these things would be possible with your active participation which could be through personal interactions as well as the Connect Portal. Wishing each one of you good luck in your professional and personal lives.

With best wishes, Prof. Karuna Jain HOD SJMSOM, IIT Bombay

Staying it Touch @ Admissions 2011

SJMSOM, IIT Bombay conducted the second

comfortable while judging their skills in a whole-

phase (GD/PI) of the admissions process for the

some way. We received an overwhelming feed-

coming batch of 2013 during 25th-28th of March

back and compliments from the candidates on

2011. A large number of Alumni Participated in

various online and offline forums on the quality

the process as judges on panels to test the stu-

and smoothness of the process.

dents on their knowledge and skills. We believe that participation from the alumni in the admissions screening process ensures that we get the right students that fit into the culture of SOM and this gives way to a continual increase in our brand equity.

It was one of the few times when so many Alumni got together at the campus and gave us a chance to interact with them. Apart from serious work as panellists we got a bit of their time to share their views and experience with us. We would like to thank the Alumni for taking out time from

The event was an initiative by the students at

their busy

SJMSOM and was coordinated by them. It was

talent on campus year on year..!!

aimed at making the prospective candidates

schedules to help us get the right

Alum Speak..!! Rajendra Nagapurkar I am SOM 1997

concept of “2-Dimensional Segmentation” and



“Framework for Improving Brand Relevance”. At


SKF India as Head of Marketing my major contri-

Mechanical from

bution was improving brand visibility in target au-









ing College Au-

through various initiatives. During my assignment



with Mahindra and Mahindra as Manager Market-

worked with Ba-

ing Planning, I conceptualized and implemented

jaj Auto prior to

extremely innovative „marketing analytics system‟

joining SOM. During my SOM days I realized

that used internet, intranet and SAP. This popular

that I am more comfortable and inclined to-

system is known as IBIS (Integrated Business In-

wards marketing profession. My both projects

formation System) at Mahindra.

at SOM were in marketing.

Mahindra took over Punjab Tractors the same sys-

Right through my marketing journey I have handled assignments mainly to establish marketing function in organizations where marketing is a relatively nonexistent entity. My major contribution has been in defining key elements of marketing road map, marketing planning, team building, new product launch, brand communication, customer engagement, segmentation, market research and analysis. I was fortunate to work on some of very interesting and exciting assignments for various well known organizations. As a Marketing Leader at PerkinElmer, a US based analytical instruments company; I created Indian marketing function as a role model for global reference as well. I introduced a

Later on when

tem was implemented at Punjab Tractors as well. I also worked on „Deming Quality System‟ for Sales and Marketing at Mahindra. At my first marketing assignment after graduating from SOM, at IFTEX-TEXACO Fuel Additives, I launched fuel additives for passenger and commercial vehicle in India and China. This mainly involved brand design, promotion, packaging, pricing and retail network development.

This has been ex-

tremely exciting job considering that I was totally new to marketing field. I believe that originality of thought process, little bit of courage and patience is key to deliver what we believe in. I always cherish my SOM days, where I made few of my best friends for life and it was a great learning experience to be with talented and passionate SOM97.

Reflections..!! Lessons on Brand Management with Dove Brand Manager- Ms Saumya Donkada

Ms. Soumya Donkada (alumnus 2008), Brand manager for Dove at Hindustan Unilever Ltd. shared her experience of her journey from Sales profile at ITC to Brand Management at HUL, with the marketing enthusiasts of SOM. She also guided the students about the profiles which can be pursued in the field of marketing and shared some insights on building a good resume during the third club session of Marktrix this year (12th Feb).

It was another educative and interesting Marktrix knowledge sharing session by a successful practitioner in the corporate world.

A session on “Profiles offered by industry” by Mr Neeraj Ghate $ystem@tics Club, organized a session on “Profiles offered by Industry” by Mr. Neeraj Ghate , a 2007 batch Alumnus who is working with Deloitte,Mumbai. He discussed various profiles being offered in different domains in the industry and answered numerous doubts of the participants. Neeraj also gave a small prep talk on how to go about preparing for final placements. What to study? Who to talk to understand the profiles better? When to start preparing? What do interviewers look for? Etc… It was a great learning opportunity for all the students of SJMSOM who could clarify their doubts about various career paths.

Campus News..!! B School Budget Analysis 2011 with NDTV

On 1st March, about 24 hours after Mr. Pranab

The panelists included Mr. Ajay Srinivasan,

Mukherjee delivered the most awaited speech of

Chief Executive, Financial Services, Aditya

the year at Sansad Bhavan, the students at

Birla Group and Mr. Kewal Handa Managing Di-

SJMSOM were involved in a critical analysis of

rector, Pfizer Limited. The discussion involved

the same on cameras with industry specialists..!!


