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I was trying to overlap our metaphor and bringing together in a meaning…. So I will try to explain as much as easy….and funniest…Enjoy it ! I'm concentrate on Flower fields, wind, colonies, swarming, and tectonics actually I think is good thing to play to reach some nice stuff….will be if we invent hives (building-program) and quality of public recourses, share and interaction, healthy fields, quality of public life for our bees(users) in research PARK. (FLOWER – Public RECOURCES), to play with ground – tectonic (on building shape) , in that case we refer to the recourse (program) that bees (people) need to come for working there, they need different program and different spaces, different scale, …., so in this case I was trying to shape our flower – fields and hives (buildings), so if we invent differed activities by bring different program – (spaces) with meaning to feed the bees (people) all year long – we invent different stories what people do there, what they share together, why they come to our research park, do they have special events, do they organize events every year for California or whatever just to make question, what people need, what people imagine…. what kind of bees we bring there and what we offer to them and what they collaborate to research park , what interaction we create between different colonies (group of people from different class / knowledge / disciplines etc.) because we are putting them, mixing, interacting, to produce the honey, in our research park…. what quality, taste of this “honey” will be when we put (rich, poor, homeless, adults, grandfathers, students, foreigners etc. what combination - link we do, to reach special taste, indication – producing, where we go, what will happen in the future, imagine…. etc, etc,….. or what happened in between our colonies: we give them divided spaces, but we let them place for sharing and interaction together….we make the connection… they will need space to share, to contribute, collaboration, connection Discussion etc…. It will be a public plaza, or coffee, restaurants, library, recreation and sports, different events, exhibition, market, playground, (wild / wird sculpture (maybe our building are shaped wild – I refer the explanation of Carla in Stanford when people need to interact) …..we invent here some innovative learning spaces, our special games. U know  What about waggle dance Day – who is going to win the ROYAL JELLy priceeeee – everybody in researchhhhh parkkkkk – the special event tonight will choose the best coloniee dancing group, we have latineee dance bees from MExicooo, historical Weimar dance, Colombiaaa, colo colooo dancee, Germany Koln, milky bees haha…. Chinaa, Kosovoo, Switzerland, all over the world juuuuhuuu bzbzbzbzbzbzb bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. This event will be present by Key Kawamura the famous dancer from JAPAN, and CROW KATHERIN (best waggle dancer of 2013)…… Will be a night long swarming in PAlooo alto , fly with speedes Cal train to our flowers……and you will jump directly (best – flower - in scene, invented just for tonight nice temporary scene design by JONY

boyyyyyy) la lalala hahha etc………. I can go on but I will let u to imagine hahah  lets have funnnnn hahahha  I enjoy explaining this hahahaha…… nexttt hahaha flow, air, wind (ref. WINDMILL – metaphor – input – output) movement, relation between them we welcome by bringing bridges (wind and swarm), open space between building also inside research park and outside with surrounding….public recreation spaces….etc WINDMILL – it’s or machine that absorb information or take the material – input – and produce – out put so it’s our =========HONEY FACTORY…. To mushroom metaphor, to refer to the figure – shape, I saw some pic, referring to the roof, maybe it’s good to say all under one roof….if we invent for example some structure to the train, doing shelter for protection or (like a platform where people meet for a market day or any event , or maybe we design some innovative structure for energy water supply or let thing about ,,,,some …. explanation)… I saw interesting construction out of this, but actually its interesting how they pop out like groups – groups, or elevated in a tree, they have spaces in-between, I saw for myself like elevated stories with air flow in-between...for moment I don’t know what I can figure out, but indication when we put the people-mix them maybe we make this link between 2 people that by doing a link from + + will pop up something new , maybe we look out thinking out of linking spaces or linking group of people or activities what will pop up…..

So,,,,I think related to our metaphors and what actually people today need (to be like bees working) so as we understood the language of bees, windmill is a factory however…mushrooms exist everywhere, indicated from weather, they need to invent other atmosphere, so they to pop up. translate them in our research park: and to me the best program will fit to invent the program refer to the population to the society. More public buildings, recreation, etc. ( some research of community culture, participation, identity behavior)…what else…our priority is user, people, behavior, we have to think about those stuf we need imagination of different stories in different level, that is life….,

Project will be done, but behind this should be our story that we understood , that is existing in progress, and we send also to the future, because in one moment we will leave, and everything will belong to community to the people, and they will live, they will adapt in a way, it’s a culture will stick, ….(flexibility, adaptive, evolve)….. …. Theatre,(we bring the nicest theater from Palo Alto) Library, leisure, coffee restaurants, recreation center for sports, office spaces, playground we engage we merge those spaces by bridges pathways indicated to the movement of the people and buildings. So we make the roots – link (for pop up), and drive, people in our research park.

WILD STRUCTURE – wild nature mountain shape,(building shape) visual interaction. hive (build) – our program (sport/recreation, theatre, library, rest/coffe work spaces etc. Flower/Field – public life, public spaces…(sharing, interaction, connection/network)… Bees / users – people from everywhere Colonies – group people, association, different schools, organization etc. wind – flow , movement, pathways ,communication, relation swarming – interaction between people, we invent people to swarm…. mushrooms - new things will come pop (somewhere in nature in our fields) from attack from bees or link between colonies…

Hives/ (shaping them like a topography)

Wild nature/ mountain crystalized (swarm geometry) .

Kuchi TV News 22.11.2013, Today was very strong wind in California; wind is bringing bees from San Francisco , San Jose,,,,, many colonies are swarming in direction to Palo alto, Something is going to pop Up. Imagine‌. To be continued

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