In our endeavor to be in touch with latest hap-

SPJAIN and NMIMS as well.

penings and getting a business perspective of those, we organized a Post Budget Analysis Ses-





NDTV Profit found it worthwhile to cover this discussion between present and future business

sion inviting experts from the industry and aca-

leaders. The show was anchored by TV Journal-

demia to discuss the implications of budget on

ist - Ms. Manisha Natrajan and telecasted on

various sectors and economy as a whole with our students.

NDTV Profit and NDTV 24X7 with the name B-School Budget.

Continuums 2011

HR Continuum HR Continuum‟11, conducted on 12th March, 2011 was the first Continuum of calendar year 2011. It

  

Mr. Sridhar, VP-HR, ITC Mr. Sreekanth A, VP-HR, Britannia

Mr. Anil Sharma, Head – Learning & Development, Essar Oil Ltd. The day started with the lecture from Mr. Sreekanth who gave his insights on „Gaining competitive advantage in effective human resource management‟. The next two speakers, Mr. KS Kumar and Ms. Madhavi Lall, shared their views on “The Role of HR in building strong employment brand”. Next was a panel discussion on the topic “Strategies are encouraging Internal Competition – Constructive or Destructive”. The panel

was based on the theme “Gaining Competitive Advantage through Effective Human Resource Management”.

included Mr. Rajesh Srivastava, Head-HR, Birla Sun Life Asset Management company, Ms. Madhavi Lall and Mr. R. Sridhar and was moderated by Mr. Mathew Kuruvilla, Vice President, Talent

The HR continuum saw a diversified set of speak-

& Development, Deutsche Bank AG.

ers belonging to manufacturing, technical and ser-

Later on Mr. Sridhar shared his views on the

vice sector industries who spoke on a plethora of topics ranging from effective human resource management to dealing with external competition to diversity management for managing global workforce and managing internal competition among workforce. The luminaries that delivered lecture at HR Con-

topic Innovation-Organization climate creation perspective and Mr. Kamlesh Dangi, Chief People‟s Officer of Religare, discussed about the creating HR impact. The last session was a highly interactive session by Mr. Anil Sharma, Headlearning and development, Essar Oil limited who spoke on diversity management.

tinuum 2011 included:

Ms. Madhavi Lall, Regional Head-HR, India & South Asia, Standard Chartered

Mr. Kamlesh Dangi, Chief People Officer, Religare

Mr. KS Kumar, Executive VP - HR, Castrol India

Overall, the HR continuum provided the future managers of India with lot of thoughts to ponder upon and some practices and procedures to be imbibed in order to excel in their profession.

Continuums 2011 Continuums 2011

Consulting Continuum The Consulting Continuum2011 was based on theme

and building a relationship based on trust with the

“Changing times, Evolving minds” . The session


drew participation from a lot of speakers belonging to consulting companies dealing with management

The post-lunch session of the continuum saw an

consulting, technology consulting, financial services

engaging and interactive session by Mr. Akshat

consulting, energy sector consulting and so on..

Rathee, MD, NODWIN group. He opined that when a country seems to have a host of problems

The Consulting Continuum 2011 was inaugurated by

such as corruption, poverty, lack of infrastructure, it provides a plethora of opportunities for the entrepreneurial minds.

Dr. Anand Patwardhan, Professor, IIT Bombay. He stressed upon the need to find ways to transmit the learning of one generation to another.

Other speakers included Mr. Rajeev Kakkad, As-

The first speaker of the day, Mr. Sabyasachi

sociate Director –Protiviti Consulting, Mr. Ganesh

Chaudhury – India Head, consulting, Capgemini

Ramachandran, General Manager, Wipro Consult-

shared with the audience the customer relevancy

ing, Mr. Prakash Jayaram , Senior Principal, Info-

model and its implications.

sys Consulting and Mr. Satish S. Nair, Partner

Ms. Rachna Nath, Partner, Executive Director,


and Associate Director, MITKAT advisory ser-

consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers had an interactive session with the audience where she talked

The Consulting Continuum 2011 was a grand suc-

about the five step model for effective consulting

cess with the student community gaining a lot of

– adding value to the client, communicating it with

knowledge and insights into the current trends in

impact, innovating continuously, disruptive thinking

the industry.

International Relations ..!!

With a focus on providing the much needed global exposure to the students SJMSOM has appointed a team of dedicated students and a coordinator for International Relations. Exchange Programs: The School is privileged to maintain International Linkages in the form of Student and Faculty Exchange Programs and Joint Research Activities with some of the top B- Schools in the world (like



School of Management, National University of Singapore and Ontario Universities International from countries across the globe like USA, Canada, France, Turkey, Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and many others. Student exchanges at the school flagged off last year with one student going to TUM, Germany on exchange. This year, till now around ten students have already applied to different programs and confirmation for three students from Germany and Canada has already been received. One of our research scholars also has got an opportunity to attend summer school in Austria. Participation in International Events: Students have also started taking active interest in international events. We had two teams of our School qualify for the Hult Global Case Challenge. Our students also participated in the Michigan based Next Billion Case Writing Challenge, whose results are awaited and have also an received invitation to present research paper at an International Conference (PICMET) in Oregon. Visits: Our School has hosted a record number of international guests from various universities from different parts of the world, who have expressed keen interest in forging active relationships with our school. The International Relations Team is working in close coordination with the administration and under the guidance of the HoD and faculty members, is carefully studying the options available and is seeking to chart out the growth story for the School in the field of International Relations.

EventsatatIIT..!! IIT Events The World Cup Extravaganza..!! A united “Go India Go” shout was the only thing one could hear amidst the noise and excitement that prevailed inside one of the most formal places in the IIT Campus. This is that place where the passing out batch wait patiently with sparkling eyes to receive their degrees in front of proud families and friends. Yes, it is the convocation hall whose aura had been completely changed when the ICC World Cup 2011 was being screened live with 3000 odd painted faces screaming their lungs out and dancing on every boundary being hit by the men in blue. Many of our Alumni came down to the campus to watch and celebrate India‟s victory. It was a time when we all were united, be it our Alumni, students from SOM or other faculties. The entire hall was resonating with cheers and each person in the hall had tricolour stripes across their faces. The match ended with a high point with Dhoni lifting off the cup with a six which was celebrated by the IIT community with dance, madness, hoots and cheers. It didn‟t end there as the celebrations continued all through the night with the entire campus on the streets humming India‟s unforgettable victory. The atmosphere was crazy and was one of those moments which make you want to stay in IIT forever and never pass out..!!

PG CULT Students from SOM were all over the place amongst the glitz and glamour at this year‟s PG Cult Competition. After days of toil and late night practice our students put up a great show at the fashion show which looked none less than a professional performance. We bagged several awards including : The coveted Mr PG Title won by Sumit Sharma ( the two finalists reaching the last stage were both from SOM..!!) Third place at the Institute level solo singing competition by Aakash The event showed our creative side to the best and was a fun filled extravaganza. Other cultural events at the campus included the SOM11 farewell party which struck the nostalgic note amongst the passing out batch and was a fun filled event with games like paper dance, dedications and lots more.

SJMSOM reaches Heights..!! SOM Reaches Heights..!! Final Placements Summary for the batch of 2011..!! The season kicked off with a slew of PPOs/PPIs from companies across the sectors like HSBC, Deloitte, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Asian Paints, Capgemini Consulting, Colgate Palmolive, Global eProcure, L’Oreal, Idea, GE and Tata Motors to name a few. While the batch size has increased by 16%, the placement process has seen 30% new recruiters taking part in the process

Placement Statistics Batch size


No. of students participated in placements


No. of recruiters


No. of offers made


Offers per student


Average compensation (Domestic)

13.87 lpa

Highest compensation offered (Domestic)

20.50 lpa

Lowest compensation offered (Domestic)

7.50 lpa

Median Compensation offered (Domestic)

12.75 lpa

The Big Names at Campus The companies that visited the campus for Consulting recruits include Ernst & Young, KPMG, PwC, Accenture, Deloitte, Capgemini Consulting, Avalon Consulting, Bristlecone, Cognizant and Global eProcure. The BFSI sector is represented by domestic and multinational giants like JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Nomura, CRISIL, JM Financial, HSBC, ICICI, Yes Bank to name a few. FMCG giants visited the campus including Procter & Gamble , Johnson & Johnson, Asian Paints, Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., Colgate Palmolive, Marico, Heinz, Coca Cola, L’Oreal etc. The placement process at SJMSOM saw participation of companies from manufacturing sector like Cummins, Tata Motors, UB Group, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Shipping Corporation of India etc. A slew of profiles ranging from project management to business development offered by technology giants led by Microsoft, Amazon, HCL, Cognizant, Wipro and Infosys added a new dimension to placements 2011. Conglomerates like Lodha Group, GE and Wellspun offered diverse profiles in the areas of Business Development, Leadership, Marketing and Finance. Industry leaders like Vodafone, Idea and Mercator Lines made their presence felt by opening profiles in marketing, corporate finance, HR and operations domains

For more information on the final and summer placement statistics visit

School of Management Association (SOMA).!! Rohit Nerurkar Rohit is the General Secretary for the batch of 2012. He has completed his B.Tech in Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals from UICT, Mumbai in 2007. He has worked with Sojitz India Pvt limited as a Asst Manager Sales - in fine chemical and surfactant division for 26 months.

Ashutosh Jain Ashutosh is the Treasurer for SOM for the year 2011-12. He is an alumnus of BITS Mesra , Ranchi and has worked in TCS and handled his own business before he joined SOM. He is interested in pursuing a career in finance and is an active member of the Finesse club.

Jubin Varghese Jubin is the Placement Team Representative. He did his B.Tech in Electronics Engineering from NIT Calicut . He has 2 years of work experience with Analog Devices in its Design Team for Digital Signal Processors (DSP). He is interested in a career in Consulting and is interning with Global e Procure.

Kshitij Rikh Kshitij is the Admissions Coordinator .He has done his B.Tech from JSS College, Noida and has served in the Indian Army for two and half years. He wants to pursue his career in Operations Management and would be interning in P&G (Product Supply).

Nisarg Gandhi Nisarg is the Secretary of the Alumni Relations Team. He is an Electronics Engineer from Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, Gujarat. He worked for 34 months at ISRO as an embedded systems and digital logic designer. He has a keen interest in supply chain management and is an active member of the E- Club.

School of Management Association (SOMA) is a governing body that has been created with an objective to promote synergy among the students and interest groups from both within the school and the Institute ,to facilitate on the regular basis the faculty student interface, to organize and co-ordinate events such as seminars, distinguished lectures, events, workshops etc, to forge links with the School alumni and the industry, and explore areas of co-operative work.

School of Management Association (SOMA).!!

Vasisht Saketharram R Vasisht is the Secretary of Public Relations Committee at SJMSOM. He completed his Mechanical Engineering from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore and the worked for 2 years with Ashok Leyland Ltd., Chennai as Deputy Manager, Manufacturing. He want to pursue a career in Operations management and consulting preferably in the Automobile Sector .

Ravi Shankar D Ravi is the Social Secretary for the batch of. He has completed his Electronics & Communication Engineering from NIT Calicut in 2008. After that he worked with Analog Devices as a Software Engineer in Automotive and Image Processing Domain. He has a keen interest in Consulting and has a passion for Entrepreneurship .

Mahtab Masood Mahtab is the Class Representative for Section A. He has done his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from AMU, Aligarh (UP) in 2007 after that he worked in Accenture Services Pvt in Financial Domain. He is a Systems & Technology enthusiast and is active member of the Systematics Club & Technology Strategy Lab.

Gaurav Kawale Gaurav is the IT Coordinator for the batch. He has completed his engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications from Sinhgad College, Pune University. He has an experience of 2 years in IT industry. He is a Technology enthusiast and is also a member of the Systematics club at SOM.

Pravaal Singh Pravaal is the Class Representative for Section B. He is a computer science engineer with 2 years of work experience in Infosys Technologies. He is a marketing enthusiast and is an active member of the Marktrix Club of SOM.

Sachin Singh Sachin is the Infrastructure Secretary for the batch. He is an engineer in Metallurgy from NIT Nagpur and has 2 years of professional experience at Tata Consultancy Services, primarily responsible for the implementation of new technologies like WPS, CORBA etc. He aspires to be an entrepreneur in the field of tele-medicine.

Dear Alumnus The Alumni Newsletter is one of the initiatives that our team has taken up in our continual endeavor to strengthen the Alumni Relations. We would like to thank all those who helped us put together pieces and give shape to this letter which includes the Marketing, Systems and Consulting Clubs, the PR team, Admissions Team, IR Team, Alumni Team, Placement Team and the Sports and Cultural Secretaries. We would like to thank all the Alumni who came down to the campus and helped us with the Admissions process and other activities like club sessions. We hope to see more participation from you all in the events at campus. We also hope to see you all at the National Alumni Meet which is due in August and at various summer Regional Alumni meets which would be organized in the month of June in various cities including Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. This newsletter is an attempt by us to connect more with you, We need your suggestions on how to improve our interaction. We also invite articles and views from the Alumni for the newsletter. You can also share your experiences at the school. We request you all to strengthen the database by updating your information regularly @ the Connect Portal. Your suggestions and feedback are highly valued Wishing you all a Happy Summer Season..!!

Ankit and Akansha Editors, Alumni Connect

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